Carpal Tunnel Master And Beyond

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Do your hands get numb? Do your fingers tingle? Do your hands sometimes wake you up at night?

“Finally, YOU Can Reverse
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and
Other Causes of Hand Numbness”

Easily, Quickly, Effectively 

NO Shots  NO Drugs  NO Gizmos  NO Surgery

(pssst… most of the time it isn’t even carpal tunnel syndrome)

Dear Friend

How are your hands?

Are you suffering from numbness in your hands and fingers? 

Has a doctor told you that you need carpal tunnel surgery? That you’d have permanent nerve damage if you didn’t. Yeah, that’s freaky scary.

If so Please DON’T get surgery. Please listen to what I am about to say because it could change your life.

I’m talking about getting your hands back to normal without surgery, shots, drugs, or gizmos.

I’m talking about surgery that ALWAYS leaves you hands weaker than normal hands, and  may take weeks, months or even years to recover from – and some people never do.

I’m talking about other treatments that are either temporary or ineffective or take such a long time to work that most would give up.

I’m talking about a new way of self-treatment that gets your hands back to their full range, pain free capacity, where you can do everyday things like buttoning up your shirt.

I understand what you are going through because years ago I was going through the same thing.

Plus I have helped thousands of clients – many who were much worse off that I was.

And I understand. Any who hasn’t gone through this, just doesn’t get it.

If you play the piano – I know that a healthy pair of hands is the difference between a beautiful Mozart concerto and stone-killing silence.

If you are a writer, I know that having full feeling in your hands is the difference between a masterful piece of prose and a blank sheet of paper.

In other words, not having full use of your hands is not just that agony — but it creates agony in every area of your life.

For me, my hands were my livelihood – a career that I was scared would come to a screeching halt.

My name is Hilma Volk.  

My massage clients would often remark about how strong my hands were and would ask if had problems with carpal tunnel.

I would almost laugh.  Not only did I not only know how to prevent it and fix it, I taught it.

But it wasn’t always the case.

Many years ago I was working long hours doing massage in a large resort. My hands became increasingly numb. 

Yeah I was scared. Only a few years into a new career. Was that about to end? Then what would I do?

Hilma Volk
Licensed Massage
23 Years
in practice.

I thought I knew a lot about carpal tunnel syndrome from the discussions about it in massage school.  Boy was I wrong.

The stretches I had learned there weren’t working.  In fact they made things worse. I’d go home and ice my forearms or alternately dip them in buckets of hot and cold water.  There had to be a better way.  So I went on quest for a solution.  More about that later….

But first let me tell you.  I’m 66 years old and my hands feel better than they did when I was a teenager.  After doing massage since 1991, I retired from massage practice the beginning of 2015 so I could help more people world-wide.   
Watch This Video to
Find out why the Carpal Tunnel Master program
Is different than anything else out there, and
Why that matters to You.

Now Thousands of people have been helped by the Carpal Tunnel Master program since it was introduced in early 2010.

I’v Got My Fingers Back!

THANK YOU! I just watched ONE video about the false carpal tunnel where you show how to work the pectoralis muscle and I about cried… the numbness was relieved practically immediately!!! And after I watched the ones on how to work the forearm muscles, I’ve got my fingers back! Unbelievable! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!! … *big heaving sigh of RELIEF!!*
Anita Due

Do you remember a time, years ago, when the only time you even noticed any sensation in your hands was when you hurt a finger or they got really cold? That’s the way your hands should be.

How are your hands now? Maybe you just have tingling once in a while, OR maybe you get numb fingers when you comb your hair or ride a bicycle OR maybe you mostly get numbness at night maybe causing you to lose sleep.  Maybe they hurt.  Perhaps you drop things or find it difficlult to use keys.  

Maybe you’ve already given up activities you love.  Maybe you have to hold dishes in two hands for fear of dropping them.  Or maybe you’re scared about the future.

Now imagine, if you don’t do anything to help yourself,  how they will be two years from now, five years from now, ten years from now.

What would happen if you couldn’t use your hands for anything?

Do you think your problem will just go away? Think again.

Or maybe you think you will wait until you need to have surgery. Bad idea.

Why? I’ll talk about this later but surgery is risky and has a high failure rate. And even when successful, your carpal tunnel syndrome often comes back years later.  

But really, wouldn’t you like to end your suffering?  
YOU can avoid surgery and get your hands back to normal.

Besides that, most of the time it isn’t even carpal tunnel syndrome that is causing your problem. (Even if a nerve conductivity test says it is).

I am here to tell you…
You do not need…. Pills …. Shots …. Braces ….. Gadgets …. Gizmos …. Surgery…. Office Visits.

I had been a massage therapist since 1991.  Years ago I was having numbness in my own overworked hands from long hours of doing massage at a resort . The stretches I learned in massage school weren’t working.  In the evening I would dip my arms in alternating hot and cold 5 gallon buckets. There had to be a better way.  

While massage training was the basis of everything. None of the techniques I teach here were ones I learned in massage school.

Some I developed for myself out of necessity - to work on the problems my own hands were getting, and to keep them in good shape.  

Then I got numb hands again, but this time it was coming from somewhere else.  I didn’t know where until a continuing education course instructor casually mentioned that a tight pectoralis minor muscle could cause FALSE carpal tunnel syndrome.  Ahha.  

So I modified his technique to a self-help one – and the results were INSTANT.  

But there are even more locations than that where muscle imbalance and tight muscles pinching on nerves can create numbnes in the hands.  Andthese were causing problems for other people.

So I created or modified other techniques to become self-treatments that I could teach my clients.  And now I teach it to you.

So Let me ask you…

Are hand troubles threatening your career? Your enjoyment of Life?

 Are Scared You’ll Lose Your Job?

 Worried About How You Will Pay Medical Expenses?

 Worried You’ll Have to Give Up Activites You Love? 

 Are  You Scared You’ll Need Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

Yes, YOU CAN Get Your Hands Back to Normal.

Pills, Shots, or Surgery Aren’t the Answer.

You see most (not all) medical doctors treat most conditions with pills or shots or surgery. 

If you have a back pain, they give muscle relaxants.  That’s what they were taught.

When you have numbness in your fingers, the majority of doctors will only think of the carpal tunnel area, which is in the wrist.  

The common treatment is anti-inflammatory drugs.  But knowledgeable doctors now know they not only are not effective, they actually block the body’s natural healing process.

Drugs Have NEVER Cured Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

In the short term they may make you feel better, but in the long run they only Make Your Problem Worse.

Why Anti-inflammatory Drugs Are Horrible for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The nine tendons that go through you carpal tunnel of your wrist are each in a hollow tube (called a sheath) can swell up when irritated. This is mostly because the fluid that lubricates them can dry up when repeated movement of the fingers makes the tendon go back and forth, back and forth inside that hollow tube.  Pieces of the tendon and tendon sheath scrape off, causing more irritation in the tendon. 

This signals your body’s immune system to send in fluid with special remarkable cells called macrophages.  These guys can squeeze in and out of just about anywhere.  What they do is gobble anything that doesn’t belong there — whether it is bad bacteria, dead cells, or even little pieces of metal.

When you take anti-inflammatory drugs, it is like turning the engine warning light off in your car.  The macrophages don’t get the warning alarm that there is a problem.  So that gunk accumulates in your tendon sheaths.   

In the the short term drugs  make you feel better.  In the long run it will make your problem worse.  Some doctors know this.  But unfortunately hoards of doctors still prescribe these drugs even though there is no evidence that they are effective in treating carpal tunnel syndrome.  The use of drugs for carpal tunnel syndrome is old school literature (which unfortunately gets copied and sent all over the internet).

If you need temporary relief, use ice or cold (just not while you are using your hands for work).  Ice promotes the healing process.  Drugs do not. 

“You Do Not Have Numbness Because of an Ibuprofen Deficiency

They prescribe night splints.  While most people find it helpful to relieve the numbness or pain at night – and it can be a very good idea for many people to use them – they aren’t actively helping you to get better.   

You may think you’re getting better because you can sleep at night.  But your problem is very likely getting worse. 

In fact, if night splints do make you feel better, the real cause of the problem is muscle imbalance in your forearms.  Most medical doctors are not trained to recognise this.

Next is cortisone shots.  This is often a temporary fix.  Relief may last a few months up to a few years.  Cortisone is very powerful. The majority of doctor’s won’t give a cortisone shot more than once (some doctors up to three times) in the same place in a lifetime – because it can break down muscle, tendons, and even bone and cause permanent damage. 

The problem however, is drugs and shots only take care of the symptoms

There are Safer Ways.

Numbness in the fingers is caused by pinching of one or more of three nerves.  These nerves run from the base of the neck, then to the front of the neck, then the upper chest, under your armpit and down your arm. 

There are several areas along that path where the nerves can be pinched.  It is almost always caused by muscle imbalance

Most doctors are not aware of the nasty things muscle tightness and muscle imbalance causes.

Physical therapists are aware of the mischief caused muscle imbalance.   Or at least they should be. 

You see sometimes people experience little or no results with physical therapy, not because physical therapy doesn’t work, but because of the particular physical therapist not being clued in  to what the real problem was.  

Does that happen?  You bet.  I’ve had clients who had gone to physical therapy for weeks or months without any improvement. Why?  Because they were given stretches and exercises for the WRONG muscles.  Isn’t that unbelievable?  

Often the results are slow in coming – and costly. 
Frequently, the client gives up and resorts to surgery.

Are there Physical Therapists who can help?   Of course.  And most of them use hands on techniques.  Not just stretches and exercises. 

(I include stretches too, but they are not part of my Core Program – which shows you how to find and work directly on the problem, for fast results). 

The main drawback to physical therapy, assuming you found a great therapist, is the time and money.  There’s the time to get to and from appointments, taking time off work, waiting in the waiting room, and still having to go home and do the routines they show you.  Plus the money.  Even if you have insurance, the co-pay alone for the multiple visits can cost hundreds of dollars, and without insurance, you can spend thousands.

With the Carpal Tunnel Master Program, I show you with videos how to locate your problem and what to do to fix it by spending minutes on it  a few times a day.  

How many days will you have to spend?  That depends on how tight those muscles are.  With some the results will be almost instantaneous.  For others, it will take longer. No two people are equal in what they have put their bodies through.  But the rewards are worth it.


Then there is surgery.  Surgery should always be a last resort.  It may be necessary if you have let the condition go so long that you are in danger of permanent loss of function.

Otherwise it is not an emergency surgery.  These conditions usually progress slowly – so you have time. But you just can’t wait around and hope things will get better. You have to take action.

Carpal tunnel surgery has a High Failure Rate.

But surgery has a high failure rate with carpal tunnel.  Admittedly some clinics have a higher success rate than the national average.  

About one third of the time there are very good results.

But about one third of the time there are mixed results. The pain may be gone. But the hand is left weaker or can not function as fully as it once could.  

About one third of the time the hand is worse off than before.  Either because of infection, a mistake in the surgery, or it never was Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to begin with.

Not only that…..

The problem often returns.  Why?  Scar tissue often forms after surgery.  This causes pressure in the carpal tunnel and many people have had multiple surgeries to clean that out. But also…

If you continue to do what you have been doing, the way you’ve been doing it, if you have had surgery, it will come back.  

Take Action Now.

Often Misdiagnosed

Most of the Time it Isn’t Even Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

You see, the majority of programs, as well as doctors, only think about the carpal tunnel. And that is a mistake.

What is the carpal tunnel? 

The carpal tunnel is like a ditch in the wrist that made up of wrist bones and a hard strap called the carpal tunnel ligament.  Within that tunnel are 9 tendons and the median nerve.  If space is limited in there the median nerve gets pinched.

If the median nerve is pinched you will have numbness or other sensations in the thumb, first two fingers. and half of the ring fingers.

But it Could Be FALSE Carpal Tunnel

When there is numbness or tingling, there is pinching anywhere along the nerve pathway. It could be coming from the base of the neck, the muscles in the front of the neck that can pinch on the nerves, a muscle in the chest, or from tight muscles in the forearms. Often nerve pinching is in more than one place.

If it is FALSE Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,
most of the time is is because of tight muscles shortening
pinching on the nerves.    

If it is TRUE Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from Using Your Hands,
You Also Have Tight Muscles In the Forearms.
It about impossible not to.

And the let me tell you a Secret

 pssst.  (it is really isn’t a secret but there is such a lack of information about it, it might as well be).


If you have carpal tunnel syndrome due to repetitive work, such as typing, hammering,  playing the piano, etc. you also have tight forearms.   It is about impossible not to.

Why?  Because the forearm muscle control most of the movement in your fingers, 

Tight forearm muscles can pinch on nerves going into your fingers. Tight forearm muscles also shorten the tendons which run through the carpal tunnel (a narrow area in the wrist). That makes the tendons thicker.  

Overuse can also cause those tendons to swell.  Instead of drugs, why not loosen up the forearms and the tendons direct ly.  Trust me, it is not hard to do and doesn’t take long.  And you don’t have to use your overworked fingers.

But nerve pinching can come from other places too.  Often from more than one place. 

That is why I show you with videos, how to find them, how to fix them. (Anyway, getting those other areas loosend up may relieve other problems such as headaches and pain between the shoulder blades).


You are my Carpal Tunnel Guru guardian angle!
Hi HIlma, I bought them three days ago! I did not have to take any pain medications — when I followed your videos carefully. Without your video carpal tunnel self therapy program, I would be lucky if only 1/8 of my pain RX would reduced my chronic pain, and anyway, they always seemed to fail to take away my chronic pain completely. I would be forced to continue to be imprisoned — with an all day event of constant pain management (countless of hours spent on: self home therapy (I invested in – insurance did not pay), physical therapy offices, or at a pain physicians office). I would be defeated again, and again — never hoped to live a pain free life.

Until I saw your program.

I wanted to send you a big shout: Thank you! You are my Carpal Tunnel Guru guardian angle!

Lu Hurley, Corona, California

Now …..

What if your little two fingers get numb? 

What if your have thumb pain? 

What if you have numbness in just one finger?

That’s NOT Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Those aren’t even any symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

But those ARE Problems.  And Most Programs Don’t Even Talk About Them.

But my Carpal Tunnel Master program does.

You can prevent… Reverse… Or even eliminate your carpal tunnel syndrome starting today.  As well as the False carpal tunnel syndromes, and other problems like the ones above.

In the process, you very well might get rid of your tension headaches, the pain in your neck and the pain between your shoulder blades.

Pssst…. At least 75% of the time it is not even Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that is causing your problems.

That is why ONLY addressing the Carpal Tunnel is a BIG MISTAKE
Whether you have carpal tunnel syndrome or any of its many impostors….

I can teach you simple, safe, effective treatments that you can do for yourself.

The techniques are the same for both preventing and reversing your condition – whether it is carpal tunnel syndrome or something else..

And if it does come back, you will know exaclty what to do about it.

You do not have to endure the pain, the numbness, the inability to fully control your hands, the fumbling,
your hands keeping you awake at night


Safe – Easy – Effective

No special equipment needed.

In the process you may get rid of the pain between your shoulder blades, tennis elbow, rounded shoulders and even your tension headaches and a variety of other symptoms.

I’ve spent years developing the techniques inside the “Carpal Tunnel Master” video series… and I’ve helped many people overcome their painful conditions – and live life the way they want…

Please welcome the…

Inside this ground breaking video series there are Two Parts.


 Clear, easy to understand video format… these aren’t vague, “pie in the sky” theories about what might work. You get precise knowledge on how to apply everything you learn to recover in the fastest possible time…

How to eliminate your carpal tunnel syndrome… without  gizmos, cortisone shots, drugs, risky surgery, clunky gadgets, or equipment,. (And best of all, you see results quickly). In fact, you could do the techniques in just mere minutes a day.  Anywhere.

Hands Off Self Massage Techniques for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  that get far quicker results that stretching or hand exercises or attaching things to your hand every night.

How to test yourself to find out if you have TRUE or FALSE carpal tunnel syndrome.
Pinpoint the location of the SOURCE of the numbness...
because it can be, and usually IS different from where you actually feel it. 

 Easy, Safe, Effective techniques to directly loosen up the tight spots in muscles that are creating so much grief for you.  

 How to apply the techniques without using your hands in most places, or else with minimal tax on your hands which are likely very weak.

 Unexpected Benefits of doing these can include eliminating headaches, tennis elbow, pain between the shoulder blades, jaw pain, cold hands, sore forearms, and more.

Take care of thumb pain from texting, gaming, gripping tablets, or repetitive use of scissors, pliers, pruning shears, etc. 

For a list of the contents Click Here

Just the Core Videos alone should be enough.  And I suggest that everyone start with them.  But I include a LOT more, most in video, some in audio format.

Stretches that many Physical Therapists use for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Although I have seen that specific massage techniques in the Core Videow above are the quickest way to get results, I do include LOTS of optional stretches you can use.

Stretches for Other Areas that create muscle imbalance that pinch the nerves that go down your arm. Such as in the front of the neck, the back of the neck, and the chest.  

 Do’s and Don’ts for Stretching.  Doing it wrong can either be not very effective or harmful.

Additional Helpful Topics

 Specific Other Conditions that most programs never touch on.

 References to free sites that tell you how to set up your computer station or other equipment to minimize the strain on your body.

For a complete list of the contents Click Here

Over 3 hours of origingal content total.  In bite size pieces.

Self-Treatment Takes Just Minutes a Day.

Then once you relieve your problem — just minutes per week or even minutes per month for prevention if needed.

..But Don’t Just Take My Word For It…  

Hi Hilma,
I’m a graphic designer on the computer all the time. And this is where my wrist problems started.  Love all the advise that I’ve been doing with your programs. Tremendous help. I went to three doctors before I started your cousre.

1st Doctor put me on pain medicine, told me I had RA and referred me to a Rheumatology.

2nd Doctor (the Rheumatologist) said stay on the pain medicine (meloxicam) and also put me on pennsaid. Didn’t have RA. Went back, still had pain sent me to a specialist for more tests.

3rd Doctor said I had Carpel Tunnel and needed surgery immediately, before more damage occurs.

That wasn’t going to happen. Stopped taking all the meds. Went on line to find alternate solution. And there you were. I don’t use ice packs like I did every night and sleep better. And the pain has stopped.  Still have some numbness in the middle finger. I think if I massage more often, and exercise like I did in the beginning, this will go away. Especially the massage on my arm and neck.



Found Immediate Relief

Hello Hilma,


I’ve had this condition since ’94 and just lived with it. I never sought medical treatment because I didn’t like the advice that  was given  (surgery or pills)  For quite a while I took B6 200mg a day and that did help, but I never took aspirin or motrin..Just out of curiosity one day I decided to look on the internet to see if there was anything new on this problem.

Well, I bought Hilmas course. I started with scalene stretches and got immediate relief. Then the next few days as i got thru the videos I used the tennis ball to massage the forearms and upper arms and did the stretch against the wall. Right away I was practically pain free and  now I can hardly remember what the pain was like!  The numbness is gone and my hands are more limber and I’m going to keep them this way! 

Thank you for all you do for people  Jackie
Semi-Retired Nurse

Dear Hilma:

I wanted you to know how much your video helped me. I had numb fingers in my right hand for several months and was finding it very hard to do my work as a bookbinder, plus it was depressing me–scary. Out of frustration I searched the Internet and found your excellent website. I did all of the exercizes you suggested and showed and it worked. Thank you so much for mounting this useful information. It’s hard to believe that the numbness started under my arm, especially as you say, I felt it in my shoulder blade area. I never would have figured it out if it weren’t for your videos. I think I traced the source of the problem to some intensive flax spinning I had been doing, in combination with bad posture while spinning. If it happens again, I’ll know what to do much sooner than before. You are truly a healer.

Many thanks, Mindy Dubansky


Your carpal tunnel course is awesome —-   this, along with yoga and swimming are beginning to slowly help……    Was not able to get on the computer at all (not able to work at the moment due to 9-10 hrs computer time). Today, have been on the computer for 1/2 hr with no pain (1st time!! Yeah!!!).

It is amazing and sad how the doctor’s push for the surgery/cortisone injections….   am a nurse and fully understand the consequences of these…..  do not want any part of it. Am very willing to put in the effort…… 
Will keep at it …   Hoping for a full recovery….

Blessed Day and thank you again.


Thank you so much for all the help and support. I am pain free at last. I just realized that if I am stressed or worried or emotionally not ok I tend to get the next morning

With a numb hand no pain just numb again. I then go back into the video and help myself.

Thank you so much for insight to my nightmare of pain.

Cynthia Van der Plank


Really Helping My Arms and Hands

Hello Hilma,

I must tell you that your program of massage is really helping my arms and hands. Before I started I had pain in my arms every night. Now I have none. My fingers on my right hand still have some numbness, but I think it is also improving. I think my key was the pressure point on my scalene muscle. When I started I could always find tender spots to massage, but now I can’t find them as easily.

Thanks for your good advice.

Pat Repanich

Hilma I would like to thank you for putting up the pec minor stretch and massage info. I am a final year chiropractic graduate in Sydney and have had the carpal tunnel pec minor condition for at least 10 yrs from various sporting exploits.

I came across your website when searching pec minor stretches for myself and my clinic clients for whom I am an intern presently. I must say this is the first time I have come across something that works instantly, at least for myself.

Thank you so much for putting some great stuff out there.
Andrew Hull
Sydney Australia


I looked a number of things up on the internet about CTS, and found a number of good exercises.  You, however, put all of it into perspective in a very common sense (and very entertaining) way and gave me the support I needed to avoid the steroid shot I was about to get in my left hand.  You see, I do ultrasound scans for a living and this was debilitating, demoralizing and potentially career ending.  Being the ultimate skeptic, I though what the heck, I don’t have a think to lose.  Well, after about 2 days ( YES!! — only 2 days) of doing some of the exercises and following your common sense approach … the numbness basically went away and I could feel my fingers going back to basically normal feeling.

So, THANK YOU!!! You are a really wonderful and genuine person and I cannot really find the words to thank you enough.

Carol Conrad


Thank you for the valuable information. I am a professional pianist/organist and have been suffering with numbness in both hands for over 5 months. I’ve gone to 4 doctors who have not been able to diagnose the problem or provide any relief of the pain. I watched all your videos and have been doing the exercise you demonstated. My pain and numbness has decreased considerably…. You are a credit to your profession. Thanks again


Feeling A Big Difference After Only Two Days

Hello Hilma,

Firstly, thank you so much for your exercise videos for the scalenes. They are absolutely wonderful. I have very tight scalenes, and no other exercise I’ve encountered has been nearly so effective as yours. I’m feeling a big difference after only two days.

Claudia Contessini, PhD

More Testimonials

If you follow my techniques:

You Can Get Your Hands Back. 

To sum it up:

You only need to spend minutes at a time.  They can be done while watching TV.

No traveling to appointments.  No Waiting in Waiting Rooms.  No taking time out of your busy day.  

If you have previously had carpal tunnel surgery and your problems are coming back again, this course can very likely help — assuming your surgery did not cause irreparable damages.

Why wait for your problem to get worse?
Get Immediate Online Access


This is an On-Line Multimedia Course.  The videos and audios can be played on-line.  Or you can download them if you wish.  Plus all updates are Free.

NOTE: Videos CAN be viewed on iPods and iPads.

P.S.   You will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on  Doctors, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Risky Surgery, Questionable Gimics.  Hey, I charged more than that for just one massage.

P.P.S.   Remember, if you are not satisfied, there is a 60 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee Securely Backed by Clickbank.

P.P.P.S.  The First 11 of the CORE Videos that help you find the cause of your problem AND HOW TO FIX IT.  The last 2 CORE Videos cover hand, wrist and thumb pain that can be caused by use of tablets and smartphones.

P.P.P.P.S  You ALSO get 23 additional videos on various topics such as strengthening your hand, stretches, cubital tunnel, trigger finger, how to find a professional who can actually help you with non-invasive means, and many more.  Plus articles on icing and supplements.

P.P.P.P.P.S. You have nothing to lose, but pain, numbness, tingling, fumbling, etc.  What is it worth to you to get you hands back?
If you don’t do something about  your problem it will only get worse.  

Start today.



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