I remember the first funeral that I had to perform.  I had absolutely no clue what I was doing!  How do you comfort someone that is hurting so much?  How to you point the family and friends to Christ while staying sensitive to their trauma?  How do you offer hope?


I Was in Over My Head!


I called my dad and explained my situation to him.  He has been a pastor for close to thirty years and he always been excellent at comforting those that have experienced loss.  He sent me a few different funeral outlines that he created and would regularly reference when he was called to perform a funeral.  When I saw the notes I was amazed!


I Realized That Anyone Could Use These Notes!


As I read through the notes I realized that the content was really good…but it was scattered all over the place.  Using bits and pieces from his notes I was able to compile a set of notes that I could use for the upcoming funeral that I was to perform.

Once the funeral was over several people came up to me telling me that they felt so much comfort and hope after hearing me speak.  Others came to me saying that they had made a commitment to Christ.  I felt that Isaiah 55:11 was true when it says that God’s Word does not return void but it accomplishes what God desires…because I certainly could NOT take credit for that success.

As I performed many more funerals over the coming months and years I continued to tweak and refine the notes.  I realized that each funeral would need to be tailored slightly for that individual, so I created a way to make that possible with just a little bit of effort.  Through God’s help these services were providing hope and comfort for those that were mourning.


A Funeral Director Told Me It Was The Best Funeral He Had Been To!


A few years later a pastor that I knew found himself the same situation that I had been in.  He was getting ready to do a funeral and felt unprepared.  He was asking me for advice on how to connect with the family and offer hope to the hurting.  I told him about how I had compiled a set of outlines that allowed me to perform a funeral at the drop of a hat.

He asked me if he could have a copy of the notes.  Honestly, I was a little hesitant.  It wasn’t because I didn’t want to help him, but I wasn’t sure how well they would work for someone else.  I didn’t want to give him a false hope of success.  After pondering it I decided to let him use my notes.

I happened to be at the funeral that he spoke at and I was amazed at how well he did!


The People Had Genuine Hope and Comfort.


After the service was over He told me that many people were touched by the service, and he thanked me for the help.  I honestly felt like I hadn’t done all that much!

I still wasn’t sure if this set of notes could help all ministers, but I decided to make it available to a few pastors for their review.  They all gave me good feedback on it and I was able to tweak it even further to make it better.

Here’s the thing though…these notes are NOT for someone that is simply looking for a prewritten sermon that they can read aloud.

This is a Set of Outlines!

This is a buiding block for you to create a funeral that reflects YOUR teaching style and ability.  These notes will help you perform funerals that point people towards a closer relationship with Christ and offer hope to the grieving.  You will need some basic public speaking skills…however, you don’t need to be a master…I am far from it!  You simply need to be able to connect one thought with the next in a logical manner.


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