How To Render Cars In Photoshop Fast And Easy

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“My Renderings Have More ‘Pop’ And Have Much More Life Than Previously”

“Since I’m pretty new to Photoshop, learning the techniques the pros use helped me figure out how to shade up highlights and shadows. Previously, I was struggling with figuring out the best way to work these… Using the big brush with low opacity helped no end!

The difference between what I know now and previously is tremendous. My renderings have more ‘pop’ and have much more life than previously.

If you’re considering these tutorials, my advice is go for it. Especially if you’re a beginner Photoshop user! The tricks shown, and the way they’re explained is really good. Key elements are iterated clearly and you will be stunned with your end results!”

- Mark Taylor, Dearborn, USA


Tim RugendykeDear Friend,

If you’ve ever wanted to render realistic 3D cars in Photoshop quickly and easily … using the exact same insider tips and techniques of the pros … produce amazing renderings of your favorite cars effortlessly … and fast track your Photoshop rendering skills to the levels of the pros without wasting hours and hours of trial and error … then this is going to be the most exciting message you’ll ever read!

Here’s why…

My name is Tim Rugendyke. And for the past 15 years I worked as an automotive designer for companies such as Ford and General Motors as well working on countless international transportation design projects spanning America, Europe, Asia and Australia. I also lectured at Australia’s leading design school teaching aspiring designers how to render cars like a pro.

And through a long and painstaking process of trial and error and honing my Photoshop skills over the past 10 years on demanding client projects, I have discovered the insider secrets that are 100% guaranteed to get you rendering amazing cars in Photoshop fast and easy…even if you’ve never rendered a thing in Photoshop before!

And now for the first time ever, I’ve put it all together in one comprehensive step-by-step video program called…

How To Render Cars in Photoshop Fast and Easy
“The Insider Secrets To Rendering Cars Like the Pros”

Video Cover

How To Render Cars in Photoshop Fast and Easy is a complete video based Photoshop car rendering learning program, jam-packed from start to finish with all the tips and techniques previously known by only a small handful of professional designers. This program contains all the information you’ll ever need to rendering perfect looking 3D cars quickly and easily that will amaze your friends.

This video program has over 4.5 hours of video content which give you step-by-step instructions on how to become a expert at rendering cars in photoshop in no time at all. As it’s all online and video based, you simply sit back and watch it on your computer right away, and within a few hours you’ll be able to produce results you can’t even begin to imagine.

These are videos of me actually rendering cars in Photoshop right before your very eyes, as if you were literally sitting side by side with me, looking over my shoulder as I work with Photoshop on your computer showing you how each rendering is done. You can watch the videos using you favorite web browser and learn how to render cars in Photoshop at your own pace and without any fixed schedule… working from the comfort of your own computer!

You can either pick and choose what you want to know and have the practical instructions to get you started straight away. Or learn the foundations to help you render any car you want…FAST.

This is a complete step-by-step program to rendering cars in Photoshop fast and easy that you’ll be referring to for years to come.

“Video Tutorials Are Great And Are Easy To Follow

“How to Render Cars in Photoshop” video tutorials are great and are easy to follow. I had trouble rendering reflections of trees, buildings and realistic highlights on my car drawings.  My renderings have improved after applying the techniques I learned. I highly recommend these videos to anyone that paints in Photoshop.”

- Adolfo Iracheta, Pasadena, USA

This Unique Video Program Has The Power To Turn YOU Into A Photoshop Car Rendering Dynamo In No Time Flat, Whether You’ve Been Rendering Cars For Years … or Just Days.



Here’s Just a Small Taste of What You’ll Discover When You Access The How To Render Cars in Photoshop Fast and EasyVideo Program Today:

And That’s Just The Tip Of The Iceberg! Just A Small Fraction Of The Insider Secrets To Rendering Cars Fast And Easy Like The Pros.

What is great about the How To Render Cars in Photoshop Fast and Easy video program is that you don’t have to wait to start learning – you can get started this minute, because these training tutorials are viewable online the moment you gain access to them (which you can do in just a few minutes)…

…Plus if you don’t watch them now it doesn’t matter you can login anytime and view them – even at 3:00 am if you want to, and you also get the option to download them to your computer if you wish. So you can view them offline at any time as well.

“The Work Flow In The Video Can Used For Virtually Any Type Of Photoshop Work You Need To Do

“My biggest struggle with working with my renderings in [Photoshop] CS2 was learning how to apply different layers to make drawing realistic.

After I purchased How To Render Cars Fast and Easy I was not only able to apply and use these techniques for my car renderings but the work flow in the video can used for virtually any type of Photoshop work you need to do.

The video tutorial series are not only professionally made but easy enough to follow if you have virtually no experience rendering models in paint programs.

How To Render Cars in Photoshop Fast and Easy is truly worth it’s weight in gold. The title of the video series really does say it all. I’m very satisfied with my purchase and highly recommend this series.”

- Scot Manaher, West Valley, NY, USA


OK, What EXACTLY Do I Get With How To Render Cars in Photoshop Fast and Easy?

It contains detailed instructions, explaining how to perform each task. It has easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to produce amazingly realistic 3D car renderings in Photoshop fast and easy.

It allows you to pause, rewind and re-watch any points again and again – until your comfortable. It’s totally flexible and allows you to learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, on your own computer (and the videos are fully Mac and PC compatible).

Here’s EXACTLY what’s covered in the video program:

Introduction (Video #1)

Scanning Your Drawings (Video #2)

Quick Start Guide (Videos 3 – 5)

Quick Start Guide Screen

In the Quick Start Guide videos you will learn about the technique that I use use daily in my work. You will discover how to render a car quickly and simply by just adding some tones in Photoshop to take an OK hand-drawn sketch to a whole new level in under 48 minutes!

Quick Start Guide Part 1 – Adding Color (Video #3)

Quick Start Guide Part 2 – Adding Reflections (Video #4)

Quick Start Guide Part 3 – Adding Highlights & Background (Video #5)

Pontiac G8 Rendering (Videos 6 – 18)

Pontiac G8 Screen

These in-depth videos reveal the techniques that I’m using more and more regularly in my car renderings for clients. You will learn the insider secrets on how to really bring your drawings to life by adding and modifying colors, reflections, highlights and shadows. As well as using the power of Photoshop to give yourself the flexibility of creating a completely different look and feel to your renderings in a few mouse clicks by changing the color and adding some body graphics.

Cleaning Up The Scanned Image (Video #6)

G8 Rendering Part 1 – Adding Color (Video #7)

G8 Rendering Part 2 – Adjusting the Color  (Video #8)

G8 Rendering Part 3 – Adding Reflections (Video #9)

G8 Rendering Part 4 – Adding More Reflections and Highlights (Video #10)

G8 Rendering Part 5 – Adding Shadow Tones (Video #11)

G8 Rendering Part 6 – Rendering Windows (Video #12)

G8 Rendering Part 7 – Rendering Headlights (Video #13)

G8 Rendering Part 8 – Rendering Wheels (Video #14)

G8 Rendering Part 9 – More Rendering Wheels (Video #15)

G8 Rendering Part 10 – Finishing the Rendering (Video #16)

Changing the Look (Video #17)

Adding Graphics (Video #18)


Le Mans Racer Rendering (Videos 19 – 26)

Le Mans Racer Screen

In these Le Mans Racer Rendering videos, you will discover how to transform a rough hand-drawn sketch into a beautifully finished 3D rendering. Although it takes a bit more time using paths and layers, this method is extremely effective as your renderings will look highly refined with a crisp, smooth finish.

Racer Part 1 – Creating Paths (Video #19)

Racer Part 2 – Adding Tone (Video #20)

Racer Part 3 – Creating Rims from a Photo (Video #21)

Racer Part 4 – Adding Reflections (Video #22)

Racer Part 5 – Adding Highlights (Video #23)

Racer Part 6 – Adding Cut Lines and More Highlights (Video #24)

Racer Part 7 – Adding Interior Details (Video #25)

Racer Part 8 – Finishing the Rendering (Video #26)

This Video Program Allows You To Look Over The Shoulder Of A Professional Designer And Show You How To Do The Renderings YOU’VE Always Wanted To Do!

“To Anyone Needing That Bit Of Enlightenment In The Finer Points Of Creating Realistic Detail In Their Drawings

“Before applying the techniques taught in this video program I struggled with obtaining the finer details that would give my drawings that touch of realism I desired. But once I got into the techniques taught and applied them it was not long before I was finding myself a whole lot more self satisfied with my efforts. So I would recommend this video program to anyone needing that bit of enlightenment in the finer points of creating realistic detail in their drawings.”

- Peter, Port Pirie, Australia

Why Am I Qualified To Give You Advice?

I’m a tutor, lecturer and a ‘hands on’ designer, who travels the world for my automotive design work. I’ve spent most of my life studying car design and car renderings . Ever since I was 8 years old, I’ve been drawing cars and learning how to perfect them.

I have also won awards as a designer and I’m not just saying this to boast, but to let you know that I use these techniques in the ‘REAL’ world and it works.

Understand this, I’m in the trenches of automotive design everyday. Not only is automotive design my job, but I live and breath this stuff and I genuinely want to help YOU who is serious about getting your car renderings looking amazing …every time!

I’m not trying to boost my ego or to want you to think that I am special but to show you that I can help you too! So you will be getting REAL information and REAL techniques that will help you render cars like a pro…FAST and EASY.

Of Course You May Be Saying To Yourself, “Sure Tim Is Able To Use Photoshop To Render Cars Like A Professional Because Of His Life Long Experience And Knowledge…But What About Me?”

That’s a good question. The good news is, this video program was created by a professional designer, but its not just for designers. In fact, even if you only have a basic understanding of Photoshop, you will get fantastic results with this video program. And if you use another image editing package such as Corel Photo-Paint, Paint Shop Pro or GIMP, the information in this video program is still 100% applicable. As it covers car rendering principles and techniques, and not unique functions within Photoshop.

So when you finally decide to stop making the same mistakes that have been holding you back and apply the techniques in How To Render Cars in Photoshop Fast And Easy, you can literally render any car you want…with it looking like it has been done by a professional. Click Here To Start Rendering Cars Like The Pros.

Special Introductory Offer!

I’ve deliberately kept the price of How to Render Cars in Photoshop Fast and Easy way down, so even those on the tightest budgets can afford to get hold of this info. If you’re an action taker, and you act quickly, you can take advantage of my Special Introductory Offer.

You see even though this video program is based on over 15 years design experience and 10 years refining my client Photoshop renderings, I was originally going to sell it for just $97.00. That’s a bargain in anyone’s language.

Since there are no duplication costs for online video programs, you can get these videos for much less than it would cost if it were a DVD – AND you get it instantly (no waiting for the snail mail!).

But I’ve taken it one step further! As part of a Special Introductory Offer, you’ll only invest $67.00!

But wait, it gets even better…

ORDER TODAY And You’ll Also Get The Following FREE Bonuses Worth At Least $144.80

When you purchase How To Render Cars in Photoshop Fast and Easy, you also receive these FREE bonuses:

FREE BONUS #1: Bonus Video: Applying Color in Photoshop (VALUED AT $9.95)

Applying Color in Photoshop Screen

In this bonus video, you will learn about the simple techniques for applying and building up color to give you better control on how your final rendering will look. Find out how to keep the color looking fresh and avoid the beginner’s mistake of muddy looking colors.

FREE BONUS #2: Bonus Video: Adding Object Reflections (VALUED AT $14.95)

Adding Object Reflections Screen

In this bonus video, discover how to add simple reflections that are cast onto the car by nearby objects. A tree is used in this example of a reflection cast onto the side and front of the car.

FREE BONUS #3: Bonus Video: Adding Ground Reflections (VALUED AT $9.95)

Adding Ground Reflections Screen

Adding a ground reflection adds another dimension to your renderings and truly brings them to life. In this bonus video, discover how to add effective ground reflections quickly and simply, as well as the insider tip on the best viewpoint for adding ground reflections.

FREE BONUS #4: Car Body Reflections Cheat Sheet (VALUED AT $9.95)

Cheat Sheet
Exclusive cheat sheet to help you master reflections.

This cheat sheet is cram packed with essential information to get your reflections looking right. Reflections are one thing if not done correctly that will spoil your rendering. So to get perfect reflections each and every time, refer to this cheat sheet on screen while you’re working on your car renderings.

FREE BONUS #5: Original Photoshop Files Used in the Videos (VALUE AT LEAST $100.00)

As a special bonus for ordering today, you will receive the original layered Photoshop PSD files demonstrated in the videos. Using these PSD files, you can dissect and study the techniques in detail to work out exactly how the renderings were created. You can also modify the files to test out your newly acquired Photoshop skills to create some brand new renderings. (Please note that these PSD files are for personal educational use only.)

So Let’s Take A Look In Detail Again.
Here Is What You Get…

Once you place your order on Clickbank’s secure server, you will IMMEDIATELY get access to the files and videos so you can literally be learning how to render cars in Photoshop like a pro just minutes from now. The videos and files can be viewed on any computer (PC or MAC).

“Great Value For Money, And Will Save You A Lot Of Time Searching For The Insider Knowledge

“Having no formal training in car rendering, I was struggling to get insider knowledge on how the professionals painted their cars in Photoshop. It was very frustrating searching for the knowledge and finding scattered information.

Differences in the work were mixed. Some things like drawing from imagination is still tricky, but drawing from reference is much easier to separate the parts of the car and approach them more methodically with a stronger base.

Problems applying the techniques were small, maybe due to my personal understanding of color and form. But I would say many of them can be solved by complimenting the video with the ‘How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy’ e-book and of course practice and applying the knowledge to my own work.

The video series is great value for money, and will save you a lot of time searching for the insider knowledge.”

- Karl Ansted, Sydney, Australia

The best news of all is that the cost of these videos are absolutely nothing unless the program works wonders for you because you get an…

My No-Risk, Personal Money Back
Guarantee To YOU…

100% Guarantee

The How To Render Cars in Photoshop Fast and Easy video program is fully guaranteed to get you get you rendering in Photoshop better than you’ve ever rendered before, or you don’t pay a cent.

I guarantee you’ll notice results in the speed and quality of your rendering within weeks or you won’t pay a thing.

Not only that, you’ve got a full 60 days to go through the program and see what’s on offer.

Watch all the videos , download the bonuses and try all the tutorials out for yourself. In the unlikely event you aren’t 100% delighted and thrilled with the information, for whatever reason or no reason at all, I want you to contact me for a complete refund on your investment.

If you’re not happy, then nor am I … and I want you to contact my office and you’ll get a prompt and courteous refund. It’s that simple.

Click Here Now to Order – Only $67!

If You’re Finished For Good With All The Tips and Techniques That Haven’t Really Shown You How To Render Cars The Right Way, THEN THIS IS IT! This Is The Complete and Effective Photoshop Car Rendering Guide You’ve Been Searching For

If you’re even remotely interested in learning how to improve your car rendering, then you owe it to yourself to at least try How To Render Cars in Photoshop Fast and Easy. If it’s not for you, I understand. Frankly, this video program isn’t for everyone. Most people interested in car rendering are going to keep looking for a free quick tip here or a new technique there. But we don’t think you would have read this far if you were the type of person to follow the crowd.

Just imagine what it’d be like for your friends to look in awe at a breathtaking Photoshop car rendering you’ve just shown them knowing that you actually did it…and it only took you a fraction of the time it used to take you to render something really ordinary. Or just imagine being able to render a perfect looking 3D car with all the correct details for the first time ever.

If you’re one of those special people – one of minority who are ready to take action and watch your Photoshop car renderings soar to the next level – then invest in some real education and order today, because “just thinking about it” never led anyone to becoming better at rendering cars.

Warm Regards,

Tim Rugendyke and Andy Cheung (co-creator)

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