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I can show you the best and fastest ways to eliminate clutter. These are the same simple methods I’ve been teaching my clients for nearly 20 yearsAs I’ve said, clutter grows almost magically — all by itself. It seems to appear out of thin air. And then it keeps growing. Clutter never disappears on it’s own. It can only disappear with a proven-effective system.You CAN eliminate your clutter problems, effectively, quickly, easily and permanently IF you have a proven-effective SYSTEMA SYSTEM. That’s the missing link. If you have a disease, but you don’t have the medicine thathas been proven to cure that disease, then the disease is not going away. The medicine is the system that eliminates the problem.For nearly 20 years I have been perfecting my clutter-busting system for removing clutter from my clients’ homes offices and lives and from the lives of my Get Organized Now! followers. I get hundreds of letters every year thanking me for helping my clients remove the clutter and stress from their lives.The S.T.A.R. System to the RescueOver those many years of hands-on clutter-busting I developed an incredibly effective method of removing clutter fast and permanently. I call it my S.T.A.R. SYSTEM.With my S.T.A.R. System, anyone, and I mean anyone, even procrastinators, can begin immediately to eliminate clutter from their lives. The steps are simple to understand and simple to do. You can get your family, even your kids, to help.And results can be seen instantly.There are FOUR TYPES of CLUTTER that most people are struggling with. Physical Clutter is just a small part of the clutter problem. Here are all four . . .Another major benefit of my approach to clutter removal that is rarely found in others, is that I discovered early on that Physical Clutter is just one challenge that most of my clients were dealing with.In addition to Physical Clutter, many of them asked me to help them with Paper Clutter, Digital Clutter and Emotional Clutter. And I was thrilled to find that my Four Step S.T.A.R. System worked just as well for those types of clutter too.If you’re committed to creating a clutter-free, stress-free life, then make sure you use a SYSTEM that addresses all FOUR types of clutter most of us are struggling with:

“…already emptied out my overloaded kitchen and bedroom…” “I am completely floored by ALL of the amazing information you’ve included in your Goodbye Clutter product. Only halfway through your book and I’ve already emptied out my overloaded kitchen and bedroom. Tomorrow…I’m off to the garage! I wish you could see all the bags sitting at my curbside. The donation truck is coming tomorrow!”	-- Janet H., Kent, WA

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Discover how to identify your clutter triggers…once you know them, you can say goodbye to clutter for goodFind out how to become a clutter-free superstar…with Maria’s exclusive STAR system. There’s nothing like it in any other clutter book on the marketDeclutter every room in your house….easy, fast, and stress-freeNot sure what to keep and what to toss? Goodbye Clutter will help you every step of the way!What should you start decluttering first? Maria gives you four options to choose from based on your personal preferenceCan’t seem to stick with your decluttering goals? These two methods will keep you on taskLooking for some motivation to get started and keep going? You’ll get 4 fun, energizing ideas to charge your engineOverloaded kitchen cabinets, pantry, clothes closet, basement? You name it…you’ll be able to weed it out!Laundry overflowing? Yes, you’ll even learn how to declutter your laundry room AND get a handle on it so it’s not constantly an out-of-control amount you’re dealing withWhat about your vehicle? A cluttered-mess? With Maria’s Goodbye Clutter, your car will be the most clutter-free, organized vehicle in townDo you scrapbook, quilt, sew or do other similar hobbies? If so, we’ll even help you declutter your hobby room!No, you don’t have to get rid of everything you have to be clutter-free!Are you tired of the clutter, chaos, anxiety, frustration, stress and embarrassment the amount of STUFF you own is causing? Goodbye Clutter will help you lighten your load…in your house, and on your mind!Find hidden and creative storage you never knew you had…TONS of ideas!
Just imagine peaceful, categorized storage spaces where you can find what you need, when you need it…without having to search endlessly. With Maria’s information on Goodbye Clutter, that ‘dream’ is your new ‘reality’You may even find a buried treasure…when you begin reading Maria’s books and applying her STAR system, who knows what you’ll find in the clutter…cash, coins, checks, postage stamps, important letters, photos, jewelry…It’s amazing what readers of Goodbye Clutter have found once they began organizing!Is paper clutter an issue for you? It won’t be for long! Yes, Maria will help you get a handle on that paper monster once and for all.Discover how to get all of your paper organized so you can find it quickly…not lose it ever…and be productive. You’ll be able to finally bid junk mail, magazine, and catalog overload a fond farewellDiscover the 10 typical types of digital clutter, paper clutter, and emotional clutter…and how to reduce, or eliminate, each!Organize lists, ideas, product manuals, coupons, recipes, sentimental stuff…and all piles of paper in your lifeIs your email inbox overflowing? You’ll learn how to clear it out in no time at allSocial media clutter taking over your life? Not any more…once you know how to streamline it allYou’ll learn about emotional clutter… negativity, fear, worry…there are 10 in all…and how to “get your life back” by eliminating the challenge areas one by oneGet rid of your clutter and reclaim your self-esteem, your confidence, and your happiness!Maintain your new clutter-free life with Maria’s “10 Commandments of a Clutter-Free Space”This is just the tip of the iceberg. With “Goodbye Clutter” you’ll discover how to banish clutter from your life forever!

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Clutter is growing at an alarming rateMy name is Maria Gracia and I’ve been helping people get organized and remove clutter from their lives for much of my adult life.I’ve seen the clutter problem growing rapidly over the years as our lives become more and more hectic and complicated. We’re doing more than ever, our kids are involved in more activities, and we are buying more stuff than we ever bought before. Is it any wonder that the clutter problem is growing at the same time?There are 300,000 items in the average American home (LA Times)Even though the average size of an American home has tripled in the last 50 years, 1 out of every 10 Americans rent off site storage for even more of their stuff (New York Times Magazine)We spend one year of our lives looking for lost items. (National Association of Professional Organizers)The average 10-year-old owns 238 toys, but plays with just 12 daily (The Telegraph)23 percent of adults say they pay bills late (and incur fees) because they can’t find them. (Harris Interactive)There is a direct correlation between a woman’s Cortisol (stress) levels and the amount of clutter in her life (UCLA study)80% of the clutter in your home or office is a result of disorganization, not lack of space (National Association of Professional Organizers)Clutter Can Seep into Every Aspect of Your LifeWithout You Even Knowing It’s HappeningClutter GROWS automatically: There’s no doubt about it. Clutter breeds more clutter — and it never disappears all by itself. There is only one way to get rid of clutter and that is by using a proven-effective clutter removing system. Only then will you get control of your clutter and have the clutter-free life you deserve.

“I feel so much better about my home and about myself.” “My married daughter came to visit yesterday and could not believe what a difference your clutter-clearing strategies have had on me. First off, she mentioned how organized everything looked. THEN, she said that I seemed so much calmer and happier than usual. She’s right…I feel so much better about my home and myself!” 	-- Barbara Y., Lowell, MA“…my garage is now halfway empty…” I wanted to purchase a new car recently, but my wife said ‘Not until you clean out that garage!’ I was overwhelmed and frustrated, but I wanted that new car. So, I was elated when I found your new Goodbye Clutter book online. Since reading it, my garage is now halfway empty! Maria, you and your products are awesome!”		-- George L., Woodbridge, NJ“…my friend, Gina, was so impressed and happy for me…” “I felt like a deer in headlights every time I looked at my clutter. My friend, Gina, is a big fan of yours, so she recommended your new book to me…and it’s already working. When Gina came over yesterday, I knew exactly where my stuff was…and she didn’t have to move anything off my once-cluttered table when we sat down. She was impressed and happy for me. ”	-- Emily O., Austin, TX“I have tears in my eyes. I am so grateful.” Years ago, right before my mother passed away, she wrote me a beautiful letter. I lost that letter…and I’ve been looking for it for years. Then, out of the blue, my sister bought me a copy of your product. I started weeding out my super-cluttered attic…and guess what I found nine boxes of stuff later? My mother’s letter. Even writing this, I have tears in my eyes. I am so grateful.”	-- Donna B., Lansing, MI

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Finally! Here’s a Comprehensive Clutter Busting Resource That Addresses All FOUR of Your Major Clutter Challenges! Physical Paper Digital EmotionalGet Organized Now! VALUABLE BONUSES INCLUDED! TM MARIA GRACIA GOOD GOOD  BYE BYE CLUTTER! CLUTTER! PAPER PAPER


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“keeping our clutter under control is a constant struggle”“our friends don’t visit because of our clutter”“the more clutter I collect, the more weight I gain”

Over the past twenty years, I’ve personally helped hundreds of people remove or get control of the clutter in their lives. I’ve seen first-hand the negative effects that clutter produces in people’s lives. Here are just a few:12 ways that clutter robs you of a happier life1.Can create more stress: This is the big one. When you are surrounded by clutter and the problems it creates, the stress hormone, cortisol, rises in your blood stream. Doctors will tell you that stress is a huge concern in our lives today.2.Can’t find things: It’s the first thing my clutter clients tell me, “I waste too much time looking for things I know I have but can’t find.”3.Can cause conflicts and arguments: I’ve seen it time and again–husbands and wives arguing about the clutter itself or the fact that they can’t find important papers, tools or possessions. Clutter stresses families out.4.Can cause embarrassment: It doesn’t matter how bad the clutter problem is. If it embarrasses you, it’s a problem. Of course, if your family and friends don’t feel comfortable visiting any longer because of the amount of clutter, then it’s an even bigger problem.5.Can contribute to weight gain: Clutter can lead to higher levels of stress and stress can lead to overeating. The more clutter, the more stress, the higher the probability of overeating. That equals more weight.6.Can’t get things done: It goes hand in hand. When you have difficulty keeping clutter under control, you tend to have difficulty getting many other things done. The clutter itself becomes a distraction or it puts you in a negative mood. That’s not a good state of mind for getting things done.7.Can’t control growing clutter: Without a solution, clutter tends to grow making it nearly impossible to keep it under control. That breeds frustration and more stress.8.May spend less time with family and friends: Depending on how bad your clutter problem is and how embarrassed or emotionally affected by it you are, you may find yourself spending less quality time with family and friends.
1.A clutter-free home: Our surroundings have a profound effect on our emotions and mental health. One of the biggest benefits of having a clutter-free home is experiencing the joy, pride and peaceful feelings your home brings you — day after day.2.Much less stress: By removing a major contributor of stress, you will be doing yourself a huge favor. Your home will now become a major stress reliever. You’ll look forward to your favorite book or movie, your beverage of choice and your special, stress-free time at home.3.Clearer and calmer mind: Without the clutter distractions, you will find it much easier to focus and relax.4.No more arguments over clutter: Our life becomes what we focus on. If we are focusing on the negative emotions clutter creates, then we will be in eternal conflict. Remove the source of the conflict and you can finally focus on the more enjoyable aspects of your home, your life and your relationships.5.No more embarrassment: Many of my past clients were embarrassed by their clutter. They dreaded having friends or family stop by. It’s amazing how quickly embarrassment was turned into pride once they became clutter-free.6.Find things easily: Wasting time searching for things was a major problem for my clients. But a natural result of removing the clutter — the right way — was that this problem disappeared instantly and forever..7.Increased respect from others: Let’s face it, we all want to feel valued by our friends and family. When you gain control over your clutter others will be in awe of what you have accomplished. You’ll love the feeling.8.Lose weight: Stress and all the negative emotions that go along with clutter are big contributors to overeating, When you remove the stress, you eat less, you lose weight. 9.More time: When we’re looking for lost items or dealing with the effects of clutter, in essence, clutter actually robs our precious time. Say goodbye to clutter and that time becomes ours again to enjoy as we like.10.Improved relationships: Clutter-free surroundings and clutter-free emotions enhance your ability to enjoy your relationships with those you care about. Become clutter-free and you may even enjoy romance more often and more fully.11.More money: You can sell some of your clutter to those who can make good use of it. And you won’t have to buy duplicates of things you know you own but just can’t find.12.Improved health: By removing the source of dust/dust mites, etc. you eliminate allergy triggers. By removing a major source of stress, you also