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Why Is Training
Like A Navy Seal

As a former SEAL Team 4 Operator, Crossfit Certified Strength Coach, Athlete, Husband, and father…my experiences as a Navy Seal carved the path for all of the happiness and success I have been lucky to have.

I trained and operated as a Navy Seal in 1984 in communications, combat strategy, and a ton of other expensive, high level education required of me and my teammates…but the most important training I ever received as a Navy Seal was that of my physical training.

It was great becoming strong, agile, un-exhaustible, and focused, but the true benefit a person like you and I can reap from Navy Seal training is of the ripple-effect Navy Seal training will have on the other aspects of your life.

Here’s what Navy Seal training will do for you:

Navy Seal training changed my life for the better and I want you to know why it is the best type of training you can, and should be, doing to elevate your life to the next level.

The ability to target a specific goal, pull the trigger, and successfully hit your goal with precision and efficiency is one of the greatest skills you can ever develop.

Imagine being able to have an idea, a multi-million dollar idea that would immediately be successful, and all you had to do was think it…would you want to have that skill?

How about that groggy feeling you get when it comes to finishing tight deadlines, arriving to a messy home after you’ve had a long day at work, and feeling like you had all of the energy inside of you sucked out by a vacuum cleaner?

Having the undying fire that continuously burns the coal in the fire inside of you is essential to enjoying life to its fullest, accomplishing your greatest goals and aspirations, being the positive role model in the lives of the people you love and cherish, and becoming the greatest version of yourself possible.

Your desire to move forward and pay it forward is what separates you from being average. Having a lack in energy is a fatal blow to any and all great aspirations. Navy Seal training will show you how to live your life without ever feeling drained or de-energized again.

An extremely unknown, and rather random, consequence Navy Seal training has on the mind is that of commanding respect from those around you towards you.

As you walk with a greater stance, a stronger posture, and a grizzled look on your face, people around you being to have a subtle understanding that you aren’t like most people.

They sense that you are determined, driven, a person who doesn’t ever settle for less. Navy Seal training doesn’t change you. It brings out the absolute best inside of you and allows others to also catch a glimmer of what they could be.

Navy Seal training will prepare you to always be ready for a challenge. You will never have to worry about not being strong enough, not being fast enough, and definitely not being conditioned enough.

Navy Seal training is designed to push your body to its absolute limits so you can achieve peak performance in all aspects of training, competition, and athleticism.

I know what your thinking, If I’m training so hard I won’t be able to keep up the pace forever since my body will be too tired to continue.

Luckily for you Navy Seal training isn’t complete without a done-for-you educational repertoire to get you optimally recovered so you can continue to build up your strength without ever worrying about frying your system.

Navy Seal training is extremely straightforward and understanding.

You won’t be jumping through hoops of fire or have to break open the bank to purchase fancy equipment. Navy Seal training only requires you to bring your game face, yourself, and your will to always push harder and further.

My son will know what its like to train and have the powerful mindset a every Navy Seal has. Whether he decides to pursue a military career or simply challenge himself through the Crossft Games and several types of mud runs and special forces challenges, his success will be due to the lessons I learned and continue to use from my Navy Seal training.

Despite the fact that your not my son doesn’t mean I’m not here to help you with your goals either.

I am a coach who wants you to absolutely crush any and all of the obstacles that stand in your way.

Growing up to be my age with so much experience in Navy Seal training, you tend to learn a thing or two.

I’ve worked day and night for months to write my son the absolute perfect Navy Seal training book he will ever find but it also came across in my mind that other people who want to strive to have the Navy Seal mindset are still looking for the answer.

Navy Seal training is extremely valuable. It isn’t for the faint of heart.

If you are dead serious about training your body and your mind like a Navy Seal, you can accomplish anything.

The thought of others not having this perfect guide bothered me for awhile. I didn’t know what approach to take with the book because I wrote it specifically for my son.

I mentioned specific memories and inside jokes me and Dane have and I didn’t feel ok about revealing those special memories with anyone outside of the family. So I wrote another book in a digital eBook format.

I couldn’t stand knowing that other people wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn about the benefits and use the skills obtained from Navy Seal training except for those of us who had the first have experience.

I came up with the idea of writing down a separate eBook specifically just about Navy Seal training so you can use the lessons I learned almost 30 years ago to accomplish any all life, mental, and physical goals you have for yourself.

I had some fun with the name and called it Freak Frogram Workouts: Extreme Navy Seal Training.

In this eBook, you are getting:

Goal Writing Secrets: Goals stem from your core values but they are oftentimes lofty and only scratch the surface to what you truly believe and want.

The 10 Action Steps To Becoming Mentally Tougher: These are the 10 things I did to prepare and survive my 2 tours of BUD/S, my life as a Seal Team 4 Operator, and my current goal of being the best strength coach I can be.

The Complete 30 Day Navy Seal Training Regiment: This done-for-you 30 day Navy Seal training program is designed specifically to make you the absolute best athlete possible. I originally created it for myself and have continued to use it to become the strongest I’ve ever been; and I’m only 50 years old.

The Recovery and Sleep Regiment: I learned these tips and tricks after my first tour of BUD/S when I was blowing through cement walls like the Incredible Hulk to accomplish my lofty goal of becoming a United States Navy Seal. I owe the success of my goal to these guidelines.

Bonus Section: A specialized section specifically geared for Special Forces, SEALFIT, and GoRuck training so you aren’t left in the dark about what equipment you should or should not buy. Trust me. Investing in the wrong ruck sack can actually determine well your training will be.

I’m here every step of the way for you. Whenever you need me, whether it be for advise, guidance, coaching, etc. I’m here to make sure you accomplish your goals to the absolute best of your ability.That is what Navy Seal training is all about.

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Now is the time. I’m here for you every step of the way.

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