Conquer Low Platelets

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How to Avoid Harsh Steroids,
Low Platelets, Sudden Bleeding,
Complete Spleen Removal, and Worse

I’ll show you a simple, breakthrough method that will restore your low platelets to normal and will do so without any invasive surgery, or prescription drugs

Dear Friend:

I know why you are here. You are probably a sufferer of low platelets. Or you have a loved one suffering from this condition. Well I understand completely how you are feeling. I also have loved ones who HAD suffered from this condition. Bleeding gums, little red spots under the skin (petechiae), bruises coming out of nowhere are some of the signs of low platelets also known as Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura or Immune thrombocytopenia.

I know how it feels to see a loved one end up in the hospital every month because of low platelets. My brother was the first in the family to be diagnosed with low platelets (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura). Years later, my mother was also found to have the disease also.

I remember all the medications my brother had to take. I remember him getting so fat that he looked deformed. His face would get round like a moon. We were young then, we didn’t understand all the implications of the disease. But it was certainly not easy for my mother who was trying to raise her children as a single parent. I still can recall the suffering eyes of my mother, having to run continuously to the hospital in fear that my brother would bleed to death. I am sure there are many mothers out there that are going through the same ordeal. With tears in their eyes hoping to see their child get better.

My brother had to be continuously on steroids and following drastic procedures that really never got rid of the problem. God bless those doctors that were trying to help my brother but he still kept getting sick every month of his life. He couldn’t live a normal life. Missing school all the time. Never having time to be with friends because of always being sick. Always watching for signs that he was bleeding to death because of low platelets! All this was very scary indeed! I’ll continue to give you the complete details of our story in just a minute.

Fortunately, There is a 100% All Natural Alternative to Steroids,Mounting Hospital Bills or Worse…A Complete Splenectomy. But You Can Increase Low Platelets Naturally

What if I told you that there are natural alternatives that can prevent your platelets from dropping under normal levels without having to take strong drugs or perform surgery! As you know, taking out the spleen (known as a splenectomy) is one of the treatments performed on those who do not respond to medication. You can totally prevent this if you only follow the instructions in my guide. You can stop the body from destroying those platelets.

My Personal Story with Low Platelets (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura)

I was about 7 years old when I was first heard about this strange disease called I.T.P. I remember being with my brother and mother in a school gym. I’ve always been the quiet one of the family but my brother was and is the crazy one of the family. Always telling jokes, always doing risky things while little poor me just watching my brother to see what else he was up to.

Well, this day we were at the school gym. There were other children older than us playing basketball. I don’t remember why but my brother (older than me) started climbing the basketball pole I guess trying to reach the top. And he did. The thing is he suddenly lost his grasp and fell flat on the ground. Shortly after, he was taken to the hospital and thoroughly checked. It was probably at this moment when small little blood specs in his skin also known as petechiae started to develop in his whole body.

This is when for the first time my brother was diagnosed with low platelets due to ITP(Immune Thrombocytopenia). Now I know that the fall didn’t cause the problem. But apparently the condition was already in his body and this fall only was the factor that helped the doctor finds it. At the time the he was put on steroids to increase his platelet levels.

So he was on the steroids for a while. The condition would get under control but he would never be completely well. Short periods of remission alternated by short periods in the hospital were the life my brother was living.

Of course it affected all of us since we had to be in the hospital off and on. At some point I remember to this day the doctor looking for a Spanish translator since my mother is Hispanic. I was very young at the time and didn’t understand all those medical terms. All I could really understand is that my brother needed surgery.

The prednisone wasn’t working. He was more in the hospital than out. His platelets were constantly decreasing.

So the doctor decided that due to the persistent low platelets his spleen needed to come out.

Well the surgery was performed and the condition did get a little better. There were fewer moments with low platelets. It kind of slowed things down. But the problem still continued.
My brother also suffered two of the most severe side effects from the splenectomy. Years later he acquired the Hemophillus Influenzae infection that almost led to his death. As a result of this he developed blood poisoning (septicemia) which somehow affected the circulation of his blood to his extremities. Most of his fingers and toes were amputated.

Another side effect that came as a result of the surgical removal of the spleen was that his platelets soared sky high! First the platelets were too low. But now they were too high. First he was at risk of bleeding to death and now he was at risk of death due to blood clots that could end up in a stroke or heart attack!

It was then that I started doing my own research. The internet didn’t exist yet so I would spend time in the library, researching books, going to book stores that talked about the use of herbs and natural remedies. I was looking for anything in nature that may in some way help my brother and mother who was also found to have the same condition years after.

Finally, I found a combination of herbs and vitamins that I decided to try because of their properties. My journey was to find natural herbs that had similar properties in the body as steroids. They were not originally intended for low platelets but because of these “steroid”properties I thought they would probably be of benefit.


I later discovered that science had confirmed that theseherbs and vitamins helped the body by:


The next time my brother’s platelets went low we decided to try these herbs and vitamins.

What was the result? In just a few days his bruises, red spots, and bleeding gums started to disappear. We were all surprised! My brother was full of joy! His platelets were back to normal and he was feeling better than ever. He was so happy because it was the first time that he did not have to end up in the hospital for two weeks!

When my mother’s platelets hit rock bottom, she also took the same herbs and vitamins and had the same response. She was doing great in less than a week!

Well to make the story short, my brother and mother haven’t had low platelets for many years. My mother hasn’t had any low platelet problems for more than 10 years. And my brother has his life back and has not ended up in the hospital anymore!

I Want To Share This Information About Increasing Low Platelets with You

I understand completely what you are going through. And now I want to put this information in your hands. You can now get your life back in the same way my brother and mother got their life back! I have put together all this information for you in the form of an eBook or Guide that explains the exact instructions you need to follow.

Now You Can Conquer and Stop Low Platelets with This Breakthrough Guide

My Guide will show you step by step what I did to help my family restore their health.

You will learn how to always keep your platelets at a normal level. You will reduce drastically or completely those bleeding gums and bruises. You only have to inform yourself on the different methods that are found in this guide and follow the simple instructions therein.

This Is What You Will Learn With My Guide:

Are You Ready To Get Rid of Your
Low Platelet Problem Once and For All?

Nature has the solution for you. If you are willing to work to restore your body, you CAN FINALLY HAVE OPTIMUM HEALTH! I can show you the way thru this Guide but it will still depend on YOU to make it happen. It takes work to restore a broken body to health. But it takes knowledge.

Start your path to health like my family did and many others have – Download this guide immediately and start reaping the benefits!

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How much are you paying today for hospital visits, skyrocketing insurance premiums and prescription treatments for your ITP? One hospital stay alone could rack up costs well into the THOUSANDS of dollars. Fortunately, you can be on the road to recovery by getting INSTANT ACCESS to the Conquer Low Platelets guide for just $47. That’s a drop in the bucket compared to the expense (not to mention the side effects!) of prescription drugs alone!

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