How To Improve Your Childs Behavior

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“Are Your Child’s Bickering, Tantrums, and Defiant Behavior Embarrassing You, Destroying Your Home, and Making You Feel Like a Failure as a Parent?”

“Who Else Wants to End Their Child’s Fighting, Arguing, and Talking Back Once and for All?”

“This is not some quick fix gimmick, nor is it my “amazing” discovery. This is a time tested step-by-step child discipline program used in clinics around the world. And it is the most effective relationship  building method available anywhere”
-Anthony Kane, MD


It is sad to say, but most mothers of ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or just plain difficult children feel completely helpless.

Some mothers even hope that the defiance is just a stage that their child will out grow.

But Let’s Be Honest About This…

FACT:   The older your child gets, the worse his behavior will become. (Just look at what has happened so far.)

FACT:   50% of all ADHD children have anOppositional Defiant Disorder behavior problem

FACT:   75% of Oppositional Defiant Disorder children above the age of eight will still be defiant later in life

FACT:   Once children enter the teen years it is almost impossible for parents to change their child’s difficult behavior

What Does This Mean?

It means that if your child is among the 15% of children who have ADHD,Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or difficult defiant child behavior, the problem is not going to go away by itself.

How Much of This is True for You?

check the boxes

  Is your child’s Oppositional Defiant Disorder behavior running you ragged?
  Is your child ruining your home?
  Is your child’s Oppositional Defiant Disorder behavior straining your marriage?
  Do you dread what your child will do next?
  Does your child’s rotten behavior make you feel like you are failing as a parent?
  Do you feel helpless to correct your child’s conduct?
 Are you frustrated by your child’s defiance?
  Are your child’s tantrums destroying your life?
  Do you lie in bed at night dreading tomorrow’s fighting and screaming?
  Does your child’s Oppositional Defiant Disorder behavior make you wish you could run away from your home?
  Is your home like a battlefield?
  Do you feel like you are losing control over your child, your family, and your home?
  Did you ever imagine how hard it would be to raise your child?

Well, it is Not Going to Get Better by Itself

Your child is not going to grow out of it.

And if your child’s Oppositional Defiant Disorder behavior is bothering you now, when he is young…

What Do You Think it Will be Like Living with a Defiant Teenager?

You must take control of your child’s behavior before it is too late!

But it’s not hard to do. It’s not complicated and anyone can do it

You Just Have to Learn How

“Are You Worried Enough About Your Child’s Behavior toDo Something About It?”

If you need to teach your difficult or defiant child to behave AND your child is between theages of 2-11, then there is still a lot that you can do.

“You Can Teach Your Difficult or Oppositional Defiant Disorder Child Better Behavior”


How to Improve Your Child’s Behavior

“The definitive 14 week video program on how to teach Your Difficult Child better behavior and to help you become amore effective parent.”


“Learn the Secret of
How to Eliminate Difficult Child Behavior Oppositional Defiant Disorder Behavior in Your Home”

“And it’s Easy to Do”


“The God-Send that I’ve Been Praying for”

“I’m an MD, an adult psychiatrist. I have a wonderful 7 year old girl. She does not have Oppositional Defiant Disorder, but I’m convinced that she’s ‘just not wired right.’ I am trying to help her but there’s such a quagmire of information in the field and so many approaches that I’m confused and overwhelmed.

“I stumbled upon your site accidentally… I could not stop reading. I enrolled in both How to Improve Your Child’s Behavior and How to Help the Child You Love. This program is the God-send that I’ve been praying for. Your ability to synthesize and make sense of so much material is invaluable. I am in awe of what you have accomplished. I look forward to learning everything I can from you. Thanks to you, I already know the direction I need to go in.

* Paula C., MD St. Louis


Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Anthony Kane, MD
I’m Anthony Kane, physician, former director of special education at our local elementary school, author of a book, a number of courses, and numerous articles about ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and child raising.

I am an international lecturer and public speaker on the topics of ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, difficult child behavior, learning disabilities, and parenting. I am also the father of two children with ADHD.

I have been speaking with and advising parents throughout the world about how to handle their ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder children for more than a decade.

So I have seen what things work and what things don’t work. I have tried them at home. I have shared and experienced the pain of parents whose children constantly argue and fight with them.

So let me ask you some straight questions…

check the boxes

 Would you like to have an obedient child?
 Do you want to have your child show you respect?
 Is raising your difficult child causing too much stress in your life?
 Would you like to put an end to your child’s talking back?
 Are you tired of your child interrupting you when you are doing something important?
 Are you tired of dreading what your child will do next?
 Is a normal healthy relationship with your child important to you?
 Would you like a quiet and peaceful home?
 Would you like to be able to talk and have your child listen?
 Would you like to feel like you are the one running the home and not your ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or difficult child?
 Do you want the confidence of knowing what to do to handle your child’s Oppositional Defiant Disorder?

ANNOUNCING: New and Improved!!!

Put an End to Child Behavior Problems Right Now! This Amazing 100% Guaranteed System is Fast and Easy You Can Learn it in Minutes and it Works Right Away!

Ever fall for that one? It is what we are all looking for with our children, right?

      Quick results.
    No work.

Just plug your child into the behavior program and “1-2-3 poof” he will stop being defiant and just sit quietly on your shelf until you are ready to take him down for dinner. From Oppositional Defiant Disorder Child to Instant Angel.

But let me ask you this…

If someone were to try to sell you his “3 Steps to Millions” program would you believe him? Would you buy a “Complete Car Repair in One Easy Lesson” manual? How about a “Learn to Pilot a Twin Engine Jet in 5 Minutes” book? You understand that complicated problems never have fast easy solutions.

Do you really believe that all your difficult child needs is a quick fix?

There are no instant answers and there is no effortless program!

If that what you are looking for you are not going to find it. I don’t care what promises anyone makes.

That is not what this is about.

“But if You Truly Care About Your Child and You are Willing to Invest the Few Minutes a Day That it Will Take,
Then You Will be Able to…

•   End the Oppositional Defiant Disorder battles and vicious fighting in your home
•  Fix your relationship with your difficult child
•  Bring peace and happiness to your home
•  Enjoy a more fulfilling relationship with your child
•  Have your child give you respect
•  Regain control over your child, your life and your home
•  Put an end to all the arguing, fighting, and talking back
•  Have your child obey you without complaining
•  Get rid of all the hostility
•  Gain absolute confidence as a parent and know how to handle any situation



“You Will Discover Remarkable Ways to Get Your Oppositional Defiant Disorder or Difficult Child to Obey You”

But this is not just a course on discipline.

How to Improve Your Child’s Behavior is a program about relationships.

Enroll Now in this program and you will learn how to develop a stronger more loving relationship with your child.

Your child will want to obey you. Not because he is afraid you will punish, but because

Your Child Will Want to Make You Happy

Do you know that

•    Your child wants to make you happy
•    Your child wants your love
•    Your child needs your guidance.
•    Your child wants you to be proud of him and happy that he is your child.

By the end of the program your child will want to obey you.
Not because he knows you will punish. But because the nature of your relationship will be such that your child will want your approval.

This is not to say that you will never need to discipline.
Discipline is part of parenting and the course deals with discipline extensively.

How to Improve Your Child’s Behavior takes you step-by-step and helps you build a strong, healthy parent-child relationship.

This is what makes the How to Improve Your Child’s Behavior program unique.

Most behavior programs just focus on discipline to crush difficult behavior.
Sure, you can force your child to listen to you while he is still young and still afraid of you.

But what happens when your child becomes a teenager?

This fear goes away.

Then your child will run wild and there is NOTHING that you can do.

Do you want to have some control over your child when he is a teenager?

Then you need to prepare for the future now!

“Do You Want a Strong Relationship with Your Child, a Relationship that You will Have Throughout Your Life?”

Then Enroll Now In

How to Improve Your Child’s Behavior

No Thanks

So maybe you are thinking…

“This can’t possibly work for my difficult child.

Let me explain:

How to Improve Your Child’s Behavior is based upon principles of basic human nature.

These principles are universal.

That means it does not matter who you are or where you live, this programwill work for you.

These principles worked a thousand years ago and these principles will work a thousand years from now.

How to Improve Your Child’s Behavior is already working for 5796 parents around the world

And it Will Work for You, Too.




Here is What You Get:

Each week for fourteen weeks you will receive an email with the week’s new video lesson designed to help you build a better relationship with your child.

Here is Just Some of What You Will Learn



Here is What Else You Will Discover

Also, You Will Get…

Everything you need is in this program

Because you must have everything you need to help your child. Enroll Now and you will get Three Special Reports:

How to Read a Scientific Article(value $35)

There is a lot of rhetoric in the health care right now. If you want to help your difficult child, you have to know how to tell what is true from what is hype.
This report is worth $35. But you get it as our gift to you.

How to Create and Emotional Bond with Your Child

(value $40)

The most powerful tool that parents have for raising their children is the natural emotional bond that exists between them and their child. No child who feels a strong bond with his parents will risk losing this connection by disobeying.

In this special report you will learn exactly what to do to enhance this bond.

And you will get the Special Report:

How to Help Your Child Make Friends
(value $35)

Our ADHD children have trouble making friends. As our children grow older, their social problems seem to get worse.

This special report gives you the ability to help your child succeed in making and keeping friends.

Let me stress the value of this.

Right now if you have a question or problem about ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, or difficult child behavior, who can you ask? Your child’s pediatrician? His psychologist?

And even if you do have somebody that can help, how long do you need to wait to get an appointment? A week? A month?

And let’s not forget the time spent going to the office and in the waiting room. And then, of course, there is that bill at the end.

When you enroll in How to Improve Your Child’s Behavior you have everything you need. No appointments, no waiting in lines and no hefty bill at the end.

Why am I giving you such an opportunity?

Because I understand that parents have a lot of uncertainty when raising their difficult children, particularly if their child has ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or Bipolar Disorder. Believe me, I’ve been there. That is why I am making this offer and that is why I started ADD ADHD Advances.

If you enroll now I can make this offer to you.

This offer may not be available to you later.

Also as a special bonus:

When you enroll in How to Improve Your Child’s Behavior you will get:

Here is what your VIP Gold Club membership gives you:

1-  The Monthly Focus Program (Total Value: $125/month)

a.    The Monthly Focus Call (Value: $75/month) Each month we will focus on a specific topic that concerns you. We will schedule interviews and discussions with experts on a wide range of issues and problems that you face.

Here are some of the topics we will discuss:

•   How to eliminate your child’s anger problems
•    Getting your child to perform, cooperate, and behave in school
•    How to cope as a single parent
•    How to get your child and yourself through a divorce
•    Getting back in the game:  How to prepare your children and yourself for remarriage
•    How to help your child develop better social skills
•    How your child’s diet may be affecting his behavior

And what ever else interests you.  This is your club and I will make sure that it meets all of your needs.

The talks will be live or pre-recorded depending upon the expert’s schedule. You may email your questions for the expert before the talk and ask them live when possible.

b. The Monthly Focus Call Recording (Value: $15/month)

Don’t worry about taking notes or missing the call. You will be able to download the recording soon after the call is finished.

c. The Monthly Focus Call Transcript (Value: $10/month)
All the calls will be transcribed and all VIP Gold Club members will get the transcription.

d. The Monthly Focus Report (Value: $25/month)

Every month you will get a special report on the topic of that month.

Plus as a VIP Gold Club member you will get:

2-  Priority VIP email support (Value: $50/month)

You will get my private email address. That means your questions take priority and get answered first.

3-  A Subscription to the ADD ADHD Advances online journal (Value: $25/month)

Over the course of the year you will receive more than 100 articles on parenting, child behavior, ADHD, ODD, and Bipolar disorder.

As you can see The Complete Connection Parenting VIP Gold Club is a very special and exclusive club open only to parents who really care….

The total value of The Complete Connection Parenting VIP Gold Club is $200/month. Again, these are real values, not some made up numbers. And you are getting it all for FREE for three months.

And if you decide to stay on, and 87% of parents continue, I have another special bonus for you…

The normal monthly VIP Club membership dues are only $57. But as an additional bonus, after your free trial ends, your monthly membership dues are locked in at $57/month $27.97/month.

Plus, you don’t have to do anything to get all this. Your dues will be billed automatically every month to your credit card at the 51% discount.

Best of all, you have no obligation.

You can cancel any time during your 3 month free trial membership and you will never be billed.

We will even email you a few days before your free trial membership ends to remind you to cancel if you no longer wish to continue.

Plus, if you decide to stay on, you are not required to join for a year or for six months like other clubs. If at any time and for any reason you wish to end your membership, just email my office and we will cancel your membership on that day.   Period.  There will be no questions asked and you will not be charged ever again.

I bear completely the responsibility to earn your continued interest, involvement and trust each and every month.   I am committed to guaranteeing your success as a parent.

So what is all of this going to the cost?

Let’s do a quick review of what you get:

1- How to Improve Your Child’s Behavior

This is a 14 week video program that you can download and watch at your leisure. Each week for fourteen weeks you will get a new lesson.

You will get each lesson as in wmv and mov formats so that you can download it and watch on a PC or a Mac, or both.

You will get each lesson as an mp3 and mp4 format so that you can watch it or listen to it on your ipod.

You will also get each lesson as a written transcript so that you can read along as you watch or listen.

The total value of this componet of the program, which you are going to get in all 5 formats, is $197

2- Special Report: How to Read a Scientific Article Value= $35

3- Special Report: How to Help Your Child Make FriendsValue= $35

4- Special Report: How to Create an Emotional Bond with Your Child Value= $35

5- 3 Month Free membership in the Complete Connection Parenting VIP Gold Club Value= $600

The total value of this program is $1402

And again these are real values, not some made up numbers

But you are not going to pay that.

— You are not going to pay $851 which is half of that
— You are not going to pay $425 which is a quarter of the value
— You are not going to pay even $212 which is an eighth of the value

For a limited time while this new video format of the program is “fresh off the press”

You can get full access to the entire program plus a 3 month FREE membership to the Complete Connection Parenting VIP Gold Club for only$1702

$54.97/month for 3 months. 

That’s an amazing bargain.

But that’s not all.

You Also Get My…

“Unconditional 100% Satisfaction, No-Hassle Risk-Free Two Stage GUARANTEE!”


“My Unconditional 100% Satisfaction, No-Hassle Risk-Free Two Stage GUARANTEE!”

This is what I promise you and this is what 5796 other parents have already achieved:

     •  “Your child will be more willing to obey you.”      •  “You will have better relationship with your child.”
     •  “Your child will no longer continually argue with you.”
     •  “Your child will show you more respect.”
     •  “Your child will stop talking back to you.”
     •  “You will have a more peaceful home.”
     •  “You will feel success as a parent.”
     •  “You will feel closer to your child.”

I have had so much experience using this program working with so many other parents of difficult children that I am confident this program will work for you and your child, also.

How Sure am I That This Program Will Work for You?

Okay, here’s the deal:

Stage One of the Guarantee:

This is for 60 days, and is a totally unconditional money back guarantee. Absolutely no questions asked and no note from your mother required.

Get the full How to Improve Your Child’s Behavior program and tear into it. Watch the videos. Start using the strategies and have fun.

If you’re not incredibly thrilled for any reason – I’ll cheerfully refund your purchase.

The Second Stage:

If you stay with me past 60 days, (and 97.3% of parents do) I can assure your success!

I positively guarantee that if you try even half of the techniques and strategies I reveal inside this program, you will experience a significantly more peaceful home and a much happier, less stressed out life.

So if for some strange or odd reason you don’t see an improvement- I will personally work with you until you get the results you want to achieve.

It’s that simple!!

You have absolutely no risk.

In fact, I am the one taking all the risk for you…

So, you can’t possibly lose…

Unless you pass up this opportunity!

Why am I taking such a big risk by offering such a strong guarantee?

      Because, I am not taking a risk. I know the program works. I have parents on 6 continents telling me it works. So I am not taking any risk at all.
      I am giving you the guarantee so that you don’t risk anything either.
      This program is completely

Risk Free

      for you, too

Plus You Get

“The Confidence
That You are Raising Your Child Properly”

Most importantly you will get

“A Stronger More Loving Relationship
with Your Child”

So this is what you need to do now.

Scroll down below this video and click on the Buy Now
You will be taken right away to our Safe and Secure enrollment form.
Submit the form and your enrollment will be begin immediately.

“Are You Worried Enough Yet About Your Child’s Behavior to Do Something About It?”

Go ahead and secure your enrollment immediately…

Only 3 payments of


Again, this is what you get:

How to Improve Your Child’s Behavior PDF Text Format

How to Improve Your Child’s Behavior Video wmv mov formats

How to Improve Your Child’s Behavior Video Ipod: m4v format

How to Improve Your Child’s Behavior Audio: mp3

Special Report: How to Help Your Child Make Friends

Special Report: How to Create and Emotional Bond with Your Child

Special Report: How to Read a Scientific Article

VIP Gold Club 3 Month FREE membership


Only 3 payments of


P. S. Why should you continue:

Nature has given you everything you need to tame your difficult child. You just need to learn exactly what to do. Why wait until your child’s behavior is beyond help?

Enroll Now and begin to teach your child better behavior today.

Remember, you are getting my

Unconditional 100% Satisfaction No-Hassle



The Only Way You Can Lose is if You Don’t Enroll.

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