Instant Event Fundraising System

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“The Instant
Event Fundraising System”
& Project Planner

Turns ANY event into a MASSIVE MONEY MAKER
for your school, club or community organization!




Have you ever been disappointed with the results of your fundraising events?

Are you unsure of how to properly run a fundraising event for maximum profit?

Are you new to fundraising and worried that you might fail to raise the money your group needs?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you’re not alone … and you’re about to discover that there IS a solution …


What if there was one resource that could help you plan, promote and maximize the profits from your next fundraising event?

What if that one resource had been developed for, tested by and proven successful for hundreds of community organizations just like yours?

What if that one resource could GUARANTEE your next event would raise thousands of dollars for your group?


The Instant Event Fundraising System is just such a resource … the only one of its kind … developed through 30 years of hands-on experience with hundreds of community organizations of all types.

BEFORE YOU READ ANOTHER WORD about all the benefits this system has to offer … listen to just a few of the comments made by hundreds of people – people just like you – that are using the Instant Event Fundraising System to raise thousands of dollars for their organizations …


“ Your project planner is GREAT! It cut down a lot of work for us and it was easy to follow. Great ideas!
- Yongchil Ly, Ecole des Pionniers
Port Coquitlam BC


“ Fabulous – made planning and goal setting easy!
I am excited to try some of your ideas at other events throughout the year! ”
- Susan Purton, Yennadon Elementary
Maple Ridge BC


………….If you are …

new to fundraising and want to drastically shorten the learning curve
in charge of putting together and running an event
wanting to make the most $$$ possible with your event
desperately in need of a resource tool that REALLY WORKS to ensure that your event …
draws capacity crowds
runs smooth as silk from start to finish
raises the most $$$ possible


Learn from an expert as he reveals secrets observed over nearly 3 decades of putting on fundraising events for school and community groups.

Here are just a few of the breakthrough strategies you’ll discover :
The ONE thing you can add immediately to your next event that puts another $2,000 (or more) into your fundraising account
How to get maximum exposure for your event on a shoestring budget
The single biggest mistake people make with their events that causes them to fall far short of their fundraising potential
How a “Celebrity Pledge Drive” component can be added to virtually ANY fundraising event (easily raising thousands of extra dollars for your group)
How to get tons of publicity for your next event … FREE!
The two ways a “V.I.P.” ticket can be used to earn a mountain of extra money
The “Treasure Chest” strategy that you simply cannot afford to ignore (doing so is literally COSTING you money)
How to get hundreds of volunteers eagerly rushing to promote your event for you
The unbelievable “FREE TICKET” strategy … how to leverage it into “full houses” yielding thousands of dollars
How to get paid to print your tickets

How to almost instantly expand your market to double or more for your event

The RIGHT way to approach businesses for their support of your event ( 99% of groups get this all wrong and it’s costing them thousands of dollars )

never pay for newspaper advertising again once you discover the breakthrough techniques that get you all kinds of FREE media coverage

  An incredibly complete set of organizing and stay-on-track resources that smoothly guide you – start to finish – through your entire event.


“ Excellent! You can’t go wrong with this kind of planning and experience.
I have promoted everything from rock concerts to comedy shows, and your system left no stone unturned! ”
- Tim Shearlaw, Three Hills School & Community Renewal Society
Three Hills AB


“ Your system is EXCELLENT!
100’s of ideas, and so well organized that it’s an easy-to-follow blueprint to success. We used all of the publicity ideas that we could and sold out in advance! ”
- Jack Hicks, Rosetown Lions
Rosetown SK


“ Your system helped us pull it off in only 3 weeks … we rate you a TEN!
It’s filled with great information we’ll be able to use as a guideline for other fundraisers! ”
- Denise Wootton, Crescent Park Elementary
White Rock BC


Dear Fellow Fundraiser,

Hello, my name is John Kaplan. I’ve devoted much of my career to helping school and community organizations turn family fun into thousands of dollars through my Fundraising Magic™ program.

My wife Heather and I are also actively involved in the fundraising activities of the parent committees in the schools that our two sons attend.

I’ve had an opportunity to observe – from both sides of the fence – exactly what it takes to achieve enormous success with an event fundraiser. (I’ve also learned from the failures).

The Instant Event Fundraising System™ has been built, during 3 decades of hands-on experience, from one basic premise: How to provide a simple step-by-step plan to the groups I work on behalf of that guarantees them of a hugely successful event every time.

Since the organizations I work with are so widely varied, this plan has been developed to be used by any type of group, large or small, from tiny town to big city.

Regardless if you’ve had any experience in putting together a fundraising event or whether this is your first involvement, the tools, techniques and strategies included in the Instant Event Fundraising System™ are guaranteed to save you tons of time, relieve all kinds of stress and frustration, and help you avoid countless pitfalls.

There’s nothing worse than being held responsible for a failed fundraising event. The tragedy lies not in the lack of dedication by well-intentioned individuals simply trying to do their best, but in the absence of real nuts-and-bolts knowledge and techniques that frankly can only come from years of experience.

It’s this knowledge that I’m honoured to share with folks whose mission it is to bring together a successful fundraising event that will earn them the appreciation of their communities and the organizations they represent. From my own experience and that of countless others I’ve helped with this system, I can tell you that there’s no greater feeling than that of having pulled off a hugely successful event.

Put the Instant Event Fundraising System™ to the test – at my risk – as hundreds of other successful groups like yours have done during the past thirty years, and see for yourself how this amazing step-by-step system can catapult your fundraising results over and above anything you may have believed possible..

To Your Fundraising Success,

John Kaplan

“ Your system became our event bible
… RAISED US $7,189!

“Excellent ideas and tips … we didn’t use all of the ideas but wait till NEXT TIME! ”
- Karen Neil, Athabasca Lions Club, Athabasca AB

“Following your system I made $400 in just one phone call! We were already making money 2 months before our event, which
wound up RAISING US $10,000!
- Pam Collingwood, Glenfir School
Summerland BC

Results like these can be yours too … once you have the Instant Event Fundraising System™ you’ll have the equivalent of 30 years experience literally at your fingertips.
An invaluable resource you’ll be able to apply to virtually ANY event you undertake …
carnival craft sale
talent show dinner dance
auction rummage sale
fun fair bake sale
sporting event band concert
magic show movie night
theme party costume party
tournament theatrical event
barbeque food festival
holiday celebration flea market
anyone responsible for organizing an event fundraiser that absolutely MUST make $$$
anyone that wants to see their fundraising results increase dramatically
anyone who realizes that just 1 or 2 new strategies gleaned from this system can immediately add thousands of dollars to your bottom line

If you were to hire me to present my Fundraising Magic™ program, besides the performance fee you’d receive the Instant Event Fundraising System™ for an investment of $250.

Previously, that’s the only way you’d have had access to this system. And although I continue to be available on that basis, I’ve decided to release my trademarked system on its own, so that you can use it with ANY event you choose to fundraise with.

However, I’m also well aware of how tight money can be for community groups. That’s why, in order to make this system available to the widest number of needy groups possible, at the lowest possible cost, I decided to offer the Instant Event Fundraising System as a digital download.

Because I’ve completely eliminated the cost of printing, storing and shipping, my costs are significantly reduced and I can pass along those savings to you.

At the time of this writing, your investment in the Instant Event Fundraising System™ is only $27.

Please, please, please … DO NOT let the ridiculously low price fool you into thinking this is a “cheap” product. It is far from it. I have hundreds of testimonials on file like the ones you’ve already read and there’s no way I would offer an “Unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee” unless I was completely prepared to stand behind this program 100%

For the small investment of just $27 you’ll receive a 100% guaranteed system that will reveal the secrets and provide the tools you need to raise thousands of dollars from your fundraising events.

PLUS, you get these 3 FREE BONUS items:
$19.95 value FREE!!!
Fundraising Secrets: How To Make The Most Money From Your Next Fundraiser

Discover some amazing fundraising techniques proven to raise thousands of dollars for community groups. Crammed with practical real-world methods and dozens of tips, shortcuts and money-making strategies.

4 Case Studies of “How To Make $10,000 With Your Fundraising Event”

Interviews, samples and complete documentation of four highly successful events … each of which raised $10,000. Fantastic examples that can be followed with ANY event fundraiser.

Special Report:
“How To Get Tons Of Publicity For Your Next Event … Free!” Priceless reference information for any group that can seriously increase participation in all of your events.

If you want to benefit from the techniques proven successful by the hundreds of groups that are already using the Instant Event Fundraising System™ act NOW!

Remember, this is an immediate access digital download … there’s no shipping, no waiting. You’ll have the entire system at your fingertips in minutes, ready to apply to your next fundraising event to make it a winner.

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