Get Rid Of Your Anger Today With Finally Anger Free

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You feel anger building inside of you.
You are going to explode at any minute.
This isn’t the first time.

Your physical health is deteriorating.
Your emotional health is suffering.
Your relationships are broken.
Your work is in the pits.
You feel isolated because no one understands.

You’re one of those silent types, happy on the outside, but on “the edge” on the inside; ready to lash out verbally and physically. It’s not a pretty sight and after it’s over, you feel ashamed.

But you don’t know what to do.

Anger may be normal to you. You may have grown up in a house with yelling, loud voices and abuse. You think that when two people disagree, it’s okay to hit the other person. You now realize this isn’t the way other people live. Other people won’t put up with your violence. They want you out of their lives.

You realize you need to change.

Signs anger has built up inside you:
• Sudden angry outbursts
• You will not compromise – ever
• If someone has a different view, you take it as a personal attack
• The only emotion you express is anger and nothing else
• Frequent arguments and fights
• Verbal abuse of others or of yourself
• Physical abuse of others or of yourself
• Cutting
• Bullying
• Screaming
• Road rage
• Over-the-top outbursts for little things
• Yelling at people who didn’t do anything
• Hitting anyone – person or animal – or hitting anything – in anger
• Being in a constant state of anger

Anger management classes didn’t work. The anger is still there. You don’t want to keep the anger; you are ready to get rid of it. Permanently. Today.

Change IS possible.

Change CAN happen quickly with Finally Anger Free. No weeks of classes. No hours of lectures. In just minutes, your anger can begin to melt away.

Finally Anger Free teaches an innovative technique first developed in the 1990’s. You will easily learn this technique to release ALL of your anger. It can be anger decades old or it may be anger from this morning. Within minutes, Finally Anger Free will allow you to release your anger.

What is Finally Anger Free?

Finally Anger Free is an online video class which teaches you how to release your anger – safely, quickly and permanently. You just need access to high speed internet to watch the videos. Each video is less than 12 minutes long so you can make rapid progress. The video class begins with an introduction and a general release video where you will learn the basic technique. From there, you can choose other videos which will zero in on the triggers for your anger.

The videos cover anger for:
• Abuse
• Angry at the Entire World
• Betrayal
• Being Bullied
• Death
• Forced to Do Something
• Frustration with Life
• General Anger
• Guilt
• I Didn’t Get What I Want
• Moving to a New Home
• No One is Listening to Me
• Not Appreciated
• Parent Leaves
• Rejection
• Self Anger
• Self Anger: Can’t Get My Words Out
• Self Anger: Confusion – Overwhelmed
• Self Anger: Fear
• It’s Not Working – Blocks to Releasing Anger

Dr. Sturm of The Delta Institute

The host for your video class is Diana Sturm, Ph.D., Certified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner.  She has helped hundreds of people release anger in private sessions in her office.

Private sessions can be expensive.

A single private session of 60 minutes utilizing this technique will cost anywhere from $125 to $300 or more depending on where you live. Each video in Finally Anger Free is like having a separate session – but you watch it again and again in the privacy of your own home!

That’s like getting 22 private sessions with a value of $2,750 to $6,600.

And those prices don’t include the BONUSES!  Diana Sturm is passionate about helping people release their anger, so she developed this affordable online class for everyone PLUS she’s added BONUSES.

What are the BONUSES?

As an added Bonus each video has been transcribed and formatted to create your own Finally Anger Free manual. Just print out the transcripts you want and place them into a binder. You can then use your Finally Anger Free manual to release anger whenever you are away from your computer. You can use it at work, at the beach, in the mountains or in your bathtub. In addition, a handy one page chart is included which shows you all the steps needed to practice the technique on your own. This chart can also be printed out and placed in your binder.


• Transcripts for ALL 25 videos
• Formatted to fit your personal binder
• Easy to read chart detailing the technique
• All printable from your own computer

Wow! That is an amazing package! Private sessions never come with transcripts. They always want you to come back for more and more sessions so the dollars begin to add up. So how much do ALL the videos plus the BONUSES cost?

Only $29.97

This is a great value! Only $29.97 and you will have access to ALL of the above videos, plus transcripts for each video plus the handy chart to do the technique on your own. If you are truly ready to release your anger and move forward to more positive relationships in your personal life and in work, Finally Anger Free is for YOU.

This technique will change your life!

The BEST part of this is that everything is GUARANTEED. Yes, guaranteed! If you purchase Finally Anger Free, use the videos as directed and it does not work for you; you can receive 100% of your purchase price refunded within the first 60 days after your initial purchase.

100% Guaranteed

How can we offer this guarantee? Clinical studies using this technique have over an 80% success rate. That means 80% of all people using the technique have gotten rid of the specific issue they had. The anger can be released and you can start TODAY. So what are you waiting for? Try Finally Anger Free today!

Only $29.97

After purchase you will need to verify your email account. Once verified, you will receive a login and password to access the online videos. This should take less than 15 minutes. Save the login and password for unlimited access to the videos and bonuses.

Click here and go to the official website of the seller to purchase or learn more about this product!!!