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Now, You Can Sneak Away With The Exact,Same Proven Strategies & Tools We Have Used With Our Clients.

From the Desk of Marshall Burtcher

Dear Friend,

Do you want to be happy again and “Create the Relationship of Your Life & Dreams”?

Do you want the passion that you had when you first met?

Do you want to know a way to get back together again and experience the love and desire you once had?

Do you want your partner to be your “Best Friend & Lover” again?

Have you ever wondered why you are being dumped by your lover, rejected by your spouse, attracted the wrong mate, or even failed in your relationship time and time again?

Have you ever asked yourself if there is such thing as being able to stop your divorce, reconcile with a loved one, or to make love and relationship work for you agian without all the heartache?

Could there be someone who has truly cracked the code to relationship mastery?

The answer is absolutely! However, it was no easy task to locate and uncover the most complete system to relationship mastery.

I have been looking and searching for such a “magical” system all my life. However, most of the resources out there only consist of a few thin books written by people who very likely did not know what it’s like to go through the hurt and pain in a failing relationship.

Many people just lump all the different types of professionals together and as consumers they do not really understand the different types of help or services available.

Most couples just roll the dice when they go to see someone. The odds are that this person does not really know much about relationships. Even if they do, they are just trained to be emotionally supportive, give text-book based advice or pat answers.

This is basically only what they can do since they are trained to be hands-off and probably don’t know the answers anyway.

Most people go in expecting help and advice and they just get emotional support and no real answers. The worst case scenario you can have is to sit there like a bump on a log while being asked “How to you feel about that…”

The self help books and information lining the shelves of our bookshops are very popular because they are the only real source of help that many people can have access to even though most of what is out there is incomplete and some is outright inaccurate.

Indeed, I’m not thoroughly satisfied with all that is available out there!

But I keep telling myself, there must be a system which anyone can use to solve almost all of their relationship issues and attain relationship mastery. There has to be one around, and one which produces fast, proven results in the real world.  

How This All Came About…

My acquaintance with Dr Robby Bilton had been a most unexpected one.

Over the past few years I have been providing free counselling services via email to many of my clients and readers helping them to solve their relationship issues which are eating their lives away.

Demands for my resources are phenomenal and many of my readers have written to tell me how this resource has made a difference in their relationship and marriage lives!

Most of my readers are able to solve their own problems after reading my books and going through my tools and program.

The more they read about the simple relationship success principles which I teach in my resource, the more they want more information from me when their eyes were opened to see many things which they have never known before in their love and relationship life!

A large number of them requested counselling over the phone and in person. I didn’t have to quote my price. They are willing to give me any amounts I want!

Truth is, I can no longer provide counselling over the phone. Firstly, I simply cannot find the time to do that. I’m too overwhelmed just by answering emails alone. Secondly, even if you are willing to pay for long distance charges, I still feel I’m doing you a great dis-service since I reside in an exotic country.

So, even though I know I can make tons of money just by doing counselling over the phone for a couple of sessions or in person, I frown at the idea, knowing very well that I can reach out to more people by restricting myself to doing it via emails and focusing on writing and building the resources which my readers truly need.

I’m an ardent believer that “If you give a man a fish, you’ll feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, and he can have his own fish for life!”

But the consistent urging and nudging from my clients prompted me to start thinking, “If only I can give you a system so that you’ll possess my best kept tools, skills, strategies, techniques and tactics all at your fingertips within your reach as and when you want them - those which I use each and everyday to help myself and my clients who are successful in bringing back their lost lover – YOU will become your own professional and skilled relationship counsellor! You’ll be able to counsel yourself, your partner or even others, and start to become a creative problem solver just like me.

This would save YOU tons of money just by going for those counselling sessions, not to mention precious time spent in travelling to see your professional counsellor. This would also save both you and me time!

I was excited with this idea.

A lot of people have been helped from reading my books to help themselves save their Marriage or Relationship. But even MORE people will be helped if such a system existed in this world. In fact, anyone who would come across this system cannot help it but benefit immensely from these precious skills which you can make your OWN.

With this powerful thought in my mind, I started on this long, arduous and painful quest of doing research and seeking out the information which I need to create such a full and complete course. I’m all set and ready to go. I instructed my creative mechanism to help me seek out what I want to find. I know very well that that which I’m seeking is seeking me.

This was last year. Time and time again I found myself putting it off as I was preoccupied with other stuff during that time. I’m thinking, well, I can always go back to it when I’m ready.

However in the back of my mind I knew that couples and individuals really needed a resource that they could help themselves create a successful relationship with.

It was gnawing at me!! This was important for my clients and all the people out there struggling with their relationship or marriage situation.

I also realized that a lot of people needed this help and that many couldn’t or didn’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on going to see Counsellors that were well-meaning but may not have the system or smarts to help.

I knew that people needed one program that could give them the “best system”, “the right toolbox” and all the answers they need NOW to fix their own Marriage and get their man or woman back!

Something though was holding me back. I needed to find someone who could “think out of the box” and had all the answers that people need to have a great relationship.

However, everyone I investigated had a piece here or and idea there but no one had a comprehensive system that was simple and easy to apply and that worked regardless of the situation or clients. I asked for a Miracle but it didn’t look promising based on what I intially found.

But, I didn’t give up.

I knew deep inside my Heart and Soul that there was a System out there that could help you get your man (or woman) back!

The Encounter With The Relationship Alchemist…

A week or so later after putting off the project, Robby emailed me out of the blue. At first I didn’t take much notice of him and his stuffs. I thought he was just one of those people interested in my resources.

Then, he started to talk more and communicated what he was doing in his hometown.

“We really have a good system that supports individuals and couples on understanding the Reality of their situation and how to deal with it!”

“With this system you will know your self, what you want, and you will understand the Relationship Game and the process. And when you know all that, you can figure out why you are not getting what you want or why you are getting that which you do not want, you’ll learn what to do about all these, and what exactly the solutions are!”

“I have been a Relationship Counsellor for 15 years and have seen thousands of couples having Relationship Difficulty. I went on a 7 year quest previously, looking for the answers from top experts around the world so I could have great relationships personally and find the love of my life and soul mate.”

“Cool…” I’m thinking. “Sounds like he possesses that something which I’m looking for…”

Rob continued in his letter to me with the following Key points:

The answers I found amazed me but also annoyed me because I found out all that I did wrong. I had to rethink and change how I looked at things, the world and people. My beliefs, paradigms, skill level and behavior changed in a few areas. I was like a computer with existing hardware and software going through an upgrade and addition of several advanced programs.

From my personal experiences, trainings with the best in the world and my years of professional experience I have developed a powerful Relationship Success System based on Relationship Mastery Keys, Principles, Strategies and Techniques.

Now, I’m listening!

I told “Dr Rob” my aspiration. “If I’m going to come out with a new course, it would be the one I have been looking for my entire life!

Robby, think about what program would make you feel like you have found the most valuable treasure in the world. Then, go all out and write that manual!

I discovered that Robby had a lot of information, systems, tools and techniques he had to organize into a single resource that anyone could understand and get the answers they need right now to save and improve their Relationship.

Can you imagine an alchemist locking himself up in a tall tower with his eyes peeling over tons of dusty, old books in the middle of the night, trying to crack the codes and churning out the “Formula” which he knows will change the lives of many people!

Now this is exactly what we have been doing for the past 3 and a half YEARS!

Dr Rob had literally been digging in his goldmine of resources hidden in his storeroom and which have helped thousands of couples and individuals at his hometown in Canada, and I myself have literally locked myself up in my room, switched off all my electronic devices which have been calling my attention all day long, cutting down on my email access even if it means pissing my clients and readers off.

We put all the information in an easy to use “do it yourself” Home Relationship Counselling Program that gives you a Powerful System to get your lover back!

There is no system like this out there any where else in the world. It’s truly unique. If you are encountering any problems or issues in your Relationship or Marriage, there is always an Answer, a Solution.

How would you like the limited opportunity to pick the brains of 3 Experts who have “been there, done that”, and who will reveal their best kept, no-nonsense secrets to help you get your Lover back?

Here’s What You Will Receive from the Whole System to
get Your Boyfriend, Husband, Girlfriend or Wife BACK
into Your Loving Arms AGAIN!

The MAIN System
(You get the MAIN manual, a workbook, and accompanying Audios, worth more than US$497!)

• How to win a Lover back, save your relationship yourself and take charge of your relationship situation NOW!

• How to improve communication and compatibility with your partner easily in the privacy of your own home.

• How to prevent cheating and infidelity? Learn the step-by-step strategies you can use right away! This is a no-brainer to get real answers that make relationship work and create the LOVE you want again.

• How to help yourself quickly using this fabulous system! You “do it yourself” and be your own relationship counselor and problem solver. It will be just like having us sitting with you in your office or home giving you all the answers you need to make love and relationship work for you again.

• How to form winning habits and behaviors (that override those bad and dysfunctional ones) that create relationship harmony, success and mastery.

• Do you want to know why relationship difficulties exist even when partners still love each other and are still attracted to each other? So, why isn’t love and chemistry enough? Why relationships deteriorate when things seem to be going well? The answers are all in here.

• What is the reality of relationship and marriage? Do you want to know how our most successful clients who have brought back the love of their life form functions, structures and dynamics to help themselves save their own relationships? We’ll instruct you how you can duplicate their successes so you can repair and rebuild current relationship difficulties and bring love back into your life again.

• One Mastery Key about relationships; by simply hearing about it will put you ahead of the game and down the right track. Just this distinction and knowledge alone will set you apart from others who are disillusioned by the relationship game and create some profound and long lasting effects for you.

• How to heal childhood and past relationships wounds. Many of us have grown up in a family or society that has not given us some basic skills to succeed in a relationship. In fact in many families we learn not-so-great things that hurt us and sabotage our success in relationships. This system will impart these invaluable skills and techniques to you so that you can prevent other relationship challenges in the near future.

•Discover the 10 causes of relationship break-ups and the 7 principles that influence relationship success. Learn how you can easily recognize the consistent patterns and interactions that create the demise of any kinds of relationships and the emotional difficulties that accompany it. Once these dynamics and patterns are identified you can help yourself or any other people to start rebuilding love again!

•The secrets of relationship mastery and success which you can learn to make your love and relationship be like a large “evergreen” growing forever!

Learn our powerful system to assess yourself and your loved one in the areas of personality styles, communication modes, values centers, beliefs and attitude. If you find that you cannot understand yourself, or you cannot understand your partner, this is the system to use! Within the first 30 minutes of our “Counsellor in a Box™™ ” assessment system, you can find out easily WHY you and your partner have been having years of strife, struggle and strain, and most importantly, what you can do to “make love work” again.

•Discover “The Communication Map for Couples” and you will be on your way to talking, connecting, and communicating with fun, love and harmony again! Imagine the fun you have had in the bedroom that will start up again once the communication, love and connection start to rebuild.

If you or your partner have any individual issues that need to be addressed to facilitate the development of the relationship – whether it be anger control, addiction, previous unresolved emotional, traumatic issues etc. – these are dealt with in the “Counsellor in a Box™™ ” system.

•Learn the 4 phases couples pass through to relationship mastery and success. We’ll teach you how you can stop the fighting, stop the games, and get down to the core issues and solve them! You will quickly see why you or your partner are not getting what you both want in the way you both want it!

• The whole System consists of a main Manual, a Workbook, 4 Mini-Books with accompanying Audio MP3s trainings which will all instruct you how to use the system. It is currently the ultimate, most complete, and most comprehensive home study course with accompanying handouts and secret links to a private online help site with tons of our unique relationship resources at your finger tips.

• And if this is not enough, we’ll throw in a phone consultation for YOU with either ourselves or our trained counselors absolutely FREE so you can be absolutely sure you are on the right track.

Special Bonus –
SECRETS of Personality Styles:
Make Them Love You No Matter What!
(Value $47)

• Discover the Greatest Single Concept That Will Totally Change Your Understanding and Expectations of Relationships and Partners.

Discover the 4 Core Personality Styles and How to Relate to Them.

• Find Out What Personality Style Best Suits You For Having a Long Term Relationship.

• Discover 3 Ideas That Will Allow You To Relate Better at Work and With Your Family, With Your Children and Your In-laws.

• Learn How To Relate to Each Personality Style in the Highest and Best Way.

Learn the Secret as to Why Some Personality Styles Are Friendly and Some Are Not – Why Some Are Flighty and Some Are Not- and Why Some Are Task Oriented and Why Some Are Not.

• Learn About The One Personality Style That Is Always Keen On Doing The Right Thing.

• Discover The Personality Style That Is Interested In Keeping Harmony, Balance, Safety and Security.

• Learn about the A-B Personality

Learn about the Love Me No Matter What – Give Me Attention Personality.

• Take Our Personality Test To See What Your Personality and/or Personality Blends Are and Have Your Partner Do The Same.

• Learn About Control Dramas and How They Impact Relationships.

• Find out the Motivators and Needs of Your Partner’s Personality or Personality Combinations.

• Learn About Negotiation Tactics and Which Ones Are Best For Which Personality Style So You Can Create Agreements That Actually Work.

Special Bonus -
Love Strategies To Make Your Lover (or Spouse) FEEL “Loved”
(Value $34.95)

• Discover the 4 Main Communication Modes and the 12 Potential Combinations That You and Your Partner Can Have.

• Discover How Communication Can Either Enhance or Destroy a Relationship.

• Find Out What Type of Communication Style Likes Gifts and Flowers.

• Discover the Communication Mode That Your Soul-Mate Most Likely Has.

• Discover Your Communication Style and Love Strategy and Determine What Your Partner is.

Link How Communication Styles and Love Styles Are Similar to How One Learns.

• Discover Differences Between Different Types of Love Strategies and What You Need To Do To Apply Them To Your Partner To Make Your Partner Feel Loved.

Special Bonus -
STOP Your Breakup: Visions & Values You MUST Know to Stop  Your Relationship Destruction!
(Value $37)

• Discover the Glue That Keeps Love and Relationships Together.

• Find Out the One Thing about Values and Visions That Dr. Robby Didn’t Know That Could Have Prevented The Destruction of His Last Relationship.

• Discover What a Vision Is and How It Is Different Than Values.

• Discover What Personal Values Are, Relationship Values Are and Life Values.

• Discover Your Soul-Mate’s Values and Visions – and What Values and Visions He/She Wants to Share with You.

• Find Out What Your Top 5 Values Are and How It Impacts Your Life and Changes Your Destiny.

• Discover Different Types of Visions For Your Life, Your Lifestyle, For Your Work, Your Family and For Your Fun and Entertainment.

• Find Out Why Visions and Values Are The Most Important Things To Know When You Enter Into a New Relationship, a New Workplace or a New Lifestyle.

Special Bonus -
Save Your Marriage: Get ‘Em To
Start Talking Again!
(Value $45.95)

• Discover Why Negotiation Is An Important Part In Developing a Harmonious Relationship.

• Find Out The Differences Between Requirements, Needs and Wants

• Find Out How One’s Vision Effects One’s Requirements, Needs and Wants.

• Understand How Negotiation Creates a Mutual Fulfillment of Needs.

• Find Out How To Deal With Partners That Do Not Want To Negotiate.

Find Out How To Negotiate Fairly With Your Partner.

• Find Out How Understanding Your Partner’s Requirements, Wants and Needs Will Assist You In Negotiation.

A system that worked for us and now has PROVEN to work for thousands of Couples over the last 15 years. YES, You hear it right; we are the Non-traditional Counsellors who run our very own Relationship centre; we do NOT just hide behind a Computer screen!!! (come visit us at our centre if you want to!)

In this Program we will teach you how to access your situation and Relationship like any of the top professionals in the world would and then teach you what to do about your relationship and marriage if you find some challenges.

When you get through this program you will know more than Dr. Phil. In fact when you watch Dr. Phil you will be able to assess with the system we are about to teach you the couples faster than him and have answers that he didn’t even come up with.

YOU can be your own relationship counselor and problem solver! It’s complete, comprehensive, and you save thousands in engaging a counselor! This will save you and us time!

Truth is, why pay a counselor hundreds or thousands of dollars when for less than the cost of a few sessions you can have your own counselor in a boxand you can do it yourself and fix your own relationship with out all the hassle, cost, embarrassment and inconvenience of going to some professional who has as much problems as you do and just sits there saying “How does that feel when x does y?

Fact is, this system is so fast and effective that it clears stuff up and even though the individuals and couples who consult Dr Rob should stay on longer and learn even more communication strategies, conflict resolution or deal with any childhood wounds or other baggage or issues, they kick out sooner than expected when they see the results they want.

Now you can go through the whole system and get the code.

With our system, which includes a Main Manual and accompanying Workbook and Mini-books with customized one-to-one coaching and training, this whole program and system is the next best thing you can have and which will give you the virtual experience of being with us at the office!

WARNING! This system stands in sharp contrast
to all that is available out there…

Only we have based our system not just on observation but on HANDS-ON, PERSONAL, CONTINUING WORKING RELATIONSHIPS with thousands of individuals and couples who have used our system successfully.

No one else can take you inside the Game and Process of relationship and love as WE can from EXPERIENCE.

Furthermore, our work has a bias no other system or course has: IT IS ABSOLUTELY PRACTICAL. Not just tapping on false hopes and dreams, but seriously making relationship work for you again, making you see through to the reality of love and relationship, with the objective of getting it right the first time you begin to use our system! If it doesn’t work for us and our clients, we won’t let you have it!

Okay, So What’s The Cost For This Incredible Resource?

Well, realize that this complete, home study course could easily sell for hundreds of dollars. In fact, if you asked a top relationship counsellor, like myself, to sit in the office with you for a few sessions, you’d be charged in the neighborhood of $180 – $500, not including the travel expenses and the time and energy you have to spend to see us at our office.

We currently charge a minimum of $480 for 6 sessions. So at bare bones minimum you’re getting hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of practical, no holds barred, relationship guidance and advice at your disposal.

But, I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even my minimum project price. In fact, your total investment for the complete “Counsellor In A Box” system is only $497 $97.

What’s more, if you have mastered the life skills and tools we are going to teach you in this system, you won’t be needing us anymore, and you will have at your disposal all the strategies, tools and skills you need to help yourself and others, anytime, anywhere you want it!

So, what’s the catch? Why are we practically giving this resource away when we can receive more clients at our office?

Well, it’s really quite simple.

Firstly, we want you to spread the word about us and how our system has helped you and your partner. In short, we love to hear your success stories. Nothing gives us more gratification than knowing that our works have helped our clients and make a difference in someone’s life.

Secondly, we are big believers in education and we truly understand that if we can teach you to fish, you won’t be needing us or anyone else to fish for you any longer.

All the tools, skills and strategies will be available to you once you have mastered our system and you can summon them for your benefits anytime, anywhere!

Who Should Positively Not Get Their Hands
On This System?


How About a Guarantee?

We absolutely guarantee if you stick with us the full 60 days and take action on this Resource you’ll be able to make love and relationship work for you. If you don’t, you’ll get every red cent you paid us refunded to you, no questions asked. All I ask is that you prove to me that you made a ‘good faith’ effort to take action on our advice.

(NOTE: Our system is not available elsewhere, not even in bookstores.
You can only grab for yourself a copy in downloadable format here.)

(Now Available Exclusively In Downloadable format)

Once your credit card is approved, you will immediately go to a special download page where you will download Counsellor In A Box™ along with your FREE Bonuses.

To your success in everlasting love and happiness,

Robert Bilton & Marshall Burtcher

P.S. -

- Do you wish your mate to feel the same way about you??

- Do you wish to direct a life-long companion back in your direction and open his/her eyes to see the loving, caring, best you?

- Do you want to change the way your mate or spouse feels about you and bring the two of you back together?

- Do you wish to right a wrong..and to make things RIGHT? If a past mistake is haunting you, preventing thw two of you from reuniting, we have the solution for you, no matter how complex or difficult your situation is! Just get on the phone with us and we can work out a strategy just for you!

If you answered yes to these questions, understand that you can mend broken heart or broken relationship if you possess the genuine knowledge to becoming your own counsellor and make love and relationship work for you again. Grab this complete, home study program today and be reunited with your loved one.

All of this is thanks to your Counsellor in a Box, your valuable advice.
“I have read a few other e-books which are not really helping me in my current situation. I was introduced to the your e-book. It made so much sense and still does but in a different way. I see it as a saviour right now but before I was so helpless because my husband was not in the picture. I did not understand that he did not have to be because with me doing it, I could reach to my goal which I did.

It has been a long process and still is because of so many resentments, childhood wounds and pain. With reading the past wounds and how it affects a relationship, I have learned so much. I have learned that with bringing this baggage from our past, we are making our relationship toxic. I have learned to control myself. I have learned not to give into narcissistic people. I have learned that I have to deal with my wounds, so I can move on and think of better ways in my marriage. I have learned to believe in myself. I have learned that guilt and shame hurt you deeper than you think. I have learned that I have the power not to react. I have learned not to doubt myself. (In regards to my parents and my family) I was feeling so bad but now I feel that I had no choice.

All of this is thanks to your Counsellor in a Box, your valuable advice. All of this is thanks to you who helped me to see things in a different light and not feeling so wrong and bad about getting the distance from my family. Thank you for always believing in me and never give up on me when I gave up on me and my marriage. Thank you for being a great friend and counsellor who cares about people. Thank you for being so understanding, kind and so loving to me. You are truly my saviour. I strongly believe that if you did not enter my life the way that you did, we would not be all together. I know that things are still at a working process but I still have hopes and dreams.”


“The Materials and Customer Support are excellent!”

” I like the audios that are included..
helps go through the loads of information as well as the Workbook. I would recommend! The material and customer support are excellent!”
- G.P.., married and 52 years old, USA

“It’s like I woke out of a Sleeping Beauty coma…”

” Hi Robby,
Thank you for your generosity in giving me your personal email address, I really appreciate it! Yesterday it was so amazing, after reading CounsellorInABox It’s like I woke out of a Sleeping Beauty coma. All of a sudden, I see. I see truth. Like a veil was ripped from my eyes. When I got home I saw a bunch of clutter I hadn’t seen before and threw it out. Probably depicting the clutter that is beginning to get thrown out of my mind. I am so excited about this course, and where it is going to take me.”
Best regards,
– Annika

“FINALLY, some no nonsense,
straight shooting advice…!”

“Finally, some no nonsense, straight shooting advice. I’ve read several of the advice articles and I must say that this one has been more to the point and realistic than I have seen in a long, long time. Thx for the wake up call, I needed that!”
- Debi

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