How To Sell Stock Photos

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Learn How Anyone Can Shoot, Upload and Sell Photos From Their DSLR to Create a Monthly, Residual  Income  That  Keeps  on  Paying  When

If you answered yes to the above, then this new stock photography eBook covers everything you need to know about selling stock photography.

We have left no stone unturned and reveal all the secrets to producing a library of images that bring in a consistent, residual monthly income:

How to Sell Stock Photos

(Recently sold for $352.19 at Alamy Images Competing with nearly 18 million other images! Could YOU take a simple shot like that?)

I have been a photographer since 1980 (when I was just 13), I have been shooting stock photography for over 5 years and currently have some of the top selling images in the world in my online libraries taken with nothing more than a prosumer DSLR and lens.

I have seen them for sale:

Selling Stock Photography

Selling Stock Photography

Selling Stock Photos

How to Sell Stock Photos

How to Sell Stock Photos

An added benefit is that you can use these sales (when you see them) as part of your portfolio…what better way to show off your work to a potential client than in commercial print? I first learned how to sell stock photos long before microstock was born…in the days of the traditional photo libraries.

But the market is saturated…Wahhhh!!!

So is pretty much any market since the internet boom and to be honest, the more people that think that, the better for me! Keeps the competition away! Here’s a little tip from my Business of Photography book for those of you with bigger ba**s (excuse the French but whingers annoy me)…

“Would you rather enter a dead market with nothing going on or would you rather learn how to sell stock photos and enter a market that is booming and growing rapidly with many people making money? Would you rather take a small piece of a huge pie or take the whole pie with no filling? It’s common business sense 101″.

The only people not making money from stock photography are those who don’t do it or those who give up.

Sure, you may not make a fortune or full time living from stock alone…I don’t, but I have made enough to pay our mortgage on a property in Spain and more every month since my initial batch of uploads 5-6 years ago, and there are quite a few who do make a healthy, full time living from this…including people who were new to photography just 5 years ago…

What would you do with a few hundred or maybe a few thousand extra Dollars a month…every month, that comes in whether you keep working or not?

The first batch of images that I uploaded more than 5 years ago are still bringing in a solid, residual monthly income and the sales and Dollars earned just keep growing even when up against 10 million other images!!!

Here is a snapshot of my actual sales at Alamy over a 12 week period last year:

Check out the images! Dumper trucks & building site, a flagpole and an umbrella on a beach that sold for $439!

Now take a look at the following snapshot from one day of one of the 6 microstock accounts that I upload to (this is only my 3rd highest earning account).I now earn more at microstock than previously at Alamy.

Look at the date each image was accepted and now look at the earnings from a single download…that amount would have been just .50c when I started and it is now on autopilot…

As I write this, one customer has just bought 47 of my images at high resolution in one go earning enough to buy a new lens! This industry never fails to excite me and I have now sold tens of thousands of images, plus the thousands of photographers I have introduced to microstock and stock photography in general have collectively sold close to half a million photos!!!


You see, the sooner you learn how to sell stock photos, the sooner your images start to mature. The more they mature, the easier they are to get found. The easier they get found, the more sales they make. The more sales they make, the more $$$’s they sell for as the agencies reward their popularity with a higher value.

How to Sell Stock Photos – What a great business!

It’s like getting a pay rise every year as your images become more valuable and there has never been a better time to get into shooting and learning how to sell stock photos. Once you have a substantial library of good selling images at all the agencies we recommend, those images will still bring in an income long after you stop uploading…

In the beginning of microstock, photos sold for miniscule commissions as the industry founds its footing among the masses. Now it has time to mature and things have settled, the payout value is increasing and the industry is still growing at a phenomenal rate. I am currently seeing a real boom in sales despite the economic downturn with images selling for 10 times what they used to make.

In fact, it is probably DUE to the downturn that people are looking to turn to more affordable stock photography.

This is a really great business to be in as you can:

So why am I showing you how to do this? Won’t that put you directly in competition with me?

Well, yes and no.

You see, in all honesty, some people who read this book will foolishly give up at the first hurdle, some will slowly build a great library of images and start to earn some very welcome extra cash each month and others will simply fly at this.

I am already seeing great results from pupils who have attended our two day workshop on how to sell stock photos and are receiving regular sales. More than that, even if everyone that read this book went out and excelled at this, there is still enough to go around for everybody…this industry is huge!

Index of Chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. Equipment
  3. Traditional vs. Microstock
  4. Agencies
  5. Exclusive or Non Exclusive?
  6. Go it alone?
  7. Licensed, Royalty Free or Rights Managed
  8. Standards
  9. The Images
  10. Rejections
  11. Lighting
  12. Colours
  13. Composition, macro, wide, cropped etc
  14. Camera Settings
  15. RAW/Jpeg Processing
  16. Photoshop, Finishing touches and attention to detail
  17. Noise/Grain
  18. Keywording and adding info
  19. Upload only your best
  20. Consistency
  21. Competition and inspiration
  22. Setting up your own studio
  23. Copyright, Trademarks and the Law
  24. Getting seen/Marketing your work
  25. Staying ahead of the game/Moving on/Future Proofing
  26. Earnings
  27. Close

So what are you waiting for? You don’t have to be a professional photographer to make money with stock photography and you could start today!


  For a limited time I am offering a 150 page bonus eBook valued at $47 for all purchasers of “How to Sell Stock Photos”.

This book is entitled “The Business of Photography” and covers all aspects of running a photography business from getting clients, earning money with your camera, accounting, marketing, websites and even your health! As I said, this is a time sensitive offer so grab it while you can!

Get hold of a copy of “How to Sell Stock Photos”, learn how to sell your stock photos and get cracking. I am so confident you will love what you read, if after 60 DAYS you are not motivated into selling your own stock photography online, I will give you your money back.

So how much are we charging for “How to Sell Stock Photos” and “The Business of Photography“?

Normal Price $94 Today Just $47 

The sale of just ONE image on an Extended License could earn that amount at microstock or the cheapest royalty free sale at Alamy would earn twice that. Good value?

Good luck and here’s to your success!

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