Each Way Winners

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Hello fellow punters!

We have all tried to strike it rich from placing Win bets on favourites or longshots but betting like this is rarely profitable in the long run.

After years of being a mug punter I discovered that the most consistent and profitable way to punt on the horses is by placing simple Each Way bets with the bookmakers.


What is an Each Way bet?

An Each Way bet is where you place a bet on a horse to Win the race and also for it to finish in a Place paying position (normally 1st, 2nd or 3rd depending on the number of runners in the race).

Placing these selections just as Win bets would likely yield a low strike rate which alone would be very difficult to profit from, which is why I back my selections Each Way.

By backing horses with odds greater than 6/1 all I need to do is land a Place and I am in the money already, and by landing a Winner every day or two at these very healthy odds I am able to hit my positive profit margin with ease.


How do I do it?

Using a specific approach and by applying filters to my own specialist software I am able to pinpoint selections that represent amazing value – sometimes with big odds like 40/1!

When you bet like I do it is like making an investment and watching it grow, as opposed to just blindly following the racing tips in the newspaper every day in the hope of striking it rich.

My selection processes have been honed over 9 years and over 5,000 selections, and they have set me up with a very nice lifestyle thanks to the returns I get which are much better than a bank will give you.


What Are My Past Results?

 Total for 2016 : Strike Rate 27.4% : 61.78 Points Profit (BSP)


How can you cash in like me?!

If you would like to start winning today you can receive the exact same bets that I place in your email inbox each and every day.

Some of the first place winners I have tipped since I began this service in May include Calder Prince at 22/1, Royal Reef at 26/1, Rajar at 29/1, Hajaj at 32/1, The Last Lion at 34/1 and Robbian at 40/1 (all BSP).

Just sign up for my selections below and put yourself on the path to instant profits!


Click here and go to the official website of the seller to purchase or learn more about this product!!!