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The secret isn’t some ridiculous calorie-restrictive diet either – I actually didn’t change ANYTHING about the way I ate…In fact, I ate whatever I wanted.

The secret was in a technique that I learned as I started taking my kettlebell training more seriously.

It’s a secret that only elite athletes and strength practitioners know how to master and a secret that – now that I’m really starting to understand it – I’ll share with anyone who will listen.

…And when you’re done reading this entire letter word-for-word, you’re going to understand how to skyrocket your fat loss training to the next level, learn how to EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT and leave your friends and family wondering who you sold your soul to because you’ll look like you belong on the cover of a magazine!

It all started when I saw myself that one afternoon after taking a shower and I realized that I didn’t look like an athlete anymore.

But with the workouts I was doing, I just kept on pushing myself harder and harder.

And I kept on getting softer and weaker.

So I pushed myself more.

It wasn’t until I hurt my shoulder – an injury that flared up again after playing years of competitive baseball & varsity volleyball – that I had to force myself to tone things down and really take a look at what I was doing.

I thought about what I knew about training and what I knew about how elite athletes trained for competition.

Then the truth dawned on me.

These are some of the leanest and fittest people on the planet and I can guarantee you that they didn’t get that way by training with 110% intensity everyday of the week.

“Whoa”, you may be thinking, “Are you saying that Olympic Athletes don’t train hard?”

Actually, NO.

Let me show you what I mean…

Drop down to the floor and do those 20 push-ups, BUT…

-Pull your knee caps up into your hips by contracting your thigh muscles as tight as you can, then

-Squeeze your butt cheeks together like you’re trying to hold onto a $100 bill, then

-Brace your abs so hard as if you’re about to get punched in the gut by a prized-MMA fighter, then

-Flare your lats (the muscles behind your arm pits) like you’re trying to sprout wings

And finally…

-Take a deep breathe in and push it down deep into your core and push your tongue to the roof of your mouth and seep air in and out – like your tongue is the valve on an inflated tire

…NOW do your push-ups…BUT think about gripping the floor and pulling yourself towards it and then, instead of just “pushing up”, think about pushing the floor away from your body.

“Hiss” bits of air in and out, but DO NOT fully let go of that very first breathe until you’ve completed your set.

…AND Make sure that every rep looks perfect, exactly like your first rep.

Were you able to get 20?

If you were, was it easy?

Did you feel every muscle in your body “light up” while you were doing it?

That’s just a small glimpse of applying The MxT Method to an exercise as simple as a push-up.

You’re using nerve force – TENSION – to light up muscles that you probably didn’t even know could be used in doing a push-up.

The more muscle you use, the more metabolically demanding the exercise becomes.

The more metabolically demanding an exercise, the more fat it will burn.