Family Law Secrets Revealed.

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Family Law is Biased Against Fathers


Why are Mothers winning custody in Family Court? Why are Fathers “allowed” to see their kids every other weekend and required to pay child support? The “Fathers Rights” movement is failing, and Men are losing custody every day.

Many Fathers have lost custody of their children just because they didn’t take the time to find out the rules of the Family Law system. A man can be his own worst enemy during a custody battle, and his failure to learn what he can do to win his case will result in defeat. Women quickly find out what they need to do to take the children and increase child support payments.

I went through a nightmare of a divorce myself. My ex-wife tried to take everything from me, including my daughter. When I came face to face with the biased court system, I didn’t give up. I figured out what I needed to do, and took control of the situation. When it was all over I had won custody of my children, and she ended up paying me child support! When you see the simple steps that you can take to gain custody, you will be blown away.

Family Law attorneys do not want you to know what I will teach you! I don’t blame them – I wouldn’t want to lose thousands of dollars due to this information either. As far as Lawyers go, the only “Fathers Rights” they are interested in is your right to pay them a ton of money.

Speaking of lawyers, there are plenty of them out there who promise you the world, and never deliver. The truth is, when you are in the divorce process or going back to court for custody issues, your lawyer does almost nothing for you! Before you even see a judge, you are required to attend mediation with your ex, and lawyers cannot come with you. 99% of the time the judge will accept the mediators recommendation, and lawyers know this. They want you to settle out of court. They want to make their money without doing anything. You can waste years of your life and thousands of dollars battling the legal system like this, just to lose.

What can you do about it?

What you need now, more than anything else, is the right information that can help you understand the Family Law system. In this program you will find definitive answers, solutions and tactics that will help you win in court! Unlike all the other help programs, you are not going to read 1,000 pages of legal jargon, watch a 2 hour DVD and listen to 5 hours of audio tapes. These ridiculous programs leave you more confused than ever. My eBook address the important issues, helping you understand your legal problems and teaching you the steps to take to correct them. I give you the strategies and little known tactics that will help answer all of your questions regarding family law. Fathers must take action into their own hands, without doing this, there is no such thing as “Fathers Rights”.

“I have been struggling for years to get shared custody of my children. After ditching the lawyer and using these strategies I have finally been able to rebuild a relationship with my kids.”

Jason Whittle – MI

Don’t worry about who will file your court paperwork, and speak for you in court. These issues are no problem once you have the right information. Right now, it is so much more important for you to increase your understanding of the family law system. Once you do that, the rest of it becomes easy.

Remember: Your search for information is not just about solving your current legal problem, it’s about preparing for victory in future ones. This will NOT be the last time you experience problems with your ex. You must take the time to learn how the court works! My program will help you be prepared.

What am I offering you?

I am offering you the EXACT SAME strategies that I (and now many others) have used to gain custody time and lower child support payments. These are the same strategies that I use to this day. This is information that your ex and Family Law attorneys never want you to know! To determine the extent of the “Fathers Rights” you receive, you need the right information.

Unlike the other programs on the internet that I mentioned before, I am not going to overwhelm you with page after page of confusing legal terms and mumbo-jumbo. I cut to the chase with just over 50 pages of information you can actually start using today. If you want to waste your time and money, buy one of those other programs or hire a pricey attorney. If you want to change your current situation and gain custody of your children, buy mine.

“After spending a small fortune on lawyers I found your site. I knew right away that this was information I could actually USE to change my situation. I no longer fear my divorce and custody issues.”

Brian Westmoreland – PA

In this program I give you radical and shocking information on the Family Law system. You can start using this information to your advantage immediately. If with these incredible strategies, you cannot make significant changes in your legal situation, then you are probably a convicted felon or drug addict. Most likely you don’t deserve to have custody of your children anyway.

Lets face it… you are worried sick about going to court. Keeping you up at night are the unknown issues; the ex’s crazy allegations, the wasted money you will spend just to keep what was already yours, it’s driving you mad. Think about your current situation, are you satisfied with losing your children and money like every other dad? If so, close your browser window and go on with your life. If not, order my program NOW. I don’t need to beg you to order. I know you need this information. I don’t have to pay obnoxious amounts of money to an attorney and my ex-wife, chances are you do.

Remember: The information contained in my eBook can be used in all 50 States. The names of the forms, courts and government agencies may differ, but the general legal procedures are the same.

What’s included in the program?

10 easy ways to help your custody case

Secret strategies that will lower your child support payments!

Detailed help with court paperwork

Mediation and court preparation checklist

Sample parenting plan

Tips on how to represent yourself in court

The truth about Family Law attorneys

How to prepare and succeed in mediation

All about emergency and ex parte hearings

All about psychological evaluations

Legal terms and their definitions

How to enforce child support payments

Sample legal forms

Access to a child support calculator

and much more

Remember: The “Fathers Rights” groups that you may find are usually a group of lawyers hoping to scam you into thinking they can give you a better shot in court. They will give you the same treatment any lawyer will. A Fathers rights in court will be determined on his own actions and determination.

Ordering Information

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Consider that the average lawyer requires at least a $3,000 retainer fee just to get your case started and file the initial paperwork – spending $39.97 on this eBook could turn out to save you thousands of dollars in attorney fees! Most Fathers who use these strategies save money and end up getting what they wanted all along. $39.97 is a ridiculously low price for this life-changing information. That is why I am TESTING this price for a short time. Don’t be surprised if you come back tomorrow and see it priced over $150, as I have successfully sold it in the past. If you want to waste your time and money, leave this site. If you really do want to make a change in your life and get what you and your children deserve, then order my program NOW!

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