Buy/ Sell Trend Detector – Brand New Unique Forex Tool!

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By investigating and analyzing a lot of big world class trading strategies that make serious money in very short periods of time, we were able to discover an amazing new secret that can help traders trade fast and win big with absolutely no experience or time investment.
  Buy/Sell Trend Detector generates amazingly profitable signals with laser precision with help of a brand new unique trading formula that we just developed and fine tuned!

Imagine being able to skip all the learning needed to make smart and highly profitable trades, save the time and energy most traders have to commit.
This powerful indicator uses a brand new unique technology and generates accurate buy/sell signals for you so you can make fast profitable trades every single day.
Buy/Sell Trend Detector is designed to help busy people generate amazing results spending just an hour a day or even less.

Our development team went through everything from researching and testing the oldest forex systems to most modern indicator strategies, robots and trading patterns. The new Buy/Sell Trend Detector is now packed with the most profitable trading algorithms, carefully configured and perfected to stand above the common expert levels of accuracy and profitability. This monster makes money like a beast!

 Now it’s time we to share this wealth making trading tool with you.
Introducing the brand new unique indicator Buy/Sell Trend Detector!


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Can you explain how it works?

Blue and orange lines are displayed right on the chart and they are your signals to buy or sell. The signals change right before the prices moves up or down. Orange line appears right before the price goes down so it is your signal to sell, and the blue line appears right before the price goes up, so logically, this is your signal to buy.

All you need to do is follow signals generated by Buy/Sell Trend Detector. That’s it. It’s that simple to use. Trading is all about entering and exiting trades at the optimum times. This indicator will show you the best times to enter and exit your trades, so you will be able to make the most profit out of every trade. With Buy/Sell Trend Detector it will be super easy and fast.

We know and understand that different people will want to operate at different speeds due to experience and confidence levels. So we’ve included 4 very unique trading styles that change the speed and the amount of signals.

Four unique trading styles


If you like to trade with a slow and careful pace, as many novices or newbies do, then this trading style if for you.


As your confidence grows and your skill increases, you can pick up the pace of your trading with the medium style of trading mode.


This mode is for the adrenaline fuelled pros who want a quick fire round of trading to earn serious money in short periods of time.


This is perfect if you prefer to customize the settings to suit your unique style of trading that works for you.Different traders use different approaches and this gives you the freedom to trade 100% the way you like.


Laser precision easy-to-follow signals!

Imagine owning the type of software that can provide highly accurate real-time trading signalsthat unlike others in the market uses a real-time algorithm that never repaints…

The Buy/Sell Trend Detector provides invaluable signals with pinpoint accuracy to unsure that you only take the best and most profitable trades for maximum profit. The very easy to follow user guide will lead you through some simple rules of that will help you win nearly every trade you take.

The money management system in Buy/Sell Trend Detector means that the money you earn is safely kept for you.

Ultimately you will trade with a safer, more interesting and profitable approach that generates far greater profits than you ever imagined.


Want to become successful trader and make big money?

The fastest way to become successful in forex is to use a trading indicator that actually knows how to help you achieve your goals. Most people start trading forex because they want to make a fast and reliable income.

To do so, you need a very smart and accurate indicator tool. You therefore need an indicator that will allow you to follow it’s genius buy and sell signals that lead you to achieving your biggest financial goals.

You want an indicator that will give you the freedom to make your money the way you want and Buy/Sell Trend Detector is really the tool that will do this for you. It will instantly become your most invaluable tool in your whole trading career.

Never traded before? No problem.
Just follow the signals and make profit!

You can start making profit like this in minutes from now…

Hurry Up! Only 2 Copies Left…

Buy/Sell Trend Detector will help you make the profit that you always wanted. Every day… And with almost zero effort. You might be thinking that only world class traders can make a decent profit in forex, but that’s wrong!

You either have to be a really experienced world class trader… OR!… You can just follow simple signals generated by an indicator that is made by world class traders… Think what is easier and faster for you? I guess using a smart indicator is definitely the right choice!

Buy/Sell Trend Detector is super easy to use and understand. Our easy to follow user guide that comes as a free bonus with Buy/Sell Trend Detector will help even the newest of traders hit the ground running in and start making profit in no time at all.

You will soon open your financial potential and experience the excitement that comes from being able to earn serious money when and whenever you want!


There is really nothing to learn…
Start winning in 2 minutes from now!
The days of analyzing charts are long in the past. No one wants to spend time on analyses that often gives no results. Traders want to make fast trades and win without wasting hours on thinking and analyzing.
If you can follow the simple commands ‘buy now’ or ‘sell now’ then you are ready to make money!

Buy/Sell Trend Detector does all the hard analysis in the background and generates smart buy and sell signals right on your chart.

See how simple it is, there are a lot of live action screenshots on this website… The results you will be getting will always be extremely high, regardless of your experience or knowledge about forex.



There is no need to waste time on learning…

The awesome thing about Buy/Sell Trend Detector is that you only need to trade an hour a day. Successful trading does not need a lot of time investment. Well, ofcourse if you decide to learn everything the hard way, you will spend good 10 years until you are able to make some profit. But is this path actually worth it?

You can become a trader who makes just a few super profitable trades a day spending only an hour a day and make much more than enough for a very high quality of life.

Or you can join another group of traders who spend hours and hours per day, studying, reading, researching and learning. This is the hard way to earn in trading and even then the profits made are minimal in comparison.

The sad truth is… Many people still adopt the hard way approach without realizing what results they could have reached if they used a smart trading indicator.

I want to help these people and show them the fast secret way to making easy and profitable trades every day without the need to waste time and energy on the never ending learning.

So if you want to live a wealthy lifestyle, have the time freedom to enjoy life each day, without the stress and overwhelming feeling of just not having enough time to get everything done, then Buy/Sell Trend Detector is the right tool for you that will open the door to the new level of success and freedom that you deserve.


Buy/Sell Trend Detector makes much
more profit than any other system!

Many systems only work between specific times of the year or day.

This is very uncomfortable since you might want to spend time with your family and then remember that now is the only time when your system might actually work.

I am sure you don’t enjoy using a trading system that tells you when and what to do. You need a trading tool that you can use anytime you want. Buy/Sell Trend Detector does not depend on any specific time periods.
You can use it to make profit any time of the day or night.

There are also systems that require you to have a lot of trading knowledge making your time investment far more expensive and complex than it needs to be. These kind of systems explain you how to trade but you must first execute 10 calculations, analyze 5 other charts and only then you get a slight understanding on what trade to take. No need to say that with all this effort you are probably still losing most of the time.

We’ve created Buy/Sell Trend Detector with the most profitable trading strategies in mind. These strategies are hidden from public. You can never find them online. These are exact same strategies used by the world class traders who make big money.


And these strategies are hard, so we coded them to work on autopilot altogether and enabled the indicator to generate buy/sell signals for you when all these strategies come into agreement.

The coding we have done is as difficult as rocket science. But all the code is inside the indicator. What you will actually see are accurate buy and sell signals that make you profit with absolutely no effort.

We wanted to provide a solution that was operational 24/7. If you want to trade in the middle of the night – no problem. If you are traveling and want to trade just a few minutes a day – no problem.

It’s ready and waiting, fully customizable to your personal style of trading and it’s ready to use right now!


Download the indicator, install it and
make profit in minutes from now!

The logic and algorithm that fuels the signals you see if very complex and is the result of multiple trading factors being computed and analyzed simultaneously. There are tons of calculations, comparisons and analyses going on every second inside the code.

Calculations that Buy/Sell Trend Detector does in just 1 second could actually take you an hour to accomplish.
The difficulties our team of trading experts and mathematical geniuses had to go through to develop Buy/Sell Trend Detector indicator is beyond the scope of the everyday traders.

It really is a no brainer at how much time and effort it saves you!

Because of all the effort we have put into it, you can download it, install it and make twice as much as you are thinking of making in the very first day!

And let’s face it, you are in the process of finding a way to make money in forex, so the faster you start using Buy/Sell Trend Detector the faster you are going to reach your goal. Big money is ready to be made. The trading algorithm is already inside the code and it is eager to calculate the best possible entry time for your next trade!

So all you need to do is use it.

Get started, download the Buy/Sell Trend Detector software, add it to your chart and within seconds you will start making big profitable trades in real-time right before your eyes.

It’s easy, fast, simple and highly profitable.

Here is why Buy/Sell Trend Detector is better!
  Save time by not having to analyze boring forex charts
  Nothing to learn, research or understand
  Get smart and accurate buy/sell signals that win
  Remove the stress and fear from trading
  Benefit from the signal alerts so you’re not chained to the monitor.


There is not much time! Buy/Sell Trend Detector
will be available only to a small amount of people…

Whether you have the skills and knowledge to start with or you are completely green to forex trading,
Buy/Sell Trend Detector has simply removed all concerns, fear and stress that most traders experience.

No training seminars, no long and hard hours of study, no research, no headache.

You will not need to spend hours at boring forex classes broadening your knowledge and abilities to find that in the real world of trading the strategies and tips you have just learned are completely useless…

I always wanted to make things different.

Why do something thousands of times yourself, leaving yourself prone to human errors when Buy/Sell Trend Detector can do it all for you, accurate and fast and without the mistakes that even professional traders often make?

Have the confidence that every buy or sell signal you follow is as a result of inarguably complex and smartly calculated data and trading algorithms happening real-time inside the code of your new favorite trading tool!

Use it once and then you will use it forever…

With the amazing results you will be getting in the very first day of using it, you will start asking yourself why you have never came across anything like this before… This is something you will totally fall in love with! Guaranteed!


No need to sit in front of PC and wait for a new signal!

With the trading alerts feature you can stay informed about every new signal
even when you are enjoying your everyday activities away from your computer.


  A colorful signal line will change its color depending on the signal
  An audible pop up will inform you about a new signal
  Pop-up window will show you detailed info about the new trade
  Push notifications will inform you via your mobile device
  Email notification sent right to your inbox
No need to be chained to your computer…

With your mobile device you can receive signal alerts on the move by customizing alert options any way you like. You can choose the receive push notifications with details about every trade right to your mobile device.

You can choose to receive an email notification telling you when there is a new signal ready for you. You also can use the audio alert that will alarm you in case you are near the pc but not watching the screen.

You can choose any of the options separately all enable all of them at the same time! Have a peace of mind knowing that you are never going to miss another great trading opportunity.

Buy/Sell Trend Detector has been developed with comfort as our top priority. Use it and see how convenient and profitable it actually is…


Every alert will give you the following data
  Currency pair
  Entry price
  Profit level
  Stop loss level

Everything you need to know, in order to enter your new trade and win! Your trading is going to become revolutionized. No more wasting time on watching the signals. Do what you enjoy doing and receive signals in the most convenient way for you.


Buy/Sell Trend Detector is the most
powerful trading tool available today!

If you’ve been experimenting with the world of forex trading, then chances are, you’ve researched and investigated many systems. All of which is a time investment and constant financial expense that has always resulted in the same bad results.

Being disappointed, frustrated and fed-up because you are simply not getting the results you want.

Let’s put an end to this annoyance and misery. You can start earning fast. It’s easy once you have a reliable indicator helping you with every trade you make.

Let’s make a change together. Buy/Sell Trend Detector will be your last step on the road to financial trading success. You won’t need to spend a lot of time trading, you won’t need to learn anything, you will simply download this indicator, attach it to your chart and start making insane profit.

See how profitable your trades will become!

What if I told you, I was so sure of Buy/Sell Trend Detector you can try it 100% risk free for 60 days.

No more being chained to the desk, no more fear of missed opportunities when you are out and about, no more seeking out other solutions, no more disappointing experiments.

Just hit the ground running, 100% risk free and see first-hand the kind of profit you have been missing all this time. Your new life is about to begin. Get ready!

Buy/Sell Trend Detector can change your life!
  No repainting or lagging
  Real-time powerful and profitable buy & sell signals
  Built-in smart signals generating engine that performs
hundreds of important calculations in the background
  Easy-to-follow and customizable visual interface
  Choose any of the 4 trading styles to suit your approach
  Gain confidence with every trade you make
  Identify trend reversals to limit losses and win more
  Generates fast signals for maximum income
  Ideal for any level traders new or experienced
  Super built-in alert features, so you never miss an opportunity
  100% plug and play, no learning, just hit the ground running
  Smart money management system protects your finances
  Full-time 24/7 support. I am happy to help you with anything!


So what’s the cost?

Think for a moment…

How much would a training program cost you to learn all these things first-hand?

There is so much to learn and understand, chances are you would not gain even a quarter of the knowledge you need to trade successfully and safely.

Imagine the time and energy you would have to invest to actually become skillful enough and start making big winning trades every day?

Do you really have that money to spend, that time to invest, that extra energy to learn another course or attend another program?

What is it that you really want? You want a fast and proven trading software that will do all the work for you, while you just follow it’s simple buy/sell signals and make profit. On top of that you are going to be able to switch between several trading styles, use different signal alerts and truly experience how successful trading feels like!

All of these for a one-time only purchase of just $87! No subscriptions, rebills or memberships. Nothing tricky.

Get Buy/Sell Trend Detector, attach it to your chart and start winning in minutes from now!

Remember, your new life is waiting for you. Full of success and happiness. Start your brand new forex trading experience right now.


Real testimonials received:
I guarantee that every testimonial is real,
screenshots are available upon request..

Simon <simon*******>

Hi Karl,

After downloading the buy/sell indicator within a few minutes, I installed, followed the instructions and waited only a couple of minutes before the first signal. 58 pips from the first trade looked promising. I keep my trades simple, only trade a handful of the major pairs(my choice). Trade with the overall trend and this indicator does not let you down! I use the 15min time frame so plenty of action and I confirm trend on the 30m and 1h charts to confirm strength/direction. 14 trades placed/13 profitable trades, although I did close some trades early for news and coming to the end of trading sessions. Thank you for such a great tool!

Simon Robson UK


Naoko ******* <ki*****>

So I just start last friday, but I opened trade with 15M chart, then I got 60pips USDJPY for 1 day and AUDUSD 30pips. I set up Aggressive mode. I could get more pips but I’m satisfy total 90pips…. This indicator is reacts very quick and smart…. I used several other indicators before but this one is on another level!
Many thanks and keep develop your products!


More testimonials will be added soon…

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Questions…? Need more help? My personal email address is:
Just write me an email and I will be happy to answer any questions to you!



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I Am Ready to Get “Buy/Sell Trend Detector”
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  This website looks familiar to me.. Is it the same
software that I already purchased from you?
    No. It is a brand new website/product…
It is not similar in any way to any of my other products or indicators.
First time published November, 2015 with the brand new double confirmation technology.


  What do I need to start using the Buy/Sell Trend Detector
    You need a computer with an internet connection. All setup information
is provided in the Buy/Sell Trend Detector user’s guide.


  Time frames?
    The “Buy/Sell Trend Detector” indicator is designed to work on M15, M30, H1, H4 and D1 only.


    The “Buy/Sell Trend Detector” indicator works on all Forex pairs! Yes! All of them.


  What platform will the “Buy/Sell Trend Detector” run on?


  How do I get the software?
    Instant Download. No waiting.


  Is it a robot, EA?
    No! It is Forex Trend Indicator that will show smart signals on when to buy or sell.


  Can I run it on a demo account first?
    Yes of course, you can run on a demo account for as long as you like until you see that it is making you consistent profits, then you can switch to a real account.


  How much money do I need to start trading?
    You can start with as little as $100 with some brokers, although we recommend a minimum starting amount of at least $250. We can recommend you a good broker. Just ask.


  Do you provide support?
    Yes, we provide full support both with setting up and implementation of the “Buy/Sell Trend Detector”, money management strategy, technical queries and general trading support.


  Are there any monthly fees for “Buy/Sell Trend Detector”?
    No, there are absolutely no monthly fees, this is strictly a one-time purchase.




60 Days Full Money Back Guarantee
  Dear Trader

If for some weird reason at any time within the next 60 days you are not fully satisfied with the Buy/Sell Trend Detector, I will refund your order in FULL because I want you to feel safe. All the risk is on me here.

You can give it an honest try for full 60 days with no questions, no hassles and no headaches.

Hurry Up! Only 2 Copies Left…

Why are we giving 60 Days
Full Money Back Guarantee?
I’m so confident you’ll absolutely love our new Indicator that I’m willing to bet on it with our full 60 Day money back guarantee. How can we be so sure? Well, just take a look at the countless profit screenshots!

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