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Dear Friend,


Do you suffer from the constant pain of severe headaches?

Well your not alone, in fact more people today are experiencing the regular pain from headaches and migraines than any other time in history. As we move further into the 21st Century the world around us is changing at an incredible pace, and because of this we are being bombarded with more stuff on a day to day basis then any generation before us.

Is it any wonder that many of us are suffering the ill effects


Do you suffer from constant numbing pain in your head, neck and shoulders, and does the back of your head and neck constantly ache ?

What about your forehead, is the constant pain driving you insane, are you experiencing pain throughout all of your morning, day and evening ?

Do the effects of White Light or Sunlight dramatically intensify the pain ?

Is your life so stressful that Headaches and Migraines are becoming the Norm, does the top of your head feel like it is about to burst ?

Are you waking up feeling great and going to bed feeling like crap, or are you waking up with the build up of pressure in your head ?


If you answered “Yes” to any or all of these questions… then I have some important news for you

You are about to discover the power of EFT, and how you can rid your head of this pain right now with your own fingers

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique continues to help thousands of individuals around the globe every day. As more and more medical professionals find there way to EFT it is fast becoming the leading Alternative Therapy for the release of pain brought on by negative emotions and limiting beliefs.



Today we are beginning to hear more and more about pharmaceutical tragedies, of pills once deemed to be safe which are now proven to be extremely deadly causing critical side effects

Individuals who simply needed help have been the recipient of these pharmaceutical bungles, they have been cut down in the prime of their life and left to waste away simply because they took prescribed medicine

EFT is a safe and natural way of releasing pain without the worry of deadly side effects, the chinese have been using these same methods and principles for thousands of years

EFT is so safe that children of all ages, some even as young as 4 are using EFT to release pain and suffering on a daily basis



Only those suffering the effects from a migraine can truly know how it feels. But today more and more people are beginning to suffer from intense migraine pain.


Medical Science is still evolving and whilst we know more today then yesterday there is still a lot which is unknown about all the causes of sever headache and migraines

Natural Therapies such as EFT are providing migraine suffers with the opportunity of releasing their pain without having to know what caused it, and without side effects from prescription drugs.

This is why so many individuals and those working in the medical fields are turning to Alternative Therapies to ease the pain of Migraines and severe Headaches.



EFT has the ability to begin releasing headache pain the moment you begin to tap, and with the right collection of scripts you can reduce your headache pain further and further until you reach a zero…. zero being no pain at all.

Once you begin using EFT you will notice that its fast, easy and simple to apply, and once learnt you can complete a round of tapping quicker than it takes to make a good cup of coffee.

The EFT Motto: “Releasing Headache Pain Is ONLY A Tap Away”



Even though modern medicine is still learning about headaches we have however figured out some of the triggers which cause us to experience some of these intense headaches and migraines:

Stress and Anxiety – both in the workplace and at home

Tension – unlike stress people suffering from tension can also end up with tense muscles which restrict the natural flow of the body

Dehydration – many studies claim that over a third of all headaches and migraines are triggered because of dehydration.

Sickness – this is a given, some sickness and illnesses can be the trigger to a headache

Eye Strain – today we are spending more time in front of the computer screen, driving, writing and reading, and this eye strain can lead us to also experience headache pain.

Alcohol – the side effects of too much fun can sometimes leave us with wanting more of the same to drown out the pain of a hangover

Cigarette – excessive smoking is known to cause severe headaches

Drugs – many over the counter medicines and prescription drugs can have side effects which can cause headaches

these are just some of the known causes of headache pain, but as you can see many of these causes cannot be solved with popping another pill



Many Alternative Therapies work on the premise that everything is connected, your lifestyle, your home life, your work life, your emotions, and so forth…. everything is connected, so a sickness in the body is also related to emotions, thoughts and beliefs..

Today if you walk into any doctors surgery anywhere in the world you will see posters that tell us that stress can cause heart problems, headaches, high blood pressure and a whole range of problems, this is because everything is connected.

As a natural alternative EFT is fast becoming the widest used therapy worldwide and is now considered to be the industry leader in this field.

As the name suggests EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique doesn’t just target the pain being experienced but also targets the emotions and feelings connected with the pain. As we know everything is connected, and pain can simply be the side effect from stress and anxiety or some other emotional upset.

Looking at the above list of known triggers to Migraines and Headaches it’s not hard to see why pills are not working, and why many alternative therapies like EFT are providing release, as they target the whole body and not just pain, because everything is connected.



EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique is now being used worldwide by a whole range of doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, teachers, parents and a lot more.

EFT is now one of the leading tools being used to help individuals overcome PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress. In fact there are current studies underway by the US Army into the use of EFT for returning soldiers.

Many corporate businesses now use EFT in their corporate structure to help with stress in the work place.

There are now numerous organizations worldwide who use EFT to overcome fear. EFT is used as the core method of release by a fearless program run in association with the acclaimed Taronga Zoo in Australia, this program helps individuals overcome fear of animals, such as dogs, snakes, insects and spiders.

There are also some leading airline companies in Europe who offer fear of flying programs who use EFT exclusively to help individuals overcome the fear of flying.

EFT is being used by individuals worldwide to help overcome and reduce pain connected with medical aliments.

It is fast becoming the most useful tool available to help assist individuals overcome any negative emotion or limiting belief. One of the motto’s of EFT is to “try it on anything”, and if it doesn’t help that situation then no harm done, if it does then you will be smiling all the way to the bank.



As you already know there are many similar scripts which can be found over the internet, and some may even be as good the scripts available here. But I offer something others don’t, I offer more for less

Here at EFTHeadaches I give you the opportunity to grab all my scripts for one price, I don’t sell individual scripts like so many website’s are now doing. You cannot purchase just one script from my site..

In fact you have most likely already researched EFT Scripts and you would have discovered that many scripts are being sold individually from around $7 to as high as $29, and sometimes even higher then that.

Yes that’s right, you can pay upwards of $29 for a Single EFT Script. Whilst we certainly don’t suggest that there is anything wrong with this, you do have to be concerned whether a single script will do the job for you.

This is why you cannot purchase just one script from this site, we offer you a whole range of scripts to give you every opportunity of releasing headache pain.

You get a whole variety of scripts dedicated to headaches and migraines, at the same cost you would normally pay for a single script.

But most of all these scripts have all been created by Joe Williams, one of the industries leading EFT Professionals.


Let me share with you some real life success stories which show you the power that EFT has at releasing headache pain:

“I realized my headache was gone”


thanks so very much for your great scripts… I am always worried about purchasing items online in case it turns out to be all hype.

The scripts are amazing, the information in the scripts I have used so far is spot on. I was able to reduce my headache which I had for 5 hours, from an 8 to about a 2 on the first round. I did another couple of rounds with the same script, but that didn’t help. So I tapped to a couple of the other scripts and about 10 minutes later I realized my headache was gone.


John… Australia



“Your Scripts Are My Newest Companion “


EFT Headaches

Your scripts are my newest companion. Being a busy person I encounter stress on a daily basis, which means that some days I end my day with the dull pain of a headache.

Since using your scripts the frequency of my headaches have decreased, I am not sure if that is from the scripts themselves or because I also use them to help release stress.

But they have certainly helped me to rid headaches as they happen, thank you for a wonderful product.



Office Manager



“Headache Went Away”


hi Joe,

I had my headache so I went back to your scripts. I did the one about the depression and somewhere it mentions about striving for success, this worked. Headache did go away. Usually my headaches run 3 days





“Worth Way More Then The Price I Paid”


whom this concerns,

After experiencing a headache all day I tapped to several of these scripts when I arrived home and finally ended up being able to lay down and fall asleep, I was exhausted and my day had been ruined by yet another headache, but at least I was able to release it in the end.

They are worth way more then the price I paid…







From the feedback I have been receiving it appears that the majority of the individuals seeking out Professional Scripts for Headache Pain have previously been exposed to EFT.

Because they have already experienced success with using EFT in other areas of their lives it becomes a natural progression to also seek out EFT Scripts to help with Headache and Migraine Pain

But if you are new to EFT or you are unsure if you are performing EFT correctly I don’t want you to worry, as you will also be receiving a Free Guide to Using EFT.

This guide goes over all the common aspects of EFT, it describes the whole process step by step… But most of all it comes complete with full color photo illustrations which leave no room for confusion.

If you are new to EFT and you want to understand what EFT is about before you purchase you can download a copy of this Short Guide By clicking this link.



We call our program the only complete headache program on the internet, because we are the only ones offering a complete range of scripts just for headaches…

With our program you receive not one, not five, not eight, but 15 full length scripts for all of the most common reasons we find ourselves with headaches.

You will receive 15 Full Length Scripts, each consisting of over 5 minutes of tapping, that’s an incredible 75 minutes of Professional EFT Scripting.

I am not talking about 5 minutes of basic level scripting, I am talking about intense professional scripting, each 5 minute script is equal to over 15 minutes of basic level scripting



Buying these scripts gives you a true saving of around $300.00


Lets Look at the Real Savings of these Scripts

I could sell each script individually for anything from $7 to $29, which is what many other EFT Practitioners are doing, which is fine as they most likely are wonderful scripts.

But it is the 21st Century so with the power of the internet I have decided to do my own thing and offer these scripts at a price everyone can afford.

If I take an average of these prices and multiply them by the number of scripts in this program, these scripts if sold individually would cost on average $300.

I previously made these scripts available at $19.95, but because more people need access to this program I have now done a deal with my hosting company and I can now let these go for the low cost of only $4.95


This is just one of the many stories that Joe has received, it highlights how effective the scripts are that Joe creates, read what this person says:


I have used EFT over the last 12 months with huge success…

My brother-in-law came over for a visit and he was complaining of a headache which had started that morning and he was finding it hard to even think and do anything for that matter.

I had previously introduced him to EFT and he asked me if I could help him with his headache.

Right then I remembered the headache script that came with the Quit Smoking Program. I set the audio up on my Pc and simply told him to tap to it and I left the room and let him do his thing.

To my surprise he came upstairs about 8 minutes later. Thinking he didn’t tap to the script I asked him how his headache was, and he said it was gone.

He said it was strange because as he started to tap to the script the pain started to intensify slightly (he got a bit worried) but then almost dramatically disappeared in an instant towards the end of the script.

He said that it was the most amazing thing he had experienced, after suffering all day with what he thought would end up in a full blown migraine (he suffers from them), he now had almost total relief. He said there was only a slight thing left, I told him to go and tap to the script a 2nd time and it might get rid of all of it, he responded with Why Bother, he said he had just got rid of 99% of the pain which had consumed him all day and what’s left is so unimportant its not even bothering me”

Greg Brotherton…

The script mentioned in this testimonial is also included in this program



Many individuals worry about the quality of the scripts being purchased over the internet..They worry that the scripts are going to be simple basic scripts.

But because these scripts have been put together by Joe Williams they are instantly recognizable as being Advanced EFT Scripts.


When purchasing headache scripts it can be very difficult to know what particular script is needed. Whilst we may have an idea what is behind the headache it is impossible to know for sure, so if we purchase the wrong script we can be stuck if it does not work.

Joe have solved this by giving you a complete program of scripts for the price you would normally pay for one or two scripts. Providing you multiple scripts to attack a headache from many different directions.


We can provide you with something you will not find anywhere else on the internet… and that’s a fact…

Yes you might be able to purchase some great scripts over the net, but in almost all cases you will only receive one script.. No-one else has dared to offer a complete program dedicated specifically at headaches..


Easy your headaches or your money back

100% 60 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t believe this product delivers, and doesn’t ease your headaches, simply email me to arrange for your money back