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“How To Paint Your Car, Get Eye Popping Finishes and Own The Coolest Ride on The Block. PLUS, Experience The DIY Pride of Getting The Job Done Right. 100% Guaranteed! – Even If You’re a Complete Auto Body Newbie & Have No Experience Whatsoever”

Isn’t it about time that you create the ultimate car project of your dreams? …No more headaches on what steps to take, what materials to use or what tools to use. Just get simple, sweet and neck turning show room results.

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Here’s the deal-

If you want to create show-car quality body repairs, modifications and paintjobs without the YEARS of experience it usually takes, what I’m sharing here is the one thing that’s probably holding you back.

You see, there are 3 SECRETS you need to become a world-class auto body guy:

(and if you’re missing even one of these, you’re doomed to make the same mistakes over and over, never quite nailing it…)


It’s time you start turning some heads!

You want to be the guy with the killer ride. You want to turn heads, you want to astonish your buddies, and you want anybody who sees your car to drool with envy.

Or maybe you want to supercharge your skills so you can make money by doing high quality bodywork painting and repairs for other people.

Well, without being pro-level for all three of the things I mentioned above, you’ll never do a pro-level job, period.

Sorry, I know that’s harsh, but that’s just how it is.

Of course there’s other stuff too – you need to be a world class masker, you need to know paint ratios, air pressures and a million other things…

…But Don’t Worry – I’m About To Show You
How To Do It all, and People Will Think You’ve
Been In This For Years

You see, what you’re looking at here is a proven, simple way to shortcut all the years of difficulties and learning it usually takes to get the point of being a sought after body work pro. Why do I say it’s proven?

isdBecause it is proven! Over 6,527 people all over the world use this course to get the bodywork skills they want. 6,527 happy customer in 36 countries, and counting.

This material is so fresh, so effective, it’s even taught by High Schools in Texas. Seriously – the Austin School District recently added my tuition methods and videos to their curriculum.

Here’s what a few more people have to say:

In short, as you go through the step-by-step trainings where I take you by the hand and show you what works, what will mess you up, and how to fix the mistakes you’ve made without anybody noticing them… You’ll realize how valuable this information is.

Here’s how I got to know these amazing secrets and techniques:


Yes, I may be only 33, but I’ve already got 20 years in this business. I started out when I was just 13 years old.

My Dad owned an auto body shop, and I would work on my own stuff there when I was a kid… and I guess you could say… as time went on, I had gained a knack for it.

It wasn’t long before I was the kid all the older kids came to, to get their cars and motorcycles painted.

… and let me tell you, being 15, 16, 17 years old and getting paid by 25 year olds to paint their car – that’s a pretty awesome feeling.

Still, not everything was plain sailing. See this car here?


Looks great, right? Well, it didn’t always look so good. The first time I painted it the garage got infested with nasty termites just as I finished laying the final coat of clear.

Man, I didn’t know what to do so I just shut the lights, got out of there quick and locked the door behind me.

And wow, I wish I had a picture of what I saw when I opened the garage door the next morning.

There were thousands of termites all over the car! They were stuck to the gloss paint job like it was glue… it was like the whole top of the car was salted with insects. It was disgusting.

And That’s Not Even The Worst Part

The worst part was it was a customer’s car, so I had to start over and give them the flawless paint job they’d paid me for.

…and to do that I had to sand off all these hundreds of dead insects!

Man, I can’t even begin to tell you how bad it looked and felt, and the mess that was left on the car.

But I got through it, and delivered my trademark jaw dropping finish on the car. Here is a picture of it below.


I did that when I was 17…

Wasn’t too long before I was making $550 a week doing jobs outside of school. Not a bad for a high school kid, right?

Anyway, long story short, I’ve put together everything I learned (yes, including what NOT to do), and turned it into a no-holds-barred, everything-revealed online video auto body and paint domination course…

… and right now, today, I’m unleashing my New version onto the public for 2015.


Here’s what I got for you…

Let’s face it, it’ll be a heck of a lot easier to give your project a high quality finish with me showing you what to do every step of the way, don’t you think?

And I’m not talking about just the simple stuff either – what brands of paint to use or why you need more water filters than most pros will admit to…

… I’ll get down into the deep and dirty secrets, the nitty gritty details that took me YEARS to learn.

Getting access to these secrets is literally like being handed the keys to the ride of your dreams – because you’ll be able to use your new skills to create your dream ride!

… or, you’ll be able to make enough money from those skills to buy just about any vehicle you want.

Here are just some of the secrets you’re about to discover:


And that’s just a tiny random sample of the stuff that I’ll blow your mind with – there’s a whole lot more.

This amazing course will show you EXACTLY how to erupt through the ranks of the “so-so” auto body guys, and become the guy other people envy and talk about.

If you’re looking to make money from this stuff, you’ll quickly become the “go-to” guy in your area. Somebody needs a quick repair or a jaw-dropping paint job, and they’ll come to you.

Word will spread, and it probably won’t be too long until you’re able to write your own paycheck using these skills. It’s not uncommon for a hot custom paint job to cost $5,000 – $10,000… And will probably take you less than a week to complete.

Would You Like To Make Eight Thousand Bucks For Five Days Work?

Of course you would… and it’s there for the taking.

True, that’s at the high end of things, you know, when you’ve been doing it a while, but it’s possible for sure.

In fact a lot of people who use this course go on to make money from what they learn, and some of them have even gone as far as opening their own body shops.

Here’s what a couple of them had to say:

Of course, nobody’s forcing you to do that. If you just want to repair your own cars or create cool custom projects of your own, that’s cool too.

You’ll be the guy with eye-wateringly good paint jobs on his cars. You’ll have flawless custom colors and mind-blowing detail work that other people simply won’t believe.

In fact, my secrets can help you get so good at this stuff that nobody will believe you did it yourself. They’ll think you paid ten grand for a team of hotshot body experts to do a complete overhaul or got yourself featured on one of those TV shows…

… but no, it will be little old you, doing it at home or wherever you choose – with a shoestring budget.

Pretty cool huh?

And sure, you may be thinking the only way to get really good at this stuff is endless hours of practice or a long-winded apprenticeship or whatever, but let’s be honest for a second…

Wouldn’t You Rather Skip All That AndGet Better IMMEDIATELY?

Sure, there’s an element of practice involved. The fiftieth car you paint will probably be better than the first one you did… but that’s just human nature, we always get better at things the more we do them.

But on the way from the first paint job to the fiftieth, you’d learn a million little things. How to do this, how to do that, what not to do here, and so on.

And that’s what I’m giving you here. A crash course on all those little things, so you DON’T have to learn it from experience.

There’ll be no trial and error for you, because I’ll be telling you exactly what to do every step of the way.

It’s literally like a roadmap to becoming an auto-body genius.

Oh, and do you know the cool thing?

Everything’s presented to you right there and then on video. You see me talking you through everything, and working my magic right there, live on your screen. All you need to do is copy what I do.

How hard is that?

Not very, and here’s what just a few of my happy users have to say to prove it:

Even people with ZERO experience are able to create AMAZING projects after watching my videos and seeing my guides.

And don’t worry, if you’re at a more experienced level, I’ll still show you a ton of new tricks and techniques – here’s a quick sample of what you’ll learn:


And there’s plenty more – you’re getting more than 72 hours worth of videos so that really is just a tiny taste.

Warning – If You Attempt This Kind Of Work Without The Right Skills Or My Videos To Guide You, You Could Run Into Severe Problems

You could honestly be left with a complete disaster.

You know all those cars you see driving around every day with terrible bodywork? They have primer showing, patchy paint, mis-matched doors and all that stuff?

Well, that’s what happens when you don’t know EXACTLY what you’re doing.

Here’s the usual path of progression for somebody to become a bodywork master – this is the exact process I followed:

First of all, you need to dive into this stuff… get obsessed, so that you eat, drink and sleep bodywork. That’s what happened to me – man, when I was 12 or 13 years old, you couldn’t get a sentence out of me that wasn’t about painting this or that, or lowering a car or whatever.

I got obsessed, and I still am. I studied this stuff 24/7.

Next, you need to get your feet wet.

Jump in the pool, and get some real life experience – not just watch it online or on tv or whatever. You need to know what it feels like to hold that spray gun, to sand the bodywork smooth with your bare hands, and create perfection for yourself.

You need to know what it feels like to bring your own project to life with YOUR skills and vision… and how it feels to have other people tell you what an amazing job you did.

There’s literally no substitute for getting your hands dirty and DOING this stuff, you know?

And the last piece of the puzzle is somebody ifs watching over you. Someone who watches your back, and nudge you in the right direction when you need it.

That’s the route I followed, and that’s the route for most people – and even then, with all that in place, you’re probably still looking at 5 years or so before you get to be good at these things.

Most guys out there are flat out not good enough… and that’s why the people who can perform at the top level get the top level bucks.

But Listen – I Know You Don’t Want To Wait Five Years – You Wouldn’t Be Reading This If You Were Prepared To Take The Long Route

Let me ask you something – why would you take years to get good at something, when you could skip all the waiting and short cut your way to success?

That’s what Learn Auto Body And Paint can offer you.

If you want to:


… then quite simply, this is exactly what you need.

Tony This Really Does Sounds Like Just What I Need, But How Does It Work?

It’s actually very simple, and you can have the whole course in your hands within the next 2 minutes.

It’s a quick, 2 step process, and here’s how it goes:

1- As soon as you hit the order button below and fill out your details, you’ll be taken to your private VIP member page. This is where you find the videos and everything else – and it’s available 24/7, so you’ve got access for LIFE.

2- Once you’re in your member’s area, you get to watch all my videos, download them, read all the guides and chat with other members, should you want to.

And that’s it – it’s a completely painless 2 step process and gives you unlimited access to all the amazing auto-body tips, tactics and insider secrets you could ever need.

I just KNOW you’re going to love this stuff…

… in fact, let me break it down for you and show you exactly what you’re getting.

And before you start worrying – no, this isn’t one of those crappy 2 hour DVDs that cost $40 or $50 and don’t really show you anything. I’ve bought a ton of them in my life, and I worked very hard to make sure everything in my course gives you far beyond what you’d get in DVDs like that.

Here’s exactly how that breaks down:

“Introducing The LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Home Study Course & Private Support Community…”

That’s Already $2,031 Worth Of Stuff… But I REALLY Want You To Succeed, So That’s Not All I’m Giving You Today…

For showing me you’re smart, and exactly the kind of person I want to welcome into my VIP community, I want to give you these incredibly valuable bonuses for ordering today.

You Also Get 3 Bonuses Valued at $147 for FREE


These bonuses alone are worth almost a hundred and fifty bucks, and I’m GIVING them to you just for giving this course a try today.

And just to make sure you know this is a completely unmissable no-brainer deal, I want to make you an offer you literally can’t refuse.

You see, I KNOW this stuff works.

Thousands of people all over the world have invested in this course. It’s incredibly popular for one reason…

… because it WORKS!

I’m 100% sure you’re going to love it…

So let me put my money where my mouth is right now, and give you a 100% money-back guarantee.

Normally $297 — Now Just $97

Save $200 Today

How else are you going to learn this stuff? College courses? Technical school?

Sure, you could do that, but it’s going to cost an ugly amount of money…

… probably ten grand plus, to be honest.

And there’s the other alternative – buying a ton of those crappy 2 hour DVDs to try and learn from.

Well, the truth is, those DVDs tend to suck, and you’d need to buy dozens of them to cover all the stuff I’m giving you here.

Your Learn Auto Body and Paint membership has enough videos to fill 35-40 DVDs like that… and those DVDs cost forty or fifty bucks a pop…

… which means 35 of them would cost over a thousand dollars!

If you think about it like that, it’s easy to see exactly how valuable your Learn Auto Body and Paint membership could be, isn’t it?

Plus on top of all of that, you get full VIP support whenever you need it. Access the forums, our private Facebook group for on-demand help anytime.

Just think about that for a second… if you wanted to turn it into a business, you could easily make $500-$1000 a week from these skills. Heck, I was making $750 a week on the side as a high school kid – and that was 15 years ago!

But listen – even though this is clearly worth a lot of money, I want to make it as affordable as possible for you – it’s just my way of giving back to the auto body community.

My skills have let me have a nice life, and put together some truly amazing cars and projects…

… and I’m hoping if I pass them on to you, you can do the same.

So even though the videos alone are worth over a thousand dollars, I’m not going to ask you for anything like that.

I’m not even going to ask you for $750.

Bottom line, I’m actually going to ask for less than $500.

A lot less in fact.

If you go ahead and order today, I’ll let you in for less than $300.

Less than $200 actually.

Pull the trigger today, and you get it all for single payment of $97!

Here’s What To Do Now:

Hit the big orange “Add To Cart” button below. You’ll be immediately taken to my 100% secure page to enter your details. My system is managed by a payment processor named, and their systems have military-grade 128-bit encryption to make sure everything is safe and secure.

Once that’s done, you’ll be whisked directly to your own private member’s area, to start downloading and soaking up all this explosive insider information right away.

That whole process usually takes less than 3 minutes, so you’re just a few minutes away from getting your hands on everything we just talked about.

So do it. Hit the button below and let’s get started!

I’ve shown you how you can become world class at auto body work for $97.

If you think about it, a similar college course would cost $2,000-$3,000 a semester. You know it.

You’ve seen actual user stories, and how THOUSANDS of people all over the world love and use this course.

I’ve shown you how the course gives you more than $2000+ worth of information for a tiny sliver of that value…

… and I’ve shown you how you’re also getting $147 worth of bonuses just for giving it a try, and how you can get full access to all this wickedly effective information in the next few minutes. And I’ll even let you keep those bonuses just for giving it a shot today, even if you ask for a refund.

And finally, I’ve shown you how you can try it within the next few minutes with zero risk, because I’m giving you my personal 60 day satisfaction guarantee.

Now, the decision is in your hands.

Only one of two things can happen here.

Either we move on together, or you’ll go it alone.

Either you’ll join me and immediately start improving your auto body skills in a community of like-minded others, like thousands of members before you… or you’ll continue to struggle your way through alone.

I wish I could make this choice for you, and take that next step with you, but I really can’t. This is something for you to do, and you alone.

And remember – every second you hesitate here is another second where you’re not the guy with the mouth-watering skills, not the guy others turn to with crazy jealousy and BEG you to work on their cars…

… so you need to act fast.

Also, just to give you fair warning, I’m currently testing prices on this page, so if you don’t jump on this immediately, you may find the price has doubled or even more.

Normally $297 — Now Just $97

Get 66% OFF Today

See you on the “inside”!



P.S. – Remember – if your body work skills are not noticeably better for your very next project I’ll happily refund every single cent of your cash – and you get to keep every single thing, including those $147 in bonuses!

P.P.S.– Even if you only ever use this knowledge to repair scratches and dents in your own cars, how much do you think you’ll save in your lifetime through not having to pay somebody else to fix those things? $2000? $3000?

P.P.P.S. – Here’s what another of my satisfied customers said:

Before you make your final decision here, please ask yourself “what if Tony is right? What if this is the one thing that’s been holding me back all this time – what if this really can let me shortcut the years and months of practice and struggles?”

I don’t want you to feel that way. Please – your purchase is fully guaranteed, so there’s no reason at all for you NOT to try this out today.

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