Forex Trade Copier Service

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I’m Roger Elliot.

I’m a straight talking but don’t take myself too seriously sort of chap. I take the business of trading very seriously but I like to have a little fun along the way. Humour helps me maintain the discipline required to successfully trade.

I’m here to provide a service in an industry that is not only saturated but is also inundated with scam and useless products. I’ll be judged by performance. I don’t offer a useless ‘system’ and then vanish. I don’t offer a system at all! My clients subscribe, if they’re not happy they’re not going to re-subscribe and ask clickbank for a refund!

If you read on you will notice I’ve attempted to tell it as it really is in the world of forex trading. Why? Because I’m out to attract serious long term committed clients that are on the same page, not dreamers, system jumpers, the ill-informed {you won’t be if you read on} and the forum and blog huggers that are continually looking for some easy- peasy system that will work for an eternity.

I’m also not interested in ‘turnover clients’ {this is how most forex businesses profit}, I’m interested in the same client virtues I will give to you, commitment and loyalty. I will perform to the best of my ability day in day out!

If you decide to join the forex trade copier service and then decide it’s not for you all you have to do is request a refund from clickbank and they will not object, on its way back to you it will be with a thank you from me for giving it a whirl. My current retention rate as of end of September 2016 is 97%, meaning most clients enjoy our service.

I answer your questions rapidly; test my super rapid response rate, no hanging around or an automated response. You need an answer so if you haven’t received one within a couple of hours at the most, I most likely didn’t receive it in the first place……and it doesn’t count if I’m asleep lol {UK Based}.

Lastly, before I move on to the service details, regarding this site/page. I prefer to get to the point! No fancy marketing, jazzy pictures, dodgy recommendations and client testimonials. It’s just a page telling you what you need to know, what you should know and should you wish to give it a whirl, how to go about it……remembering that if you discover it is not for you, just ask Clickbank for a refund.

The great thing about trade copying is that you, the potential client, can easily monitor for months before joining. I can’t hide or adjust figures, I can’t Photoshop an MT4 statement of results and think I’m going to get away with it and I can’t fabricate anything I issue to those watching and researching the service.

Why? Because I use a third party company, a hugely respected one that replicates 10’000+ trades per week on behalf of many clients, all you have to do is ask them, it’s that simple. Here’s the link, ‘Request Authenticationask them for authentication of live trading and results, I double dare you lol!

Even if you decide my service is not for you, check these 6 out below, they could save you a small fortune and one hell of a headache if you take the information on board.

Reality Check 1: Trading Days

Reality Check 2: Strike Rate

Reality Check 3: Pips Galore

Reality Check 4: You love me long time.

Reality Check 5: Enhance your Performance.

Reality Check 6: Successful Formula.

Reality Check 7: It’s not that easy.


The Forex Trade Copying Service.

THE COST: The service fee is £79 per calendar month {+VAT if applicable}. You can leave at any time, cancellation is straightforward, which is why we use clickbank to handle cancellations, refunds and new client applications.

You then need to pay a company called 4xsolutions around £18 per calendar month to successfully, accurately and rapidly replicate the trades to your account. So you need my service to execute the trades and then to replicate them.

Don’t panic, once you join my service I will send you a very short PDF explaining the procedure with 4xsolutions. You can always check them out first of course, or even join them before you join me if you like so that you’re already prepared.

All you need from once you’ve joined 4xsolutions and my service is a link hooking you, 4x and me together and I will issue that once everything is in place, it takes very little time and I’ll be on hand for any niggles…which are 99% because you’ve missed a step.

4xsolutions are very well respected, huge within the forex trading replication industry. You should ask this company for authentication of our live trades and results before joining. You can’t Photoshop or argue the results with a service like 4xsolutions, it’s impossible. The trades replicate instantly then you can see how the trade is progressing constantly via your 4xsolutions login area and your broker platform.

Every trade is taken live and provide up to the minute live analysis.


OUR DUTY TO YOU: There are many but one stands out far above the others; PROTECTION OF YOUR ACCOUNT. Everything else we do leads directly back to that anyway. The time taken over analysis, keeping you informed, patience, discipline, research and stalking only the best opportunities all lead directly back to the protection of your account, there is no greater duty! Pips and percentage growth takes care of themselves if we concentrate on the protection of our clients trading funds.


You can subscribe to the trade copier service here.


MT4 PLATFORM: You must have an MT4 platform. I personally use FXCM and have enjoyed a great service from them for many years. I recommend them but I’m not affiliated, I prefer not to be so that it installs confidence in you that I believe in my own product and ability. I’d rather have a business built on success and happy clients instead of affiliations galore to products and services that do not belong to this service.


GLOBAL ACCESS: The beauty of trade copying is as long as you are complying with your local laws and regulations then it doesn’t matter where you reside, you can join the forex trade copier service via your MT4 account linked to 4xsolutions, they will then link you to our trade copying service.


GBP/JPY:We predominately trade the GBP/JPY, rarely do we look for other opportunities. Virtually all trades are closed the same day they are opened, usually within hours. When we do look for other opportunities it is usually because the GBP/JPY has either been in consolidation for days on end and/or price action is very poor.


WHY THE GBP/JPY: This is a pair I have a lot of experience with and enjoy trading. The range is one of the best out there when it’s firing on all cylinders. There are enough opportunities to take and enough time to work on losses which of course are all part of trading. This pair requires great understanding, patience and discipline all of which suits my trading personality. There are times when this pair is too erratic or just doesn’t move at all {we had a 9 day period in September 2016 when it hardly moved at all} but isn’t that the same for every market! At least with this pair there’s generally plenty of range on a daily basis.


OUR STRATEGY: You’ll often hear me refer to the S-E-T, an acronym for stop – entry – target. You don’t get a decent full S-E-T unless everything else falls in to place first. Our strategy is nothing new; it’s the time tested waiting for a confluence of reasons to enter, the more the better, certainly the more the better for your account protection.

I’m a huge fan of support and resistance, I would go so far as to say I’m an authority on understanding, respecting and knowing where the main support and resistance levels that need to be watched are situated.

More often than not I tweet the levels I’m watching or if I haven’t tweeted them I’ve emailed them to you on your daily morning review. Alongside the levels there has to be accompanying price action that is favourable and anything else that are thrown in to the mix, whether it be Fibonacci, chart or candle patterns, longer term trend lines, big round numbers or good old trading gut instinct, it all helps install confidence of a successful outcome. Of course some still lose even when you think you have a dead cert, but hey that’s trading for you because it is simply a game of probabilities and so once you have your successful formula, your edge, proven over many 100s of trades, stick with it.

If I had to name just one thing that I believe gives me my edge, it would be my thorough investigation and understanding of true support and resistance. I have clients that trade my indices predictions, in the first 10 months of the levels being released they have produced an 84% growth risking 3% per trade and just trading the levels alone, nothing more, no interference, I understand support/resistance and the same philosophy is applied to my forex trading. Understand S/R is the key to longevity.


HOW MANY TRADES : On average there will be between 5 – 20 trades per month. There will be really slow periods of 1-3 per week and then you may see 3 -5 per week, we just don’t know, the market informs us not the other way around. It doesn’t really matter, one trade @ 200 pips profit is far better than taking 5 at 40 each! It’s best just to view the answer to this one as if there is a great opportunity with a superb S-E-T {stop, entry, target} then we take it.



TRADING DAYS: The reality is this. On a monthly basis and trading the forex markets we have around 22 trading days on offer. Take out most Monday’s, some bank holidays, days where we are saturated with major news, NFP Friday, consolidation, lack of movement because of a major move the day before and then just plain old ‘there isn’t a set up in sight’, what are you left with? If you’re very lucky 10 – 12 trading days per month!

That’s how it really is, being live for the sake of it isn’t good and it certainly isn’t trading. There’s no need to be ‘live’ all the time, it’s a sure way to the poor house! Lack of patience is the biggest killer to potentially successful traders, I have patience and discipline in abundance….for trading anyway, the missus might disagree for other concerns :}. We stalk, we wait, we research and then we wait some more for the right opportunity that offers us a great S-E-T [stop – entry – target}.


AVERAGE STOP LOSS: The average stop loss is around 35 pips. Risk is reduced as soon as price moves favourably and a new level for protection of the account and /or profit becomes available.

Please note that the fact that we only use a 35 pip average stop on a highly volatile pair adds to the requirement for your patience and understanding as to why this is not a service that is inundated with action. Slow, steady, controlled growth is how we operate. You’re not going to get a lot of action on the GBP/JPY using a 35 pip stop.

Every now and then {once so far in the first 3 months of the service, we used 43 and it won} we will use a bigger stop because the opportunity is too good to be missed. There has to be a very good target potential to use a bigger stop, no point increasing the pip risk {percentage would not increase, 2% is 2% whether 20 pips or 120 pips} if the target looks like it’s going to hit trouble before reached!


RISK V REWARD: The risk to reward aim is a minimum 1:1 but more often than not we achieve 1.5/2:1. We never risk more than the potential target available, there’s no point. Trading is difficult enough without placing a trade and then expecting price to move further than looks reasonable at that time and in line with the strategy.



STRIKE RATE: It doesn’t really matter, many of the world’s greatest traders average 33% and make millions because their winners are far greater than their losers, others average 40 – 55% at best! Services that harp on about ridiculously maintainable strike rate are out to please, confuse and preach the impossible to the uninitiated masses; I’m out to please the few on the same page as me.

What counts is exactly what I mentioned just, your winning trade’s ratio compared to your losing ones. Since this service started trading live, with real clients taking trades, our strike rate {May -September 2016} has averaged 44% {service started just before BREXIT and then traded through the holiday period, a period where most professional traders are taking their breaks causing the markets to become much more volatile and unpredictable. We purposely began then, wanting to prove a point. We could have waited for safer times but didn’t see the point, your strategy either works all year round or you don’t really have a long term consistent strategy to begin with!}.

So, going back to our current 44%. From that 44% strike rate from day one of live trading to real clients we achieved +518 pips / +38% account growth. When the markets return to some form of normality, and they will, I expect the strike rate to maintain an average minimum 55%. So strike rates? Mostly a load of old Blarney!


MIRROR MY RISK: Through 4xsolutions you can choose to automatically mirror my trade risk if you wish, this can be anything between 0.5 – 3% per trade or you can choose your very own parameters of which 4xsolutions provide several options.              

I let clients know the current risk being associated with each trade via the regular PDF updates. If the risk is being increased, let’s say from 1.5% to 2.5% per trade, you will be notified via the PDF, email and Twitter.


TRADE PROGRESS: We attempt to tweet the live trade and all its movements from beginning to end only once it’s in a profitable position, many of my clients find this a huge bonus, a chance to learn and to follow our lead and movements as they happen ‘live’. It’s not always possible to tweet but on average we do for 90% of the trades.



PIPS GALORE: As short term traders {not day traders, we are in and out mostly in the same day, 98% of trades, but I wouldn’t class our strategy as day trading, we are not that active, we wait and stalk whereas day traders tend to be active at least 1-3 times every day} seeking only high probability, low risk low draw down opportunitiesand on predominately one pair, then there just isn’t going to be enough action for pips galore!

So how do many services proclaim 100s of pips per month for intra-day or short term traders? Basically, they trade many instruments! If you have a sufficiently sized account you may get on them all and you may do well but realistically not too many traders want to employ that stance let alone have a whopping great trading account.

The fact remains too that if you decide to get involved with many markets then its sods law that unless you stick with the same ones you’ll hit the losing runs and miss the winning ones….then guess what, aha, you swap markets and just as you do the roles reverse lol. We’ve all been there, many years ago, but yes, me too:}.

Here’s how it works in reality. If you’re lucky enough to have a decent plan of attack, an edge, in other words a proven strategy then as previously mentioned we’re looking at 10 -12 decent trading days per month if we’re lucky.

Our strategy averages at least a 1.5/1 return. We started our service when most are packing in for the holidays, a purpose move to prove that we can trade through the turmoils. Trading conditions, especially for the pound, have been tough for months.

So what happens when you get off to a bad start, a couple of losers? You’re chasing your tail from the start of course already being 70 pips down on average with only 10 -12 trading days per month, then there has to be a valid set-up to take on those trading days. Pips galore are not going to happen for any service that trades honestly and realistically, those claiming 100s of pips per month are fooling you, it’s not going to happen believe me!

A decent service will control risk and draw down and then even if they do have a losing month, it’s minimised. As traders don’t judge any service on a month, you should be looking for short term performance over 6 months. It’s very easy to monitor this service and in real time, just ask the third party company that replicates our live trades to our client accounts, that way you can monitor in real time for as long as you wish. No Photoshopped statements or fabricated results, just ask for proof.


KEEPING YOU INFORMED: Trading and informational update PDFs are emailed on several occasions per week. Historical updates, spreadsheet and 4xsolutions authentication of our live trades are always available for your inspection.


CONTACT ROGER: to request the monthly historical PDFs, spreadsheet analysis and authentication of results and live trading. QUOTE: Send Proof.


TWITTER: Our Twitter page can be found @ rogerelliotfx. So why do we love Twitter? Believe me I’m no social media expert but Twitter is  very simple and very advantageous to our duties to you. It’s also free to set up an account.

When we email you, send update PDFs, when trades are in action or when we have something to say quickly then we tweet. Twitter is very reliable, it’s free, you can have tweets forwarded to your phone at no cost and above all its super efficient and quick.

There’s no obligation to open a Twitter account, you can just sit back and relax and let us operate the trade copier for you with next to no involvement at all. However, if you like being a little more in touch and would enjoy listening to how a trade is being handled when live, then Twitter is the way to go.


COMPUTER ACCESS: You do not need to leave your computer on, once hooked up that’s it, our trades will replicate to your broker account. The best way to alleviate your concerns regarding this is to send an email to 4xsolutions and they will explain in detail.


SECURITY: We have no access to your account, we’ll have no idea how much you have invested, what risk you are taking etc, all we can possibly do is replicate trades to your account with your settings. You can override any trade we are controlling for you at any stage; it’s your MT4 platform and account. The same goes for 4xsolutions in terms of access to your account, it can’t be done, they’re just a replication service. 4x replicates more than10’000 trades per week for their clients and without an issue to date on my behalf. I find their service second to none.



YOU LOVE ME LONG TIME: Can’t for the life of me remember from which film that line came from {and I refuse to Google it lol preferring to eventually remember}.

Anyway, I’ll get to the point! This service or any other copier service you take on {many traders have more than one copier running} there’s absolutely no point investing your time and money unless you have a ‘you love me long time’ view {couldn’t resist that} and especially with this style of service.

This is nothing to do with snidely thinking lets work out a way to keep you paying your subscription; you’ll do that anyway if happy and cancel with a refund if not!

Results are updated daily and monthly because that’s where the demand lies, traders want to see what’s happening in real time, not a week or month after the fact! We do that, pretty much within the hour the results box is updated and even then, straight away, you can contact our third party replicators to check authenticity.

So yes, you’ll be kept up to speed but a month in the world of forex trading is nothing. When researching any copier provider look at history {check it out, don’t settle for a box that just says we did this} over a given period, as long as possible, what’s the average!

It needs to not be too scary to look at; one eye closed isn’t a good sign! You need to see the good times bigger than the poor times {every trader experiences poor periods, it’s all a part of what we do} but overall, 6 months is good, a healthy return taking in to account your expectations and the risk the service expects you to take.

Please don’t take their word for it; it’s one of the biggest ploys, a fancy site portraying exceptional results where the look, feel and marketing has suckered you in!

Monitor any service that finds your interest for as long as necessary, don’t jump in. It’s not so bad if like this service we use third party authentication but generally most services don’t so you end up taking their word for it.

Have a long term goal, a trading pot that you have no intention of touching for a few years, that’s the best bet! Then work it all out, be realistic with your expectations in comparison to the size of your trading account and what you would generally expect in return with any other longer term investment.

Our percentage return at the moment is off the scale, from the first clients back in the testing phase back in May until the end of September the growth is +38%. From ‘official’ start date of July 2016 – the end of September it stands @ +16%, in terms of percentage for little risk and drawdown that’s an outstanding performance during notoriously the most difficult period of the year to trade. Compare that to others and then if you’re impressed continue to monitor until you feel comfortable to join.


FREE TRIAL: Because you can actually monitor in real time for as long as you wish there’s little point or advantage to the service in offering free trials. You can research and follow for months before joining if that suits you. Once you join it’s because you have completed your research and are happy to commit on a monthly basis, cancelling is instantaneous. Join only once you have completed your due diligence checks..


TO PUT IT SIMPLY:  Trades are replicated automatically to your account using your settings. If you mirror my settings they are low risk {1-3%} low draw down, high probability trading opportunities that are controlled from start to finish. Unless a great S-E-T {stop – entry – target} presents itself then we don’t trade, no point, but we do keep in touch, we keep you informed.


PIPS OR PERCENTAGE: Down to the clients preference. Mine is percentage but you must choose taking in to consideration the size of your account, expectations and the service being economically viable for you. The results below can be confirmed by 4xsolutions and should give you an initial idea with expectations.

Considering we began the service in the heart of the worst time of the year to trade, when many are going on holiday or refrain from trading until the city boys ‘n’ girls are back, then I’m happy with performance to date.

There’s no pip aim, there used to be but after a few months in and a few months pondering over the best way forward for the service, then I’ve decided it’s just best to get on with it. If an opportunity of calibre presents itself then we’ll take it regardless of where we are on the pip count for the month.

In all honesty I don’t concentrate that much on pips or percentage valuations; I concentrate on protection of our accounts because the pips and percentage will take care of themselves if account protection is paramount.



ENHANCE YOUR PERFORMANCE: I urge you not to simply rely on marketing and branding as a sign of success. Google is the answer to most things, practically every reasonable question in existence Google can answer! Use it to research the performance of so many of these so-called 6/7 figure salary fund managers. It will shock the life out of you!

There are funds that haven’t turned a profit in the last 2 years, some little more /less than banks, others averaging 5-10% but try and find a super performer, good luck!

They’ll be some out there I imagine, I found a couple that have still produced 20-25% growth over the past year but the ones I found you had to invest a substantial amount.  I found one fund manager {big name Company that only deals with the millionaires} that for the last 2 years has lost 2 and 3% respectively of their client accounts!

My point? Little old services like this one go unnoticed, most of you that can actually trade will outperform 90% of the fund managers in existence so take care of your funds yourself if you have the ability and/or look around, perform your due diligence checks and research smaller, unbranded, unnoticed but performing services like this one.

There’s plenty around, no need to have all your eggs in one basket with a mega dollar managed fund that may go one way or the other. Spread your risk, research the hell out of your findings and take a closer look at at manging your own future wealth.

Just because you’ve been around 100 years and have a multi-million dollar marketing budget doesn’t make you awesome and a guaranteed return, far from it, it’s just marketing and promotional techniques because people associate with brands!


PROBABILITIES: At the end of the day trading is all about probabilities, nothing more than price presenting itself with a more than reasonable probability of reaching a set target and being there to seize that opportunity.

We always seek bigger rewards to the risks associated with the trade so with that in mind then over time profit will outweigh loss.

Too many traders think that you must be live all the time, we don’t think that. Our belief is that 90% of trading successfully is about not being live! Research, discipline, patience, understanding key levels, sentiment, when not to trade, trends and trend reversals, technical and fundamental implications all making up 90% of a traders time.

Get a decent proportion of your analysis correct and you’ll do well even with a 50% strike rate because even if you’re a great technical and fundamental analyst, price is still going to turn against you. However, the probabilities are on your side so you have to take it on the chin and do it all over again knowing the probabilities will ultimately win the race in the end.


WE HAVE A SUCCESSFUL FORMULA: I think considering the fact we risked starting the service in the worst possible trading period {BREXIT and the notorious summer holiday months when the traders that move the markets are taking their breaks leaving the amateurs to have too much control} proves to some extent we know what we’re doing & those in for the long haul will do well. System and short term hopper traders will not.



SUCCESSFUL FORMULA: There are two types of successful formula. An honest one and a dishonest one! This service is so open about everything it goes against the grain of what is normal in this game.

Estimates are that around 85% of forex related products are as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike! That’s one hell of a lot of twaddle floating around!

So how do some services sucker you in when they are massively successful but offer little of anything of value? Huge marketing budgets is a great start, nothing like a massive promotional budget to get you noticed but then what? Cheap and cheerful maybe? You get what you pay for has stood the test of time!

The best one, especially with trade copier sites, is to have as much going on as possible so that all the bases are covered and you will please many but naff quite a few off at the same time, but that doesn’t matter because you have the turnover, 50 leave, 60 join, 100 leave, 120 join and so on, a hugely successful formula!

You’ll find copier services trading practically everything in existence {I have a mother-in law if anyone fancies trading her in} and that works, believe it or not. Trouble is what do you choose from the mind boggling choice? You can’t trade them all unless you have an astronomically sized trading account. So what do you do? You pick the ones that go on a losing run lol, then you swap over and the losing run ends lol again, it happens, sods law! We only trade the one pair, occasionally, very occasionally indeed we branch out because our preferred pair has been too long in consolidation but mostly we stick with the GBP/JPY and just wait.

It’s worked so far, pips and percentage are well in profit and so we continue to pick away at slow, controlled growth respecting the market and our client accounts. Long term outlook, we report daily and monthly but it’s not really all about that, 6 monthly minimum commitment looking years ahead is what our client base is attracting and that is awesome, not just the commitment, the fact that we are atttracting realists!

So why are we trying to buck the trend? Why not! Isn’t a smaller group of long term, satisfied, realistic and happy  to recommend clients a better, more moral and simpler way of life than constantly having to monitor subscriptions {our retention rate as of September 2016 is 97%}, answer unhappy client emails, try and keep track of countless live trades and deal with blog, forum and general complaints? Well it certainly is to this service!

We don’t want 100s of clients, we don’t need 100s, just enough to make the service worthwhile, show a decent profit and still be simple to run and maintain levels of service. A nice simple, successful, honest and profitable for all forex offer, that’s us.



- You are happy to happily plod along with steady, controlled growth. We only risk an average 35 pips per trade so there just isn’t going to be lots of action, 35 pips is very low for most markets to find a really great S-E-T {stop-entry-target} and especially on the GBP/JPY. If you enjoy the thrill of being live too much, this service is not for you.

- You have a long -term view, though we produce monthly results anything less than a 6 month view is pretty pointless in this game. I mean that, no point joining the service with a monthly view, best not to join please, I’d rather you didn’t pay a subscription.

You could be down 100 pips one month then by month 3, 300 pips up then by month 6, 600 pips in profit but you left after month one because of a short term trading outlook, it doesn’t work like that in trading, best not to get involved in the first place.

- You have a minimum trading account of £1000, better would be £2000 but ideally £3000+. Size of account all depends on your pip or percentage stance and tolerance to risk. It’s something you need to work out and be completely at ease with.

- I know that several of my clients operate from 6 figure accounts and that total funds I am responsible for exceed £3’000’000! My point? To me it’s just one big pot, whether you have £1000 or £100’000 or £1’000’000 in your trading account each of my clients receives the same due care and attention to detail for the protection of their funds. I have that in mind always, to protect your funds to the best of my ability.

- You are not an action junkie. I will never take a trade for the sake of it. Professional trading is more about stalking, research and patience than it is about being constantly live. We average a very low ‘live time’ because we wait until the time is right.

- You like being well informed, you will be, all our clients are respected for putting their trust in this service, it’s now our duty to keep you in the picture as much as possible.


MONEY MANAGEMENT: This is a topic you need to get to grips with. Many traders don’t but I insist all my clients do. The average risk, as previously mentioned, is 35 pips.    

If you’re trading at a certain £? per pip the calculation would be as follows:

If you’re on £3 per pip just multiply it by the current average of 100 pips pcm. Simple maths equates that to £300, then take out the costs. Using that simple equation it’s not difficult to calculate whether my service will be economically viable for you using your personal designated £?? per pip.

If you are trading a percentage the calculation would be as follows:

Typical £3000 account @ 3% risk per trade = £90 {3000/100 x3}

£90 risk / 35 {average stop} = £2.57 per pip. {90/35}

100 pips [average profit to date pcm} x £2.57 = £257 then take out costs.

Just adjust the size of your account and risk amount using the same calculation above.



It’s not easy : I suppose everyone would be doing it if it was! Trading isn’t in itself that difficult, for most the discipline, the patience and the enthusiasm to want to continually learn and adapt are the biggest stumbling blocks.

It’s common to hear that 95% of traders fail, I used to think it can’t be that many but over the years I do believe I think it’s probably more like 98%! I developed my set and forget method because of the amount that kept giving up.

When I’ve spoken to people the biggest reason has always been the patience, wanting to get live, get it done and dusted. I’m lucky that I don’t have a gambling nature, I don’t see trading as a gamble but I imagine many do, those that do the best way to look at my service is a gamble with very favourable odds! Those that don’t you will learn that trading is a probabilities game where once you have a successful formula/strategy that over time because of the ratio size of wins to losses {not the ratio of wins to losses, the size of the wins to losses} you will have a profitable outcome.

For me, the biggest ‘niggle’ is having to turn down trades at times because we can’t get the S-E-T within our allocated pip allowance for this particular service. It’s one of the reasons [this actually suits many traders] we don’t get that many trades.

The GBP/JPY has a great daily range and is a volatile pair when behaving normally, so trying to get a great S-E-T with an average 35 pips stop loss is very difficult and very frustrating at times, especially when you see a great potentially profitable trade before you. Rest assured, I won’t take it, my job is to wait for the great S-E-T using our average 35 pip stop, just needed pointing out again as to one of the main reasons why we can’t go live when there often looks a very decent set-up.

Lastly, on the subject of the fact that many don’t find trading easy, traders take on too much / outside of their ability. Too many markets, too many strategies, too many time frames, too much going on and so on.

No robot or system is ever going to make you money; it’s just not that easy. You can simplify your trading massively but you still have to work very hard at it. Forget robots, laughable [just great marketing} and forget systems………unless you can actually trade!



- Our trades replicated to your chosen MT4 broker.

- Regular correspondence including morning reviews and weekly PDF updates.

- Trade movements as often as possible tweeted live until the trade closes.

- 4xsolutions up to speed authentication of results and live action after every trade.

- A rapid email answering service, no waiting for an answer for days.



USEFUL LINKS. To help in your due diligence checks. It’s important to us, it’s vital to you, that you research any forex company that you plan on investing in. It is an investment; no matter what the size of your account is you want a return on the money you have laid out to begin with and the funds at risk.

Be one of the clever ones and don’t get ripped off or scammed with a useless system or service. Carefully examine feedback, especially before agreeing to buy a product or system from a forex download site, there are scores of them all over the www. Email them, look for level of response and response times, question the refund policy, ask for proof of everything that demands proof to reveal its authentication. No joy? Then don’t waste your money because you’ve just discovered yet another forex scam!

****At the end of every week I email my clients a copy of 4xsolutions authentication of live trading results, an up to date spreadsheet analysis along with the final PDF update of the week. I then send an email Saturday /Sunday with my views for the week ahead on the GBP/JPY. If you’re not a client but would like to receive the PDF updates and emails so that you can keep in touch and monitor the service closely before considering membership then please do join our database.

MAY / JUNE 2016 – ‘LIVE TRIAL’ +224 +22 +224 +22
JULY 2016 +103 +8.4 +327 +30.4
AUGUST 2016 +112 +5.9 +439 +36.3
SEPTEMBER 2016 +79 +1.7 +518 +38
OCTOBER 2016 -136 -5.71 +382 +32.29
NOVEMBER 2016 x      


Compare this service to other trade copier services, I recommend you do. Don’t be fooled by promises of 100s of pips per month, it isn’t going to happen! Come back when you’ve discovered that steady controlled growth is what really counts and what works for a long, long time, not just a few months and then you move on again because it didn’t work out for you.


If you already know that then what are you waiting for, come and join this small but friendly, profitable and passionate service that relies on great customer service and healthy results rather than external advertising and an income stream of  affiliated products.


I’ve nothing against external remunerations other than by those forex sites that offer very little but make huge bucks through selling other peoples products. We operate differently, we need you as long term loyal subscribing clients or we don’t survive.


Many services rely and aim at ‘turnover’ clients, {they come and go constantly because there’s always a turnover, always enough to sustain a business}. Not us, loyal, happy, very low turnover respected clients {97% retention rate} is what we have and are building on from. Less of  a headache for you and us because we all get along because we’re all on the same page.



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