Dance More – The 28 Day Dance Workout Program By Bodybold

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Attention!  Do you love shaking it on the dance floor but can’t stand those BORING workouts everyone says you must do in order to get your DREAM BODY?
This Revolutionary Dance Movement Instantly Reveals Your Sexy, Toned, Confident Figure in just

28 Days.  
Women worldwide are breaking up with boring workouts and falling in love with their bodies once and for all… without ever stepping foot in a gym and with a program that takes only 10 minutes a day! 
It all started without any warning … 
I was dragged out of my house…
I had just gone through a life-shattering break up.
 I was getting fired from my job.
I was on the verge of being homeless.
Life sucked.

That night, I probably would’ve downed
a bottle of red wine,
ate a sleeve of Oreos,
and cried my eyes out over a Sex and the City rerun in old dirty sweatpants if my girl friend had let me.
Thank goodness she didn’t.

That night, my friend dragged me (practically against my will) to a party.
When we arrived, there was a DJ booth in an empty, what once used to be, living room.
My friend didn’t seem to notice the oddity and excitedly insisted,
“Let’s dance!”
I was so zoned out and too weak to fight her.
“Ok, whatever. Let’s dance” I miserably mumbled.
That’s when it happened!
What I discovered that night was hidden in me all along…
But I was too stressed!  I became too blind to see it!
This buried secret finally gave me the 
and the POWER to get the results I knew 
I deeply DESERVED.
Once I began on this journey, I never even thought about quitting!
I was shocked that my whole life, 
the secret to a toned body and sexy confidence 
was something I already knew.
And when I tell you exactly what it was, you’ll be amazed to discover…

That night we danced
I left the party dripping in sweat and…
All of a sudden… nothing else mattered. 
I was exhausted. 

I was happy.

 I was finally FREE.
I am going to tell you exactly how my life changed that night

And how it can change yours too!
But first, let me ask you…
Did you know…
If you Google the word “Feminine”, the first words that come up are “pretty”, “delicate”, “tender”, and “fertile”.

Now I don’t know about you…
But those are NOT the words I identify with!
It’s no wonder so many women suffer from weight and body issues and have very little SELF LOVE!
Hi! I’m Juli.
And I LOVE being a woman!
But I’ve desperately struggled to love my body at times.
Between the lovely changes womanhood brings, combined with conflicting social pressure…

The body image roller coaster sometimes seems endless!
If you are like me, you know EXACTLY what ups and downs I’m talking about.

Remember 10 pounds ago when you still felt FAT?!

And how about the times you think you are making progress but the scale just doesn’t budge?!

Ugh! It can be sooooo frustrating!
We are our own worst enemies — but can you really blame us? 
We are being suffocated DAILY with magazines about “this hot bod” and tweets about “her shocking cellulite”.  
Or how about the claims that you can lose weight if you just take 2 hours of hot yoga, drink pickled kale juice, stop eating food, and use a slimming Instagram filter?
Then there’s the health industry, who can’t make up their mind about what is healthy this week and who they are going to be in bed with next week to push the latest food “trends” and pricey “superfoods”?!
Can’t a girl get a break around here?!
It is so overwhelming and frustrating that you don’t know if you should go out for a 10 mile run, or just shut down and eat some pizza.

But seriously! … How are we supposed to feel?!
It is a struggle to live normal lives where we feel

comfortable with ourselves.  
Why can’t women just lift each other up, 
rather than cut each other down?
Why can’t the media support us “real women”
out here doing the best we can on a daily basis?
Wouldn’t it be incredible if we had a way to get in
GREAT SHAPE and LOVE our bodies 
without expensive personal trainers or private chefs?
How about a fitness program that
fits into OUR lifestyles and HELPS us
rather than leaving us feeling like failures when we get off track?
I can’t tell you how many programs I have started and stopped because they were just ridiculous!
How does it sound to…
Measure out everything you eat into tiny, color coded containers?
Record every calorie you eat and do MATH to see how long you have to stay on the treadmill?
Soooo time consuming.
Suffer gawking looks from creepy dudes at the gym who, for some reason, actually THINK you want to be hit on while you are working out?
You’ve got to be kidding me.
That’s a big NO from me!
I don’t have time, patience, or desire for ANY of those things.

And let’s be honest, NEITHER DO YOU!
…That’s why majority of us give up!
Then we go back to mindless eating,

shamefully skipping our workouts,

and then frowning over our reflection in the mirror
And we ride this rollercoaster
over and over again!
We don’t deserve to suffer like this!
I knew I had to stop this cycle and
FALL IN LOVE with my body 
once and for all!
So I must disclose, I am a dancer.

I have trained in classical ballet, tap, jazz, modern, contemporary, and hip hop from the time I was 3 years old up to being on the college dance team at the The University of Maryland.
Dancing is just what I do.
When I used to do it, it was very focused and choreographed.
I saw dance as a skill, something that is simply learned and executed…
but I was wrong.
What I learned that night at that party was that dance is an expression.

It is an outlet to rid stress, to free yourself from negativity, to dig deep within yourself and find happiness, and hey–

I started teaching dance as fitness in 2008 for classes at gyms and in YouTube tutorials.
After seeing the thousands of lives it has changed in class, and the MILLIONS it has helped via YouTube, I currently swear by no other health and fitness program.
To dance and to move your body to music is human nature.
From infants to the elderly, we are inspired to move when we hear music.
It is no coincidence that on the most important day of so many people’s lives (their wedding day) there is dancing!
If it is so important to us as humans, why would we not do MORE of it?!
Why do we limit this insanely fun, freeing, healthy human instinct to a few times a year when our clothes are restricting and our shoes are uncomfortable?
Well, not anymore!
I have developed an amazingly
FUN dance workout
program for you that will
totally change the way you look at exercise!
Now, working out isn’t something you HAVE to do, it is something YOU WANT to do!
This program is incredibly rewarding.
Your workouts will leave you feeling
This means you can say goodbye to frustration, boredom, and giving up
You will finally get the results you dream of, get off the negative body image roller coaster, and embody the ideal of
But before I show you just how life changing this program is, let’s start from the beginning…
It is true, I have been dancing my whole life…
But it wasn’t until dance saved my life that I realized how empowering it was.
Like many women in their 20’s, I had found myself trapped in a suffocating relationship.
I was trying so hard to make it work because according to everyone else, this is when relationships are supposed to turn into marriage.
 So you better fight to make it work, right?
I pushed forward and convinced myself I was happy. But I couldn’t sleep. I became dependent on alcohol. I began to hate myself and hate my partner too.
I sacrificed so much of myself and my life for this other person, and I thought that was OK.
I was settling for a mundane partnership,

having to force myself to “get in the mood” because I never felt sexy,
and rely on several glasses of wine every single night in order to fall asleep.

I was completely blind.
I thought this was the straight and safe track to my “happily ever after”.
Then one day, it all came to a screeching halt.  
And there I stood alone, confused, and completely lost.
I wasn’t really sure what had happened, to be completely honest.
But I do remember clear as day, watching the man I built into my future, come home, pack a bag, and walk out the door… forever.
He just gave up.
On us and on ME.
I was speechless.
The door slammed louder than it ever had before.
“WAIT!” I silently screamed as I choked on my own breath.
My eyes welled up with tears and my legs literally gave out from underneath me.

What did I do to deserve this?
Was my whole life a lie?
Was I a joke?
A wave of nausea came over my body, and it didn’t leave for several months.
There were countless days and nights fluctuating between various extreme emotions.
I fell back into old dangerous and self-destructive habits I had learned in my teenage years of starving myself and/or forcing myself to vomit.
There was an old familiar voice in my head that said, “You don’t deserve food.”
This was soon counterbalanced with complete numbness. No regard for anything, anyone, especially not myself.
I recall crying so hard one day while I was driving home from work that I could no longer see where I was going.
“Good,” I thought. “Maybe I’ll crash. I probably deserve that. 
Look how pathetic I am anyways.”
I didn’t know what was going to happen to me.
But what happened was that party…
What happened is that I came ALIVE again that night;
sweaty, smiling, and set free.
The very next day I pledged to myself that I would simply “Dance More”.
That’s all I could bare to pressure myself into. 
I didn’t want to fail again, so I thought starting small would help.
Just…. “Dance More.”
And I did. I danced every damn day until I felt that light and happiness again.  
I began to heal. 

I was sleeping again and pounds of careless weight just fell off of me.
I soon noticed my body toning up with beautiful muscles I hadn’t seen in a long time. 
I stood tall and confident.

I will never forget the day I looked in the mirror and honestly and truly felt sexy again.
For the first time, in a really long time.
I danced with my friends and exercise became a social event.
I laughed, I smiled, and one day..
I didn’t hurt anymore.
I had found myself…
And she was beautiful.
And so are YOU!
This program is for EVERYONE! 
All shapes, sizes, and experience levels! Even if….
“I’m too busy and don’t have time…”

I will totally agree with you that there are not enough hours in the day.
That is EXACTLY why I created this follow along program that will get your body moving and heart rate up FAST.
Each workout can be done in minutes so you can push play, work it out, and get on with rocking your day.
But I’m going to be honest, this program does require you to prioritize yourself for 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week. But trust me, those minutes are going to change your life.
“I can’t dance…”

I hate it when people say this because it simply IS NOT TRUE!
If you can move, you can dance. And if you can walk, you can do this program.
Dancing is NOT about how good you look doing it, but how good you FEEL.
This is your judgement free zone. Just you and me.
Plus, I teach you the moves before we do them!
So take your time, playback the video as many times as you need to learn and feel comfortable with the movement, and then get to dancing!
 This program is designed with EVERYONE in mind, from those with self proclaimed “two left feet” to former and current dancers that want a great pick me up.
“I’m tired of spending money on fitness programs I never stick to…”

I understand. I have wasted HUNDREDS of dollars on programs that have left me feeling lost and broke.
This program is so customizable, you can use it for several months in a row and NEVER get bored!

Tell me this- how much money would you spend to finally get the body back you know you are capable of having?
If you could feel sexy and confident and eliminate self doubt, what kind of price would you put on that?
How much did the last pair of shoes that you bought cost?
Isn’t your health and happiness worth more than that?
It will be the best money you’ve spent in a long time!
“I can’t keep up in Zumba or Group Exercise Classes…”

Then these videos are PERFECT for you!
I walk you through each routine, step by step so you can learn the choreography before ever putting it to music.
It is one-on-one instruction, just me and you, so you’ll have a front row seat and won’t have to deal with entitled “Fitness Class Snobs” or bumping elbows in a crowded room.
No cheesy gimmicks or class headaches!
“Nothing ever works for me…”

If nothing has worked for you in the past, then I’m SO glad you found this program!
 The beauty of this workout is that it doesn’t feel like WORK.
Although you’ll be sweating and notice how effective it is right away, you’ll be having so much fun that you won’t feel burdened by doing this exercise program at all!
This program will work for you because you will want to stick with it.
You will see it as a treat, a highlight of your day, and you’ll never want to quit!
My story is not unlike hundreds of other women who have gotten their bodies and confidence back through dance.  
“I lost 100lbs and proved even my doctor wrong.  How?  I just kept dancing!”
Latonya had a near death health emergency in her early 20’s because of severe hypertension and heart problems. She had long given up on herself and suffered from chronic health issues and was 100lbs overweight.
She knew she needed to do something, but didn’t know where to start.
One day she stood in her living room, feeling hopeless and scared for her life, she considered just giving up and letting her illnesses take the best of her. But something inside of her just wouldn’t quit and she began searching videos on YouTube.
“[Juli’s] video appeared on the first page and I instantly started dancing,” she recalls. From that day on, she just kept dancing. And her life completely changed.
Latonya went from 250lbs to 155lbs and eliminated all of her long-term, chronic illnesses even the doctors thought she would never get rid of! She went from being in severe pain and taking 10 pills daily, to absolutely no medication and is now a health and fitness motivator, changing the lives of men and women worldwide.
“I proved them wrong!!” Latonya proudly states. “Thank you Juli for helping me take control of my life.”
“I was pregnant and getting a divorce.  I felt the opposite of sexy, until I found BodyBOLD’s dance program.”
Maria was a new mom who’s world had been shaken by a new baby and a pending divorce. She was left feeling tired, angry, stressed, and regretful that she wasn’t starting off on the right foot to raise her son. Between a failed marriage and the unwanted baby weight, she was feeling the furthest thing from sexy but she knew she needed to get back into the gym.

 That’s when Maria found my hip hop classes. She was scared to get started but had this to say about her experience,
“It was everything I needed it to be. Juli is exactly what you want in a dance/fitness instructor. She is welcoming, motivational, and pushes you without intimidation! And her classes are FUN! It makes it so easy to workout. She kicks your butt but tells you how awesome you are along the way. Juli is honestly the best instructor I’ve ever come across and I’m picky!”
After working with Maria for 5 years, she still looks forward to classes every week, and gets better and better each time! She has lost X lbs since starting dance fitness classes and recently bought her dream home with her new fiance and her 6 year old. If you ask her son what he thinks of his mom he says, “She’s the most beautiful mom in the world.”
If you are still sitting there thinking, “But I really can’t dance,” then you will love Christina’s story:

“I’ve always classified myself as a “two left feet” person when it comes to dancing, so when I decided to take one of Juli’s dance classes it was with moderate to severe anxiety. Within the first five minutes of class Juli’s energy and positive attitude completely wiped away any dance phobia I had going in.
There’s no way you can walk out of one of her classes in a bad mood. Her smile and “you can do it attitude” make all of the dances fun. It never ceases to amaze me that when I’m feeling tired in class, she seems to find more of her own, contagious, energy to give.
It motivates you to pull from within yourself to dance just a little harder, with a little more sass and you walk out feeling like a stronger, sexier version of yourself, every, single, time.”
And for the fitness buff looking to just change up your program? Check out Ramona!

“Dancing with Juli is the definition of FUN FITNESS.
As a fitness instructor myself, I can safely say that Juli really knows how to disguise a seriously tough cardio and strength building workout inside a dance party that I never want to end.
Her classes are challenging while being really accessible so a variety of levels of dancers can find a happy place in her class.
Plus her booty shaking choreography, vibrantly friendly personality, and killer playlists will empower you to move and shake like you didn’t know you could – leaving you feeling healthy, strong, and confident every single time.”
If you are…
  • Struggling to find a program that fits YOUR life and can actually get you REAL RESULTS
  • Looking for something that you will stick with, because you WANT to do, rather than feeling like you HAVE to do it
  • Sick of boring workouts and a lack of results
  • Finding it difficult to find time to prioritize yourself, let alone exercise
  • Looking for a positive community of strong, supportive friends who will hold you accountable and build you up
  • Seeking a positive body image that will leave you feeling PROUD and SEXY
  • Wanting to spice up your love life and show off some new confidence and moves
  • Tired of fighting with group exercise snobs and traffic in order to get a spot in a class with restricting timeslots
  • Looking to love yourself, your self image, and bring positivity back into the world once and for all?!
Dance More – the 28 Day Dance Workout Program by BodyBOLD is your solution!
I am so glad you are here and are ready to take the next step in changing your life!

Because I am SO excited and want to share this AMAZING feeling with as many people as possible,
I am offering this 28 day program for only $19.99!

That includes:

- 28 dance fitness videosKiss boring workouts goodbye! 
- 11 full dance lessons -You’ll learn step by step by an experienced hip hop instructor exactly how to shake it before the hot beats drop!
- 8 follow along toning workoutsScrew weights!  These workouts shape it while we shake it to reveal those sexy curves!
- Warm Ups and Cool Downs – We’ll turn up the heat every single day to maximize calorie burn and increase flexibility
- The Ultimate Dance ClimaxIt’s getting hot in here!  A final 45-minute Calorie Torching Choreography Remix to slay after you’ve completed the program
- Access to the EXCLUSIVE BodyBOLD Facebook group - Stand and Support fellow fierce lady lions in our journeys to greatness.
Let’s face it, exercising is hard and dieting SUCKS.

You’ve got a life to live.
Do something you love, and do it for YOU.

We know you are busy,

But in only 10 minutes a day, you can transform your body, mind, and self confidence.
There are no sacrifices, no pressure, no unrealistic expectations.
This is simply a program where you can BE YOURSELF, and achieve a body that you feel comfortable and PROUD in.
You can be a tough chick who is still feminine. You can be strong and sensitive. You can be curvy and beautiful.
But when we are not happy with ourselves and our bodies, THAT is when there a problem.
You do not need to be a size 4.
But if you are a size 14 and stuck there because of:
- Low self confidence
- No support system
- Too much confusion in the health and fitness industry
It’s not your fault!
But it is time for a CHANGE!
You are an incredible, sexual, powerful woman.

If you’ve been hiding that, or lost sight of that somewhere along the way, this is YOUR time.
Together we are going to bring out that beautiful person.
One day at a time.
10 minutes a day.
All through the power of dance…
I feel so strongly about how empowering this program is that I am offering a DOUBLE guarantee!  
Guarantee #1

This program is for YOU,
no matter where you are in life.
After 15 years of teaching dance to women just like you I’ve learned this — we’re all coming from very different places. That’s why I’ve made absolutely sure that anyone at any age, any fitness, or skill level can follow this fun, fat burning, mood boosting workout.
Guarantee #2

Your Judgement Free Zone,
An uplifting environment to keep you motivated
When you Join our Pride and start your 28-Day Dance Workout Journey, you’ll never be alone.
You aren’t just signing up for a workout, but a whole community to help support you in your transformation. Women just like you have been in your shoes, and through their stories and encouragement, you’ll find your perfect place in the BodyBOLD Pride.

In addition, I will be right by your side the whole time. 

I am ready to help you with any challenges you are facing during your BodyBOLD journey.

When you complete this program and if you are not convinced that the days of boring workouts are over- 
that you can not only burn calories, build muscles, but improve your overall mood with dance- 
I will refund 100% of your money.
Seriously! I swear by this program because I know it works. I’ve seen it change the lives of hundreds of people across the globe and I KNOW it will work for you too!
For a limited time only…

Have a Question?

Check out your answer below!
Q: How is this program different and how can “just dancing more” work so well?

Dance More is the Ultimate Full Body Transformation Strategically Choreographed to Tighten Your Tummy, Build Your Booty, and Tone Up Flabby Arms and Legs, Unveiling a Sexy Figure and Fierce Confidence.
This Revolutionary Program combines high intensity interval movement along with Targeted Strengthening and Lengthening of the muscles for Long, Lean, Sexy Muscle Tone.  This allows you to TORCH FAT and wake up your muscles at the same time, an extremely effective total body toning technique!
The magic behind this 28 day program is that it triggers your MIND, BODY, and HEART.  With all 3 in the game, you will amaze even yourself with the results you’ll achieve!
Q: How long before I see results?
Between the endorphins, adrenaline, and calories burned, you will start to feel great IMMEDIATELY!  As for visual results – not long at all! Typically you’ll experience results within week 1, which only gets more and more noticeable each week.  Try taking “before and after” pictures so you can watch yourself really change over the 28 day program.
Q: What if I have a lot of weight to lose? Will it work for me?
Can I get a… HELL YEAH?!  Totally. This program was specifically designed for people who need an easy kick start into a new fitness program.  All moves can be modified, changed, kicked up, or slowed down so that ANY body at ANY age at ANY fitness level can do it.
Just like in Latonya’s story above, she started slowly and from the comfort of her own home and lost 100 lbs!… now it’s your turn!

Q: What if I’m only trying to lose 10 pounds?  Or just tone up?
Absolutely!  This program’s unique approach at fitness is PERFECT for those last 10-15 lbs, weight loss plateaus, AND unlocking sexy curves you didn’t even know you had!  Dance More is not just a workout plan, but a mind shift.  You’ll see results you were never able to get with other programs and notice a more confident, happier YOU… no matter where you are in your fitness journey.
Q: What if I hate going to Zumba and other group exercise classes? Will I still like this?
YES! While many people have gotten great results with other dance programs, Dance More is different.
You will get a similarly fun, energetic cardio program, but BodyBOLD is unique in its own ways. First, this is your safe place. No intimidating group exercise snobs hogging the front row or judging your yoga pants. Second, we break EVERYTHING down before you start, so you can really master each move before speeding it up and adding in music. Next, you get to try this from the comfort of your own home which means NO anxiety, NO hiding in the back of the class, and NO fears over how silly you look.
Lastly, this ain’t yo grandma’s aerobics class.  This revolutionary dance fitness program combines modern hip hop moves, high intensity steps, and a fresh take on sweating yourself sexy.
Q: What if I can’t dance? 
Well, you will be able to after these next 28 days! Remember, dancing is not about how you LOOK, but how you FEEL! If you can move, you can dance.
Plus, the dance steps in this program are demonstrated both verbally and visually, so it is super easy to learn and follow along.  By the time you are done with it, you will not only have gotten a great workout, but you’ll have learned some new moves too!
And because this program is done from the comfort of your own home, no one else is going to see your 2 left feet! So put your insecurities away and join me on the dance floor!
YOUR EXCLUSIVE PRICE TODAY is only $19.99 !!Q: Do I Need Complicated Equipment or space?

Nope. Dance More is designed to just use your own body and a small space to achieve maximum results. You can add a yoga mat for comfort for the toning sections, but other than that, just bring your positive attitude!
Q: What if I’m too busy and don’t have time?

Trust me, I feel you!  That’s why I specially designed this program for the gal on the go!  Each workout is only 10-15 minutes long and includes a warm up and cool down.  That means no preparation, no commute, and no wasted time!  Just get in- get your workout on- get on with your life!  Think about how many opportunities you can squeeze in a 15 minute workout into your day!
Q: How long will it be only $19.99?
Unfortunately, this is a special launch sale cannot last forever and is not guaranteed past today.  So make sure you snag this deal now!

Q: I want to start now, do I have to wait for long shipping times to receive a video? 
Nope!  This program is 100% online, so you can start dancing immediately!  The entire program will be available for you to access instantly right over your computer after you place your secure order… no shipping fees, no waiting. It’s super easy, just follow the links, plug in the password, and start dancing!
Q: What if this program isn’t for me?
No worries!  I have 100% guaranteed this product, so just email me at if you are unhappy.  Trust me, I am so excited to share this amazing feeling with as many people as possible.  If you aren’t on board and aren’t inspired to live a happier, more empowered life, then I’ll help out in any way I can.  You really risk nothing giving this program a shot – guaranteed!
Be BOLD. Dance More

Now For Only $19.99 Click here and go to the official website of the seller to purchase or learn more about this product!!!

ACT NOW to get started RIGHT AWAY!