Hcg Diet Made Simple

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Well, there is always diet and exercise. How well has that been working for you? The concept of using a low-calorie low-fat diet and exercise alone has been promulgated by exercise gurus, nutritionists, and doctors for years now (and actually was debunked by Gary Taubes in his book Good Calories, Bad Calories http://tinyurl.com/GaryTaubes) and is still running rampant, as in the oft-touted statement “Everybody knows that you just need to eat less and move more”.


Unfortunately, that just doesn’t seem to be cutting it for most of us.


Or, speaking of cutting, would you rather do the “cutting edge” therapy that the medical profession has devised for morbid obesity? Uh, you know, that really does involve cutting you? Many members of my support group have already tried that and now they are using hCG to finally solve their problem of obesity.


Obviously, the cutting edge cutting didn’t work for them in the long term.


Or you could always use the only FDA-approved weight loss drug, orlistat, used in Alli and Xenical, with which the package instructions advise you to carry extra clothing because of the potentially embarrassing side effects. Um, wait, haven’t there been “adverse events” reported to the FDA now regarding hepatotoxicity, meaning that you might need a new liver afterwards? http://tinyurl.com/AlliOrlistat


I’m not willing to have to carry an extra set of clothes everywhere, not to mention risk my liver, and I’ll bet you don’t want to, either.


Clearly, both the medical profession as a whole and the government have failed us – completely.


So, what is the answer, then?


*The HCG Diet*


You found out about

Dr. Simeons’ hCG Diet protocol.

But you still have no idea

how to get started.

Frustrating, isn’t it?
It was for me, too. Luckily, I finally tracked down all the information needed to be successful with the Weight Loss Cure.

But it took me MONTHS to do it.


If YOU want to get started NOW, my eBook is the answer.




My 140-page eBook with everything you need to know is only $39.95 $29.95 and delivered in PDF format by instant download from a web page.

You can be reading it in only a few minutes!


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Testimonial for the Book:


“I bought this E-Book on the day I started the HCG Protocol and it was the best thing I could have done for myself. It has all the information you could possibly need to know and so much more you didn’t even know you needed to know. I would highly recommend getting this book if you are going on the HCG Protocol or are wanting to learn all about it. You will be very pleased with all the information, illustrations, and explanations you will find in this book. If you are having any doubts about buying this E-Book please put them to rest; it will be the best money you have spent in a very long time. It is worth so much more than the purchase price, I promise you won’t be disappointed!” 

- Darena

   Stillwater , Oklahoma  

Dear Friends,

After reading The Weight Loss Cure by Kevin Trudeau, I was sold on the concepts that he presented, but had no idea how to actually put the plan into action. After much research, I have uncovered many resources not mentioned in the book that have helped me to start my weight loss journey with hCG. I lost 10 pounds in the first 10 days, after being unsuccessful with every other diet that I have tried over the last 9 years. Using this weight loss method, I expect to lose the entire 100 extra pounds that I’ve been carrying around. FINALLY, a CURE for the problem that has plagued me for almost a decade now!

You see, most of my life, I weighed in at 120 pounds. Even for my 5’6″ small-boned frame, it was considered underweight, although it was my normal weight that my body maintained without effort. I could eat anything I wanted, as much as I wanted, and I never gained weight. My boyfriends would pester me to gain some weight, but I was already eating everything in sight with no gain. One of them pestered me so much about it that I got so nervous that I LOST weight.

Enter Depo-Provera. I took this birth control shot ONCE at the age of 38. I immediately began gaining weight after the shot. I panicked and began modifying my eating habits, but I had no idea how to lose weight, because I’d never had to do it in all my 38 years. I tried all kinds of diets, but no matter what I did, I continued to gain. My periods didn’t come back for 14 months, which to me indicated that my hormones were tilted off-kilter in a big way. I talked to my friends about it, learning that the daughter of one of my friends had also taken the shot and gained 20 pounds in a month recently. She was another one of those “never gain, eat like a horse” type of girls that everyone envied. I started to suspect that I was in deep trouble now.

I found a book by the title of Birth Control By Injection: The Story of Depo-Provera, in which I read the words “knockout blow to the pituitary” used with reference to Depo-Provera in Chapter Five. The book was written by an endocrinologist named T. J. Vecchio, M.D., F.A.C.P., who organized international clinical trials with Depo-Provera over a 10 year period, as well as conducting such trials on his own. He wrote a number of scientific articles on the subject, including the lead article on “Long-Acting InjectableContraceptives” for the 1976 issue of Advances in Steroid Biochemistry and Pharmacology, as well as making numerous oral presentations on the subject to medical groups around the world.
Now I was really concerned, and with good cause, as it turned out. That same chapter outlined the effects of Depo-Provera on the adrenal glands. Within six years, I had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and had gained 100 pounds. My medical doctor could not give me any hope or effective treatment. The naturopathic doctor that I turned to next explained that he had been treating CFS/CFIDS for over 50 years and had originally called it Adrenal Syndrome because it was caused by over-stimulation of the HPA (hypothalamus/pituitary/adrenal) axis by chronic stress or a genetic predisposition to weak adrenals. I knew that my adrenals had been weakened by the Depo-Provera along with the rest of my endocrine system. My metabolism had been ruined as well, causing the weight to pack on, no matter what I tried in my efforts to stop it. The methods that I used for my CFS/CFIDS recovery did absolutely nothing to help me with weight loss, however. The cure for my CFS/CFIDS is the subject of another eBook that I will write soon, but in this eBook I want to concentrate on the solution to my weight issues.

I’ve included links to such helpful references as Dr. A. T. W. Simeons’ original manuscript from which Kevin learned about the cure. Also, you will find recipes to use during the injection phase to help make it less repetitive, as well as sources for an oral version of hCG if the mere thought of injections is enough to scare you away from considering using the cure. There’s even a Frequently Asked Questions section. This is your one-stop comprehensive companion source for practical ways to actually put the cure to use for your very own personal weight loss cure!

P.S. Also, please email me when you have lost below 200 pounds, if you start out above that, so that I can personally tell you, “Welcome to ONE-derland! Onward and downward!! (on the scale, that is).” Any other major milestone emails are also happily welcomed!

Update: I’ve lost 50 pounds now! I will start back on Phase 2 to lose the 50 remaining pounds this year using hCG! For the first time in 9 years, I have not only the hope, but the assurance in my heart, that I can lose the excess weight that has been the bane of my existence.


I want EVERYONE to be able to lose weight and keep it off. I want the obesity epidemic to end. So I wrote this 140-page book, which is a compilation of everything that I have learned as a moderator of a 12,000-member hCG Dieters support group, as well as by doing this diet myself, including: 


Testimonial for the Book:

“Your ebook is the ABSOLUTE BEST SOURCE OF INFORMATION THAT I’VE SEEN YET ON HOW TO DO THE HCG PROTOCOL!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s my diet bible now, I never leave home without it!!! Please feel free to post this if anyone would like feedback.

When I initially read Kevin Trudeau’s book, it did sound easy, but by the time I was finished with the book, I was completely overwhelmed and left wondering how I’d ever do the protocol on my own. Dr. Simeons’ manuscript seemed much easier. I also could not find anyone, not even a doctor that had heard of it or were willing to learn about it. Talking about being “debunked”!!! More frustration.

I’ve ordered my HCG and can hardly wait for it to get here. I don’t even mind self injecting – that’s how good, down to earth, and realistic the information in your ebook is!!!! You could have actually called it HCG Protocol for Dummies!!”

- Karen P. Wiggs

Raleigh , NC


My 140-page eBook with everything you need to know is only $39.95 $29.95 and delivered in PDF format by instant download from a web page.

You can be reading it in only a few minutes!


And don’t worry, the risk is all mine, since my product is protected by ClickBank’s guarantee, which states: ClickBank will, at its discretion, allow for the return or replacement of any defective product within 60 days from the date of purchase.

Testimonial for the Diet Plan:

I am 43 pounds lighter and have maintained my weight loss for 18 days past my last shot day, with almost no cravings, almost no hunger and all in all have been eating high amounts of fats and proteins with no gain.

I am in the “stabilizing phase” what some of us call Phase 3. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and have never felt better as during this protocol. I guess you could attribute this to not having sugar in my diet, but I still drink very STRONG coffee. : )

The biggest difference between this protocol and most diets I have tried, is that I have absolutely NO cravings while I eat 500 calories a day. It is amazing! I have lost before on other diets but never have I been able to keep it off past the first 7 days. I would normally start to gain again …this time around I have been eating about 2000 (or more alot of days : ) and I have maintained well within my 2 pounds up or down. I am getting ready to go into the second round of the 2nd phase (shots) and am looking forward to losing the remaining 35-40 pounds.

The biggest change that I have seen in myself and others on the diet is that I am at 160 pounds and I am in a size 10 this morning!! I can honestly say that when I have lost on other plans, Weight Watchers, Body for Life, Atkins, cabbage soup, and so on and so on, I have never lost my stomach and hips. Although I had weight loss on all those diets (not large amounts of weight), I would always have my belly still : (

I can only say that there is no way for this to be a “all in your mind” protocol. When the protocol is done as stated, HCG shots, 500 cal with only the foods listed by Dr S, and then with the follow up of the stabilizing of the weight and then on to the final part, living with mostly alive foods and good fats and proteins, most will succeed. I think that with all the success I have seen on this diet, with those that treat this as a “protocol” I am convinced that this is the one “diet” I have ever done that is really working and will keep me healthy for years to come.

I know from those that have tried this 500 cal diet (my aunt with OA) without the HCG may lose alot of weight as the 500 calories puts you into ketosis of course, BUT the biggest difference is, where we each have lost our pounds! She had to remain on her very strict diet for the duration to maintain and was feeling very weak. I on the other hand went into a lower size pants (was a18-20) now a size 10-12! 

I am eating, all meats, dairy, fruits (all kinds) and a huge amount of veggies. And I have less Fibro pain, more energy and my mind is even sharper, the last could be because all the crap is out of my system : )

Here are a few more differences between someone on the 500-700 calorie diet without the HCG and someone who is on the 500 calorie diet with the HCG. Skin!! I saw what the low cal diet without the HCG did to my relative’s skin …and then I get to see what the diet does with the HCG!!! My skin is not sagging!! I mean it is amazing that my skin is not hanging down like the last time I lost weight!!! My tummy skin is able to be pulled in without any sagging on the legs : )

And my skin is looking healthy, not pale and so on …

Anyway that is my experience on HCG Dr S Protocol. I guess you
just have to read and have faith as we have all seen it working
differently than any diet we have tried ….

p.s one more thing. I started this protocol with HCG and 500 calories at the same time as my friend started at the same clinic (MD Diets). She went on the 1 shot of B complex a week and their special diet and I did the one shot a day of the HCG and the 500 cal diet …I have lost 2x the amount of weight as she has, both being on a diet at the same time. We both have lost that weight in different area of our bodies as well. I just thought I would add that in : ) it is the only clinical info I have for ya : )”
And another testimonial to the diet:

“Nearly three years ago, I gained 80 lbs during a very stressful time. In only about 6 months, I packed on all of the weight. I was under alot of stress and was nauseated and vomited frequently, yet I still gained the weight. For the last 3 years, I have been on a number of diets, Atkins, WeightWatchers, Bob Greene, Ultra Metabolism, Dr. Mercola’s diet, Jenny Craig. I also have been doing 1 hour of kick boxing several times week (Billy Blanks, Turbo Jam, PO90) along with walking 5 miles several times a week. I also have used HydroxyCut, Accelis, Hoodia, and so many others I can’t remember.  


I am a respiratory therapist and walk around doing treatments for 12-hr shifts. I am only 5’3 and weighed 210 lbs and was a tight size 18. I did each diet for at least 1 month or longer with little or no weight loss. As you can see, I am a very active person. People that I worked out with were losing weight. I, on the other hand, continued to have a 48-inch waist. After 3 years of struggling, the disappointments and heartbreak of diet after diet, I had finally given up. I was so depressed. Try to imagine working so hard at something for 3 years and enduring failure after failure.

Well, today September 25, I weigh 174 and I am size 12. I lost 11 inches off my waist since June 6. I have people around me doing this protocol now, just because my scrubs are baggy. It wasn’t any scientific paper that convinced them to do it. It was seeing the amazing transformation that I went through and continue to go through that convinced them that hCG does work. I have done low cal diets in the past and never lost weight that was so visible and dramatic. I usually lost the hair on my head, my skin became pasty and sallow and I had dark circles under my eyes and had hanging skin and lost all my muscle mass, I felt terrible. Not this time! My hair is thick, shiny, my nails are growing like crazy, I have energy and feel great. I still have muscle, skin is tight.”
And one more testimonial to the diet:

“Since I’ve been aware of this HCG Protocol and have almost completed it, I see the miracles that it works with your weight and performing a metabolic recovery, I find myself getting really agitated/annoyed when someone tries to tell me and others that diet and exercise is the only way to lose weight and keep it off. There have been countless times when people have asked me about a method to lose weight that’s the most effective. Of course I would recommend the HCG Protocol, I would NEVER, and I mean NEVER tell a person to do diet and exercise as a weight loss method. 


Then you have others that’ll intervene and tell me that the Dr. Simeons protocol is a joke and that it’s really unhealthy to lose weight this way, especially a lb. a day. People who’ve never heard of it until I mentioned it, by the way. You break down the whole process to them of how and why the weight is lost so fast and the benefits that comesfrom the treatment AFTERWARDS when it comes to keeping it off. They still have nothing but negative things to say. It just trips me out how people think that diet and exercise is the only way to lose weight and keep it off. It’s a torturous and VERY depriving lifestyle when you try to keep weight off from dieting. I’ve done it so I know.


Let’s not mention the things that this protocol does that diet and exercise doesn’t even touch. Losing problem area fats, low hunger, fast results, resetting of the hypothalamus gland, raising your metabolism sky high, etc. I’m almost finished with this protocol and (4 days left until Phase 4), and I’ve never seen anything like this on any weight loss method I’ve used in the past. No counting calories, no superhuman willpower to keep from eating, low hunger, constant results, etc.


My thing is…if diet and exercise is the only way to lose weight and the real “solution,” then why does the obesity rate continue to rise annually? Even though there’s more people on diets and buying more exercise equipment more and more each year. Let’s be real. I get frustrated, annoyed and agitated when people act like this is the solution and don’t want to hear of anything else, even though it has never worked for them. I’ve heard countless stories from people about how they work 5 hours a day in the gym, eating rabbit food and they still don’t lose weight. And others have the same story, except for they do, in fact, lose weight but gain it right back afterwards faster than they lost it, plus more. Not to mention how slow they lost it. Which is frustrating.


For anyone that’s curious about this method of weight loss. THIS IS THE SOLUTION! You’ll never need another diet in your life once you finish this! Exercise is always good for your body, whether you’re trying to lose weight or not. It’s always recommended for good overall health but it’s not a weight loss solution.

Let me end by saying this. For the people that doubt this protocol, stay fat for the rest of your lives and miserable from yo-yo dieting and depriving yourselves to keep the weight off. Keep losing weight and gaining it right back. But for those that are tired of dieting and exercising only to find disappointment, and are smart enough go through this protocol…we’ll enjoy living normal lives as slim people that can fully enjoy the foods that we love without constantly thinking about our weight. Now you choose…”


My 140-page eBook with everything you need to know is only $39.95 $29.95 and delivered in PDF format by instant download from a web page.

You can be reading it in only a few minutes!


And don’t worry, the risk is all mine, since my product is protected by ClickBank’s guarantee, which states: ClickBank will, at its discretion, allow for the return or replacement of any defective product within 60 days from the date of purchase.

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