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Take a deep breath…

You know that moment you keep dreading? The one where you’re minutes from an encounter and you have no idea if your erection is going to be there?

That moment…it’s over. For life.

But, it’s not going to happen the way you think. Or the way you’ve been told it has to happen.

Because, for the vast majority of men, drugs, herbs, pills and potions are completely unnecessary.

I’ll explain how and why in a second, but first, I have to get this out of the way…

If you’re anxious about whether the info I’m sharing with you is real, or just another online ED scam…that’s actually a good thing. I want you to be cautious. I want you to question what people are telling you (and trying to sell you), who they are, what their credentials are and what their agendas are. Because, there’s a parade of online scammers and back-alley hucksters selling bogus ED “cures” (in fact, if you see the words ED and cure in the same sentence, run).

And, sadly, mega drug-companies have now taken the reigns in the push to brainwash you into believing you need penis pills until the day you die (a day those same drugs might play a role in).

Before you choose drugs or herbal hooey, don’t you wonder how important it might be to understand the truth about what works, what’s utter fiction…and what’s so dangerous it’s actually been implicated in more than 200 deaths worldwide.

Dr. Joel Block Dr. Joel Block

My name is Dr. Joel Block. Over the last 30 years, I’ve successfully treated thousands of men just like you in my New York offices. Yes, my real clinical offices, where real diplomas hang on the walls. Men come to me in tears, often having flown in from around the world, terrified of what might happen the next time they’re alone with a date or even a longtime lover or spouse…and can’t get an erection. Overcome by feelings of shame, anxiety and frustration, asking…

“Is there any way for me to get a reliable erection that doesn’t involve taking pills-for-life, a parade of awkward moments, never knowing if it’s really going to work, spending tens of thousands of dollars and the risk of me dying or getting one of those 4-hour erections that the commercials say you might get with pills…the ones that can cause permanent injury?”

Short answer. YES! A thousand time yes.

For all but a small subset of men who have either organic issues (like a radical prostatectomy) or more involved psychological issues, there is another way. One that will allow you to reclaim reliable erections FOR LIFE without the risk, embarrassment or cost of pills, bizarre herbal potions or permanently-inured penises.




As a senior psychologist at North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System in NY, I’ve supervised a major hospital’s Sexuality Center for decades, treating thousands of individuals and couples with sexual challenges.

I’ve become known as the doctor of last resort.

Men from all walks of life, from powerful CEOs to college students, have flown in from around the word to work with me after having failed at every other type of treatment, drugs included (yes, they don’t always work and even when they do, it’s not unusual for them to stop working without notice, until you fix the REAL problem).

I became so proficient at treating sexual problems deemed by so many others “unsolvable,” I was appointed to train doctoral interns in sex therapy and eventually appointed an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry on the faculty of Einstein College of Medicine and a Diplomate of the American Board of Professional Psychology.

You may also have seen me featured in a variety of newspapers and magazines, as well as being a guest on:


•Good Morning America,

•Charlie Rose,

•Countless radio shows, including Playboy Radio.

And, I have also been a psychology consultant to ABC. You may have also come across one of the many books on love relationships and sexuality I’ve written, including:



Also, and this is really important…I’m not affiliated with any pharmaceutical company or herbal remedy purveyor.

I have no agenda to try to sell you on a lifetime of dependence on their supposed solutions. I don’t get paid to recommend them, I don’t profit if you take them. I am completely independent, which makes it easier for me to stand up and reveal what’s really going on…

The reason I’m writing this is to share with you an option that you’re not being told about. In fact, the potion-pushers are spending billions to keep you from learning it.


The Day Big Drug Companies Fooled The World…

Back in the 1990s, researchers at a major drug company discovered that a highly-aggressive class of drugs known as PDE5 inhibitors, which were developed to treat hypertension and angina, failed miserably, but seemed to have a side effect. They were causing erections in some men. Clinical trials were re-tooled, the FDA was put on notice, pills were approved and the pharmaceutical companies began to wage a multibillion-dollar advertising propaganda campaign in an effort to convince you to hand your sex life over to their pills and pay them for the rest of your life.

But, there was a problem…

These drugs were originally intended to treat life-threatening conditions. They are very strong, very serious drugs. And, they carry a laundry list of potential dangers and contraindications.

In the context of saving your life, you might be able to justify the potential dangers posed. But, in the quest for an erection, the risks become extremely difficult to justify.

CIALIS®, LEVITRA®, VIAGRA® and Other “PDE5 inhibitors” Exposed

Watching the TV ads with silver-haired men giving their adoring wives and girlfriends that manly wink, you’d think medication was the dream solution. Pop a pill, shuffle off to the bedroom, have sex, get on your hog and ride into the sunset with your manhood reclaimed.

But, did you ever notice anything else about those ads?

Like the fact that nearly HALF of the ad time is taken up by a laundry list of everything that can go wrong, even horribly wrong, just minutes after their prescription medication enters your system?

Before you consider resorting to drug-induced erections, you may want to know about these potential side-effects. 

When you take PDE5-inhibitors, you may suffer:

And, this doesn’t even include the huge list of drug and condition contraindications that when, mixed with ED drugs, have been investigated as a factor in more than 200 reported deaths.

And, here’s something else the drug-companies will never tell you…

It’s not unusual for ED drugs to stop working, without notice

That’s right, it’s entirely possible that you’ll pop a pill hoping for a lightning rod at that critical moment…and end up with a wet noodle.

Even if it works once, it may well NOT work at some point in the future. And, the thing is, you’ll never get any warning before the pill leaves you limp. The only way you’ll know the pill has failed is when you reach that critical moment…and nothing happens.

How can this be? Because the drugs don’t actually start your erection, they only make it work better AFTER your brain is sufficiently aroused. It’s your BRAIN that lights your fire and gets your juices flowing. And, that only happens when you’re psychologically in the place you need to be. When you’ve taken care of…

The critical mindset fixes that need to be made for you to get hard, drugs or no drugs.

So, the bad news is ED drugs will likely never give you RELIABLE erections. Even if they work once, you’ll always be left wondering…

“Is this the day I go down in flames?”

Because your real problem is likely not in your penis, it’s in your head.

And, even if you could rely on pills (which you can’t)

Have you ever added up what it’ll cost you to rent your erection for life?

Do you have any idea what the real economic cost will be to you? I always knew ED drugs were insanely expensive, but when a pharmacist friend recently reminded me, if you get your drugs through legitimate channels, the average pill cost is about $20, I was floored. Think about that for a minute. If you had drug-induced sex only once a week, your penis pills would end up costing you more than $1,000 a year. Bump that to twice a week and you’re over $2,000 a year. Now, extend that out over the next 20 or 30 years, that’s…

$20,000 to $60,000…to rent your own erection once or twice a week!

So, we now know that ED-drugs can:

By now, you’ve got to be wondering something…

If this is all true, then why do some doctors prescribe it so readily?

Reason #1: A Small Percentage of Men Actually DO Need Pills

A small percentage, those who have what we call an “organic” basis for ED, like having undergone a radical prostatectomy or having serious heart disease, may be best served by pills (though certain heart conditions may also make medication unsafe). Though, truth is, even if that’s you, pills may still not work. Because even when an organic basis for ED is present, there is also ALWAYS a psychological basis. And, if that’s left unaddressed…it’s not unusual for the drugs to outright fail.

Reason #2: Most Doctors Do Not Know About Drug-Free Mindset-based Treatment

As a clinical psychologist who is also on the faculty at Einstein Medical School in NYC, I’ve specialized in the area of sexual dysfunction for more than 30 years. I’ve been at the forefront of research. I live and breathe this every day. But, truth is, most physicians don’t. For decades, they’d routinely send patients to psychologists or psychiatrists for treatment. But, they had little or no exposure to my highly-specialized area of practice or the highly-effective non-drug treatments I’ve used to overcome ED in my patients every day for decades. And, nowadays, truth is, it’s often easier to just offer drugs. In this case, easier is often the worst thing you can do.

Reason #3: Big Pharma Is Spending Billions to Brainwash You Into Thinking Drug-Induced Erections Are Your Only Option

When you’re constantly barraged with propaganda that tells you drugs are the only real solution, there’s good chance you’re going to go to your doctor and ask for that drug, whether it’s your best option or not. Because you don’t know there’s a different way…a better way.

And, when patients come in pleading for fast and easy pills, it’s hard to say no, especially when you’re not well-versed in the mindset-based solution that, once learned, costs nothing for life and dramatically improves not only your sex-life, but your relationship and life.

So, now you know the truth about ED drugs.

You’ve finally seem how horrible a a choice they are for all but a few men who’ve got no other choice.

But, I’m betting, especially if you’ve been searching online, there’s another option you’ve run into…

The 100%-Safe, Drug and Herb-Free, Clinically Proven Program For Reliable Erections

For most men, your real problem is not in your penis, it’s in your head.

That doesn’t mean it’s not real. It is VERY REAL!

But, it’s not about the plumbing, it’s about the crippling, anxiety-producing, confidence-shattering thoughts, concerns and fears that are cutting off blood flow to a penis that’s otherwise fully capable of getting reliably rock-hard.

Which is why I’ve distilled my decades of practice into a clinically-validated, step-by-step, home-based, drug-free, herb-free, supplement-free (meaning scam-free), totally-discrete, lasting program that:

It bypasses your plumbing and goes straight to the heart of the problem…YOUR MIND

It’s called Mind Over ED™


Component #1: The Mind Over ED Manual

The foundation component of the ED Brain Breakthrough program is the 50-page Mind Over ED Manual. It’s packed with information that will quickly transform the way you feel about your ED, yourself and your partner, then reveal the heart of the proven treatment protocol developed over 30 years and tested and refined on thousands of patients.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll discover:



The Guide Book will also:


Value: $149

And, When You Order Today, You’ll Get These Special Bonus Reports:


Total Value of the Mind Over ED program = more than $350…


Compared To a Lifetime of Medication, The Cost of The

Mind Over ED™ Program Essentially Rounds To Zero…

We’ve already seen how drug and herbal approaches can end up costing you $20,000 to $60,000. And, while I have a perpetually packed patient schedule, you’d very likely end up paying me $2,000 to $20,000 for private therapy.

Which is why I’m so excited to be able to share Mind Over ED™ program with you at a price that, comparatively, is one step away from me practically handing you the keys to your erection for free.

For a short time, the entire Mind Over ED program is only…$97.This version will give you immediate access to a private online vault where you’ll be able to discretely download everything within minutes.

How Does Mind Over ED Stack Up?

Thousands of Men Have Already Reversed Their ED…

I am blessed to receive phone calls and hugs from patients every day who’ve experienced the impact of the Mind Over ED.

All told thousands have experienced what you’re about to experience.

But, as I’m sure you can imagine, it’s not the easiest thing to get anyone to go public with their struggles with ED and their dramatic, drug-free results.

Even so, here are a few stories from men who’ve experienced what it’s like to reclaim their erections, their sex-life and, often, their relationships using the knowledge and techniques included in The Mind Over ED program…


Daniel, Sioux City, Iowa

“…An absolute gift. I got into a pattern of erection failure and I was stuck. Thank you!”


Here’s A Snapshot Of Everything You’ll get with the Mind Over ED Program

Unconditional 60-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

The Mind Over ED™ program has been developed, tested and refined with real patients in a clinical setting for more than 30 years.

Still, I realize there are so many predatory companies and people peddling sham solutions, I’ve decided to take on 100% of the risk.

So, here’s what I’m doing…

Order Mind Over ED, use it exactly as instructed for 60-days (it won’t work if you let it languish…along with your sex life). I guarantee, if you follow every step in the process, you will experience a substantial improvement in your ability to get hard again, be more intimate and reclaim your sex life.

If for any reason, you do not experience satisfactory results simply contact www.clickjbank.com before the end of 60-days.Please bear in mind, the program works, but you must work it and give it time. If still not satisfied…We’ll issue you a refund for 100% of the purchase price, no questions asked.

Sounds fair to you, right?


Can You Think Of A Legitimate Reason Not To Try?

The Mind Over ED is based on my work with thousands of men just like you over more than 30 years. It’s been tested, refined and honed for decades. It just plain works…and it won’t put you at risk. That’s why I’m so comfortable offering you a full 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

But, here’s the thing, Mind Over ED only works when you take action.

Reading this far, nodding your head and agreeing with everything I’ve shared won’t give you back reliable erections, your sex-life, your self-regard or your lover. For that to happen, you need to act. In fact, the simple fact that you’ve read this far proves how committed you are to finally putting your ED behind you.

I wonder what might happen to your confidence, your relationships and your sex life if you stepped up right now and said…

“YES Dr. B! I’m Ready to reverse my ED today?!”

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