How To Get Lean, Strong & Bulletproof

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Like a lot of guys these days, I came to this parenting thing later in life – at the ripe-old age of 37 to be exact.

And my guess is that your motivation to be in shape is pretty much the same as mine.

• To get strong and healthy so that we can have the best chance of seeing our kids grow up and giving the grandchildren a run for their money someday

• To be stronger and in better shape at 40 than we were at 20, and better still at 50 and beyond

• To minimize the time required to do that so we can spend more time doing important stuff like having fun with our families

• To have a mental and physical edge that will allow us to better deal with whatever life, the boss or anyone else throws at us

• To build positive habits, exceed our goals and have fun doing it

• To be the coolest dad in the park

• To look good naked and be strong like bull

Most importantly, we want to do all this while still being able to enjoy a bacon double cheeseburger and a beer or two!superfitdads-htglsab-Hardcover-Book-MockUpHTGLSAB_TEXT

How To Get Lean, Strong And Bulletproof is the key to all that and more.

Listen, I don’t care if you’re 35 or 65, 175lbs or 375lbs, an ex-athlete or sedentary – this book can change your life beyond all recognition.

How do I know? Because I’ve lived it and so have the people I’ve coached.

It’s taken me decades of trial and error, and well over $15,000 spent on training courses, certifications and professional subscriptions.

And, let me be 100% honest with you, most of that was finding out the hard way that the majority of the stuff out there simply isn’t very effective.

You know, those things that talk a good game but never actually deliver consistent, measurable long-term results out here in the real world.

(I used to be an engineer and, as far as I’m concerned, a result that you can’t measure isn’t much of a result)

Now, I’m not blessed with special genetics – hey, here’s a picture of me at 30-years old (back when I had something called “hair”) – 165 lbs, skinny fat and sweaty on vacation in the tropics.

Fast forward 14 years to the night before my 45th birthday (and first half marathon).

And rest assured that I’m not naturally strong either – when I qualified as a personal trainer in my late-30s I was too weak/scared to squat 135 lbs.

Now at closer to 50 than 40, I can squat in the mid-300s, deadlift in the mid-400s, and do chin-ups with over 100 lbs chained around my waist.

So I’ve experienced both a profound strength increase and extreme fat loss at an age when most folks are feeling “past it” or “over the hill”.

It’s worked for me, it’s worked for the people I’ve coached, and it will work for you, too.

How To Get Lean, Strong And Bulletproof is all about getting maximum results from minimum effort.

It doesn’t pull any punches or hold anything back – I just hate those books that tell you a bunch of stuff that sounds good in theory but you can’t actually apply.

Well, you can start applying the stuff in How To Get Lean, Strong And Bulletproof immediately.

Things like:

• How to lose weight while consuming things you actually enjoy

• How to get lean without starving yourself

• How to avoid the pitfalls that cause 90% of diets to fail in the long run

• How to create an eating strategy that’s unique to you, and works every single time

• The real reasons why paleo, intermittent fasting, and low-carb diets cause weight loss

• How to boost your metabolism and reduce the amount you eat without you even realizing

• Which fat-loss supplements actually work

• Why exercise isn’t an effective way to get strong

• Why cardio isn’t necessary for weight loss

Plus there’s a fully-detailed program for getting guys our age in the best shape of their lives in only two hours per week!

We’re talking about over 130 pages of easy-to-digest and actionable content based on a winning combination of scientific research and real-world experience.

It contains all the strategies I used to make my transformation possible and much more.


(In reality, I only used maybe 70% of the weight-loss strategies contained in the book as they were powerful enough on their own).

Immediate PDF download – just $27

The way I see it, the most valuable resource we have is our time, and using that time effectively can pack into a few months the progress that would otherwise take years or maybe never happen at all.

So if I had to summarize this book in only three words, I’d say “Measurable results, fast”.

Ultimately, that’s what we’re all after, right?

Now I realize you may be thinking that this all sounds too good to be true, so I’m providing a cast-iron money back guarantee.

If you’re not 100-% satisfied with the book, just contact me within 60 days of purchase and I’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked.

But my guess is you’ll be blown away by what you discover and you’ll be kicking yourself for not getting started sooner.

So let’s get to it!

Your fellow dad,




Immediate PDF download – just $27

Click here and go to the official website of the seller to purchase or learn more about this product!!!