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Learn How To Add Up to 1/2 to 1 Inch of Ripped & Shredded Muscle Mass
to Your Upper Arms in One Week!

Are You Sick of Being A Skinny Wuss
With Toothpick Arms?

“I’ll Show You The Exact Step by Step Hardcore Arm Training Plan To Help You Add Inches To Your Arms in Weeks…”

Are you sick of being scrawny and skinny?

Tired of your pipe cleaner arms that can’t even begin to fill out a small t-shirt?

Here’s the deal… if you’re fed up with feeling scrawny, that can end RIGHT NOW!

If you want arms that finally get you noticed, if you want more confidence, then this may be one of the most important letters you ever read.

Look…I’m gonna make this short and sweet, ok?

If you ARE ready to stare in eye-popping amazement as your arms get larger and more muscular with each morning bathroom flexing routine, then get ready for the most effective arm training workouts of your life!

“I Hated Being Thin Yet I Couldn’t Build Muscular Arms No Matter What I Tried!”

You see, I was just like you. I went through high school with 12 inch arms. Yeah, you heard me right, 12 inch arms! That doesn’t get you noticed by a lot of girls, let me tell you.

Even after years of lifting weights, I was lucky to get them over 14 inches. I KNEW something had to change. And I knew I could get bigger arms if I could just figure out what the heck to do.

I wanted desperately to gain weight and sport a pair of muscular arms girls would notice.

Bottom line, my genetics suck when it comes to adding muscle. And I absolutely hated it. People think being overweight sucks.

Well, let me tell you, being extremely skinny in high school or college is no picnic either. I desperately wanted to gain muscle mass so the guys would leave me alone and, well, so the girls wouldn’t!

I hated looking at myself in the mirror. I took to wearing baggy clothes to hide my skinny physique. I was completely embarrassed about my body.

As for my arms? Well, they say your wrist size is a good indicator as to how big your upper arms can be. My wrists measure 6 and ½ inches.

Oh yeah and 7 inch wrists are considered SMALL! Good muscle building genetics are not something I’m blessed with.

I learned a lot about what NOT to do.

And I finally figured out what to do to get my arms to grow!

I will show you exactly how to increase the size of your arms.

Not maybe how you can increase your arm size or possibly how you can increase your arm size…but exactly!

Have you been taking all the newest steroid-like supplements?

Have you been slaving away for hours in the gym? – without getting the results you want and expected?

If this sounds like you – stop! What you are doing is not necessary! But you can make the progress you want.

For starters, don’t follow the ridiculous training routines in the muscle mags. They are for juiced up bodybuilders with awesome genetics and have nothing to do with guys that have trouble putting on muscle.

Get The Bulging Biceps and Awesome Triceps
You Want As Fast As Possible!

Stop wasting your time with useless exercises and crazy routines that leave you with nothing but an over trained body and arms the same size as when you started… if you’re lucky!

If you’ve struggled to add any muscle size to your arms, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish in a short time when you start using the correct exercises and the correct training routines.

You’ll practically be able to SEE the muscle growth!

12 Inch Arms at 141 Pounds VS 15 1/4 Inch Arms at 185 Pounds

FINALLY! 17 Inch Arms at 207 Pounds

The pics were taken at home with just a regular camera, no special lighting and no tan or posing oil.

This is the killer step-by-step advanced arm training system for people who have tried everything else and still can’t get their stubborn arms to grow!

As you know, when you’ve got muscle, you…


  • feel better
  • have more stamina
  • can eat more without gaining weight
  • look and feel HEALTHY and VIBRANT…AND


…instead of looking like a refugee from some poverty-stricken country…

Plus, your confidence level SKYROCKETS!

And yeah, then there’s that girl thing, too. They love hanging on a sexy, muscular arm.

So HOW do you get those ripped, muscular arms others envy?

For some people, it seems just about impossible. You follow everything the fitness magazines tell you, take all the supplements, and look the same as when you started.

But now you can almost instantly add inches of rock-hard muscle to your frame

….even if you’re not genetically gifted…

…and even if you’ve tried everything else and failed.

And you can do it without dangerous steroids…

…which means your body is getting muscular the NATURAL way.

And you can do it without expensive supplements…

…which means you still have money in your pocket to spend on all those women who are suddenly giving you attention.

And you can do it without long hours at the gym.

You work out LESS and achieve MORE, meaning you can live your life as you choose, instead of living at the gym.

Which of these problems sound like you?


  • Are you frustrated and depressed because you just can’t put on any muscle?
  • Do you want the muscular arms jutting out of your t-shirt that attract the opposite sex but you just can’t seem to get them?
  • Do you want to feel good about your body and yourself?
  • Do you want to quickly add inches to your arms?


Of course, I know it sounds too easy and unbelievable.

I know you’re probably still skeptical. Most likely, you’re thinking “this is too good to be true”, or “what makes this different from all the other programs that didn’t work?”

I don’t blame you. There are a lot of scams in the fitness industry.

But think about this – If you keep doing the same things over and over again, you’ll only succeed in getting the same result!

If you aren’t seeing the arm growth you want…


If you’re a “skinny guy”, I guarantee you’re training completely WRONG when it comes “arm day”!

But that’s okay…you’re about to discover the step-by-step strategies for turning your “pipe cleaners” into hanging slabs of beef!

Inside this exclusive arm training special report:



  • Begin seeing results in DAYS not YEARS when you learn how to get more muscle fiber stimulation without more work!


  • Produce eye-popping pumps that actually increase the size of your arms permanently!


  • Why barbell curls SUCK for bulging biceps… and what exercises really produce serious guns!


  • A 3 minute arm training routine done three times per week that will add up to an inch of muscle to your arms in ONE WEEK!


  • Why the number of reps you are doing is stopping your muscle growing potential DEAD IN ITS TRACKS… and how to fix it instantly so your arms start growing again!


  • 3 arm training mistakes almost EVERYONE makes and how you can turn them to your advantage for explosive muscle growth!


  • What training intensity really is and how to use it the RIGHT WAY… if you don’t, your arms will NEVER grow!


  • The importance of muscular contractions in your workout and how to make sure yours are high quality muscle mass accelerators!


  • The truth about training hard or training long and how it can help or hurt your arm growth.


  • 4 things you MUST do in order to keep making progressor never build muscle again!


  • Revealed: A popular bicep blaster that is one of the WORST bicep exercises you can do.


  • Learn why time under tension is CRUCIAL to your arm growth and how to use it the right way to turbo charge your muscle building powers.


  • Understand the 4 muscle building principles that NEVER CHANGE and how to make sure you don’t violate any of them and bring your muscle growth to a halt, causing you to look more like Screech than Arnold.


  • 8 genetic keys to muscle growth and how to blast past your “genetic” limitations, and experience mind blowing muscle mass increases you never thought possible!


  • Discover the secret muscle building formula I*V*F*PO*SAID*IN = Explosive Muscle Growth!


  • The higher the ________ and the greater the _______, the less ______ and _______ that the body will be able to tolerate, stopping your muscle growth COLD.


  • If you train with __________ to stimulate muscle growth, you have to allow your body __________ before that growth can take place. You’ll learn how inside!


  • The three phases of ________ your body MUST go through if you want to build muscle. Miss just one of these phases and you’re arms will never grow again!


  • Understand the 6 to 1 ratio and how to use it to make sure you keep adding muscle as you become move advanced.


  • In order to force your body into muscle building mode you need to __________.


  • Learn one of the best muscular overload techniques you can use to skyrocket your arm growth.


So are you ready to stop staring into the mirror, flexing what little arm muscle you have, just hoping for some miracle that will instantly add some real beef to your arms?

Are you ready to hit the gym on “arm day” with so much motivation, the other gym members will swear a FREAKING oath that you’re on some designer speed?

Are you ready to say the hell with “no-grow” days and start building a pair of muscular arms that will stop traffic and turn some heads?

Then here’s what I need you to do right now…

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Think about it.. how much money have you spent on various ‘miracle’ supplements in the last month?

How much hard work have you put into various training programs from the fitness magazines?

Don’t you think you deserve to FINALLY add some real muscle to your upper arms?

And just to completely erase any doubts you may have and show how confident I am that this complete arm-blasting package is EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for, I’m going to give you a Can’t-Miss Guarantee:

There Is NO WAY To Lose With
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Put these advanced arm training secrets to work for you during the next two months. If you fail to increase the size of your arms, just ask for a refund any time in the next 8 weeks and I’ll return to you every single cent that you paid.

Yes…I’m that sure that you’re about to unleash a brutal muscle building attack on your arms!

No Questions Asked!

But I’m going to make this offer an absolute “no brainer” for you…because I’m also going to throw in…

7 Special Bonuses for you

As soon as you complete your order
for Advanced Arm Training you’ll also receive:

Mass Building Nutrition Secrets:

Learn EXACTLY what you need to eat and when you need to eat it to put your muscle growth into hyperdrive!

Tree Trunk Thighs:

Want a massive chest? Huge Back? Ripped, muscular arms? Then you need tree trunk thighs! Here’s how to get ‘em FAST!

If you WANT big arms, you NEED thick, powerful legs! This routine will give them to you.

Accelerated Muscle Building Special Report:

How I Built 34 Pounds of Muscle and Completely Transformed My Body!

My complete muscle building training routine that FINALLY took me from skinny wimp to muscular athlete!

2-Inches In 30-Days: The No-Nonsense Workout To Massive Arms by Vince Delmonte
(Retail Value – $47)

2 Inches in 30 Days: The No-Nonsense Workout to Massive ArmsVince is the author of the best selling “No Nonense Muscle Building” and I was able to get Vince to throw in this killer arm building special report as a bonus.

Are you tired of busting your butt in the gym and yours arms still don’t look like you even lift? No matter how scrawny your arms are, no matter what plateau you’re experiencing, this long-anticipated arm workout reveals my never before seen workout routine to getting big guns.

I won’t guarantee 24-inch pythons but by adding this 20-minute workout only 2 times a week you will get your pipes bursting out of your t-shirts before you know it.  Personally I don’t think HUGE, HUGE arms are appealing but there is nothing as intimidating as thick, dense and defined arms… get ready to finally trigger never-before-seen growth in your arms.

Advanced Mass Building MP3:

I had the opportuinity to get Mass Building Expert Jeff Anderson on the phone and grill him on his Top 5 Mass Building Secrets!

If you’ve been having trouble adding muscle mass, you definitely want to listen to this audio!

Turbulence Training for Meatheads: Gain Muscle Fast by Craig Ballantyne

turbulence training for meatheads

Craig is the author of the best selling “Turbulence Training” and I was able to get him to throw in this killer muscle building program from his paid membership site as a bonus.

This is a great program to jump in after Advanced Arm Training and continue to take your mass building efforts to another level.If you’re tired of spending hours in the gym every day without making any progress, you’ll love this program. Craig reveals some of his top kick-ass muscle building techniques and exercises for explosive muscle growth.

Muscle Building Smackdown MP3:

This killer Muscle Building Smackdown! MP3 Audio is 1 hour and 26 minutes of awesome muscle building secrets from 4 top muscle experts!

Includes serious undergroung mass building secrets from:

So let’s see now…by my calculations, that’s…

The Mother Of All Muscle Building
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You have nothing to lose and a successful, prestige and self esteem building – leaner, bigger, stronger and sexier body to gain!

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