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We corrected all of these problems, kept the things that are great, and then raised the bar even further.

The Musician’s Toolbox Learn Guitar Chords Download is exactly what you need. It’s got all the instruction you need to understand the basics of the guitar, like how to tune, how to hold a pick and strum, how to read a chord diagram, how to switch chords and play along to a beat, and more.

•All of the instruction is viewed from YOUR perspective, so you’ll spend more time learning to play, you’ll actually be enjoying music! What a thought!

•All of the videos are organized thoughtfully and optimized to play nicely on an iPhone, iPod, PSP, Zune, or whatever video media player you’re using. You can take The Musician’s Toolbox with you wherever you go!

•There are no talking heads, the camera angle is extremely close to your hands, and all of the instruction is presented from YOUR perspective, so you can spend more time concentrating on what matters.

In Other Words, You’ll Be Playing With Confidence!

•The pace of the instruction is slow and steady, you won’t be left behind with a pain in your gut that says: “I’ll never be able to do this.” You WILL be able to keep up and play the guitar!

•We’ve got just the right amount of content to get you playing. The Learn Guitar Chords Download has 6 guitar basics tutorials, over 100 of the most commonly used guitar chords, and 14 play-along songs to get you started enjoying music.

•Our graphics and animations are unsurpassed in guitar instruction. Our strings light up as they are played, so you can visually see the “sound” of the strings, and you’ll know instantly what to play. No one has worked this hard or gone this far to make graphics and animations a truly practical feature of guitar instruction.

•The total time for all the videos on the Learn Guitar Chords Download is about 56 Minutes.

Wait A Second. Did You Just Say 56 Minutes?

Yes. That’s the power of the first-person perspective. It doesn’t take that long to communicate how to play the guitar!

And this isn’t some shortcut, “cut the corners” method. You’re getting the tried-and-true educational standards, but they’re simply viewed from YOUR perspective. It’s so simple!

You’ll actually have FUN practicing from the first person perspective.

Why? Because you’ll be “getting it” and you’ll actually be playing and enjoying your favorite music in less time.

We’ve removed all of the roadblocks for you!