Free Advertising Academy

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ATTENTION: This is not a get-rich program. This is a training center for serious marketers who want to learn our top advertising strategies. The training is delivered to you every month to your email inbox by veteran marketer, Jeff Gardner. YES! You can use my marketing strategies to advertise YOUR product at DEEP DISCOUNTS even AT NO COST to YOU! The training costs $27 per month for 12 months. After that, pay nothing.


Make More Sales…
And Grab More Customers – Using My Confidential & 100% ‘Proven-To-Work’
Free Advertising Methods!

“I’ll Even Give You a “Fast-Start Plan” Today That You Can Use To Get Valuable Free Advertising In The NEXT 30 Minutes!”

From: Jeff Gardner

Free Advertising Expert, Author, & Speaker


Dear Friend,


Over the last 22+ years, I’ve generated alot in sales… and built a huge customer list… using very powerful, but very easy-to-understand “Free Advertising” Methods.


If you want to know how to instantly increase your sales… and grow a bigger customer list – without spending another dime on marketing or advertising, then you’ll want to read every word of this letter. Remember, these are strategies that anyone can use in their own business. This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a training program where you can the learn the top marketing strategies and immediately put them in your business.


Let Me Explain:


You already know that the key to finding customers… making sales… building a customer list… and ultimately, growing your business – is Advertising & Marketing.


There’s a famous quote that says…


 “Without advertising, something terrible happens. Nothing.”


To survive and thrive in any business… small or large… you’ve absolutely got to advertise.


Without advertising, “Nothing” happens.


But there are tons of PROBLEMS with normal, run-of-the-mill paid advertising:

Let’s be honest:


You can’t run a real business without paying for advertising.


Pay-per-click ads. Magazine ads. Direct mail. Radio & TV commercials. Banner ads. CPA and CPM. Co-Registration. Inserts. Yellow Pages Ads.


It ALL costs money.

And, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can lose a lot of money very

quickly. I’ve heard too many horror stories of people who have invested

$5,000 to $10,000 advertising their product or website… that brought back

only $50 to $100 in sales and very little traffic.


Even advertising pro’s end up wasting money testing and re-testing new

products, offers, and websites – trying to figure out what works and what

doesn’t. I guarantee the biggest name marketers you know still end up

wasting a portion of their ad budgets on advertising that simply doesn’t work.

If this is confusing… frustrating… or worrisome to you, you’re going to love what I’m about to share with you:


You Can Get a Lifetime of Advertising -Absolutely FREE!


There is a virtually unlimited amount of free and low-cost advertising that you can get…

through magazines, direct mail, pay-per-click ads, banners, search engines, and even TV

and radio… that you’re missing out on, because you don’t know HOW to get it.


But you’re not alone.


98% of people simply do NOT know how to get their fair share of the “Free Advertising” that’s available every month.


In fact, most people don’t even know that “free advertising” is available.


What is Free Advertising?


“Free Advertising” is basically marketing that costs you nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.


It’s F-R-E-E.


It’s advertising that appears in magazines, search engines, pay-per-click ads, TV, radio, and even in direct mail… but you pay absolutely nothing.


I’ve been very fortunate to be one of the few people to discover “free advertising” – and

I’ve used it to generate new business and customers for my company, every month, for the last 20 years.


My name is Jeff Gardner and I’m a marketing experts, author, and speaker who teaches others how to find and get free advertising.


You see, when I started my business over 22 years ago, I had a “wimpy” advertising budget. Only $300. And that disappeared fast.


I had to quickly scramble to figure out how to market – with NO MONEY.


I read every marketing book, course, and system I could get my hands on, looking for “no-cost marketing” ideas. I interviewed experienced marketers who’d been in the business for decades. And I created a special file of every “free advertising” trick, technique, strategy, and secret I could find.


Long story short, I found a handful of amazingly simple,
yet powerful methods to get thousands of dollars worth

of advertising – at absolutely no cost.


I can truly say that the “free advertising” methods I discovered saved my small start-up

company many years ago. Those no-cost marketing strategies have built my company into the corporation it is today.


Since then, I’ve helped many, many business owners solve their business and marketing problems – through “Free Advertising”:

You can grow bit fast, without a big ad budget or risking your start-up capital testing pay-per-click, direct mail, magazine, or any other type of marketing.Free advertising is the solution.


If you are in desperate need of help, but can’t afford the advertising necessary to get things rolling againl… Free advertising is the solution.


If you simply don’t know where to start… Free advertising is the solution.


Want to MAXIMIZE YOUR SALES and instantly increase your customer list – without spending a dime? Free advertising is the solution.


Do you need to grow your prospect and client list fast… online or off? The fastest, easier, and cheapest way is through no-cost marketing.
Free advertising is the solution.


Get published in magazines, be interviewed on TV and radio, and get featured in books! Yes, you can become a “guru”. Free advertising is the solution.

In fact, here’s why I think “Free Advertising” is important to add to any business, no matter what stage it’s at…


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The Top 5 Reasons Why Every Business

Should Be Using ‘FREE Advertising’!

  1. Increase Traffic, Sales, and Your Customer Mailing List – FREE.
    The biggest benefit of “Free Advertising” is that it’s free. There’s no cost to you. No check to write. No financial investment whatsoever. Because of this, you can use these “free advertising” strategies as often as you want. In fact, the more often you use them, the more powerful they become. If you’re on a limited budget, you’ll definitely want to add these “free advertising” techniques into your marketing. Even if you can afford to spend money on advertising, these “free advertising” methods can increase your website traffic… sales… and customer mailing list – without adding any additional costs to your bottom line. The advertising cost you no money but my training will cost you $27 per month. You get a new action packed course every month for the next 12 months!

 It’s like doubling your advertising… without spending a penny more.

  1. Free Advertising Can Make You an “Instant Celebrity”.
    Imagine becoming a celebrity in your market… a “household name”… in 30 to 60 days or less? It’s entirely possible – using these free advertising techniques. You, your story, and your product can be featured in magazines, newsletters, newspapers, TV, radio, and online thru websites, blogs, and ezine – making you a virtual “Superstar” in your market. If you’re looking for a way to make your name known in your market, the answer is through “free advertising”, not paid.

By the way, people WANT to do business with the celebrities in their market. Even if you don’t want “fame”, this “instant celebrity” translates quickly into more sales.

  1. Free Advertising Builds Trust and Gives You Instant Credibility.
    The main reason that people don’t buy is that they don’t know who they can trust. Building credibility and trust with your customers is key to converting more sales. With my “Free Advertising” strategies, you’ll instantly create a strong bond of trust with your customers, while they remain skeptical of your competition.

If you’re looking for a way to separate yourself from your competitors – and create a fast, strong relationship with your market, the key way to do it is through “Free Advertising”.

  1. Free Advertising Can Help You Reach More People.
    One of the most exciting reasons why you’ll want to add “Free Advertising” to your marketing is the fact that it can put your name, story, or product in front of your targeted customers, for no money. With paid advertising, you pay for the number of people who will ultimately see your ad. The more people you want to reach, the more money you pay. But with my “Free Advertising” strategies, you honestly have the potential to reach your people – with no advertising costs.
  1. Plus, Some Free Advertising Never Expires!
    There are also no-cost marketing methods that can work for you, automatically, for many years. In fact, some of these “Free Advertising” methods can run on auto-pilot, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week… even while you’re out goofing off. Simply put them into action one time – and you can see the benefits for weeks, months, even years. While others are forced to pay, again and again, to run their paid ads, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of long-term free advertising that never expires!

Click Here to Join the Academy for $27


Now, I have shared these methods with others over the last 20 years.


I’ve taught my “Free Advertising” strategies at live marketing conferences and workshops.


I’ve contributed chapters on no-cost marketing to books and courses. And I even published my own “Free Advertising Riches” course a few years ago – and sold a few hundred thousand dollars worth.


In fact, here are just a few testimonials and “Success Stories” from people I’ve taught my methods to.


Success Stories


3 Months of Advertising with NO AD COSTS…

“I used only 2 strategies and it will bring in over CENSORED in the next 3 months with no advertising costs. INCREDIBLE.”

- Joe Stronsick

Arcadia, CA


$3,650 Magazine Ad – FREE!
“You said it would work and it did. If you get this publication, take a look. I’ve got about 2/3 of a page – Absolutely FREE! Many advertisers pay good money for an ad that size in this publication ($3,650). As always, you’ve helped me greatly. You’ve convinced me to try this and it worked.”

- David Cotriss

San Jose, CA

The Results are Impressive!
“Congratulations on producing such an excellent program. So many times when purchasing other programs, vital parts and methods are omitted. But you, Mr. Gardner, are true to your word and give detailed step-by-step instructions exactly how to get free advertising. I have tried three of your techniques so far and the results are impressive. DOLLAR AMOUNTS CENSORED! I look forward with great anticipation for your next exciting and informative program.”

- Ray Calladine

Huntingdon Valley, PA

An Eye-Opener!

“…I used to think of press releases as the only way to get free advertising. This program was an eye-opener for me. It is a great tool-kit which opens up many doors to free advertising.”

- Sadan Gurgenci

Raleigh, NC

Drive Your Competition Nuts!

“There’s no greater satisfaction than knowing you’re using ‘free advertising’ than your competitors make with PAID ads, on the very same page, in the very same publication! If you’re still paying for all your ads, you’re missing the boat. Get in on free advertising – It’ll drive your competition nuts!”

- Lou Renna Renna

Group Resources

As you can tell from the feedback, my free advertising strategies really work!


And I honestly believe that if you’re NOT using my no-cost marketing techniques… you’re

losing money, sales, and customers that you could be picking up – absolutely free.


So, to help you get started using my proven methods, I’ve put together a training program that will help you start putting my “Free Advertising” strategies into action immediately – and build them into your marketing over the next 12 months!


Introducing “Free Advertising Academy™”:

A 12-Month Training Program for Getting

More Traffic, Sales, & Customers –

With 100% FREE Advertising!



I created the “Free Advertising Academy” to show you, step-by-step, how to start marketing your products, services, or offers – at absolutely no cost.


Every month, for 12 full months, you’ll get another “Free Advertising Action Plan”

with a NEW no-cost marketing method.  As a member of the “Free Advertising

Academy”, you’ll get a monthly email with a link to a secret site – where you can download that month’s current “Action Plan”.


Each “Free Advertising Action Plan” completely explains that month’s no-cost marketing

strategy… as well as gives you a quick assignment to complete, so you’ll immediately be able to put this strategy into action.


Over the next 12 months, I’ll cover everything you need to know to get all of the free advertising your business can handle, including…


This is NOT another ebook that’ll sit unused on your hard drive. It’s also NOT a huge

course that’ll just sit on your shelf gathering dust.


I’ve broken my Free Advertising methods into 12 monthly “bite-sized” Action Plans… so you’ll have time to put each month’s strategy into action. You’ll get 30 full days to put each new no-cost marketing method into action for your products, before the next one arrives.


By doing it this way, you’ll finally get what you really want: BIG RESULTS!


Then, after 12 months, you’ll have an entire “Free Advertising” system in place, growing

your traffic… building your customer list… and making you more sales.


Use Your FIRSTFREE Advertising”

Action Plan In The Next 5 Minutes!


To get you started immediately, so you’ll understand how fast and simple it is to get real

“free advertising”, I’ve created a “Fast-Start” Action Plan that you’ll get immediately after joining the “Free Advertising Academy”.


This “Beginner’s Guide” really gives you some super-easy and incredibly fast things you can do to start to see positive results – without spending a single cent on more ads.


In fact, when you join my “Free Advertising Academy” today and download this special “Fast-Start” Action Plan immediately, you’ll instantly discover…

And more. Lots more.

I’ll explain ALL of this – inside the “Fast-Start” Action Plan you’ll get when you

join the “Free Advertising Academy” today.


Then, each month thereafter, simply use my newest “Free Advertising Action Plan” in your own business, and you’ll start to see massive results…

 Increase traffic to your site instantly…

  Build a growing customer list faster and easier…

  Increase sales of your products and services…

  Results will vary..

  Build credibility in your marketplace…

  Become a celebrity in your market…

  Get featured in magazines, books, and on TV and radio

  Become a magnet for even more opportunities…

You can get all of this, just by using the “Free Advertising” methods that I’m offering

you right now.


Of course, as you imagine, any information that can make do all of this… without any

additional advertising or marketing costs… is incredibly valuable.


And some have suggested that I box up my knowledge and experience and pay

what “everyone else is charging”.


$1,000’s or even tens of thousands of dollars.


Well, I’ll tell you what I told them…


Forget What Everyone Else is Charging!

You WILL NOT Have to Pay $1,000’s to

Join The “FREE Advertising Academy”!


I don’t know if you’ve seen what other marketers are charging for their training programs,

but the price seems to be creeping higher and higher.


It started out with $49 ebooks… turned into $997 courses… and today I’m seeing more and more training programs costing $1,997 or more.


In fact, one program that just launched costs $997 a month – and you’re obligated to be in for a FULL 12 Months! That’s $11,964 a year! (OUCH!)

Listen, I know what it’s like to get excited about a new marketing system,

only to see that it’s so expensive that you just can’t afford it. Or worse, you

buy on their “payment plan”… and only end up with more credit card debt,

not the income or results that were promised.


I know what it’s like to try to start and build a business with virtually no

money. Heck, that’s why I was forced to find these free advertising strategies in the first place. I didn’t have any money to advertise, so it was either find a way to advertise with no money – or give up.

So if you don’t have $1,000’s of dollars to pay for the “next big thing”, I certainly

understand. And that’s why I decided to make membership into my “Free Advertising

Academy” absolutely affordable for ANYONE who wants to join.


The price for your membership into the “Free Advertising Academy” is only $27 a

month. That’s less than $1 a day for a year’s worth of training.


The training takes place over the next 12 months, but you can cancel at anytime, via email. No hassles, no headaches, no questions asked. You must see the results you want – or you don’t pay a single dime.


Click Here to Join the Academy for $27


At only $27 a month, everyone who wants in can afford to get in. Plus, since I’m teaching people how to increase traffic, build mailing lists, make more sales (results will vary) without spending any extra money on advertising, well… you can imagine that people are excited to start my 12 month training program. So I expect we’ll sell out very soon!

But just to make sure you’re comfortable joining me today, I’m going to give you a “better-than-risk-free” guarantee…


My “Free Advertising Academy” Must Work

As Promised, Or It’s Absolutely FREE!


Here’s the deal:

Sign up for the Free Advertising Academy right now – and let me send you the FIRST TWO “Free Advertising Action” Plans for only $27 Per Month, Risk-Free. There’s NO COMMITMENT and NO CONTRACTS.  I’m going to give you a full EIGHT WEEKS to let me prove my Free Advertising methods, because they do.


If at any time during those first 8 weeks, you’re not getting real free advertising using my methods – or you’re unhappy for ANY REASON at all, simply email me or Clickbank directly – and every dime will be refunded, no questions asked. You either love it… or you get all of your money back – and you can keep the first 8 weeks of training as my gift to you for giving this a try. Yes, get TWO ACTION PLANS – FREE… Even if You Request a Refund!


That makes The “Free Advertising Academy”

How’s that for fair?


You can sample my training for 8 full weeks… with the risk squarely on my back… and if

you’re not completely convinced that it can get you all of the free advertising that you’d

ever want, you don’t pay a dime.


With absolutely no risk on your part… the incredibly low price of only $27 a month… and so much potential knowledge and free advertising to gain, we’re signing up people fast.


Join the “Free Advertising Academy” Right

Now – And Get Free Advertising Today!


Click Here to Take the Free Advertising Academy for a Risk-Free
“Test Drive” – and Start Getting Free Advertising Today!


By clicking above, you will get an action guide every month for 12 months. You pay $27 per month for 12 months. After that, you pay nothing. You can cancel at anytime, and there is a 60 day money-back guarantee. Each guide is delivered to your inbox every month. Remember, this is not a get rich program. This is a training center for serious marketers who want to learn our top advertising strategies. The training is delivered to you every month to your email inbox by veteran marketer, Jeff Gardner. YES! You can use my marketing strategies to advertise YOUR product at DEEP DISCOUNTS even AT NO COST to YOU! The training costs $27 per month for 12 months. After that, pay nothing.

Take just a moment right now to join my “Free Advertising Academy” – and you’ll instantly receive your “Fast-Start” Action Plan – which will show you how to pick up some free advertising today.


Yes, in just a few minutes, you can access your first “Free Advertising Action Plan” – and start claiming some of the thousands of dollars worth of free advertising available every month.

Imagine… in the next 12 months… you could dramatically increase your

website traffic… make many more sales… build a much larger customer

mailing list… and have a more successful business, thanks to all of the free

advertising you’re getting for your business.

But none of this will happen if you don’t take action now.


The sooner you join the Academy and start using my Free Advertising strategies, the faster you’ll get the results you want. (And, if you don’t take action, you make get locked out by people who understood the opportunity better and got in faster.)


Right now you’re missing out on a lot of free advertising that could be yours,

if you just knew where it was and how to claim it.


Stop missing out. Get all of the free advertising that you can – by joining the “Free

Advertising Academy” right now.


I’ll see you on the inside!

Best Wishes,

Jeff Gardner


Free Advertising Academy



Click Here to Take the Free Advertising Academy for a Risk-Free
“Test Drive” – and Start Getting Free Advertising Today!


P.S. I love helping people get free advertising. It’s a real kick to see people have that “Ah-Ha” experience when they finally “get” how much “Free Advertising” is available – and that it’s out there, just waiting for them to claim it.


Here are just a few more people who finally “got” it after learning my free advertising strategies:



No Hype! No Baloney!

“No hype! No baloney! That’s what I liked. Honest to goodness information that can be used by anyone really wanting to promote their product or service. Mr. Jeff Gardner explains what he did, how he organized his marketing, and then did it. Anyone can learn these techniques to bring their own business into their “niche audience”. You won’t be disappointed!”

- Dennis Naylon

Brea, CA

Help Anyone Make More Money!

“I’ve already begun putting some of these techniques to work in my own business. I can’t wait to see the results, and get even more of these advertising methods working for me! Jeff, saving money through these ‘Free Advertising’ methods is bound to help anyone build their business, if they put them to use for themselves. I’m looking forward to future expert marketing ideas you come up with. Keep me posted!”

- Darrel D. Gray

Augusta, KS

P.S. Want to know something interesting? You found this website through at least one of my “Free Advertising” strategies. You see, I’m using a lot of my free advertising methods to launch my “Free Advertising Academy” and fill up spaces. It’s costing me $0 to launch this – and it’ll fill up fast. Now, let me show you HOW I’m doing this – and how you can duplicate my success, quickly and easily, through 100% free advertising! No matter who your target market is or what you’re selling, there’s $1,000’s of dollars worth of free advertising waiting for you.

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