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The short answer is no. It is only good in 28 states that I’ll reveal in a moment.

See, you’re going to be applying for a Virginia CCW. The state of Virginia passed a law – §18.2-308 (G) (7) – that allows people to take their concealed carry training online without ever having to step foot in a classroom.

The best part is, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Virginia resident or not…

Because Virginia has reciprocity with dozens of states, which is why Americans all over the country are now getting Virginia permits.

In fact, the Virginia permit has become so popular that Fox News recently ran an article with the headline: “Virginia’s online classes make it easy for out-of-state gun owners to get permits”

The article went on to say, “The commercial courses allow applicants to seek a permit from Virginia that is valid in their state, but without having to meet tougher requirements their home states may impose, such as firing a gun with an instructor.”

So here’s how it works….

Let’s say you live in the state of Texas…

To get your permit in Texas you have to attend over 10 hours of training… do a live-fire exercise with a handgun where you have to fire a total of 50 rounds from three different distances… and take a 70-question test.

Or, you could simply take the Ultimate Concealed Carry Training online, which includes an entertaining, informative, and instructional video along with an EASY 20 question quiz (that I give you the answers to) and you will have completed your training without leaving your house….  Simply complete the Virginia State Concealed Firearms Application (which I will provide links and information on after you have passed your simple test), submit your application, and you will be able to carry concealed as soon as you receive your permit in the mail.

It is really that easy.

1. Watch the training video.

2. Take the simple 20 question test.

3. Print your personalized certificate of completion, for the test (which I will provide you).

4. Complete the Virginia State Concealed Firearms Application process and submit.

5. Receive your permit in the mail.

Its that simple!

You could do the same with Arizona, North Carolina, Utah, Ohio, and dozens of other states. The chart below shows all the STATES IN RED THAT YOUR PERMIT IS GOOD FOR…

The truth is, I believe the Concealed Carry Classroom is an incredible bargain, especially considering that just one tidbit of information I share with you could save your life or that of a loved one.

Consider this: Right now to get personal consulting with me, where I reveal this type of information, it costs $5,000 just to get started.

And I’m sure those who’ve paid me this amount would tell you it’s worth every penny, if I was permitted to reveal their identities.

But don’t worry, this training isn’t going to cost you anywhere close to $5,000

Plus I’m going to give you over $580 worth of personal protection bonuses absolutely free.

Normally, the investment for the Ultimate Concealed Carry Training is $299. That’s the price many others have paid.

But instead of paying $299 or even $97, today you can get into the Concealed Carry Classroom, from the comfort of your own home… and… get all of the FREE personal protection gifts for only $47.

Seriously, it costs more to take a class at the range, because not only do you pay their class fee; but you also have to buy ammo, gas to get there, lunch, etc…

I don’t know how much longer the state of Virginia will allow people to get the Virginia training online from the comfort of their own home.

In other words, there’s been talk that they may change the law and make people come into a classroom to get their permit… and of course, since they’re politicians, nobody knows what they’re going to do.

So I wouldn’t take the chance of waiting a moment longer…

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P.P.S. Better hurry because you never know when the politicians might try to change this law!