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A board above the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange shows the record closing number for the Standard & Poor's 500 stock index, Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013. The Dow Jones industrial index fell two points to close at 15,371, held back by declines in IBM, Goldman Sachs and UnitedHealth, which issued results that disappointed investors. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)


All Memberships Come With A Copy Of Our In-House Stock Market Training Videos:

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$47.00 Today & $47.00 Each Additional Month
(Limited Time Offer)

FROM THE DESK OF: William Bell
LOCATION: Emerald Isle, NC

I know your time is valuable, so lets’ get straight to the point. I’m William E.S. Bell, &

I’m the founder of the Awesome Penny Stocks newsletter Golden Penny Stock Millionaires.

I’m Changing The Stock Market…

At The Very Least, How Business Is Done In The OTC Markets.


This is not your normal penny stock newsletter site. If you’re looking for

* Trading Robots
* Corny Stock Pumpers
* Paid Promoters/Pump & Dump Schemes

Promising that you’ll be a millionaire overnight; then you’ll want to move on…


This trading newsletter is created to be very different, & very powerful when it comes to high accuracy hot stock picks.




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New & Seasoned Investors Listen Up…

For relentless hours I’ve researched penny stocks in a effort to make money, & avoid the SCAMS that are on the internet.

I’ve lost over $10,000 of my own money in my personal trading account. I’ve traded worthless paid promotions, penny stock pump & dumps, & systems recommendations that just didn’t work.

(painful I know)

Here’s The Deal:

I‘ve been fascinated with the stock market ever since I was a kid…

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$47.00 Today & $47.00 Each Additional Month
(Limited Time Offer)

Most everyone knows that trading stocks is one of the many financial instruments that make people Super Rich.

But most everyone knows that penny stocks have the ability to do it faster.

That’s largely due to the fact that penny stocks have the ability to excel in excess of 500% in a matter of days to weeks.

Penny Stock Dilution Is The #1 Killer To Penny Stocks Potential Bull Runs. We Spot Dilution Before It Slaughters Our Profits At GPSM!



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I wanted to win at trading just as bad as I hope you do. I wanted to have my wallet stuffed fat with Benjamin’s just as like I hope you do & let’s be real… That’s why we trade stocks…to make money!

But, 10 years has taught me a lot about success, & failure. One thing is that you can never win if you QUIT; & you can never let WINNING, &MAKING ABSURD AMOUNTS OF MONEY put you in a position of comfort.

For this reason, successful, Wall Street Traders are called Wolves… Because if you feed the wolf today, tomorrow he’s ready & wanting to devour more prey.

He’s never full, he’s never satisfied, he always wants more money.

When you become comfortable, you lose your winning edge.

One Of The Biggest Problems In Penny Stocks

Paid Promoters, Pump & Dumps &, Amateur Penny Stock Newsletter are there. They hurt the credibility of this industry business. They light up the net with VERY NICE, but fake, honey dipped, business like web pages.

They say … they have the next big penny stock IPO that’s suppose to change the way the world does business, ends the dependency on fossil fuels, or brings a end to global separations of wealth.



Now, you’re stuck holding bags.

I’ve been burnt to the tune of thousands of dollars of my own personal money on
their bad stock picks trying to get an edge in my trading over the years.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some good newsletters out there; but, how do you know the good from the bad?

How do you filter through all the noise with out losing your shirt & taking a haircut?”

Just ask our subscribers…








Well fortunately…  I lost a lot of money and I learned a long time ago what not to do.

Those losses developed winning strategies. Typically It’s Hard To Over Come Such A Bad Start

Add the intelligent intentional design of a proven formula for financial instruments & BAM! Golden Penny Stock Millionaires trades are very Successful.

We were able to configure a smooth & calculated formula to finding break out penny stocks time & time again.
We made a whole lot of money doing so in the Markets…Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 10.50.22 PM

Does This System Really Work?

My Live Trading Account Below:


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gold (2)


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The Process Was Hard To Figure Out, Yet It’s Super Easy For You To Trade Our Stock Picks.

We have decided to give back to the industry that’s made us Super Successful Wealthy Traders.

Further developments of The Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Newsletter has evolved.

When you join our newsletter, your success as a OTC Trader has no limits. You can become a successful trader by following our newsletter stock pick recommendations.

And you can do this all without killing your trading account like we experienced many years ago. (If you’re a new trader there is a learning curb)







The key to winning with the trade is knowing when to ______ & take profits & ______.

Penny Stock Dominate In Today’s Trading Due To The Fact That Many People Lost Their 401Ks & Blew Out Their Trading Account Because With The Lost Decade.

Hot Penny Stocks However Are Still Pushing Out 50%, 150% Gains. You Can Triple Your Investments. (Risk Is Involved)


Many hedge fund managers, full service brokers, & prudent traders are hedging against the ripping market, & inflation by strategy with penny stocks in their portfolio.

Ascending & Descending Triangles, Candle Sticks, Trading the RSI … Essentially charting & fundamental analysis can be balanced against each other to determine what the stock price is going to do… Figuratively.

3 Things We Incorporate In Our System That Works Powerfully & Like No Other…


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Understanding the relationships between charts past patterns, & predicating future price movement takes timing, & skill. But don’t worry it’s what we do.

The Dow Jones Stock Index was developed by Charles Dow, & Edward Jones when they took note that stocks behave in a patterns at certain times.

Price can be predicted & charted. Cycles repeat themselves. A simple example is… Accumulation, Mark Up, Distribution, Mark Down




“The Great Penny Stock Problem”

Losing about $10,000 slowly in following the picks of paid promoters & failed systems was probably the most painful thing that I’ve experienced as a trader.

When you lose… it does something to you as a man (or woman) But I overcame my losses because I knew that 100′s of Millions of dollars were being made on Wall Street yearly.

Some of you guys reading this may have been taken in the past; you may even be thinking that

* GPSM May Be A Scam
* It Won’t Work
* You’re Going To Get Toasted 

Well let me say we were in the same boat. GPSM was developed because of all the losses, and fraud I accrued that was on the Intra Web…

GPSM was developed to make life easier for those who make a commitment to make money… no matter what. They’re going to be the daring traders that command wealth on the Internet.

I overcame only because I didn’t quit. That’s how Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, & Colonel Sanders did it, and after great losses. These men are far greater then myself.

Hero’s are always born during times of adversity.

Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Produce Investment Grade Penny Stocks That Our Members Profit By…

What you’re getting is the treasure map to the OTC Market Hottest Penny Stocks Picks.

Relative Volatility is the reason penny stocks have the ability to earn 50%, 100% even 300% returns on your money.

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You can lose money… Never trade with money that you can’t afford to lose. As stated by:

” The Efficient Market Hypothesis.”


Micro caps Mock Bear Markets, Recessions, & Depressions

You Know Wall street Brokers & Active Money Managers Use Your Relative Lack Of
Investment Knowledge To Their Benefit, Not Yours…

The Financial Press Uses Your Fear During Falling Markets, & Your Confidence During
Rising Markets To Its Benefit, Not Yours…

More Over Ratings Agency & Our Once Trusted Government Regulators Are Putting Their
Own Interest First, Not Yours.

Daniel Goldie & Gordon Murray

As a Golden Penny Stock Millionaires member you’re going to get “Sell Rec Positions”.

Just that knowledge alone is worth more.


Because the “Sell Rec Position” is the point that your Initial Investment is protected
from massive losses.

As noted by legendary floor trader William Greenspan… “You can make a ton of money trading losing 50% of your trades. If you know how to manage your losses correctly.”


This is not a stop loss point… They can be seen by Market Makers, as a member you get…

* The Recommend Entry Point
* The Projected Exit Point
* Recent News
* Charts
* Email Support
* Our Picks At 7:30 AM EST
* Our Stock Picks By Email
* No Bull

TCEL Made 350% Gains For Our Members – Verified Trade:

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Our Members Are Market Confident When Placing
Their Trades With Our Newsletter Stock Recommendations.

Not Only That, They Know That They Will Have A 2:1 Win Loss Ratio. Each Week… Our Members Expect & Receive Penny Stocks That Are Changing Bank Accounts!

That means that when you become a member you have the confidence you need to place your trades in the OTC Market.

You also have the highest probability of making a lot of money as a GPSM Paid Subscriber. The value for these 2 things alone far exceeds price that we charge.






The cost of this Powerful & Most Effective OTC Newsletter is going to be 47.00 per month.

As soon as you place your order, you’ll be taken to a secret page where you’ll have access to all 4 of “The Refining To Pure Gold Video Training Series.”


$47.00 Today & $47.00 Each Additional Month
(Limited Time Offer)

You’ll begin receiving your stock picks in your email box in the mornings at 7:30AM

Place Your Order Above & Have Complete Access To Our Videos & New Stock Picks Are Issued At 7:30 AM EST

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I got toasted with some of the garbage being sold out there on the internet.

Most of it’s pure crap.

This is different. This is real. It’s so real it’s scary.

Time Is Ticking Though… 


$47.00 Today & $47.00 Each Additional Month
(Limited Time Offer)

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