Close Your Eyes & Open Your Mind – Introducing Spiritual Meditation

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Finally, a book that can teach you how to Meditate!

Meditation – Pure and Simple

● Have you always wanted to learn to meditate, but never quite understood what it is or how to get started?

● Are you looking for a meditation practice that will help you be the person you want to be?

● Are you bewildered by the variety of choices, and unsure what meditation style is right for you?

● Are you are struggling with addiction, or dependent on medication, and looking for a natural solution that really works?

In his remarkable book, Close Your Eyes & Open Your Mind, Dada Nabhaniilananda offers solutions to all of these problems in a simple yet inspiring style.

Nowadays most people have heard about the wonderful benefits of meditation. Even Hollywood stars and business leaders testify to the many benefits the practice has brought them.

These benefits include:

Peace of Mind
Stress relief
Emotional balance
Increased creativity

Sense of purpose in life
Improved Self Awareness
Greater empathy and compassion
Good health
Will power and concentration
Greater sense of well being
Spiritual fulfillment

But do you understand what meditation is?
And do you actually practice it?

Close Your Eyes & Open Your Mind is designed to take you from wishing you were practicing meditation, to actually doing it.

“I have been practicing and teaching meditation for over 35 years and as an introduction to meditation this would have to be the best book I’ve found. It’s easy to read, full of wisdom and helpful advice, with a touch of humour, all contributing to make it a must read for any one interested in meditation and the spiritual path.”
Acarya Narada Muni
Meditation and Yoga Teacher

It’s Easy

Close Your Eyes & Open Your Mind – An Introduction to Spiritual Meditation gives you the three essential tools you need to get started on the blissful path of meditation.

It describes clearly how meditation works,
It introduces a simple technique you can practice at home,
It explains how to overcome common obstacles.

But first it clearly addresses a number of issues that cause confusion and doubt in the minds of meditators the world over. Questions like:

What is the difference between meditation and stress management?
What is the difference between meditation and yoga?
What is the difference between meditation and prayer?
What is the difference between spirituality and religion?
Do I have to become a monk to be successful in meditation?
Do I need to have a Guru to learn meditation?
How soon will I feel something in my meditation?

So if you want to experience the benefits of meditation for yourself, do yourself a favor and get a copy today.

Who is the Author of this book?

Dada Nabhaniilananda has been practicing meditation since 1975 when he learned as a student in New Zealand. Since then he has undergone rigorous training in Australia, Nepal and India, where he was ordained as a monk in 1979. He has taught meditation all over the world and has been developing teaching programs for new students since 1992.

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