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If you or a loved one has eczema, read on…

Dear friend,

Finally, a cure has been found to permanently and quickly cure atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema.

The typical treatments (topical corticosteroids, antihistamines, UV light therapy, immunosuppressants and others) have so far worked only for a small number of people … and can have very nasty side effects.

But just recently, a breakthrough method that you can start right now without taking any medication has been discovered and is currently helping people across the globe.

It’s based on two simple rules, which I’ll tell you in just a second.

But before I explain how this is possible, let me share with you a personal story…

I Woke Up To An “Eczema Nightmare
Every Morning

When I had eczema, it was like waking up into a nightmare every morning.

I would wake up and feel fine — calm and clear headed — for about 5 seconds. But then I would look down at my arms, and what I saw was a disaster.

My skin was bright red, oozing, and flaking off in chunks. Often my arms were bleeding from frenzied scratching throughout the night.

Less than 2 minutes awake and I already wanted to cry. It was NOT a good way to start my mornings.

Every day it was the same. I got dressed as fast as possible, in long sleeves, to hide my skin from myself.

The Teasing At School Was Miserable…
I Had To See A Doctor

At school I could disguise my ugly arms with long-sleeves, but not my neck. And let me tell you: It. Was. Ugly.

My neck was bright red, blotchy and dry… not to mention it itched like a $@%*!.

People stared, and they acted weird around me. I was used to that.

But the day I lost ALL my remaining self confidence was when a “popular” guy asked me if I was contagious, in front of three of his friends. He looked visibly disgusted, and they laughed in my face. By the end of the day, rumors had spread and I had earned a new nickname: “Redneck“.

My confidence and self-esteem were completely destroyed.

Frustrated and ashamed, and quite frankly, fed up with it, I did what any sane human being would do. I went to the doctor.

My doctor referred me to a specialist: a dermatologist.

What Followed Was 12 Years Of False Hopes And Side Effects…

Unfortunately, the way that many dermatologists approach treating eczema is flat out wrong.

I was initially prescribed powerful corticosteroid creams to rub on my skin. And while they appeared to work great at first, I noticed that my skin became dependent on these powerful drugs.

My doctors promised me that this eczema treatment would heal my skin, but as soon as I stopped the treatment, my skin would rebound and the eczema would come back worse than ever before.

Little did I know (doctors never told me) that continued use of these drugs causes permanent skin damage. Indeed, overuse of these steroid drugs is well known to cause skin atrophy, stretch marks, and susceptibility to infection.

At one point, I was prescribed a new medication called Elidel that works as an “immunomodulator.” I was told by doctors that it was safe to use. Not only did this expensive cream not work for me, but I later found out that the FDA has placed a black box warning on this medication due to risk that it may cause skin cancer.

I Thought My Skin Was Going To Be Ugly Forever…

As you can imagine, I was frustrated beyond belief. My hopes were repeatedly raised, only to be shattered every time after realizing that each remedy was not only ineffective, but also dangerous.

I began to wonder what it would be like…

…To not want to rip my skin off because of the incessant itching.
…To not feel insecure, like I needed to hide my awful skin from other people, or from the cold dry weather, or from myself.
…To have smooth skin without red patches, scratches and scabs all over my arms and hands.
…To be able to take a shower and not be in pain.
…To not wake up with bloody scratches after a night of terrible sleep.

I began to wonder what it would be like to look normal and have peace. And I was losing hope.

Clearly I was missing something.

I begin searching for a better solution…

I Started Asking Hundreds Of People Who Had Cured Their Eczema How They Did It, And Every Single One Followed These 2 Simple Rules

Not finding a solution anywhere among medical “professionals”, I decided I would start asking people who have cured their eczema just exactly how they did it.

At first, their answers seemed very different. I asked people online, from around the world, and hear many stories of frustration, misery, and eventually, triumph and success.

But the more answers I got, and the more people I asked, it became clear that they were all saying pretty much the same thing.

Rule #1 – Don’t Treat The Symptoms. Treat The Root Cause.

All the people who cured their eczema did it not by rubbing some cream on their skin to temporarily relieve the symptoms, but by identifying the specific underlying cause of their eczema.

While generalized eczema treatments like moisturization may temporarily reduce some of the symptoms, they can never eliminate atopic dermatitis. That’s because they treat the symptoms.

It’s like trying to stop a boat from sinking by bailing out water. You can stay afloat for a little bit, but the boat will eventually sink unless you plug the hole in the boat.

The people who got rid of their eczema permanently did it by “finding the hole in the boat” and plugging it for good. Once you do that, your skin will heal itself naturally and you will never need to use steroid creams, moisturizers or salves again.

Rule #2Do NOT Blindly Follow A Doctor’s First Opinion. It Can Be COMPLETELY WRONG.

I want to make it very clear that I am NOT trying to bash doctors here. Doctors are a huge benefit to society and help people stay healthy. I am absolutely not telling you to disregard medical advice. But this is a pattern I’ve seen in everyone who has managed to make their eczema go away forever: they double checked the facts themselves.

If a doctor recommends a certain medication and and tells you that it’s safe to use on your face, twice a day for three months, don’t just take his word for it. Do your own research on the medication. Read the information sheet that comes with the prescription.

If another doctor tells you that it’s impossible for diet to have any effect on eczema, don’t just take his word for it. Ask him for a reference that supports his claim.

Listen to what your doctor is saying, but check for yourself. Trust, but verify.

Trust me, these two simple steps can save you countless hours of frustration down the road.

But one thing is for sure: to get rid of eczema, it’s best to follow a systematic method.

And not just any method…

“How A Simple Method Identified The Root Cause Of My Eczema And Healed My Skin”

I realized that if I wanted any hope of curing my eczema for good, I needed to find the root cause of my eczema. As it turned out, the cause in my case was something I was not expected at all.

It took me twelve long, itchy years to figure it out.

Had I not finally identified the underlying cause of my eczema, then to this day I would be still be stuck in the hopeless cycle of hope and let down, trying cream after cream and getting nowhere.

But it won’t take you as long as I did. Why? Because I took my findings and devised a method to reliably identify the root cause of eczema.

Once you’ve identified the root, you will be shocked to learn how easy it is to eliminate your eczema. My program will guide you through this process, step by step.

The beauty of this system is that it works with anyone who has eczema and lets you treat the cause rather than the symptoms.

What’s important, though, is that it works.

“My Skin Was Beautiful Again”

Today, my skin is the way skin should be: healthy and beautiful.

It’s smooth to the touch and has an even tone. People who knew how bad it was before cannot believe the change.

“Finally, I Was Free From The Shackles Of Eczema … And I Knew It Was Gone For Good.”

I want you to feel the immense satisfaction I had of having this area of your life handled once and for all.

Don’t wait for over a decade like I did. I wish that I had taken care of this problem earlier.

But let me tell you, once I got this area of my life handled, I felt fantastic.

Achievement is like knocking down a domino. Once one comes down, others follow.

If you have his area of your life handled, and finally have your eczema eliminated once and for all, you’ll see other areas of your life transform. It’s not magic, it’s just how life works.

Sounds hokey, but it’s true.

Here’s how you can take the first (and the last) step …

Read My e-book “Healed Skin Secret” Today.

It’s A Quick Read, And It Will Show You The Root Cause Of Your Eczema, Guaranteed.

Healed Skin Secret

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Comes with a complete, no gimmicks 60 day money back guarantee.

If you still have eczema, you don’t pay a dime. Period.

Just so we’re clear…

“Healed Skin Secret” has nothing to do with…

It’s Not Magic. It’s A Systematic Methodology.

The best part about the Healed Skin Secret method — the method I used to identify and eliminate the root cause of my eczema — is that it’s so easy.

I’ve laid out a systematic methodology for you. All you have to do is follow it.

The method is built upon on over a decade of my own trial and error, as well as countless hours of research spent reviewing scientific literature on eczema.

But you don’t have to worry about any of that — I’ve already done it for you! I’ve compiled all the information you need in a way that’s extremely easy for you use.

I remember working with a friend of mine who suffered from eczema last year. Working together with her, we were able to pin down the exact cause of her dermatitis within a week! After that, it was a simple matter of removing the causative factor, and her skin has since cleared up. Permanently.

Like me, she was stuck in the cycle of not following the two rules. She had been treating the symptoms for her entire life, and she had never done her own fact checking about the treatments she was using.

Indeed, in some cases, once the underlying cause is removed, your skin can completely heal itself back to normal in a matter of days. It’s that powerful.

You’ll learn exactly what I mean when you flip open the book…

Here’s What’s Inside…

Eczema has never been illuminated like this before, so it’s no wonder Healed Skin Secret is quickly becoming the most popular treatment available online.

You’ve probably seen the ads, the testimonials, the results …

Well, once you flip it open for yourself, you’ll discover …

Try Healed Skin Secret Absolutely Risk-Free.

Quite frankly, anyone would be lying to you if they told you there was a way to cure eczema in 100% of cases.

Nothing is perfect. And Healed Skin Secret isn’t either.

But the funny thing is, humans all have remarkably similar bodies.

So once I perfected a method of curing my own very-persistent eczema, it turned out that it also helped many other people.

Since it’s worked for so many people, chances are it will work for you.

But why listen to me? Why not try it yourself? You’ll never know if it works unless you
try it out.

And quite frankly, you’re not going to get a better shot at curing this than right now.

Save Money. Stop The Expensive Treatment. Stop The Dangerous Treatment.

How much money have you spent on eczema?

For many people, the answer is “Hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars.”

But why pay that much? Shouldn’t the solution be affordable?

Let’s compare some of the popular options…

UV-B Phototherapy (8 Sessions) $1000 ($125 per session)
30g Tube Of Elidel Rx Cream $188
45g Betamethasone Dipropionate Cream $126
Healed Skin Secret $97 Today $29.97

Improving your life shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Still, I know $29.97 can be a significant investment for some people.

I’m so confident you’ll be more than satisfied that I’m offering a…

100% Money Back Guarantee If Your Eczema Isn’t COMPLETELY GONE After Following My Method!

Here’s where I put my money where my mouth is.

If for any reason you aren’t totally satisfied with the results of this miracle technique I’ll show you once your order, I’ll instantly refund you your money.

You have 60 days to try out EVERYTHING in this book, without having to invest a dime.

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, all you have to do is send me a personal e-mail, saying that you want a refund and explaining why, and I’ll refund you your money that day.

I am absolutely certain that this is going to make a difference in your life.

Don’t just sit there, hoping your skin will be fixed.

I promise, your life will never get better if you don’t take action and TRY SOMETHING new.

You owe it to yourself to fix this area of your life NOW.

Decide Now. This Information Won’t Be Available In This Format For Very Long.

Here’s the deal.

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So if you want to discover the root cause of your eczema, do it now.

Order the e-book, you’ll get it instantly, and start your 60 day “test drive”.

Remember, if it doesn’t work for you for some weird reason, just return it. You’ll get all of your money back, and you’ll be closer to understanding your condition.

Chances are, this WILL work for you, as it’s worked for people across the globe.

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“Eliminates Your Eczema From The Root Cause, Or You Don’t Pay A Dime.

When you consider the recurring costs of clinic visits, filling prescriptions, and over-the-counter creams, a one-time payment of $29.97 is a complete steal.

And with the Healed Skin Secret 60-day money back guarantee, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

But there’s one more thing I need to tell you…

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Healed Skin Secret

Itch No More is a very special guide that I created to address a HUGE factor of eczema: itching.

For me, itching was a miserable part of having eczema. I lost countless hours of sleep, productivity, and once even required antibiotics to treat infected scratches.

This guide will get you on the right track IMMEDIATELY with easy and practical steps that you can take today to get your itching and scratching under control.

My guide is concise, yet powerful. It’s based on the biology and psychology of the “itch-scratch cycle,” but I’ve broken it down into 3 incredibly simple steps. You can start today.

In this guide, you’ll see:

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To your new, confident life,

Nick Nolan

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P.P.S. Part of the truth about Eczema is so simple, you’ll be smacking your head — it’s so obvious. And another part isn’t so obvious — you may need to do things you’ve never heard of before. I’ll guide you through the whole process. It’s easy.

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