Commercial Real Estate Cash Flow System

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How YOU Can Suck Up Real Estate PropertiesLike a Vacuum on Steroids with NO CASH & NO CREDIT…Using My Money Secret for UNLIMITED FUNDING!


And Yes, YOU Cash In BIG, Even During This Real Estate Crisis…ESPECIALLY DURING THIS CRISIS!


Even in This HORRIBLE Real Estate Market You Can STILL Get Funding for Properties with NONE of Your Own Cash and the WORST CREDIT in History…Keep Reading to Find Out How!

From Monica Main
Real Estate Wealth Expert
Wednesday — 12:16 p.m.

Dear Future Real Estate Tycoon,

My name is Monica Main and I’m a real estate investor. You may or may not have heard of me but I’ve already helped hundreds of people just like you get rich in real estate.

And, if you give me the opportunity, I can help you become successful as a real estate investor, too!

There are so many changes going on in real estate right now. And guess what? NOW is the time to get involved if you want to get SUPER DEALS on property. And yes, you can do it with NO MONEY and NO CREDIT, despite what anyone has told you!

And if you wait any longer to get into real estate, you will pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity to finally get rich!

About 10 years ago I was searching for a way to make money in real estate. Just like you I scoured courses, went to seminars, read books, and talked to successful real estate investors trying to find a way to make money in real estate.

Most of what’s out there is nothing but a SCAM. I was SCAMMED out of THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. One “guru” (who is still on late night tv) took me for $16,000!

And what did I get out of the deal? Nothing! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

I realized that nobody out there was revealing the “real deal” about how to become a successful investor.

The “Real” Real Estate Millionaires Will NEVER Reveal Their Investing Secrets


Here’s what I discovered:

1) People selling stuff about real estate investing usually aren’t investing themselves. They are making money selling information products and seminars about real estate investing! They don’t actually invest themselves which is why their information products are USELESS! They are selling the same rehashed garbage they rewrote from some other worthless “guru’s” course.

2) The REAL investors who are out there making $50,000 or more per month in real estate aren’t revealing their secrets because THEY DON’T WANT THE COMPETITION! (Do you blame them? Would YOU reveal your secrets to a $50,000 per month income if it threatened to create too much competition for yourself? I don’t think so!)

So, Who Am I and Why Am I Willing to Reveal My Real Estate Secrets?

Am I just another “guru” trying to suck you bone dry with another “scam” of a course? Why am I willing to reveal my secrets to you?

I have a couple of reasons:

When I finally stumbled on the secrets to making a fortune I promised myself that I would SPILL THE BEANS and tell everybody how to really make money as a real estate investor with NO MONEY and NO CREDIT.

I got tired of being scammed and ripped off over and over again and I wanted, more than anything, to show everyone how to get rich doing what I do acquiring properties and making a six-figure monthly passive income. I don’t want to see anyone get scammed anymore!

But there’s another reason also…a kind of “selfish” reason.

I have an opportunity in my system that allows people just like you to “split” your real estate deal with me so we BOTH can make money. No, this is NOT a requirement. You DO NOT have to “partner” with me on a deal. This is for select students only.

But, if you choose, I have a few openings for people just like you to USE MY RESOURCES, MY STAFF, and MY EXPERTISE to help you on your first (and as many additional deals as you want) deal. I can do the paperwork, negotiate the deal, use my funding partners (for any earnest or down payment money needed), and help you “learn the ropes” while we BOTH profit.

How Much Money is REALLY Possible in Real Estate with NO CASH and NO CREDIT…

Check out some of the deals I have done just in the past year…

And here are some deals “in the works”…

All of the above deals are NO CASH, NO CREDIT deals that ANYONE can do with the right knowledge and tools!

“How Is It Possible to Make Money in Real Estate NOW When the ‘Bubble’ Has Burst Wide Open?”


You probably noticed that real estate prices went sky high then, in the fall of 2005, PEAKED OUT. Once it hit the peak, real estate prices quickly started dropping like a lead balloon. Here we are in late 2008 and prices are STILL DROPPING with no end in site!

Why would anyone in their right mind purchase a property in this market??


Consider this startling fact:


Those who are real estate millionaires now started investing when the market was down…Those who started investing when the market was HOT ended up losing everything!

That’s right!

Your “average Joe” always want to start investing when everyone is in a frenzy and when times are HOT in the real estate market.That is the WRONG time to start investing.

Coincidentially, when the “average Joe” refuses to start investing is when times are LIKE THESE — a downer real estate market.

This is what separates SMART INVESTORS who go on to become real estate millionaires (and, in some cases, BILLIONAIRES) from the “Average Joe” who follows the herd.

Why invest now?

Because NOW is the time when there are DEALS GALORE.

Property owners are dropping their asking prices LIKE CRAZY just to sell. No one is making offers on their properties. They get desperate. They are willing to try creative financing. They are willing to negotiate. They WANT to work with you or risk letting their property sit for sale on the market for another SEVERAL YEARS before getting any remote interest, let alone an offer, on their property.

Never in my entire real estate investing career have I had so many property owners willing to finance part of the property deal. In fact, 93% of our deals in the past 18 months have been partially owner financed. Some of our buildings are 100% owner financed!


YOU can also negotiate these types of deals where the building owner will “hold paper” or create a private mortgage (or note) on the property up to 100%. This is completely legal and the building will become YOURS provided that you use all of the legal contracts (which I give to you with your course).

You can also have the building owner do a “partial” private mortgage where they hold 25% to 50% “paper” and the rest of the financing comes from a bank or lending institution…


And I Have the PERFECT Financing Secret that Help You Get Real Estate Funding, Even If You Have BAD CREDIT!


It’s taken me YEARS to find a broker that can find me loans for my real estate deals.

You see, I had a nasty divorce back in 1998 and, because of the financial chaos of my credit (thanks to the ex), I had to finally file for bankruptcy in 2003. This means that this nasty bankruptcy will stay on my credit report until 2013.

What was I supposed to do? Lay down and DIE until 2013 before I could start investing in real estate? NOT!

Two things happened:

1) I discovered the right real estate investing system that would allow me to invest in AS MANY REAL ESTATE PROPERTIES as possible without worrying about my credit (or money down), and…

2) I found a broker who could get me the financing I needed with my shabby credit and with NO MONEY DOWN!

And I’ll be sharing this secret source with you…

But first, you have to understand something…

Right Now Making Money in Real Estate is NOT in Residential Homes…


One of the BIGGEST SECRETS I’ve discovered in real estate investing is that the BIG MONEY is NOT in residential real estate.

What do I mean by residential real estate?

I mean single-family homes, condos, townhomes, or any other residence where ONE FAMILY can live.

Why isn’t the money in residential real estate? After all, every “guru” out there only talks about investing in homes.

The trouble with investing in single-family residences is that the prices of homes STILL haven’t come down enough to where you can buy a property and rent it out for a profit (unless you get foreclosures at dirt cheap prices). If you purchase a home, just like how it was in the HOT TIMES, you will be paying MORE for the mortgage than you can reasonably charge for rent.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Give it another year or so and you WILL be able to purchase single-family homes and rent them out while making a profit…especially if you get foreclosures or short-sale homes and get a SUPER DEAL on the property.

However, even though I sometimes use this technique to make money in real estate, the BIG MONEY is in a different type of property…

The BIG MONEY is In Commercial Buildings…


What are commercial buildings?

So, which type of commercial property is the most lucrative?

There is a lot of money to be made in apartment buildings. However, this course focuses on “commercial-commercial” buildings like office units that are very lucrative.

(If you are interested in making TONS of money with apartments, check out our other course that specializes in apartment building investing:

Here are the reasons why “commercial-commercial” real estate investing is so profitable:

(1) Smaller office and office/warehouse units are in HOT demand right now because of the number of larger companies downsizing.


(2) Building owners who are trying to sell aren’t getting any offers right now which means NO COMPETITION and DEALS GALORE, including drastically reduced asking prices and their willingness to do owner financing.


But don’t get me wrong. It’s not enough to run out and invest in office buildings. You have to have an exact step-by-step strategy in order to become successful doing this.

Use my nearly one decade of real estate investing experience to help YOU become successful as a wealthy real estate investor.

I can show you how to:

Is It Really Possible to Make $1,000,000 Per Month in Net Income By Investing in Commercial Properties?

To be perfectly honest, I’m not at the $1,000,000 per month mark YET…but I’m WELL ON MY WAY!

Why am I not there yet?

I didn’t always invest in commercial properties. I didn’t discover this “secret” until about 5 years ago. And even still, after I discovered this secret, I made so many stupid mistakes that I saw set-back after set-back and even lost almost $300,000 on a single property deal!

Plus, I didn’t have the benefit of starting when the market is in a slump. I started when prices of properties were SKY HIGH and that didn’t put me in a great position with some of my properties.


You DON’T want to make the same mistakes and see the same set-backs that I have! I can help you AVOID the pitfalls and get directly to the heart of success by showing you my precise, tested, and PROVEN step-by-step commercial real estate investing system!

If you go out there and bumble your way through the process, you’ll come off looking unprofessional to sellers who won’t respect you and will probably try to take advantage of you (or blow you off completely).


You won’t be able to find a loan to fund your deal. You probably won’t even know how to write an offer or a private contract!


And your experience will be a disaster!

I think that’s why many students start trying to invest in real estate and come away SCARRED FOR LIFE because they weren’t able to make it work. Don’t set yourself up for that kind of failure.

Always know this…

There is A Lot of Money to Be Made in Commercial Real Estate…
But Only IF You Know What You’re Doing!

If you want to become a doctor, you would naturally expect to go to medical school. It’s not enough to pick up a book at Borders on brain surgery then go out the very next week and saw open someones skull and get to work.

It never ceases to amaze me how someone is willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a worthless college degree that will NEVER make them big money or teach them how to become a millionaire and yet they balk at spending a few bucks for a REAL education.

If you want to become a real estate millionaire, you MUST:

1) Learn from someone who HAS DONE IT and is still doing it, and…

2) Implement an exact step-by-step wealth system that eliminates making mistakes and can lead you directly to success!

It’s that easy!

No, it’s not enough to get a book from the bookstore, read it, and expect to become a real estate millionaire.

You MUST have a step-by-step plan and you must BE WILLING to do the plan.

I have cut to the chase and created that plan for you. I tell you exactly what to do and what NOT to do to become a successful commercial real estate investor.

I guide you through the process and even offer unlimited email consulting to ask me ANY QUESTION you want. I charge $250 per hour for phone consulting and $500 per hour for one-on-one face-to-face consulting. This direct access to me is INVALUABLE!

How many times do you wish you could have access to the other “gurus” out there to ask them specific questions about your deals or the course materials but couldn’t because they’re unavailable??

Well you’ll have direct access to me so GET USED TO IT! Get used to working directly with a real estate success story!
Now Is The Time to Start Cashing In Since There’s NO COMPETITION!


As you know, the real estate “gurus” out there sell courses on flipping homes and condos. None of them talk about investing in residential commercial properties (retail strip centers, office buildings, warehouse units, etc.). So, all of their gung-ho students run out to buy houses after their last rah-rah real estate seminar. DROVES of these people are trying to latch onto single-family properties. That makes the competition IMPOSSIBLE.


There is NO competition in buying commercial (except with me) and this leaves the field WIDE OPEN for you. I just don’t understand why no one has discovered this secret! (I think it’s because people think it’s too hard or expensive to get multi-unit properties.)There’s MORE MONEY in commercial properties…




It’s much easier to deal with commercial property owners because they are business people and know that your numbers have to work as much as theirs do. They know business. They know real estate. And they know what their goal is long-term whether it’s to buy, sell, or hang onto their property. When they want to sell, you don’t have to worry about dealing with a flake (most of the time) who changes his mind about the deal every five minutes.


“But Isn’t Now a Bad Time to Buy ANY Kind of Property?”


As I said before, let me say that the biggest and wealthiest real estate millionaires and billionaires have ALL started in a slumped real estate economy. The real estate investors who were stupid enough to start when times were HOT in the market are all BROKE, have tons of foreclosures on their personal credit report, and probably won’t ever be able to own another lick of property again!


You DON’T want to wait until times are great in real estate in order to begin investing otherwise you will be making a HUGE MISTAKE!


Commercial properties are the biggest money maker right now.


Because businesses need to keep running, even during a recession. Shop owners and business owners KEEP PAYING THE RENT to keep their businesses afloat because it’s their livelihood! Not paying their rent on their office or business unit means they won’t be putting food on the table at home. Rent is, first and foremost, their BIGGEST PRIORITY!


What kinds of commercial properties are profitable?


Right now, the most profitable units are retail stores and small office space. Smaller industrial spaces like warehouses of 3,000 square feet and less are also hot right now. Why? Because many larger companies are DOWNSIZING into smaller units and cutting back on the excess unneeded square footage.


What about apartment buildings? Yes, those are profitable but this particular report is ONLY on commercial properties. If you are interested in apartment buildings, please click here!


The other upside is that you can pick up many of these properties with NO DOWN PAYMENT and NONE OF YOUR OWN CREDIT!


Here’s why you want to get started investing in commercial properties:

ü  Business owners pay their rent first and foremost. It’s their BIGGEST PRIORITY in order to sustain their livelihood. That means you hardly ever have to worry about a tenant not paying the rent. Plus you can get huge chain stores like Starbucks, the U.S. Postal Service and other HUGELY RELIABLE tenants who will NEVER stiff you on the rent!
ü  Now is the BEST TIME to get started in real estate investing. All of the real estate multi-millionaires have gotten started in the “bad times” when they got DEALS GALORE. All of the real estate investors who lost their shirts got started in the “good times” when the prices were TOO HIGH!
ü  Since the market isn’t so great, you don’t need ANY MONEY DOWN and NO CREDIT to get started. People are so desperate to get rid of properties because of the “mass hysteria” that they will literally hand over the keys if you present them a fair deal!
ü  Think about it: You’ll be getting properties at the LOWEST BASEMENT-BOTTOM price so when the economy turns around (as it ALWAYS DOES) then you will have a net worth of SEVERAL MILLION DOLLARS. Anyone can do this and easily retire in the next 36 months a multi-millionaire!!

Plus, Consider This…

If you have a single-family property and since the real estate bubble busted, probably lost half of your equity almost overnight! With commercial properties, you will probably lose a little equity but IT WON’T MATTER because…
1) The same renters in your units will be paying the same rent until their lease is up and, for most commercial units, your lease period is between 3 – 5 years MINIMUM per unit. And when they renew their lease, the worst that can happen is that you’ll offer them another 3 – 5 years at the same rate (if the market rate didn’t go up yet) or you’ll have made it through the “recession” by then and can hike up the rate.

2) No matter what happens to the real estate economy, once you purchase a building, your mortgage stays the same (unless you have an adjustable ARM, which is NOT recommended, or you took out an equity loan). If you had a cash flow before, you’ll still have the same cash flow during the recession.

3) If you own the building with bank financing, you’ll have already borrowed against the equity to purchase another building, meaning that you didn’t “lose” the equity since you already used it. (You’ll just be upside down on the building until the market comes back and since you are buying property to hold onto it for as long as possible, this isn’t a big deal at all.
4) On paper (and according to the IRS) you will have “lost” equity which will help your taxes TREMENDOUSLY! So I can’t wait until the “bottom” drops out of the market. I will get a massive tax savings and STILL make a fortune!


This is another secret no one will ever tell you (except me). No matter how bad your credit, you CAN get financing on an commercial building.


This is NOT information that you will find in ANY other real estate “system.” And I can guarantee that this system has more “insider” information and secrets that most investors don’t even know about.


WARNING: Certainly I’m not going to waste giving this secret source to someone who isn’t serious, who just wants to copy the information and then ask for a refund. It wouldn’t be fair to the honest people who ARE willing to pay for it. If that’s your plan, don’t even think about it. If I do get a refund request (which is VERY rare), I send the broker YOUR NAME and he won’t do business with you or anyone else who is not on the list. Furthermore, if you try to have another person use his info, he won’t do business with them because they won’t be on the “list” that I send him on a weekly basis.


I’m giving you my secret financing source’s contact information. After all, he can help get FINANCING FOR ANYBODY WITH NO CREDIT AND NO MONEY. That information alone is worth thousands of dollars!

The Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Cash Flow System


I created a system so you can automatically attract droves of these hot deals with minimal effort. In fact, if you’re anything like me, you hate to talk to strangers on the phone, hate to “discuss” owner financing, and feel insecure about setting up a real estate deal.




So I had to come up with another plan for the meek (like me) to do these deals. I had to create a better letter that would do most of the talking for me. I had to write a better ad to get people to call me. I had to look for other areas that people were overlooking to find these deals.


And I did! This will blow you away.


Remember, people will be calling YOU, not the other way around. You’ll have apartment building owners beating a path to your door!This means that they are interested and they want what you have! No arm twisting, manipulating, embarrassing yourself with “low-ball” deals, getting laughed at, or wasting your time on any real estate deal.


My magic letter has already told the property owner everything they need to know, how they benefit from the deal, and what the potential is for them in doing this. So when they call you, they’re ready to sign on the dotted line. It’s really that simple.



I don’t like calling people or manipulating listed sellers into some seller-finance/lease-option deal against their will when there’s a better way. I created a letter that I use to get property owners to CALL ME for the deal. And this letter works like you wouldn’t believe. Out of 100 commercial building owners, I usually get 8 to 10 ownerscalling me. That’s an 8 – 10% response!


And what would you say if I told you that I would give you this exact letter for you to use to get deals? Too good to be true?




Most people getting started have NO IDEA where to get a listing of commercial building owners or how to contact them. I actually have TWO new secrets of getting this information and you’ll have MORE contact information and MORE deals than you could ever want at any given time.


I’ve found that when most people are getting started in real estate for the first time, they have no idea how to contact people in order to get the ball rolling. I’ve just filled in that gap by providing a step-by-step plan on how to get these people’s addresses with the click of your mouse.and by using ONE OTHER METHOD that NO OTHER INVESTORS (except me) are using right now!

With the combination of this incredible one-of-a-kind real estate investing strategy and utilizing the rare opportunity to let me partner and help you with your deals, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t be making tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Think about the value in that alone. You basically have all of the most successful cash flow elements to “clone” with my exact letter and real estate strategies to help you become as successful as possible.
I want you to become massively successful and therefore ALL of the most effective, pre-tested, and proven real estate investing tools will be given to you. I hold NOTHING back.

“Mother & Son Team Profit $53,000 Per Month in Passive Income!*”

“I’ve tried every type of opportunity you could think of and failed at everything I’ve attempted. Last year my hours as a delivery driver for Hostess were cut back and I had to move in with my mother just to make ends meet. (How embarrassing was that?)  
My mom suggested we give real estate investing a try. I didn’t really want to try anything else but she insisted that there was big money in real estate. So, why not try it?

Monica had done a ‘pre-release’ of her commercial course last fall and we paid almost $800 for the system. (Actually my mom paid for it since I didn’t have the money.) Right away I knew it was different than anything else I had invested into because it was so thorough and informative.

Within exactly 17 days we had set up our first deal on an office building with 9 units that each measured out 1,200 square feet or less. We got the property with no money down and no credit. (My credit sucks!) The net monthly income on that first property was $3,700 per month.

I was on fire! We acquired another 4 properties in the following 90 days. Here we are one year later and we are profiting $53,000 per month from the 12 buildings we now have. And I’m not done yet! We’re closing escrow on a small retail strip center within the next month that will bring in a cool $15,000 per month net.

Needless to say, I won’t be delivering on a truck route ever again! And, I don’t live with my mother anymore either. I bought my own $1.3 million home about 4 months ago. Life can’t get any better than this!”

– Jake & Caroline Sudwig
Coos Bay, OR

*Results not typical. As with any investment opportunity, you can make or lose money. Past results are not indicative of future results.


Nobody Else Out There Is Offering This Powerful, TOP SECRET Information!

This course, the Commercial Real Estate Cash Flow System, is BRAND NEW and HOT OFF THE PRESS!


When I first got started in commercial properties, there was NO COURSE to show me what to do. There were only residential courses including the same rehashed, remanufactured crap sold on late night TV. It took me FOREVER, and years of trial and error, in order to discover what I know today.


Instead of re-inventing the wheel, take my experience and use it for your FAST-TRACK to cash flow success. Don’t try to use your old residential “guru” real estate courses to apply to apartment buildings or commercial properties because those strategies WON’T WORK! Commercial properties are a WHOLE DIFFERENT ANIMAL altogether.


Learn from someone who has already worked out all the bugs and can show you the fastest, easiest, and most profitable way to invest. Learn from someone who is DOING IT and not just selling a course on how to do it! And learn from someone who can show you how to actually get properties with NO CASH and NO CREDIT of your own!




  ü  Discover how to use the power of a letter to make millions in commercial buildings!
  ü  How to get your first property in 21 days or less!
  ü  How to get started with NO MONEY, NO CREDIT, NO LICENSES, and NO EXPERIENCE!
  ü  Use the power of government grants to get your down payment!
  ü  Use my broker for mortgage loans, even if you have the world’s worst credit!!
  ü  Work for only 36 months and have enough residual income to retire forever!
  ü  The secrets to getting to five- to six-figures per month in passive income in 6 months, guaranteed!
  ü  Start your entire cash flow business with less than $500 and make money quickly.
  ü  Use tested and proven techniques and strategies to get super hot real estate deals! Why try and re-invent the wheel?
  ü  All the secrets that real estate millionaires know but will never tell you!
  ü  Secrets that “gurus” don’t even know themselves!



  ü  The REAL strategies and “secrets” behind the most successful real estate investors and how to find deals that are “sleepers.”
  ü  How to use lists to make a fortune virtually overnight and which lists to use.
  ü  How to work 15 hours a week or less and still make a fortune in real estate.
  ü  How to put your business on “autopilot,” getting residual income while you sleep!
  ü  How you will NEVER have to “hard sell” a deal. The sales letter gets people beating a path to your door!
  ü  How YOU can get started CASHING IN NOW!


                The ONLY Tested & Proven Real Estate Investing System!


I created a TESTED and PROVEN step-by-step Commercial Real Estate Cash Flow System that I’m offering for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. Because of the secret financial sources I reveal to you, I cannot overwhelm them with too many new students. We can only sell a certain number of these systems and then we will have to REMOVE the financial resource information.




Remember, we are providing you with a SPECIAL FINANCIAL SOURCE to get you funding for your deals. They can only handle so many new investors at once. Right now they agreed to take another 80 19 investors. After that I’ll have to put a hold on selling any more systems with their contact information until they can take some more. Usually I have to put a hold on selling a course for about 12 weeks, sometimes up to 6 months, so DON’T MISS OUT!


So, what will you get in the system?


Check this out:


Get Over $1,000 Worth of Secrets for a Rock-Bottom I-Must-Be-Out-of-My-Freakin’-Mind Price!

  Commercial Cash Flow MANUAL

Power-Packed 140-Page Manual Including the Tested & Proven Investing Plan

This incredible manual will reveal all of the secrets to making a fortune with commercial properties with none of your own cash or credit. This heavy manual will give you the EXACT details on how to invest like a millionaire pro…and eventually you will become a real estate millionaire if you follow the simple step-by-step system. This includes complete instructions, contracts, ads, and the EXACT how-to info you need! There is NOTHING else like this anywhere else on the market. Guaranteed!

  Quick Start Manual

A Comprehensive Manual Outline to Help You Get a Fast Start

What to do today, tomorrow, and for the next few weeks. How to start building your real estate business quickly and grow it as fast as possible!

  My Secret Money Broker

Access To My Personal Money Broker

Discover my personal source to real estate finance, including his direct access information and his application so you can get your loan right away! There is also a listing of hard-money lenders. This lender list is BRAND NEW and HOT OFF THE PRESS.


  Cash Flow Evaluator Software
($99.95 Value – Yours Free!)

My “Numbers” Software

Do thy numbers! This software (Excel required) will help you figure out all of your numbers to make sure your deal is profitable. Most people have a hard time figuring out if a deal is going to make money. This easy software makes it dummy-proof to get your accurate monthly cash flow, CAP rate, etc.

  Secret Letters

My “Secret Letters” in Microsoft Word

You will get 12 of my best letters to use in order to get property owners to CALL YOU for deals. These letters have been TESTED and PROVEN as highly effective and have gotten me up to a 35% response rate from a typical mailing!

  Real Estate Forms
($29.95 Value – Yours Free!)

All the Forms You’ll Need for Your Deals!

All the forms, leases, and contracts you will ever need for an of your deals. All of these forms are in Microsoft Word so you can change them for each deal.


  Audio Seminar

2 1/2 Hours Audio Seminar Revealing Commercial Cash Flow Secrets

NEW! Get complete instruction by audio in this power-packed 2 1/2 hour audio seminar. I cover everything from A to Z, from how to get started to exactly how to put together a deal to how to make money in this incredible business. It’ll be just like I’m giving you personal training in your home or office!




We sold the physical copy of this entire course for $797.00 just a couple of months ago. Now, you’ll be getting a SUPER BARGAIN and you’ll be getting the NEWEST Version that’s JUST BEEN RELEASED!


Get This Complete Course INSTANTLY for Only $397 $97

This course is 100% downloadable. NOTHING WILL BE SHIPPED TO YOU! Download time is approximately 5 minutes. Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Word are required to view the files from this download. Microsoft Excel is needed for the Cash Flow Evaluator software. Windows Media Player is needed for the audio seminar. Click here if you want to purchase the PHYSICAL version of this course.

“Our Honeymoon in Italy…FINALLY!”

“I married my wife 7 years ago at the county courthouse and couldn’t even afford a honeymoon for us. I’ve known nothing other than pinching pennies and wondering where our next meal would come from sometimes. I worked two jobs just to keep afloat of all the bills. My wife also worked a full-time job. I never considered even dreaming of having a better life.

A co-worker told me about this course he had gotten and how he was in the process of investing in real estate. Real estate always intrigued me but I didn’t have the time or the know-how to get started. I didn’t think it was possible for anyone without any money or credit to get started.

My co-worker shared this course that he bought and we went through the information together. He sort of wanted a ‘study partner’ and I appreciated being able to get this powerful information without having to pay for it.

It took me about 3 months to finally get a deal together with everything that was going on in my life. My first deal nets me $2,500 per month. Since then I’ve done two more deals and now I’m netting a total of $11,000 per month.

We bought our first brand new SUV with the profits of the real estate cash flow. It’s a Lincoln Navigator and I paid cash for it. I’m still amazed. Just a short time ago I wondered how I would make my bills and prayed my clunker car would start in the morning. Now I can stay at home with my wife, cover all my bills, and now I even have a savings account!”

– Stephen and Jessica Hyde of Lucky, LA

“Now We Have Time and Money
for Travel and Fun!”

“Some people want a lot of money to buy stuff. We wanted money to allow us the freedom and cash to travel and do fun things.

We got involved in real estate years before by buying into courses and going to tons of seminars. Most of what we got out of it was general information about flipping homes and foreclosures. None of that knowledge we paid thousands of dollars for really took us far.

When we came across the idea of getting involved with commercial real estate, something clicked in my brain. I said, ‘Hey, I think we’re onto something here.’

When we got the course we dove right in. It didn’t take us long to find our first deal. We used the letters in the course and a seller found us within the first couple of days after we sent the mailers out.

That first deal was worth $4,300 per month and, after using some of the techniques, we were able to increase that cash flow a few months later to almost $6,500 per month.

Almost one year later we have a total of 9 properties with a total net $27,870 in monthly cash flow. Now we have the freedom we’ve been looking for and it’s allowed us to do things and travel to places we would have never thought possible before.”

– Sarah & Jimmy Seabren of Prescott, AZ

“On Our Way to $100,000 Per Month in
Net Passive Income!”

“This turned out to be much easier than we thought it would be. When I got involved a year ago we naturally thought there would be a lot of leg work and elbow grease needed in order to make this work. Nothing could be further from reality.

By using this system I was able to secure 34 properties within the first year with a cash flow of almost $70,000 per month.

Right now I’m working on a power center that will bring me a monthly cash flow of more than $30,000 alone. One of the stores in the center is a Wal-Mart that will be responsible for a huge portion of the monthly cash flow.

I started this as a money making enterprise and now it’s become a fun challenge to find new properties, improving properties, and making as much money as I can.”

– George Canfield (with granddaughter Annabelle) of Tampa, FL

Only Once, Perhaps Twice in Your Entire Lifetime Will An Opportunity of This Incredible Magnitude Cross Your Path!

No matter what happens, which trends come and go, which hot money-making opportunities may cross your path, REAL ESTATE WILL ALWAYS BE KING!

Real estate made people rich 100 years ago…

Real estate made people rich 25 years ago…

Real estate makes people rich today…

And it will keep making people rich 5, 10, 20, and 50 years from now!

It’s the only “guaranteed” investment in history. And it is the ONLY business that will keep making people rich.


Because, no matter what happens in our world, people will ALWAYS need clothes, food, and shelter. Always, without a doubt. That will never change under ANY circumstances unless we are all wiped out by a nuclear disaster (and then nothing will matter).

Look, opportunities like this don’t pass in front of you everyday. This may be the only time you’ve been shown an opportunity of this magnitude. Since that’s the case, you may not recognize how powerful this really is. And, unfortunately, you may pass it up. Then, a few years down the road, you’ll hear about all of us millionaires who are pulling in six-figures, even seven-figures a month in commercial real estate, who have enough money to retire after 4 years, and even have a fortune to leave to our grandchildren. Then you’ll be kicking yourself because it will be too late since everyone will have jumped on the bandwagon by then. All from a unique commercial real estate investing technique that you “could” have been a part of!
The difference between people who are successful and people who aren’t is that they were given an opportunity, decided to take it, and decided to take action to succeed. That’s it. That’s the big secret to success.


Your Friend and Mentor,


Monica Main

P.S. My special lending source is only taking a few more new investors and that’s it. Once they tell me that they have had enough then I will have to delete their contact information from my resource directory. You don’t want to miss out on this incredible money source to get funding for your deals.

“Financial Freedom Like
We Never Thought Possible!”

“We are truly living the American dream like we never thought possible. I went from jobless and broke living on my wife’s secretary income to now being able to afford anything and everything I ever dreamed of. And I can thank commercial real estate for all that I have now. Before I did dabble in real estate and lost money on two residential flips. I thought I was done with the real estate game forever until Monica introduced her commercial secrets to us.

I was skeptical about Monica’s system at first but my wife, Alliah, insisted that I get it anyway. We desperately needed a means to financial freedom and I felt like such a sap living off my wife while she worked 50 plus hours a week. The last thing I wanted was my wife to purchase another possible scam on our already maxed out credit cards.

My wife is smart. I’ll be man enough to admit that she’s smarter than me. She made a good call with the course and, after we got it, I worked the system while she kept her job for awhile. Within 60 days I had gotten our first deal which was a cash flow property worth almost $10,000 per month. I hit the jackpot!

Within 6 months we had 7 buildings worth $40,000 per month in net passive income. My wife quit her job and now we focus on getting more properties while traveling (a lot).

What a difference making a few changes makes. I don’t even want to think about where we would be today (almost one year later) if we didn’t take a risk.”

– “Naz” & Alliah Hinkle of Los Angeles, CA

“Making More in Retirement Than as a CEO!”

“Before I retired 2 years ago I was a CEO for a sizable (non-Fortune 500) company making about $350,000 per year. I worked my tail off for 22 years before a heart attack forced me to reconsider my life and I then decided to retire.

My pension was just okay but I wanted more. We still had 2 kids going through grad school and that, plus paying off their other college student loans, was becoming a financial burden.

I started looking for home business ideas and most of what’s out there is a joke. Real estate is the only thing that made sense and investing in commercial real estate makes the most sense of all.

It didn’t take me long to get started. We ended up getting our first passive income property within 7 weeks of actively getting started. This property was 16 smaller industrial/warehouse units of less than 3,500 square feet (as you recommend). All of the units were leased out and there was even a waiting list! Talk about security.

Here we are almost one year later and we have a total of 5 properties worth a monthly cash flow of $31,850 per month NET!

God bless you for sharing such powerful secrets to help others become financially free!”

– Karen & Tom Bolderaz of Bayonne, NJ

“Anyone Who Doesn’t Do This is Crazy!”

“I just want to open by saying thank you for the this incredible life-changing opportunity.

About a year ago I found your system and was immediately impressed with what you had to offer.

I have to admit that I didn’t do anything with the system for the first 4 months of having it. One day I just got fed up with my job and the lack of respect my boss was giving me. I dusted off your course and seriously started putting the steps to work.

Within 2 months we secured our first deal which was a medical building with 12 offices for private physicians. We got the property with no money down and no credit. That property was (and still is) worth $5,300 in monthly profits.

As soon as we landed that deal I realized just how easy the process was and wondered why I procrastinated for so long!

Since then we got another 3 medical office buildings and have a total of $17,600 per month in passive income between all 4 of our buildings. We’re not done yet. We’re just getting started. I just take my time doing things. I could have three times more buildings by now but I like being able to enjoy my free time with my wife and young daughter.”

– Erika & Stephen Hoffstead of Chicago, IL


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