Cured My Crohn’s

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Boy was I wrong! And I almost paid for my stubbornness and closed-mindedness with MY LIFE!

When I first found out about Crohn’s Disease it was from you. I hadn’t seen you in a very long time and you looked awful. I heard about all these decisions you had to make. Throughout, you continued your courageous, debonair distinctiveness. I thought maybe your career path had something to do with your suffering. Ulcers? With a little research I found that was not the case. I definitely thought you might succumb to this condition and it would win. After another long absence of fellowship, you suddenly announced your transformation from a miserable but lovable wretch to the powerhouse of confidence and wellness you are now. You do seem as though you have had to become a somewhat different person. Not a bad change at all. I think any journey like that is going to have a cost. We all have to pay in our own ways.

I am so happy for you, your wife Michelle, and your kids, that you do not have to contend with that burden anymore.

Craig Campbell

Hanging on By A Thread

My health continued to deteriorate.  Over the next couple of years I stumbled from one horrific flare-up to the next – sometimes vomiting for 12 hours straight.  I had diarrhea day after day, I missed lots of work and I put a major strain on my marriage.  Nevertheless, I didn’t even TRY to manage my diet.  If anything, I ate worse and worse.

106 pounds (48 Kilos) in 1997

I lost 25% of my body weight and was continually embarrassed to have people comment on how pale I was and how my clothes draped around me like curtains on my 106 lb body.  I was sick, tired, embarrassed, and increasingly desperate!  The final humiliation was needing to go and have my second Crohn’s related surgery within 3 years – this time to remove a part of my intestine – in spite of having taken all of the medicines 3 different doctors had prescribed, including:

Seeing the Light

Finally, with my career in danger, my marriage in danger, and my very life in danger, I vowed to “Cure My Crohn’s” or die trying! I sought advise from books, help from Chiropractors, alternative healers, a Mexican curandero,  and the Good Lord. I finally gave up the belief system, that traps so many, that says “Crohn’s is incurable”, “Crohn’s is a mysterious auto-immune disease that has no good explanation” and of course, “Crohn’s has nothing to do with diet.”

106 pounds (48 Kilos) in 1997

I wasn’t angry or vindictive and I’m still not. I don’t blame anyone else for my problems and I don’t blame the medical establishment for the bad advice I was given. They’re in their own paradigm and I had to break out of it on my own. Now I’m FREE. Making the decision to heal myself and to OWN the responsibility to do so was the key that led me to finally CURE MY CROHN’S forever!

When Alec first became sick we were both in our mid-twenties and recently married.  I knew that there was something wrong; he was loosing weight, anemic, sick in the bathroom all the time, and in a lot of pain. We made numerous trips to doctors’ offices and the ER until he was finally diagnosed. For me the darkest day was after he had been diagnosed about six months.  We had recently moved and both had started new jobs.   He had lost a lot of weight and had stopped being able to go out socially.  He used all his energy he could muster for the essentials; work and family.  I remember looking at him and thinking that he looked like the pictures I had seen of people starving in concentration camps.  There was no fat left on his body and his muscle was atrophying away leaving just skin and bones, the skin covered in acne from Prednisone.  He had spent the night in the bathroom, again, and was exhausted.  I was getting ready for work myself when he asked me to call in sick to his boss for him.  He was too weak to hold his head up and talk on the phone.  Since we had just moved Alec didn’t have a GI doctor yet.  I called his boss, then, opened up the yellow pages – feeling overwhelmed – looking for a new doctor.  I knew in that moment that something had to change.  That Alec could die.  It was shortly after this that Alec had surgery to remove the scarred part of his intestine and that he started experimenting with his diet.  It seems like some people can manage their Crohn’s with drugs, but, the drugs didn’t seem to work very well for Alec and he was just getting sicker and sicker.  I watched him go to various alternative practitioners, research healing, and experiment on himself in an effort to heal himself.  I attribute not only Alec’s optimal health, but also his very life, to the fact that he embraced a grain free diet and healthy lifestyle.Michelle Herring


Video:  Results of My Most Recent Colonoscopy


Over 10 Years of Crohn’s Free Living

I’m not a physician,  I’m not a dietitian, and I’m not a magician who claims to “cure people.”  I also don’t pedal theories or fantasies sold by people who have NEVER EVEN HAD CROHN’S and are just trying to make money.  What I am is a FREEDOM FIGHTER.  I’m one of the VERY rare individuals who broke the paradigm of big drug companies, well-intentioned but ignorant doctors, naysayers who are sick and want everyone else to be sick like they are, and all kinds of other negativity to CURE MYSELF of Crohn’s Disease.  And now, for the first time, after living Crohn’s free for OVER 10 YEARS, I’m ready to share my ENTIRE story with you, My ENTIRE Diet, My philosophy – EVERYTHING I have learned so that I can help as many people around the world as possible!

The “Cured My Crohn’s” Course

My mission NOW is to help people around the world by sharing exactly how I cured my Crohn’s and saved my LIFE.  That’s why I’ve created the “Cured My Crohn’s” course comprised of over 5 HOURS OF ORIGINAL VIDEO INSTRUCTION BY ME – ALEC HERRING.