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plague Has already received some good feedback

This is the best $$ I have ever spent while in pursuit of knwoledge of health and fitness, and doing so has saved me thousands of $$ in useless supplements, books, etc.

I have constantly improved by reading, posting, and researching information here. When I have a question, hit a plateau, people are always quick to help and respond with their own experiences and what has worked for them. The best part of it is, the information is real. I was tired of going to website after website looking for information and having to weed through what was bogus and what had an element of truth.

No marketing hype to deal with here. Just straightforward honest and real information in a well managed forum full of talented people.

I look forward to being here for years to come.


torelli Has already received some good feedback

As a researcher in the Health and Nutrition Industry at a major university I often get discouraged at the many worthless supplements and information on the market.

I bought BBR and joined Will Brinks forum and was extremely impressed with the information they provided. You really do get the inside look at what is a good product on the market.

Unlike most online forums they still continue to surprise me with the in depth information, quick responses, and wealth of users on the forum. Not to mention you get 24/7 access to Will Brink himself!

Without a doubt this was the best purchase online for me, and I look forward to what they will come up with in the future.

Great job!

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rbtrout Has already received some good feedback

I followed the BBR diet plan quite closely for the second time since I’ve read the book. This time, I was more focused on the diet side than the first time. I changed my workout stratagy, as well. Using an exremely hard workout and following the BBR plan nearly to a ‘T’, I added (in 2 months) 13 pounds with an increase of bf of only 2% (about 4.6 pounds). I put an inch on arms, an inch on quads and an inch on my shoulders. The diet plan is incredible! Keep up the good work, Will!
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cooldude_1981 Has not yet received enough feedback

Well i must say back when i joined in august i didn’t knew much about nutrition, excercise and recuparation. Both BBR e-book and the forum has made a tremendous impact on my life.

The e-book is simply superb and is worth the investment for all the information presented in a rather simpler way. Will Brink has done a excellent job for writing this e-book for people. i have saved so much money by buying right supplements.

The forum is great for learning and asking questions. Moderators(Erp7e,Elissa and SIMES) are great and unbelievably helpful. I must point that every question/doubts have been answered since i joined and you learn something new everyday. People respect each other and that creates a great atmosphere.

I truly cherish that i found you guys and am looking forward in future to learn more.

have fun always

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JHalstead has Earned An impressive reputationJHalstead has Earned An impressive reputation

I always knew I wanted to get in shape, and I even tried to do it with my own half-cocked ideas of what was good to eat and what was a good idea for exercise. After over a year of yo-yo dieting and some strains, sprains, and even two overtraining related injuries, I stumbled across BBR.

The BBR book was the first step in realizing I had no idea what nutrition was all about, then it was the second step in figuring out what and how I really should be eating. I learned from BBR what supplements I was waisting my money on and which supplements I needed to save up for. Then came the exercises, a layman’s bible laid out in front of me that opened the door to a healthier and vastly more productive realm of lifting weights.

I’ve had BBR for about 9 months now and I’ve used the knowledge I’ve gained from it and the support and advice from those on the website forums to drop from 220 pounds and around 22% bodyfat to 185 and 13%. From there I’ve used those same principles to bring myself back up to 206 pounds and 12.5% bodyfat, an overall loss of 22 pounds of fat and a gain of 8 pounds of muscle. And this is only the beginning.

I consider it money very well spent.

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ray2nite Has not yet received enough feedback

Not everyone is a muscle building advocate and wants to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. But everyone should want to be healthy and feel good and, from the countless diet books and gyms (and plastic surgery), I know everyone wants to look good. But to look good, one must be healthy and feel good. The best way to be healthy is by increasing muscle and keeping body fat in check. This takes more than counting calories and walking on a treadmill.

In my quest to be as healthy as I can be, I have read myriad books and articles, scoured the internet and visited countless forums. Nowhere have I found the depth of knowledge and unbiased opinions (based on scientific evidence) as in the BBR. It is more than worth its weight in good health. The e-book gives you all the information you need to learn the ins and outs of nutrition and exercise. Will Brink then writes new articles and keeps you abreast of the latest scientific research on nutrition and exercise.

The best part is the forum. It is not only friendly and enjoyable but full of people willing to share their stories and ready to help out. But it is the response to questions that is so amazing. Will Brink himself is always there to answer questions, as well as others who are very knowledge in their related fields. Just awesome.

If you want to gain lean muscle, be healthy, and look good in a bathing suit, it’s the way to go.

kittlin Has not yet received enough feedback

Will’s books and forums, both BBR and DSR and awesome and my ultimate guide for nutrition! I recommend them freely and without hesitation to my friends, family and clients. As I’ve said many times before, you just can’t lose with this information!
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scobro Has already received some good feedback

This is by far the best, complete and up to date internet fitness/nutrition site there is.The information is top notch and the response to any questions are always answered clear and precise.This site is for anyone serious about fitness and nutrition and want the truth.The articles are worth more than the price of the whole package and coming on this site is a step in the right direction for gaining valuble information you won’t find anywhere else.This is by far hands down the place to come for anyone serious on obtaining the correct information about fitness and nutrition.The best there is.!!!!!
LU Has not yet received enough feedback

I’ve been here for 3 +years now. All I can say the same thing the best there is. Info for nutritions ,exercises, recommendation for the best books or DVD for health and fitness with all the help of W. Bink, Elissa, ERP7e, Simes and everyone one else in this forum who like to share their experiences.
fifo_thekid Has not yet received enough feedback

I was really lost before finding this book
I’ve read the book many times and I can say that it’s one of the best resources about bodybuilding
I hope that I can get the right answers for the many questions I have
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Jason Davis Has not yet received enough feedback

Just a few quick words of gratitude to you, Will, and your team. I’m thoroughly enjoying the resources available. I have studied aspects of exercise science formally, but the way it’s presented here is super! Thanks to you and your team for the awesome information and tools! Bravo!
Kristofke Has not yet received enough feedback

I’ve purchased BBR 6 odd months ago, read it cover to cover when I first bought it and was immediatly aware of what I had to do, The fact that the book is so simply written along with Will’s no BS approach that so many people claim to have but in the end is just a marketing salestrick, is awesome. You really feel like you can trust the man behind the words

Not to mention this forum. Markus, Erp7e, Elissa (whom I haven’t seen on here in a while), Ronrat and the other moderators are truly walking encyclopedias when it comes to training and nutrition. Such nice people that are always willing to answer the most basic questions. I’ve recommended this e-book to many of my friends and will continue to do so!

Great job with all this Will, you’ve really created something to be proud of here

murrayscw Has not yet received enough feedback

I have had bbr for about a year and I wanted to thank Will and everyone here for giving me the tools needed to build an athletic physique.

I wanted to thank everyone here for two reasons.

1.) For all the compliments I get at work/bars/store/gym.

2.) For knowing who to not listen to on training/nutrition. I constantly get people coming up to me telling me to train differently or what supplements I should and should not be taking. It is very annoying.

T A Jacobs Has not yet received enough feedback

I am very impressed with the bbr e-book and all the diet/workout planner’s etc. It is a complete body builders bible! I know that by following the principles in bbr I will have great success with my physique, all the scientific research really does impress me. Thanks allot Will for creating such a brilliant book!
Ad Has not yet received enough feedback

I have to say, I think I have said it before but this site is the best investment I have ever made. I have been on it for a few years perhaps since the beginning. Thank you Will, Elissa, Markus and John, I don’t think Erpe is on here anymore? You guys are great and a wealth of knowledge.
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wmello Has not yet received enough feedback

When I bought the BBR, I immediately went to the chapter on supplements to see if what I have been using for the past 7 months were listed. After careful review, I discovered that more than half of them were not worth the pot to piss in. The money I have saved (by no longer buying these worthless products) has paid for the BBR twice fold!

Thanks Will

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Gnasher Has not yet received enough feedback

About 3-4months ago I decided to buy Will Brinks book. The book itself was truly, a blessing, covering pretty much everything I would say (as a novice) you need to know to succesfully jumpstart yourself when entering the dead serious world of bodybuilding.

If that wasn’t all, there is this forum. At first, I was a bit skeptic, but that has been turned around by the admins here, giving advice at exceptional high quality, about everything. I try to keep up my reading when it comes to food and programs, but sometimes it can be overwhelming or confusing and when it does, rest assured, you will be put back on track in no time by people like markus, ellisalowe and always improve.

I’ve always been fanatic about BB-ing, but the complexity which has come to my attention through the posts of the people mentioned above only deepened my fire to work and attain the body I’ve always dreamed off. Although still young, I am sure that through this forum, my goal will be achieved. The value given on the forum is, truly beyond comprehesion and I would once again show my gratitude to all the people that are working hard to keep it a place filled with high quality and high service.



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DaveT1963 Has not yet received enough feedback

I have been a member of bot FLR and BBR for last couple years. During that time I have faced many challenges, had some victories and took some mis steps. Here is what the last two years have meant personally to me:

1. While I have not become the next Jay Cutler I have changed my lifestyle. I have maintained a healthy weight and kept my body fat between 15-16 %.
2. My high blood pressure is GONE – nothing else to add there.
3. My Cholesterol is well within normal ranges.
4. My confidence and self esteem have improved significantly.
5. I have gotten significantly stronger
6. My cardio is the best it has ever been and my resting heart rate is in the 50s
7. I enjoy the taste of real natural foods and seldom desire processed or fast foods (still hanker for Bruam’s yogurts every now and then)
8. I have become a role model for my children who now ask me to help them with their diet, weight lifting, etc…
9. I can still out lift both my son-in-laws (OK this one is a little male pride but hey it is what it is)
10. I have made some great friendships here (even though we have never met) and their support on all issues has been paramount to my success.

This site has changed my LIFE. While I still have goals to reach I cannot even imagine how I lived like I did before I found this place.

Will – thanks for changing my life and setting up a site where success is the norm.

Moderators – wow you guys/girls rock! I cannot even begin to list all the things you all have taught me over the last two years

To the patrons – you are the reason this site works! Its real people like you, with all the struggles and challenges we all face, that makes transformations possible. Every time I start to think I can’t , or I’m too old, etc., I read some of your logs and get motivated. Thank you all for taking the time to share your experiences – they make a difference.

Now – on to 2011 where I will bench 300 and squat 400!!!!

Colin Twells Has not yet received enough feedback

Hi All,

well for years now i have been off and on the weights but until i found the ebook and this excellent website i never really had a focus or targets to aim for as i did not know nearly enough training as i should, i just thought going to the gym and lifting was enough to gain a healthy and good body (little did i know)).

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to Will and his excellent team and all the others on the forum that continue to help me to keep focused and learn everything i need to know to meet my goals..

for many years i have spend most of my spare time researching and looking for solid unbiased information on training but kept coming up against millions of sites and people just trying to sell me stuff (which really put me off) and thankfully i have found you guys as this is the best site i have seen and will tell as many people as i can to also join so that they can also find a the right info for every question they have about all aspects of training and fitness.

you guys are really a cut above the rest

Thanks again and keep up the good work…

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krystalanderson Has not yet received enough feedback

Good morning,

I am a lawyer by day and, on my good days, consider myself to be somewhat of a ‘word-smith’. I have read many forms of literature / commentary regarding the bodybuilding world in my time. So I feel I am in a justified position to comment on how brilliantly BBR has been compiled / written.

I only just purchased BBR on the weekend and havent been able to put it down simply because I keep discovering gold nuggests of information that are helping me to ‘connect the dots’, so to speak.

I am no stranger to the bodybuilding world and have learned alot over the last decade; ie have been down the competing / dieting track and back and will always love my training and living a healthy lifestyle. However, for me, this book has begun to ‘fill the gaps’ and provide an objective commentary supported by scientific fact and research, followed by a common sense summary. This approach is important to me as I prefer to rely on facts, not gimmics, or marketing ploys or personal opinion by those who have a vested interest in pushing their preferred view. The plethora of information out there takes alot of time to wade through, sort and decipher. Will’s BBR has completed all that research for me.

For example, the discussion on what is the appropriate amount of protein to take per kg of body weight, what happens if you have too much protein, does it just get excreted or does it result in the body storing of excess calories, how much dextrose / glucose should I take after training etc, how do I prevent my body from being in a catabolic state during sleeping hours – there were so many different answers to all these types of questions available out in the body building world, and unfortunately, I dont have the time to spend hours researching different trials to discover the facts. In the first few days, I have discovered the answers to these questions above (as opposed to just trying to make an educated guess gathered from common themes I discover in the voluminous literatour out there) and have implemented some changes to my diet and training supplementation (I have yet to reach the training sections in BBR which I will tackle next week). So, this is just an example of the value I have so far gained from BBR.

Its very exciting and I cant wait to keep on reading. So Will (and the team), a sincere thank you and gratitude for all your work to help us to really understand our bodies, training and macronutrients. I hope you intend to release an annual BBR so we can continue to learn and grow as a result of your experienced and valuable guidance.

Best Regards,


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John S Gilbert Has not yet received enough feedback

In my searches for more educational material concerning beginning bodybuilding and nutritional planning I came across Will Brink’s BBR. The forum support contained in the BBR product is simply amazing. Can’t wait to continue reading and learning. Great job to the moderators and thanks to all for supporting something like this, as it makes it an easier path to follow for the rest of us who have been out of the game for awhile.
estring Has not yet received enough feedback

It’s probably the best few dollars you’re going to spend on your training yet. As a relative newcomer I got sick and tired of buying useless supplements and being the victim of equally useless training fads in magazines.

I joined BBR and the money I have saved in not buying useless scientifically unproven supplements has paid for the price of the member’s fee alone.

I got much more than that. I got access to a load of like minded people who can share their experience with each other saying what they have found to really work. Will really does look after his site it’s not done as an after thought to his other activities. You want to keep training wasting time and money on useless items and routines don’t join up. You want to get pointed in the right direction while saving time and money. It really is a no brainer.

Sean Gorman Has not yet received enough feedback

I sat at my pc and thought ‘yeah,yeah!’
When I went to close, a window poped up offering a trial period, at which point I thought ‘what the hell…why not’.
Im now thinking ‘how did i survive without this’
The resources, the diet plans, etc are fantastic
The e books are wall to wall info that just scream with credibility,
& the forum!!!!!!!!!!!!

My only criticism (if thats what it is) would be a simple statement at the beginning of the e book that would go something like this:

“I know you want to rush off and put everything into action, go to bed tonight and wake up in the morning with a bod like dorian yates, but trust me…take a day or two…read and read again…play with all the resources…work out a few diet options and dont worry.”

The info in this programme is so fantastic, the resources and forums so good that I honestly think that people need to be reminded not to panick. Lets face it, we’ve all read articles, trawled the web and subscribed to thigs before that promise the world but never deliver.

To actually find something this great is a shock to the system.

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Pinkerton Has not yet received enough feedback

About two months ago I starting applying portions of Will’s thinking to my workouts and nutrition, and I am now a satisfied acolyte of BBR!

A quick word on my background. I’m a 58 year old man with a desk job. I’ve been working out since college to some degree or another, and often involved with a sport in addition to gym work. Although I’ve been generally happy with the fitness results I’ve obtained over the years, I was never able to get and remain focused on obtaining superior results. My goals at this time are not to gain mega-mass, but to lean down a little and work on definition, shape and general fitness…plus continue to enjoy working out.

BBR helped me regain my focus, set goals and obtain real, visible results. Not only has my interest in fitness been reinvigorated, but I’m well on my way to being in the best shape of my life. The e-book is crammed with information and inspirational ideas to keep me progressing and fresh in, and out of the gym. I’m getting much more out of each workout, and my approach to nutrition is much healthier…and has obtained much better results than before.

In addition, the forum has enabled me to interact with fellow enthusiasts as well as getting much appreciated advice from others and the friendly and knowledgeable professionals who are moderators. And one other important thing. Although my agenda and goals may be different than many who are part of BBR, my approach has always been respected by others.

All-in-all a real jump start for me…and worth many, many times the price paid. Thank you, Will and all of the BBR team!

vikrant Has not yet received enough feedback


Been a part of this forum for a good 2 days now and have been reading a lot of articles. Gained a lot of knowledge. I feel so nice to be in the company of like minded people who love the study of body building.

Hope it stays like this !!


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JHalstead has Earned An impressive reputationJHalstead has Earned An impressive reputation

Sure, I already posted a testimonial, but I had an experience this weekend that I wanted to share. This seemed the best place to put it. This could probably be shorter, but it’s early and I felt like babbling.

As many of you know (because I’ve been pissing and moaning about it for months), I am finally moving. At my old house resides my 90 gallon aquarium sitting atop an oak stand. Contained within the oak stand is a 42 gallon sump tank (for water filtration purposes for the non-aquarists out there). Oh, and if anybody cares, while I have run marine tanks in the past, I am currently enjoying an African cichlid tank.

The tie in, as you may have guessed, is that this mother was extremely heavy. Approximately 30 gallons of water remained in the tank (approx 240 pounds), plus the gravel substrate (60 – 80 pounds), and the various decorations (another 40 – 60 pounds). Add to that the sheer weight of a 90 gallon tempered glass aquarium (glass being approx 1/4″ thick), and it adds up to something unpleasant. Oh, the dimensions of said tank at around 4′ wide, 2 feet high, and 1.5 feet deep.

I had my father and a friend assisting me in this move. And since neither of them has the masochistic hobby of picking up heavy things, they both took the far end of the tank while I manhandled the other end. We were able to successfully move all parts of the aquarium from my old house into the bed of a truck, then out of the truck and into my new house to set it up. I only set it on my fingers one time too!

My point is that without the assistance of the fine people here and the wealth of information in the E-book, I would have surely not remained as motivated and dedicated to working out and gaining strength over the past few years. I have been a member here for quite a while now and, so long as it remains, I hope to remain a contributer for many years to come. We all lift to feel better, look better, and to get stronger, but it is downright fun sometimes to also be reminded that doing this really does make a difference. It does translate into real world actions, and it does provide real results.

I know everyone present was amazed that my two helpers were struggling with their one end while I was easily manhandling the other side of the aquarium. I was a little surprised too, and it felt damn good.

So thanks to Will and the mods for helping me impress myself, my family, and my friend.

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John Rutnik Has not yet received enough feedback

I am an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer so a lot of the material in the e-book I had learned before. However Will has a way of putting things in plain English. My job requires not only knowing my stuff but having the ability to teach it to my trainees. His down to business writing style really helps me to not only know it but apply it to my training. I have been buying will’s e-books for years. His knowledge and skills can lead you to higher places regardless of your base of knowledge and experience. Bottom line: Will is the man I turn to when I want to grow my knowledge. Take that to the bank!

Sincerely, John E. Rutnik, ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

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t-rasco Has not yet received enough feedback

The best “supplement” I’ve ever bought. Worth every penny, thank you, Will. And I just wanted to say ELISSA YOU ROCK HARDCORE. My wife looks up to you
Garry T Has not yet received enough feedback

Having had BBR for a few weeks now, I must say first and foremost, that the book, and the forum with it’s tools are no doubt value for money.

If I could make some small constructive criticisms, they would be;

There is a lot of information to take in, and I think some of it is probably above and beyond what the average trainer requires. Personally I’d like to see less pages, and more concise information to allow you to get into a program as quick as possible.

I guess if there were half the pages, some people would complain there’s not much for their money, so it’s a difficult compromise to make.

I was a little disappointed on the fat loss content too.

All in all though, very satisfied with my purchase, and will NOT be requesting a refund.


Doken Has not yet received enough feedback

I have printed the e-book to read at leisure and I have learnt so much. I have had some great advice through the forums and feel confident of eating and exercising well again.
One of the best thing I have ever bought and worth far more than I paid.
I feel confindent about body building again, somthing I gave up in 1990 through ill health and working too many hours and not finding the time for ME. Life begins at 59 for me again.
MagicBen Has not yet received enough feedback

I have been training now for 8 months after a 15 years stop (I was training in my twenties). Now in my forties, I started following Brink’s ebook information on training. I discovered something I never put into practice which is the Wholebody workout. That was a revelation for me when doing it the high intensity way. I gain 18 lbs in 8 months. Now I am combining split routines but still do at least one training per week in wholebody way. Thank’s for the great information in your ebook… Being an ectomorph body type with a hard time gaining muscle, your advice was right to the point !!! Finally I begin to see my body changing and I know that I will put much more in the following year.

Thanks again… it was one of the best investment I ever did !!


ryoung1 Has not yet received enough feedback

I have been working out steadily now for over a year and a half, but have only had the e-book for about a month. Due to a busy schedule, I have not had time to get through all of the material (there is much), but have finished the main book and am now going through the bonus material. What I appreciate most is Will’s straight-forward, pull no punches approach to delivering the information throughout each chapter.

I am still in a cutting phase in an attempt to get to 15% or less bodyfat before starting to build LBM. I am hoping this is the right approach – to cut to the percentage of BF I am looking for prior to starting to build LBM? I am 5’9″, 155 lb, at 18% BF, but making good progress toward the 15%. I look forward to starting my “gain” phase within the next month and will rely heavily on the valuable information from the forum and the e-book to help pack on some LBM.

Thanks for helping with the motivation and I look forward to the challenge.

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plushtek Has not yet received enough feedback

I have been a little quite of late,but i will say the information between the Forum and the Ebook would have to be in the top 10% in the world in regards to all facets of the Art.Because thats how i see bodybuilding its like creating a sculpture, working with the earths elements.

danieljw Has not yet received enough feedback

The ebook and forum are a good source of training and nutrition information, they certainhly answered some niggling questions i had.

Thanks to all involved.


beholder69 Has not yet received enough feedback

The book is very good value for money. Lots of solid info gathered together in one book,along with an excellent supplement section,providing sources of studies conducted on each one of them

As for the members area,it’s great. My favourite part is the diet planner. Really useful with an extremely easy interface,helps you create a diet in no time

Well done!

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kchynal Has not yet received enough feedback


First off, I wanted to say that you have written a great book. I’ve always been involved in sports, but have had a tough time putting on muscle. After getting your book, improving my nutrition, adding a couple of supplements, I finally started making gains.

Unfortunately, after about a month, I had a mountain biking accident and partially tore my rotator cuff in two places. This has put me out of action for almost 10 months, and only now am I able to get back into working out and hitting the gym again.

When I first started, I remember in the download section, there was a mention of an update (v2) to your book coming soon, but when I logged in for the first time (in a long time) a couple of days ago, there is no mention of it. Could you let us know what is happening with that?

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grndprix69 Has not yet received enough feedback

I found Will’s book excellent!!! I have read it and re-read it several times. This has to be the most honest and complete guide to body building I’ve ever read. This should be considered the Bible to Body Building!!!!!

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frost Has not yet received enough feedback

when i think of all that hard earned coin i threw away on supps ….

The book had tons of information! I especially like the fact that you use science and real world studies to back up your recommendations. It would be nice if more authors would do so.

I knew you had to lift weights, take every fad supplement out there and pray it worked. My supplements were all on the unproven or ineffective for gaining LBM list. The only thing I left out was that one supplement thats recommended in the book as well as the forum ….. oh yeah, food!

Thanks for setting me straight!

The forums also contain a wealth of knowledge. I may need someone to come by and fix my search button though ….


bma38302 Has not yet received enough feedback

Awsome, awsome and more awsomes . This is only the second e-book I have purchased and in regards to health, fitness and nutrician I really can’t imagine finding anything that comes close to the value you get for your money or anything to rival the information you get from Bodybuilding Revealed and its membership forum. Money very well spent.
Thankyou Will
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gonamath Has not yet received enough feedback

..I figured what the heck, BBR/FLR turned out to have more influence over my life in 2007 then any other people, place or thing. It was the seed that blossomed into a thousand avenues. The key for me was to accept change , accept a different way of training, eating and learning. I have never personally met anyone within this internet community, but feel as if I ‘owe’ a great deal of thanks ….so here it goes:

Will Brink: Way too many things to mention them all, but the one that stands out right here and now is the information on supplements and diet. In a billion dollar industry filled with corruption, lies, greed and false hope …we come across Will Brink. An activist for the ‘little guy’ with a ‘shark-like’ approach to surfacing the truth about whats right and whats wrong.It took me several months to finally surrender to Will’s information and guidance . … there just isn’t anywhere else to find it on the net.

Elissalowe: her physical changes have been an inspiration, the fact that it has taken a few years to get from where she was to where she is ..helps a great deal . Too many times we see this magnifcant body without the story-without the story and details there is no benefit to a great picture. I can’t relate to a Pro Bodybuilder (the size, the mass, the drugs, the amount of weight they push) ..I can relate to elissalowe because I know at least part of the story- Keep your meals interesting, introduce variety …train hard, be patient…

Markus: the vegetable guy…oh how I hated to read about all of the vegetables when I first joined. It has taken me so long to surrender to vegetables…Markus even wrote about his garden where he grows them. The man is relentless about vegetables …finally I am becoming relentless too. I once wrote how difficult it was to wean off pizza, cookies and ice cream —Markus replied by saying he doesn’t need to wean off them because he doesn’t have those kinds of foods in his life–couldn’t relate then, now I can.

Erp7e: an uncanny ability to present ‘scientific like’ exercise and training information to the ‘little guy’ in a way that we can understand it —8 out of 10 training guru’s (with the info erp7e has) have no idea how to relate to the average guy who still bench and curl until they bleed. It is a “gift” that he has…

Yukonranger: the man eats sardines for breakfast….he tells it like it is. I aspire in 2008 to reduce whey/casein protein supplements outside of pre-post workout …Yukonranger represents the next level for me …he lives and breathe’s it.

Thank you.

Happy Holidays to all !

SARFARAZ Has not yet received enough feedback

BBR and the member’s area has been a great help to me. iam very impressed by the attitude of everyone at the FORUM. I have been training for almost 15 years and even though i looked like GYM goer with clothes on. Beneath it i really did not have a defined body. The Neutrition knowledge of this E book and Forum has really helped me to find some defination. Its early days yet and i hope to make some good progress. Overall a great effort by Will and his team. I thank them very much.
nuclearchief Has not yet received enough feedback

I read parts of the book almost every day. I have revisited several sections a number of times to ensure I am doing the correct things, from working out to supplements. The food pyramid is perfect, too bad the government is bought and sold by other interests besides the people.
Nassar Has not yet received enough feedback

I’ve read almost EVERY book (e-book or otherwise) and Bodybuilding Revealed rates as the best that I have read…PERIOD! Will does not try and confuse the reader with charts, graphs, over complicated routines, etc., that seem to be the rage nowadays. He just writes it with staight forward good common sense. Thank you Will!!

Brian Nassar

BurnbabyBurn Has not yet received enough feedback

thanks to this wonderful informative truthful e-book full of wisdom and knowledge, i will,some day but in a shorter time reach my full potential achieving the body and well-being i have always envisioned of. jam packed with easy to read all there is to know about bodybuilding,health,supplements, and nutrition.

as for the online memebers area…very useful indeed. there is always someone patient and experienced person to guide you and answer any questions you may have.i think their honesty, directness and straightforwardness should be regarded as honourable and appreciated to a great extent because i believe without people like these who are willing to help others with passion, diligence,truthfullness, we can’t go far in least in the fitness & Health area. so they gain my utmost respect and trust!…..


Morton Has not yet received enough feedback

I downloaded the e-book several weeks back and have read pretty much all the sections, they are good, concise and full of useful info. I’d heard of Will Brink through other trainers and articles and I’m pleased to say I wasn’t disappointed with what he had to say.
One of the main problems faced by body builders today – at whatever level it seems to me, is the smoke and mirrors effect of corporate advertising and the cynical marketing ploys that we are all subject to – this and the often misinformed or erroneous statements (encountered on a lot of badly moderated forums) is enough to confuse and bamboozle most people before they ever get started… This being the case, it is reassuring to find that BBR not only has the academic qualifications to sift their way through the mountain of supplements, training techniques and diets but also possess the practical experience to explain the good from the bad to those of us who frankly, wouldn’t know the difference between a deltoid and a do-nut.


marty8682 Has not yet received enough feedback

I have found the ebook and the expert advice available on this forum invaluable and very extensive, making the purchase very good value for money and i would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn anything you need to know about building muscle.. from diet to training. Its all in here somewhere!
Ives Has not yet received enough feedback

Your ebook is full of all the necessary information for successful weight
training, it is easy to home in on any info you are searching for,
a most professional job all round. The forum and social contact are a great
Many thanks
gonamath's Avatar
gonamath Has not yet received enough feedback

I have been a member for about a month and thought my comments might be helpful to a few. For what its worth I’m 5’10”, 198lbs, 19-20 bodyfat, have lifted on and off for 20 years with virtually no direction other than Weider stuff , also I’m drug free (just my position, not judgmental of anybody who isn’t).

Brinks BBR has provided me with a stepping stone into the world of Bodybuilding, Nutrition and Fitness. I was never able to reach this ‘unknown at the time’ zone through the muscle mags and Weider Principles.

I originally joined BBR for information on Supplements only, however I have been captivated by the available wealth of information on Nutrition and Workouts.Because it was so badly needed, I have absorbed the information like a fish in water. Here are a few thoughts on different subjects:

Mental Approach:
I have been a Weider addict for life and am going thru the process of ‘weaning’ away from it. At first I rejected many of the Brinks Lifting concepts , but they are slowly sinking in as trial and error is proving them correct. This will take time, I will not have the perfect workout etched in stone by Friday morning—I need to give it time.

As of last month, I never knew what flax oil was or how important fats are in a healthy, fitness diet. I never attempted to eat 5-6 meals a day without a slew of MRP’s(meal replacement products). I understand proteins now and where to get them on my own without complete dependence on the EAS product line.
This is tough –eating a slew of chicken breasts, Tuna, Cottage Cheese, Lean Beef is a lot more difficult than drinking an MRP and taking a nap. Its a pain to have to go shopping and clean the dishes. I can attest for myself that there is no comparison between real food and MRP’s. My muscles are filling out and I’m not starving 30 minutes after a meal. Although, I still go with one or two MRP’s, I’m weaning my way off.
Information on listed GI’s in carbs has not only changed my diet but also the incredible modd swings I used to go thru during the day.
Slowly (not by Friday) increase Lean Muscle Mass while decreasing Body Fat—takes time to do it right. Slow down let the process happen.

LEF versus EAS. No comparison. I joined LEF and purchase multiple units of items to hit my budget. I now compare ingredients and look for ‘real’ costs. Frankly, the EAS marketing campaign sold me for years, I always thought I was getting the best until I went with LEF. Most importantly, my stomach agrees—I have had no problematic digestive issues since departing EAS—I used to be confined to the bathroom on EAS products.
I dont need every ‘suggested-give it try’ product, give it time and sample over the months. Slow down the need to buy products for a quick fix.

Deadlifts–never did them. Muscle Balance—never knew it. Angles–never gave it any thought. Rows versus Pulls , never noticed. Hamstrings –I thought they were covered by Squats. Pre and Post supplements–did eome before but didn’ know why—do more now and am starting to understand why.

Top Ten things I live with now:

#1 Use hot water (sink faucet ok) to blend supplements in before drinking (creatine,whey,glutamine) . Dramatic improvement in GI tract.
#2 Use only Creapure signature creatine only (micronized creatine monohydrate) —currently using LEF Combo Creatine,Glut,Whey
#3 Drink Whey protein before all workouts
#4 Drink High GI Carb/LEF Combo drink during/Post workouts
#5 Make the meal, dont drink it
#6 5-6 meals a day-actually doing it rather than talking about it
#7 Workout routine change, it has to be changed every 2 to 3 weeks
#8 Muscle balance and workout flow
#9 Bench Angles and the need to switch them up
#10 Resist nothing —wean off weider —give the bench presses a break

A few cautions:

#1 Keep the credit card in your wallet–dont need to buy everything. Introduce yourself to a few things and sample the lot over time…
#2 It aint gonna happen overnight –take a day off here or there and not think about bodybuilding or exercises—give the adrenaline rush of all the new information work its way in—dont push it
#3 Add an extra “off” day here or there with the new workouts –I know I need to do it–the workouts now are so different than before–tougher
#4 I have to force myself into the recipe book-cottage cheese, brown rice and chicken breasts can only work for so long.

For me, Brinks BBR has been a life change—a lifestyle change. I have to remember though, that its a process not an event .

I truely feel like I’m living a dream.

chris collier Has not yet received enough feedback

I’ve never had this amount of knowledge at my fingertips…book is very informative without spending tens of pages defining obscure concepts and training techniques that have no meaning to anyone except doctors and possibly muscletech product developers…On that note, I really appreciate the honesty about supplements…very detailed descriptions and actual research!!

Thanks Will and everyone else who has contributed to the book and the site

Jawine's Avatar
Jawine Has not yet received enough feedback

The BBR book is great, very informative but what I love most is the forum. So many forums are full of trolls/hecklers but there is a great atmosphere here, everybody is keen to help each other and there’s a lot of fun to be had also in the gossip etc threads
Roye Has not yet received enough feedback

I am still reading the e-book but I just wanted to share my opinion for what its worth. EXCELLENT!!

I really like the Diet Planner/Food Database and is the best I have come across so far. Personally, I have kept just a simple daily food log in a spiral notebook on my kitchen counter for the past 3 years or so. I have my lapses but I have done it for so long that I can still track my diet mentally.

I think Will has hit the nail on the head with this daily log as a MUST!!!! My co-workers keep asking me how I lose the weight and the first thing I tell them is that keeping a daily log has and will be the key to any success. Sure initially it was PITA but it only takes a few seconds now. But with the BBR program I plan to switch to its Diet Planner as it is obviously very user friendly and easy.

Initially I really hesitated at subscribing to this forum as I have been disappointed in the past by some of the other programs I enlisted with but now I am glad I made the plunge.

Again to Will and his staff :

Kent53 Has not yet received enough feedback

I’m a new member and still reading. I have told my gym buddies about all the GREAT Info I have been reading. I will be sending in questions soon. Keep up the good work.:
Mark.vecellio Has not yet received enough feedback

I’ve been a soldier for 15 years; therefore, strength training is much more important to me than looking and feeling good: it keeps me alive. I have researched countless programs, regimens, philosophies and so on and can, without reservation, declare BBR is by far the most useful, concise, and accurate guidance on the market. The forum is simply outstanding. I truly love the practical emphasis on the latest scientific research affecting the fields of nutrition and exercise science.

Thanks for a great product,


Aholder18 Has not yet received enough feedback

The wealth of knowledge from the ebook, members, moderators, and Will B is amazing and more than i ever hoped for. It’s like having 100 personal trainers at my disposal day and night all for a measily 60 bucks. I have learned sooo much about training, nutrition, and supps, but most of all about pre and post workout nutrition. For many years i would go to the gym, workout for like 10 min and feel dead. I would have the worst workouts and always wonder why i had no energy. I used to work out in the morning on an empty stomach and try to do heavy bench presses(what a moron)haha. That was one of my typical mistakes that would leave me hating to workout, and dreading every time i stepped in the gym. Now i have a boatload of energy every time i workout thanks to the pre/post workout nutrition advice i recieved from BBR. It may seem silly, but no one else ever bothered to tell me what i was doing wrong and i definitely would have continued to make the same mistakes had i not found BBR. Thanks again Will, Elissa, and everone else!
Darrinw2001's Avatar
Darrinw2001 Has already received some good feedback

This is the best money I have ever spent on any bodybuilding book, supplement, or piece of workout equipment. I now do not waste money on useless supplements, I know what is the best best protein to use, I use the diet planner to track my calories, and get great advice from all the staff! I am so glad I found this e-book and forum!
tw1g007 Has already received some good feedback

This site has been incredible. The helpful environment with its dedicated staff and “sincere” reviews of good muscle building foods and supplements is second to none. I was so ignorant about body building (thinking it was solely about just going to the gym) until I came here. With my newly aquired knowledge of what general fitness is all about, no marketing “guru” can feed me anymore bs and lies. And guess what? I am still learning more and more from this site everyday and its a lot of fun. Keep in mind that this site is only for people who love to work hard and strive to keep “long term” benefits. If you like taking short cuts or impatient your not welcome.

I have also grown bigger. Most especially in my forearm region and slightly in my biceps. The same applies to my quads! How do I know this you ask? ALL my jeans are much tighter when I put them on. Guess I have to go shopping for new ones. I am still working on my abs but this is nothing cardio can’t fix. All of these changes occured in a space of roughly 4 weeks. 4 weeks!! Something I never deemed possible with about 5 months of past (2years ago) failed efforts! I will be a man and admit I was in tears. If I get results in 4 weeks what about 2 months from now?! Yes. Hardwork and focus will get you this far. Before you even know it, girls start asking that one question every guy strives to hear… “Have you been working out?” I get that a lot now and simply smile modestly about it.

Your the man Will. You have paved a “single unbiased” path of truth towards having a better body and overall general fitness. Thank you.

Current Stats
21, 5′ 9”, Constantly between 174-175lbs for now (originally 155lbs ).
I also calculated a rough estimate of about 2lbs of muscle…. in 4weeks… I am still suprised.

ps: Should I bump into anyone on BBR in the future, dinner’s on me. Ha ha.

ostack Has not yet received enough feedback

Ok, first, I didn’t initially come here to get into “bodybuilding”, and I still haven’t. Always active in high school (football/wrestling), after graduation and a couple of injuries (knees-ACL), it became very easy for me to stack on excess poundage. I balooned up to about 315 from about 180 in high school. a few years later, I dropped down to about 210 through sheer will and devotion, within about a year. After starting a new job with lots of travel, it became very dfficult to keep my “routine”, and eat right. Or, should I say it was very easy to eat “bad” while on the road. I started packing on the pounds again. My scale maxed out at 330, but I’m sure “I” maxed out somewhere upwards of 350. My friends were under orders to shoot me if I ever got that fat again, but aparently they weren’t listening. Over the next year, I lifted a little with some dumbells and an EZ curl bar at home, and tried to eat more reasonably. I got down to about 300 during that time.

Then, last December I decided to get serious about it, and started researching/analyzing methods of fat/weight loss. Again and again, I kept looking towards the bodybuilding community as the answer I was looking for. While I wasn’t necessarily interested in becoming a competition bodybuilder, I recognized that the methods of fat loss were tried and true. No doubt about it. And I wanted to do it in a healthy way that wouldn’t be difficult to maintain. I also wanted to keep/build muscle, as I have always been fairly athletic, my zepplin days not withstanding. My initial idea being that in the most basic sense, if I could build muscle, I am eventually going to burn more and more fat. I kept coming across Will’s E-book, and eventually bought it. What an education! The amount of nutrition information alone was more than worth the cost of the book. The additional articles, and forum info available have helped me cut my supplements significantly, as well as form a diet more in line with my goal of cutting fat. More specifically, cutting fat without losing muscle.

So, in Dec 2006, I joined the Local YMCA, got the E-book “Bodybuilding Revealed”, and started educating myself and committing to a healthy lifestyle. I joined the “Y” because for myself, I really need to get away to really get into a workout routine. It is too easy for me to slack if I try to just do it at home. I do still work out a little at home, but the Y is where I put in the majority of my workout time. The other reason is because I travel a lot for work, and there is almost always a YMCA I can visit, no matter where I go.

Almost immediately, after a few Q’s in the forums, I realized that I was trying to too severly restrict my calories in my weight loss efforts. While it may be common knowledge to the community, your average every day Joe doesn’t realize how severely restricting calories can cause muscle loss, which will limit your potential for burning fat, as well as prevent you from building muscle.

Also very helpful, is learning how to most efficiently utilize weights and workouts. Having some injuries (shoulders/knees), being able to get the most effective workout using lighter weights is much easier on my joints.

So, as far as progress goes, I only used a scale with bioelectric feedback to calculate body fat%, and of course clothing sizes. I know those scales aren’t necessarily accurate, but for the purpose of measuring progress, it works. I started in mid to low 40’s% of body fat. Today, I consistantly measure 20-23% depending on hydration levels. I have an ultimate goal of 10%, but will consider 14% a significant achievement, or marker. I should probably get some calipers soon though. More than anything, I just want to be healthy. In Dec 2006, I was wearing a 42″ waist in jeans (relaxed fit). Today I am comfortably in a 36″ regular fit. I was in a 3X Big size shirt, or 4X regular. Now I can easily wear any regular 2X, and some 1X. Weight is now down to 227-230 (again depending on hydration).

I have to admit that I do not follow everything in the book to a T, but I do what works for me. I have formed an exercise routine (short and sweet) that doesn’t impede my busy life, and thus makes it easy to stick to. Sometimes I do some cardio in the morning that takes a half hour. Regardless of doing cardio in the morning, I do weight training in the afternoon or evening, with cardio before or after depending on changing up the routine. Late workout never takes more than an hour, even with cardio. Cardio is typically intense 20 minutes of stairclimber (100-120flights). I tried an intense 30 minute bike session today that wasn’t bad though.

I know this community is geared more towards Bodyuilding, but don’t overlook the fact that I have dropped around 70lbs, and also gained some muscle over the last 6-7 months. I will likely focus more on the Bodybuilding aspect in the future, but for the time being, my primary goal is cutting fat. Will’s book and this site has helped me find a way to progress in a very healthy way that is really pretty easy to maintain. I don’t starve, and even go wild occasionally. I have occasionally gone a week or so without a workout. I don’t worry about it. Sometimes you need a break. Sometimes you need to treat yourself. But it is really so easy to get back into the groove (diet and workout), that I don’t stress over a bad dietday, or taking a workout break. Once you’ve done it, and experienced the progress yourself, you have created your own motivation to keep going/get back into it.

I shudder to think of before and after pictures simply because I was so huge it is embarrasing, and now I have loose skin that is a little gross. I may have to do something else about that.

I should also say that on Will’s recommendation, and other glowing reviews, I also bought Tom’s “Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle” E-book. It is also very insightful.

Lee69 Has not yet received enough feedback

Thank you for the members section, it is informative, concise pack with like minded people who are happy to help each other be the best we can be
VinceG's Avatar
VinceG Has not yet received enough feedback

I have been weight training for the last 12 years. My progress has always been hindered by the fact that I gain fat rather easily. I would muscle build for a phase then diet to take the fat off following this. As fat loss has become more and more difficult for me over time, the last 6 years of bodybuilding have suffered because I have been consumed with trying to get accumulated fat off!

I have faithfully stuck to diets and nothing was working. I have tried: The Anabolic Diet, Body Opus Diet, Body for Life, Serious Strength Training Diet, The Testosterone Diet, The Abs Diet, The Zig Zag Diet, Diet, and Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle.

I gave each diet at least 6 months to show results and none of them did. I believe many of those diets are healthy, but they did not deliver on the fat loss. Most suggested to do more and more cardio, so I found myself doing an hour a day and still nothing.

I bought the Bodybuilding Revealed Ebook with no expectations. I just am interested in anything to do with exercise and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to read it. I skimmed through the book, but did not take any of its suggestions too seriously as I had been let down by other programs 100% of the time. I thought “good book” but did not realize how much I missed, but now I know better! It is very detailed and helpful from every aspect.

What I am most impressed with,however, is the website and the support from other members. I never realized how vital a support network of fellow athletes can be! I met other individuals that pointed out what my problem areas may be and what chapters to focus on in the Ebook.

Soon after the fat loss finally initiated and I am almost at my ideal bodyfat level. I have also received help for planning my next muscle building (hypertrophy) phase and I can’t wait to see where I will be in one year’s time!

Thanks a lot to Will Brink, Elissa, Donald, and every other member on here dedicated to sharing information and helping each other to achieve their fitness goals!


ChroniC's Avatar
ChroniC Has not yet received enough feedback

Hi Guys and Gals,

My name is Jamie. Sorry I havent introduced myself earlier but due to the wealth of information in the ebook and on this site, I havent really needed to post. All of my questions had already been asked and answered quite thoroughly.

I have just finished 3 months on the program using a 2800 cal diet and Poloquins 4 day per week routine to shed some unwanted body fat.

Starting weight: 170lb
Body fat: 15%
Lean body mass: 144.5lb

End weight: l65lb
Body Fat: 10%
Lean body mass: 148.5lb

-5% BF
-9lb BF
+4lb LBM

This was done without cardio. I’m going to take 1 week off training then introduce 3 days of fasted cardio per week with the intent of losing another 1-2% in the 4 weeks following. I will then slowly transition into a mass gain regime, which (I hope) will get me to my first milestone of 176lb 10% BF. Wish me luck.

Much thanks to Will and his team.

Irishdeerhunter's Avatar
Irishdeerhunter Is A Trusted Advisor

The BBR e-book is an excellent read with in depth analysis, scientific backup for nutrition, resistance training, cardio & supplements. There is no stone left unturned in providing data to expedite one’s progress in achieving a better body, both mentally & physically. As I am only putting the methods into my own routines presently, I feel that success will come quickly. The members zone really is a godsend, as any question regarding food or fitness is answered posthaste. The forum invigilators (especially Elissa, whom I patronise with a barrage of questions incessantly) are friendly, very informative & keep things simple. Other members respond to queries, which allows one to encorporate different opinions & work out the best structure for your overall routine. I have to say on an ‘Irish rainy day scale’ the overall package gets a 10/10, or as Will puts it ‘two thumbs up’.



Moral excellence is obtained through self-knowledge – Socrates

vindicator6 Has not yet received enough feedback

Bodybuilding revealed is a must have source for bodybuilders. Will Brink cuts through the bull & hype & tells it like it is. It’s extremely informative with fantastic nutrition, supplementation, and training advise.

The site & forums have tons of information & the staff are ready to help.

Keep up the good work Will & Company!!

bethweiss Has not yet received enough feedback

i just got the ebook and have been looking thru the site and its pretty incredible. there is so much great info here. looking forward to a much healthier future. thanx
Jamey's Avatar
Jamey Has not yet received enough feedback

The ebook has to be, in my view, the most comprehensive and scientifically-based information guide that covers the three essential components necessary to achieve any fitness goal —nutrition, resistance training and cardiovascular development. The great bonus has to be without a doubt the invaluable source of information and feedback found in the “Members Zone”. Any questions you may have, either have been addressed in the Forums discussion boards and if not, you can rest assured that they will be resolved quickly with an intelligent response by knowledgeable moderators or even Mr. Brink himself.

If you’re looking for diet suggestions, charts and tracking records, you’ll find them here. If you’re looking for a resistance training program to gain lean body mass or lose body fat you need look no further than the ebook and its related Members Zone. Try the Hybrid Training System for example, which is a well-balanced training program that incorporates many of the renowned Poliquin training principles.

Train hard and expect results.

Regards and thanks to the BBR team!

BigKen990's Avatar
BigKen990 Has not yet received enough feedback

I was drawn to BBR to see what Will had to say about supplements. I was very happy to see that what I felt were the key nutrients (and the only ones worth buying) for building muscle was verified by Will. It was great to see someone professionally justifying my own thoughts on what really works in the body or what is really worth spending cash on.

I take many other supplements for seperate health reasons that have nothing to do with lifting. And as I read Will’s book he justified my choices there as well. As his book only deals with muscle he focuses on just that. But he notes that different nutrients may have beneficial effects in the body other than building bulk. Everything I take for non-lifting reasons fell into this category.

I’ve known for years that the supplement industry is packed with bogus claims, dazzling marketing and little else. But it took me many years and too much wasted money to learn this. Such is life but if you’re new to the game, save your money. Follow Will’s advice.

BIG-JOE77 Has not yet received enough feedback

Already Started Reading The Ebook Im Also A Big Fan Of Charles Poliquin .already Has Helped With Vital Information In Reguards To Some Of The Supps Ive Tried .the Calculators Diets And Charts Are Very User Friendly Also Some Interesting Articles .overall A Fantastic Guide To Help With My Personal And Physical Goals Will Always Revert Back To The Book Cheers!!!!!!!!!
Bo0917 Has not yet received enough feedback

The ebook is very informative in many respects. The information goes directly to the meat of the matter and eliminates time consuming and costly errors that could inhibit your success, whatever your goal may be.

Thank you and keep up the good work!

onanar Has not yet received enough feedback

Hi Brink

Its really wonderfull, It’s working .

But I do not have time to complete it , even though I got lot of Information and I already implemented few things.

Keep it up and train us.

LiquidAir Has not yet received enough feedback

I thought you already had enough testimonials, but i kept getting an e-mail asking me to post mine.. so here we go:

The book is perfect! It was exacly what I was looking for, something like this should be ‘the body building bible’

I just finished 2.5 months of body building, thanks to BBR i gained 11lbs of weight. Going to start up again soon after I move to my new place and find a new gym – more importantly I know a lot more about my dietary requirements & weight lifting workouts – plus I have many logs to reference.

I think if you sold this book printed and perhaps did some marketing, it would sell very well. Or possbly for fat loss book (which I haven’t read but is probably the same quality) since fat loss products are in more demand.


MagicBen Has not yet received enough feedback

I have many other ebooks and paper books on bodybuilding and nutrition which some are very good, but the Brink Zone and the Brink ebook are in my top 3. The ebook is very good in explaining every aspect of bodybuilding and it is clear that it was written by a professional. As for the internet Brink zone, this is THE best and the only one that I use. I have looked into other web zone, but nothing compares to this one.

Keep the good work going !!!

Magic Ben

Maria Doll Has not yet received enough feedback

I have found all of Will Brink’s ebooks & articles to be very helpful. He takes the guess work out of the immense amount of information & misinformation that is out there. BBR is easy to read & understand. I especially like the information on calories, the macronutrients, & the general nutritional needs for “body builders”!!

The forums are very interesting. I’ve already checked out some great recipes…And customer service is great to deal with and actually responds to my emails…amazing!!

Please keep up the great work!!

Maria Doll

gpappasmd Has not yet received enough feedback

As a physician I greatly appreciate the scientific basis of BBR. Just as important is the brilliant way the information is translated into common sense, easy to understand advice and guidelines.

I am 46 years old and I have been working out, dieting, and trying to stay lean and fit my whole life. I usually fluctuate in 18-24 month cycles of losing weight followed by slowly regaining after I “fall off the wagon” of a good diet and exercise program. The BBR diet and work out information has not only motivated me, but I believe I am on track for long-term maintenance of my new regimen. I started incorporating what I have learned from BBR about three weeks ago, including diet, supplements, and workout tips.

The members forum is more valuable than I imagined. I have found answers to many questions that have clarified my understanding of the principles in BBR. This has helped me to translate those principles into actions in my daily diet and exercise regimens.

Thank you all for a great book and resource for getting fit and staying healthy!

Gregory A. Pappas, M.D.
Bay City, TX

YIODS Has not yet received enough feedback

Hi there,

It is a very good site you have here, can’t seem to find any down points about it except for one. I am having difficulty trying to find specific info on certain supplements for e.g USN creatine in the site, maybe I am going about it the wrong way, this is how I feel about the site.

Thanks for listening

Lee69 Has not yet received enough feedback

Excellent read, very informative with no BS
I can’t wait to read Fat Loss Revealed
Good work Thanks
SamDownunder Has not yet received enough feedback

My name is Sam, since a car accident 8 years ago that left me in a wheelchair. I have been studying nutrition, weightlifting and cardio for over 18 months. With a lot of hard work and using the great wealth of knowledge found both in BBR and the members area. I am now back on my feet and I have been able to tailor a program specific to my needs.

Thanks BBR


IKMA-Poland's Avatar
IKMA-Poland Has not yet received enough feedback

Hi, I just wanted to express my gratitude for the advice and help I received from you guys. The site is great and the book is a great read. Keep up the awesome work! Take care!
neppley's Avatar
neppley Has not yet received enough feedback

Love what BBR has done for me. Ive been able to add about 25 lbs using the workouts from the E-book and using the meal planner. Most of what I added is muscle too! I hit 170 and am now just a pound away from 180, this is the most I’ve ever weighed and the strongest I’ve ever been!
Discipline and hard work in the gym is what you’ll need to succeed.
Colin McFerran Has not yet received enough feedback


I think this must be your middle name! It’s obvious you love your topic and have gone to incredible lengths to provide a complete product. I am rarely inspired to provide a testimonial but, in this case, I would be remiss not to. More muscle to you and all who follow your advise!

Colin McFerran
Brisbane Australia

Hopps10 Has not yet received enough feedback

Love the New book. Great Information I even learned some things in the supplements review.
I incorporated the “Perfect Rep” in my workout last night, and I can not believe it, It was tough. I even dropped weight and it still was tough. I had to totally change my workout to adjust to doing CTNL reps. Thank You for that information. And my muscles thank you as well. I know it will not take them long to grow, from doing these CTNL reps.

Dan H.

Proud Supporter To The U.S.A. Olympic Teams

KJL Has not yet received enough feedback

Where do I begin?? I just downloaded the new book and now can’t wait to dive in. I quickly looked at some of it and it is truly amazing. It may take awhile to get through, but the info I have looked at so far is unbelievable. The effort of all those involved are honestly and greatly appreciated. Thanks a million. I really liked the “old” book and I know the “new” one will be a best seller. I have bragged to many about the “old” one and can’t wait to get the news out about the “new” version.

Thanks again!!!


btuma Has not yet received enough feedback

I’ve been part of the forum for about three years and have never posted except for my introduction. I just wanted to say Thank You to all of you for putting together this great web sight. My training and eating journey started about 5 years ago. I went from 6’0″ 245 to 6’0″ 185. Trying to eat right, resistance train and have fun. I’ve accomplished all three and am planning on many more years and it feels great at almost 53 years old. I view almost everyday and I find the conversations, comments and recommendations exceptional and not in need of my 2 cents but I’m always looking and appreciate the great input. Especially Elissa, erp7, Simes and of couse Will. I wish you guys were here in Phoenix as gym buddies. I show people how to make “erpsurge” and they think I’m a genius (worth the price of admission alone, not to mention all the other benefits) Oh yea, my Levis went from a tight 40 to 33. The new book looks fantastic, great job! Member forever. Bob PS- Will, a couple years ago I saw you at the Vegas bodybuilding show in November (I go every year but you looked very busy with several people around you so I just pointed you out to my friends. They were impressed. Again thanks!
Frank N.Steroid Has not yet received enough feedback

I’ll second that.I’ve only had a quick look through the book,and it looks fantastic!!!!!!Looking forward to reading it.

Good work Will(and everyone else involved in the production).

flyfisher x Has not yet received enough feedback

Wow! Add to that AWESOME!!!! I love the quicklinks from the book to the web site. The navigation is super simple and well presented. I also like the highlighted text in sections which appear to be new insights or observations. Hats off to all involved. I just joined last week and just finished reading the last version a few days ago. I downloaded the latest this AM and have been reviewing it all morning. I hit it at the right time. I look forward to using this as a valuable resource for my training. Great value. Thanks!!!
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j4yman Has not yet received enough feedback

I found BBR from Tom Venuto’s site. I just wanted to say that this site (including BBR and it’s extra’s) is such a wealth of info! The mods and members are also a fantastic source of info. It’s amazing to be able to either find answers to questions by either searching (because someone has probably already asked the same question), or either posting the question and getting a quick, knowledgeable response from the staff! Great Job; keep up the great work!
Chingo Has not yet received enough feedback

Thanks Will for your great info, i spent many months reading different advise and not knowing what to believe, after reading your book i made some great changes, If i’m honest i did’nt realise how difficult it was to prepair and eat the exact amounts and with my busy lifestyle i found it too hard, i’m still training hard and involving a lot more good fats to my diet and getting better results. many thanks.
dbowden Has not yet received enough feedback


I thought I would express my appreciation, for what your BBR e-book provides.

At the age of 50, after a 30 year+ training span, I discovered BBR.

I starting applying your nutritional recommendations one month ago

Since that time, following your nutritional macro guidelines as to Protein/Carbs/Fat ratios, I have put a solid 1/2 inch on my biceps, at the same time my waist size has not increased, I can still see the definition in my abs region, which indicates that I am building solid muscle, not ‘building’ fat around my middle.

I apparently as well am packing some size on around my chest , shoulder, back areas, my only problem now is that when I raise my arm to adjust my bifocals, my shirts are now too small , they get tight around my shoulders , as well when I stretch backwards while sitting, my shirts are too small around my chest area.

Thanks Will.


DaveNY1975 Has not yet received enough feedback

I feel tremendous gratitude towards all of you at BBR. You have freed me from what would have been years spent rotating from one gimmick to another.

About two years ago, I took an honest look in the mirror and decided that I wasn’t really in shape, and that that was a tremendous waste given how much I love athletics.

My first embarrassingly naive approach was to just go to the gym everyday and try to do everything I could for as long as I could. At some point, I got stuck in a cycle where I would frequently catch colds and then come back to the gym after about a week recovering.

Eventually, I pretty much gave up until I stumbled upon John Sisko’s “Power Factor Training”. I understand that this may work for some, but if it doesn’t work for you, then it’s just a gimmick. And that’s what it was for me. But at least I wasn’t getting sick anymore.

Eventually, I gave up again. Then, about a year ago, I read two books, Ellington Darden’s “The New High intensity Training” and John Ivy’s “Nutrient Timing”. I was thrilled to read these books and implemented them with dedication. I did brutal full body, one set to failure workouts every other day, three days a week.

After about nine months I noticed I was no longer making the type of progress that the book suggested I should expect. The only thing that I could think to do was ask myself if I was really pushing myself hard enough. Finally, after having spent a few more months making absolutely sure that I was completely exhausting myself in the prescribed manner, I realized something wasn’t working.

And then, luckily, I stumbled onto this forum. If I hadn’t, who knows what I would have tried next. It’s only been a few weeks but I have learned so much. I was so happy to find Will’s reference to the meta analysis on multiple sets vs. single set to failure, and Elissa’s explanation that the ingredients in the PHLS’ NTS Products were nothing special, and erp7e’s write up on HIT being reasonable but only in a logical vacuum.

It’s such a great resource. I feel lucky to have stumbled on it.

Currently, I am learning Poliquin’s 4 day per week workout, adding lots of fruits and vegetables to my diet (how could you not after reading Elissa’s posts and cutting back on MRP’s to one a day, two if you include my bedtime micellar casein (I can’t stand cottage cheese


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Pedestrium Has not yet received enough feedback

This has been long overdue, so here goes…

I somehow stumbled on to BBR after digesting Tom Venuto’s BFFM tome. I found (and still find) much of what was in his ebook to be VERY useful, but I still wanted and needed more. BBR has given me that more. I love the somewhat scientific bent of this site, i.e. “let’s see the research”. The straight up info on all of the supplements and ingredients is a real time and money saver. “Chief Scientist” Elissa Lowe is a treasure. If she does not already know the answer, she either finds it or… well, let’s just say that she usually finds it . Erp7, the resident medical student, now resident (?), Westside fanatic and all around encyclopedia of all things relating to training, training programs, the history thereof, and medical/rehab info is also a moderator worth his weight in gold. (body weight please, not his 1RM deadlift)

Perhaps the most important thing about BBR is the community. This is a very positive place. There are other sites that have more of a, shall we say, “locker room” atmosphere. This is not one of them. I took a chance and posted pictures of my progress so far and have received nothing but encouragement and support. I can not begin to tell you how helpful that has been.

Some folks have asked me how I have achieved the results so far. I shall try to illuminate:
I have been heavy all my adolescent and adult life. My “set point” seemed to be around 280. I was tight in size 42 jeans. I did not exercise and I ate like crap. In retrospect, the biggest mistake was that I NEVER ate breakfast. I would have a late and huge lunch and then a late and huge dinner (usually pasta). I seemed to always eat to the point of discomfort missing the normal “full” signal entirely. Then, you guessed it, late night snacking; the inhalation of mass quantities of ANYTHING that I could lay my hands on. Oh yeah, I would stay up really late too. Usually had 3 to 5 hours of sleep a night. I also smoked. High blood pressure. Both parents died of cancer. Sister has diabetes. I know, pushing my luck

After my weight peaked at 330 and I found myself unable to really play with my daughter and myself about to be divorced, I realized that it was time to “choose life” as they say.

End of Feb, 2006 I join my local World Gym and drag my fat ass in almost everyday. At this time, I really have no program. I do about 45 to 60 minutes of cardio about 5 days a week and do weights too. I do not have my log book here at home with me or I could be more specific. At this point, I start taking a multivitiman, Centrum, I think. I had a bottle lying around. I also nab my friends idle bottle of Hydroxycut (ha!) and finish that off. I think that I had myself eating mostly tuna from the can and “Balance” shakes.

In a few weeks, I had found the BFFM book and I was on my way. I figured out my LBM and my caloric requirements. I bought a food scale. I got a body scale and a BF measuring device (calipers came later). I created a food tracking database in Filemaker and religiously recorded EVERYTHING I ate for about two months. For those two months, I averaged 2384 calories a day, 18% fat, 43% carb, and 39% protein. In retrospect, I think that the tracking was really the key. I now have a much greater understanding of nutrition and the nutritional content and density of foods.

I bought some whey at GNC. Where else does a newbie go? I started trying other supps too, I remember Tribex and NO2 in there. Both a waste of $ for me. Around this time, I found BBR. Yes, independent confirmation! I wasted my money on those supps. Over time I have settled down with:

LEF 2-a-day multi vitamin
ZMA from ON (problem is I usually forget to take it at bedtime…)
EC stack (24 mg Vasopro, 200 mg caffeine)
Flax Oil (2 Tbsp with breakfast)
Saw Palmetto 540 mg, not really for LBM, I will finish the giant bottle I bought and then probably DC.
My Trusty antidepressant, Bupropion, 400 mg (in the interest of full disclosure)
Green Tea Extract, 300mg has been in the mix but fell away. It has now been added again.

My progress these first two months good, but it really improved with what I learned in the BBR forum.
I realized that I was over training and doing too much cardio. When I cut back the volume of both, my results improved. Less was more in this case I also began to follow programs. I did one of the Poliquin routines from the ebook, but honestly, it was too hard for me in the shape I was in. I tried a few others, usually some sort of 3 day split. I did a cycle of EDT and found that to be really a fun kick in the pants. I recommend it to anyone for a change of pace. I am currently trying another routine from the ebook now that I am in better shape.

To sum it up:

You have to be motivated from within and stay positive.
You have to set goals and measure your progress on a regular basis.
You have to realize that Nutrition IS IT! It is really the key to make all if this work.
Then, and only then, comes training.

I really, really value this forum. I do not remember what it cost, but it has payed dividends many times over.

Thanks to all of you for the support.

(AKA Peter)


Gonna add this , folks interested in Tom Venuto’s Fat loss Program can find more details here:

zasker03 Has not yet received enough feedback

I’m finding this resource a great haven for information, well set out, well ogranised, good service and realistic information. Top notch stuff brink! yet to see any gains as:
1. I have only just purchased the e-book and read it.
2. I can’t body build atm as i am currently concentration on CV (mainly running – due to joining the army then i will start lifting again after training)
3. I’m only 17 close to 18 and been lifting 2 years so alot of the science here goes over my head.

But none the less i’m impressed so far and have no doubt when i get back lifting and eating the right stuff i’ll make alot of the right gains (muscle).

Nice work.

Michael (zasker03)

dbowden Has not yet received enough feedback

I have been reading the posts on the forum now for a month or so.
I find personally this forum and Will’s e-book are excellent sources of information. I wish that they had been avalable 30 years ago

I enjoy this community a great deal

I am kinda outspoken and I do not mean to offend anyone by what I state following

One thing I do not like, to be honest, is the occasional ‘sniping’ at Arnold and the rest of the ‘old farts’ as to the remarks as to how wonderful it is now as to the ‘ modern scientific based exercise methdology’ vs Arnolds and the other old farts’ backward’ training approaches of the 60/70’s, and the kinda ‘snide’ remarks at the “Weider” element.

At the age of 14, in 1970, I discovered Weider, Arnold and the so called as I have seen it frameworked, “non modern day scientific approach to exercise” theories.

Weider’s magazine and Arnold motivated me at the age of 14 to start on the journey, Weider and Arnold gave me the tools required and showed me the way. I think that I am not the only one that was motivated in the same way.

I must state, that I have utilized Weider’s and Arnolds techniques over the course of a 32 year exercise training span, the following is a part testimonial as to the results.

I gained extensive mass and strength, e.g. going from at the age of 14 from a weight of 168 at 6’3, a total weakling, a set of 14.5 inch arms a very underdeveloped chest with no muscle so to speak of, a back that was totally not apperent as to any muscle mass, to at the age of 28, a weight of 250, a set of 19 inch arms a 56 inch chest and the strength e.g to do barbell curls using 120 pounds for 8 reps, shoulder shrugs with 360 pounds for 8 reps, a military barbell press of 160 for 8 reps , benching 315, t-bar machine rows of 350 for 8 reps and squatting 400 pounds for 8 reps.

I trained for 14 years, 4-6 days a week, for two hours a day , doing something in the range of 25 – 30 sets a workout session and my energy level did not decrease, my mass gains did not slow they increased consistantly and my strength increased consistantly as well.

I then expermented as to how cut I could get and I cut the weight down from 245, to 225 to a body fat level of 6%, by utilizing the “old fart non modern scientific based exercise and nutritional methdologies”‘

I acheved this state of development by studying the techniques in Weiders magazine and employing other ” old fart non modern day scientific methdologies’ that were avalable at the time, such as what is indicated in Arnolds book, The Encyclopedia of Modern Body Building , and I achieved those gains and strength, without the use of any siupplements, outside of a one a day vitamin.

I did not utilize modern gee wizz aint it great whey protein, and the other modern day scientific supplements avalable today, to gain that mass and strength level I indicated above.

To gain mass and strength, I ate huge quanities and types of food as recommended in Arnolds book, The Encyclopedia of Modern Body Building and other old fart food guides avalable at the time and as to supplements the only one I took was a one a day vitamin .

Never did I ever take drugs such as steroids for mass and strength gains, indeed no supplements outside of the vitamin I mentioned earlier, I wanted to be ‘natural’ only

I find Weiders and Arnolds techniques and recommendations, based on my personal experence, valid.
They worked for me then, and work today for me, period.

Personally speaking, based on my own personal results, IMO Weiders and Arnolds techniques and recommendations are as valid as anyone else’s, IMO the end result all depends mostly on the genetics of the individual and the long term motivation, persistance, mental toughness, the discipline, and most important the intellgence of the individual to do analysis on themselves, to know and understand exactly who they are , their goals.

Especially, to know themselves as to if are they willing to sacrifice for long term goals and especially are they willing to do what ever it takes to reach their goals.

Someone IMO has to find what works for them, based on their physiology and personal reaction to exercise and nutrition, quides as to what and how much to eat, calories and protein recommendations as to build muscle, what levels and kinds of supplements to injest, when to exercise, how to exercise are useless, unless one understands exactly how their own body reacts to exercise and nutrition and how to adapt recommndations, to meet their own personal requirements.

As to the other thread I have found here, as to how machines are ‘inferior’ to free weights, I have enjoyed expermentation as to how I personally react to various training techniques and I expermented with Heavy Duty and machine training, during the ‘experment’ I gained as much mass and strength using a machine and Heavy Duty, as I did with a barbell using exactly the same exercise and volume/sets and weights and nutrition, ect..

IMO, there is a macho componant at part at play here in the argument, related to using ‘sissy’ machines, vs macho free weights.

IMO the overall results always depend on the individual and no guide is a substute for knowing yourself and understand exactly what your goals are and doing whatever it takes to get there.

If I, a old fart, have upset anyone as to the heracy indicated above, as to any indicated violations of ‘modern day scientific training and nutrition priniciples’, related to my testimonial as to my personal results I apologise in advance.


DRE SAK Has not yet received enough feedback

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mrkq10 Has not yet received enough feedback

Well I don’t wanna elaborate much, the bottom line is that BBR is outstanding, period. I hope we see more similar books in future. Thanks Will.
ironman0370's Avatar
ironman0370 Has not yet received enough feedback

I agree totally. BBR is one of the most useful tools I’ve found. I’ve read most others, have followed numerous other “guru’s” nutritional concepts, and tried countless supplements by various companies (wasting my money on most)………only to come back to the practical, sound, and common sense principles outlined in BBR. There’s just no way around the facts, as research proves time and time again.

And, as long as BBR is constantly updated (with new principles based on solid peer-reviewed research), it will continue to be the “be-all end-all” resource for nutrition and supplementation.

Bravo to all.



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sarahlouk23 Has not yet received enough feedback

So I have been on BBR/DSR for about 4 weeks. I have been religiously trying to read every single takes forever!

Right away I felt really good about everything and was excited. I was going to write my testimonial at that point but after reading the existing ones I thought I would wait until I had something unique to say.

Well, today I went to a gym to get a personal trainer. I have everything I need at home (thanks to my super sweet fiance). The salesman at the gym didn’t really buy it when I told him I had everything so I listed it off…I really really do have EVERYTHING.

So the reason I am so thrilled to have “met” Wil and his wonderful moderators is that I went into a high pressure situation looking for a trainer and came out a huge winner. I kicked their butts having knowledge that the average person probably doesn’t have when they walk into the gym. Right away I let them know what I wanted…a drill Srgt. to kick my butt into gear but I wouldn’t be staying long term. I also told them I didn’t want any of their products (Apex) included into my nutrition as I had already done some research and had gotten advice from knowledgable and trustworthy people. They tried to charge me for a session on meal planning to determine my macronutrient needs and caloric intake. I pulled out a printed page from todays diet menu and said “Already have it.”. That took $120 off my bill. They still tried to add some of their products into my menu and I kept taking them out..I showed them my replacements (LEF Whey) and LEF Multi. I carry the multi bottle around and let them compare…they quit bugging me.

So I walked out with just what I wanted…a super cheap membership ($24 a month) with 2 months free and 30 sessions with a trainer for $44 per session. All because I had the confidence that I knew something about what they were trying to sell me.

I posted my 6wk mark pictures in my photo album…you just wait and see how good I look in 4 more weeks.

Thanks so much Wil and all the kick butt mods.


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mikeotisishere Has not yet received enough feedback

I am new to lifting and training and all things exercise related. So, finding this site and the information it offers has been a HUGE help. The one thing that has amazed me the most is the help offered by the moderators, Simon, Alyssa, and Erp has been priceless! Thanks all and keep up the good work! I am sure I have a lot to learn and I am sure I will learn it here!
Mike O
BradleyT Has not yet received enough feedback

Just a quick note, i have made some progress, in eight weeks I was able to put on 7 lbs of lean mass from May 23 to Jul 11. I used the techique TUT ( time under tension) of which I had never tried. I did a four day split with 4-5 second reps to 8 reps. But to be fair I had a herniated disc early in the year and was not able to train legs, I still can not load my spine but I was amazed at the results. BCAA’s morn and train and BCAA’s in the eve along with my regular diet. In the start of the training in May I had not trained for about 8 weeks from the injury.
Daryl Richards Has not yet received enough feedback

Just a quick message to say the e-book was very informative and have found loads of decent advice in the members forum. Have used the food database, diet and meal planner to devise a sound nutrition plan and have gained a good 3 kilos with very little bodyfat (doesn’t sound much but was only 67 kilos when started to bulk up) and still going strong. Admittedly have tweaked a couple of things here and there such as opting for a 40,30,30 % ratio of carbs, fats and proteins but the background knowledge is sound and calorie calculations have been spot on. This is also one of the only forums where people have replied to my posts!!!! so good work guys,
Oljaja Has not yet received enough feedback

I have to say that I was a bit skeptic about what I was buying, but after reading and then re-reading the ebook, I am impressed. There is some great information to be found/had in your ebook and I plan on absorbing as much as I can.

The members site is awesome. I love being able to ask questions and get responses from more advanced/experienced body builders than me. I am already taking some of their suggestions and tweaking things here and there. I am hungry for knowledge and willing to do whatever it takes to be the best that I can be.

Keep up the great work and offerings

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

P.S. You absolutely may use my testimonial.


spineshanker Has not yet received enough feedback

I have been a member for well over a year now and renewed my membership, its a testiment to the hard work of Will and the others who work hard on the book and website. The reliable, honest, effective and helpful information present in the book and website is like no other on the net. I have saved hundreds of dollars from not wasting money on hyped up supplements, I have a sound nutrition plan now and have saved many hours in the gym from the right information on training, you can call it a one stop shop for anyone who wants to benefit from a healthy and active life.

Thanks and congratulations Will and Team on the book and website.

middlleagedguy's Avatar
middlleagedguy Has not yet received enough feedback

I have read many books on fitness and nutrition, but BBR has been by far the most informative and accurate. The information is well researched and up to date, and Will Brink doesn’t try to push any particular product. The BBR forum has been really excellent with tons of useful information, and moderators who answer quickly and accurately if there are any questions. I am extremely happy that I signed up for the e-book and website.
Paul Afek
zazen1 Has not yet received enough feedback

This site has been great for me. With so much material out there and much of it advertisement hype this site has allowed me to sift through the hype and determine the appropriate supplements, diet and workout approach. Since I’m a newbee to serious lifting it’s also been a great source of encouragement. Thanks for all the to all the administrators for their hard work and thanks to all the members that provide their hard learned lessons to the rest of us.
zipster Has not yet received enough feedback

I wanted my testimonial to mean something and be based on experience so I waited a bit before posting. You deserve kudos for running such a fantastic site. It is so well organized and contains all the information that one could ask for. I particularly appreciate being able to ask questions and know that someone (usually one of the terrific moderators) will respond ASAP (almost always less than a day). I only wish I had more time to really delve into the material more deeply. Keep up the good work!!
joe101902 Has not yet received enough feedback

I really enjoy the information in this book it covers a large variety of topics that I was strugling with. The forums are great to chat with others that are experiencing the same problems. Thanks for supplying such a useful tool in bodybuilding.
Wayneo Has not yet received enough feedback


Gotta say big thumbs up on the site and everyone who is assocciated with it. The wealth of knowledge available in the ebook and site is amazing cosidering what we paid. Diet is so essential to whatever goal you may have and this has made my life so much easier, i have more energy, strength and a better all around knowledge.

Can’t be citical about much the only thing is, sample diet’s for different macronutrient split’s.

Great work though.


Steeps Has not yet received enough feedback

I have been working out for almost 4 years and after gaining about 50 pounds I became status quo for awhile and had trouble adding on muscle. Now I understand the amount of food you need to eat and variety of fats that I wasn’t adding to my meal plans. I have learned some valuable information on the members only area such as writing out an objective for say 12 weeks and planning what you will do before you go to the gym. All this information has been valuable and I am happy to say I have added a little size in only a week and a half! Hope to add plenty more. Thank you for the info keep up the good work. Money well spent.
LPCross Has not yet received enough feedback

I’m still pretty new to the site (April, 2005) and am definitely still new to weightlifting (just over 1 year). I don’t know how I stumbled on to this nutrition and fitness “Treasure” but I’m really glad that I did. The eBook is very very well written, and the paper version that I printed out (a pBook ?) is wrinked, torn & pretty much worn out from from me reading it and referring back to it over and over.

I’m 46, only have one lung (lost the other during an accident in my youth) and characterize myself as a “hard gainer”. I started going to the gym to workout a little over a year ago, only in an effort to try to spend time with my wife, who was going there at least 5-6 days a week (over-training would be an understatement…..but she looks fantastic). I eventually figured out that as long as I was spending lots of time there, I might as well try to get in a little better shape.

I pretty much floundered in my facsimile of a “workout” until I came across Will Brinks, the eBook and this website.

When I originally started working out last year I was at 6′ 2″ (I’m still there by the way) and 185 lbs – and much to my dismay the more and harder I worked, the more weight I would lose….until I was down to about 165 lbs. This was not really what I was hoping for. To cut to the chase….after reading and assimilating the information in the ebook and the wise advice from this forum, I am now at 195 lbs of reasonably solid/lean material. This is the most I’ve ever weighed in my life, but I still have a 33 waist and have arms and shoulders that I’m not embarassed to reveal in public. The other problem I had going into this was a sunken chest from where the steering wheel of the car I was driving hit me, breaking my left shoulder, breaking all the ribs on my left side and necessitating the removal of my torn and shattered lung. This gave me a rather compressed profile in the chest area, which not really all that flattering. The advice I received in this forum on chest exercises helped me build out the left side of my chest to the point that it looks essentially the same as my right side. So at this point in time I have gotten back to square 1 in my physique. The next step is to start building some good definition and increasing my strength.

I am really grateful for Will and the contributors/moderators here. The information and advice regarding training and nutrition provided here are straightforward, understandable, and based on research, experience and best practice. Having an education and background in the sciences enables me to appreciate the thorough, scientific and fact based methodology used to arrive at the principles and practices that Will and the others teach and advocate.

I would have to say though, that the #1 thing that will keep me coming back to this site is the generous, honest, respectful and helpful way that everyone is treated here. Standing firm in any discipline requires determination, motivation and committment. This site helped me maintain my enthusiasm and helped me ignore the many negative factors and forces (some of which are self-imposed, or just self-perceived) that worked to keep me from reaching beyond myself towards something better.

Thanks a lot. I hope that at some point I will be able to contribute something of value to the other members here.

Larry P Cross

Chris082 Has not yet received enough feedback

I just finished the ebook and will be looking forward to trying the program.
It’s nice to be able read something without having a degree in it.

Cheers everyone


muscletrainerdh's Avatar
muscletrainerdh Has not yet received enough feedback

What else can I say? I’ve been a member of this site for a little over 2 months. I’ve learned so much from Elissa, Will and the others it’s been a great help and a great resource.

From learning about Cortisol and insulin levels, to overtraining and ephedra, these guys have kept me up to date with the latest findings and their strong opinions and facts.

I enjoy the indepth critiques of bogus supplements and the training advice the best.

Keep up the great work!

All The Best,


Craig M Has not yet received enough feedback

I’ve been a member now for almost 1 year. I can’t even explain the amount of help I have found in every aspect of health, nutrition, and body building. This is the best sight and worth every penny 1000 fold. Thank all of you guys/gals at the Will Brink team!!!!!!!!!!! I’d like to extend a very special thanks to elissalowe who not only goes out of her way, but does everything to give everyone all the info (and then some) they ever ask for. Even when it’s a dumb question we ask. I haven’t found any sight that can even compare with the people, knowledge and TRUTH that can be found here.

I Thank everyone here very much for your dedication!!!!!

wotaman Has not yet received enough feedback

Is wotaman,BBR is really working for me thanks. Went from 231lbs down to 226lbs bf % from 19% down to 17% in 3 and 1/2wks. Goal is to keep w8 above 200lbs and drop bf down to 10% or lower within next 8wks.Anyway about me, im Samoan/German Polynesian has lived in Auckland NZ 26yrs…
carlinga2 Has not yet received enough feedback

For those about this forum, thank you for your time and your knowledge!

El mejor foro que he consultado nunca

lamblance Has not yet received enough feedback

great people who are eager to help and thanks to this place and the members/mods/admins i’m saving dollars and getting fit!
lawdog10 Has not yet received enough feedback

I have just started looking around but I can tell that this site is going to help me immencely. This site looks awesome and can’t wait to get started using the information that this site supplies. Have a great day all
braindoner Has not yet received enough feedback

Ive bought top rated books on the subject of weight training but once i have read the information you have questions you wanna know, you read a web page or a muscle magazine or a supplement advertisment and another book by a different author and you have alot of unbalanced contradictive information! Thats what is so great about BBR its made by a team of experts who continually update the FACTS. The feed back you get on this site is above and beyond anything you would expect for the price you pay. You got a question they can answer it, or at least educate you on the matter. This is the single best resourse for bodybuilders and athletes alike bar none.
eristr Has not yet received enough feedback

It took me a while to learn there existed an BBR forum at first. I purchased the e-book but had soooo many questions after reading it a couple hundred times. The e-book isn’t much without the forum, not for a beginner in BBR like myself. Not to insult Wills work, im sure there are people who can read the book and take it from there, but not me and I thank everyone who has helped me in this forum.

Special thanks goes to those who helped me begin my shoulder rehab(erp7e, elissalowe, and whoever else chimed in). Since that time ive found good help and im well on my way to 100% recovery.

Thanks again,

Rogo Has not yet received enough feedback

The ebook by Will Brink along with Charles Peloquin was very helpful. Thanks to Will and Charles’ advice I now have my diet in order and after just one week I am able to see definition in my abs. I also climbed out of my plateau after realizing that I was over training. The diet tools and forums also provide me with easy calculations of macronutrient splits and continuous weight training tips that always prove helpful. I can definately say that I got more than my money’s worth from this ebook and all of its other amazing features. My gratitude goes out to Will and Charles.

–Matt Rogatzki

drew feinhals Has not yet received enough feedback

Hey Simon You requested a testimonial, so here it is…As a doctor of chiropractic, I am
always looking for info about health both for myself and my patients. Everything I need can be found somewhere on this site! From calorie planners to various exercises, it’s all here.
Great job!
Dr. Drew Feinhals
gary yates Has not yet received enough feedback

Every thing a skinny guy wanting to put on quality muscle could ever want to know. I’ve started to make some of the best gains i’ve ever made. The setion on supplements i found really informative and honest. Great to own something like this, that you can refer to time and again.
Thunderdawg Has not yet received enough feedback

I renew every year because I feel that my money is well spent. The ebook is great and very informative, but that is just part of it. From the touch of a button you can get advice on workouts, supplements, and nutrition. How can you beat that for the money? Will and the moderators have always responded immediately to questions and as you can see the site has many avid members who participate daily. A wealth of knowledge.
TRAINEE Has not yet received enough feedback

I would like to thank you for the advice and support provided by BBR. Starting to get results from from the training and nutritional guidelines set. I have only been training for six months and am gradually incorporating all of the steps needed in order to gain Lean Muscle. So far this has been great fun. A thoroughly rewarding experience!



tigerknut's Avatar
tigerknut Has not yet received enough feedback

The BBR Forum is a great source of info that I use whenever I’m looking for information on diet, workouts , supplements & other fitness related subjects. I browse it a couple of times a week just for new info. i highly reccomend it!
fruit1964 Has not yet received enough feedback

Hi Simon

I have enjoyed reading the articles and have realised that you are never too old to learn something new. I have found the articles very interesting and look forward to reading nore in the futurem


Bollywoodhogan's Avatar
Bollywoodhogan Has not yet received enough feedback

What I enjoy most about this forum is that it is never idle. People are constantly asking questions and getting answers/opinions. The atmosphere is friendly and polite plus the wealth of knowledge here is awesome.

Through the use of the ebook and this forum I went from 145 lbs to 205 in six months. About 40 lbs of that was muscle. I never expected anything close to that from my self. I would have been happy at 160. Now I am greedy, I want to do more because I know what is possible.

DML65 Has not yet received enough feedback

No matter what your level of experience or years of training “BBR” is a must have for any fitness enthusiast, trainer, or coach. The e-book has proven to be a valuable resource for myself and is a welcome addition to anyones fitness/nutrition library. Will Brink has done his homework as has written a book based on scientific, well researched fact! Great Job Will!

But wait, there is more. If your a thinking man like myself, reading only one source of information, and then accepting it as gosspil just doesn’t cut it.

The BBR forum is by far the greatest tool available for those who belong to the BBR community. With the BBR forum, you have 24 hour access to some of the most intellegent minds in the finess/nutrition arena. Real people who have gone down the same path that many of us have, and endured some of the same disappointments along the way. But as the saying goes – “He who makes no mistakes, learns nothing”. So what you get on the forum is nothing short of true WISDOM.

Thanks Will and members of the Forum – I learn something new every day.

AML Has not yet received enough feedback

The ebook and this forum have saved me lots of money spent on potentially useless supplements. I especially like this forum. It and the ebook has a great amount of knoweledge in it.
Philip McDowell Has not yet received enough feedback

Ive just read your theory of nutririon,Isometimes have stiff joints,kneees etc… and the infomation here is exactly what I need to enable my training to be effective. Thanks again Julie.
jboyes Has not yet received enough feedback

In a world of BS info on nutirition, it’s very refreshing to see traditional ideas challenged, with new findings backed up by scientific evidence, not marketing hype!
As far as I’m concerned this is the best nutrition information on the planet!!


Gainfreak's Avatar
Gainfreak Has not yet received enough feedback

I have been researching diet / nutrition & bodybuilding for the last ten years or so ,and I can honestly say that Information that you can find on this site is leaps and bound above the competition. Will and his team are the best in the biz and I can and often do recommend this site and BBR to just about anyone who will listen!! Well Done Gents!!
Alfonzo Has not yet received enough feedback

I found BBR looking through the Fire Fox health and fitness stumble.
The intro said about keeping the site clean, and thought this sounds good, and it is; a place where I have learned to trust and be grateful to unseen yet willing hands, who have built my confidence and knowledge of nutrition and muscular activities.
Today I can tread more firmly in my persuits as the BBR forum provides terrific tools a plenty, the ebook, email updates, & a place where both master & student can commune.
I am proud to be a member and my Doc. is rapt with last weeks tests… he said “what ever your doing, keep doing it”.
MAKSTER has Earned An impressive reputation

Been a member since last february of 2005. First post. Felt compelled to answer simes e-mail for testimonials. I am usually a listener not a talker, but BBR has been absolutelly the best investment in myself i have ever made. I have tried a lot of things in my life to help in my muscle building and weight lose. I have made more progress since i purchased the e-book and started visiting the forum than i ever have before. I am 49 years old 5′ 8″ and now weigh in at 164 lbs. i am at about 9% bf. before getting the e-book i was at about 178 lbs and 17% bf. All this improvement came from BBR. I would and do recommend it to everyone. Thanks again !!!
alwaysimprove's Avatar
alwaysimprove has impressed many peoplealwaysimprove has impressed many people

The knowledge I have gained since purchasing this book is incredible. I have simplified my approach to supplement buying, this includes which supplements and where to buy them. I have saved time and money by no longer buying useless supplements and by no longer waiting in line at the supplement store and paying for overpriced products.

The exercise section of the e-book really cleared up many myths about bodybuilding that I believed were truths. Accumulation + Intensification = results. If you aren’t sure how well you have set your workout program you can post it in the forum and you will get help, GUARANTEED.

If you have read the e-book and have set up your Diet but it just doesn’t seem to be working for you, post it in the forum and you will get help, GUARANTEED.
Then again if you have read the e-book and are still not sure how to set up your diet, all you have to do is search the forum and you will find plenty of examples.

Buying this e-book is the best purchase I have made. The knowledge acquired was something I was hoping for when I bought this e-book. The friends I have made on the forum was something I really didn’t expect but am very grateful for.


KJL Has not yet received enough feedback

I joined BBR back in 2003. I have spent countless hours searching the web and magazines for good reliable and useful information. I had read many of Will’s articles and finally ended up ordering the e-book and joining the forum section. The info in the e-book is truly outstanding – I printed it out and have practically worn out the pages with highlights and notes. It is really like a “bible” for those seeking the best health and nutrition information. The forums are really second to none in my opinion. I have narrowed down my sources for info to about 3-4 different sites and BBR is still on the top of that list. The contributions by the Will, the moderators and the members have been a big help in answering many of my questions and concerns about dieting, exercise and bodybuilding. Actually, more than a big help. The feedback you get is almost instant, and the camaraderie on the board is really something as well. I would recommend the e-book to anyone whether it be someone new to exercise and nutrition or a seasoned bodybuilder. The information is straight to the point, well thought out, and honest. Using the info provided will enable anyone to reach their goals and go beyond. Also, it will enable anyone to save a ton of money on useless supplements and falling prey to the latest supplement schemes. My only disappointment is that I did not find the e-book sooner as it would have saved me “a lot” of time and effort. Keep up the excellent work as it is greatly appreciated.
sailorbob_a Has not yet received enough feedback

Hi Simes,
Here is a testimonial from an old guy (if it is of any value to you ).
i am 77years of age .i know i cannot reverse the aging process.i also know that i can slow it down with the knowledge gleaned from Will’s book on exercise and nutrition,though most of the book is aimed at the youthful generation .i have applied a lot that is suitable and it works .On my annual medical check up each November the doctor tells me i have the body
and heart of a55year old and i don’t think he is b-s ing. That to me is proof that i am on the right track though there is still room for improvement Thanks a lot .
regards sailor bob.
b_cat737 Has not yet received enough feedback

Been digesting the info in BBR to the best of my ability and traing hard– Go Hardcore Or Go Home!! Gained fifteen .lbs of LMM. Not so bad for a hard gainer. Eat -sleep- exercise and thank God for all that he has made possible. Six feet- 170 .lbs and ripped. Hopefully after six months I will be able to give a more concise evaluation of my progress in regards to the ebook but that is it for now. thanks, Billy
phil_b Has not yet received enough feedback

After a serious weight loss between late 2004 & early 2005 I am now using some of the BBR information to make a strong comeback once again in order to compete this year in the natural WNBF organization. I live in the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. Hurricane Ivan devastated our island on September 11-12th 2004 and we were without power, food and water islandwide for 3 months. The ocean covered 2/3 of the island when the hurricane hit us. This hurricane was far beyond anything the island had ever experienced before. Most people were out of work for months and we still are recovering. My personal training studio had 3 feet of ocean come through it along with the ceiling and roof coming down. I lost much of my equipment. To make a long story short. I was without work for 6 months and like thousands of others was living in shelters. Nowhere to train, not much to eat and being an ectomorph at 51 years old I lost 21 pounds of muscle rapidly. I started back in April 2005 training once again using some of the BBR information along with my training knowledge and have put on 30 pounds (mostly LBM) so far and still working on gaining more. I plan on using much of the information within BBR to keep building and to prepare for this contest and my future training. BBR and DSR are great ebooks, second to none and this forum is fantastic also. I can clearly see the dedication of the staff who runs it and also the devotion of the members to it. GREAT JOB!!!!


jcochise Has not yet received enough feedback

I bought both the Muscle Building Nutrition e-book and the Diet Supplements Revealed e-book. For me, they represent a major find, a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The books are easy to read and packed with up-to-date information. But, even more important for me was the practical application they represent in my life. I found two books that I could read just follow the instructions and actually DO. What a concept! Since I have bought the books, I have lost 10 inches in my waist, dropped from 32% body fat to 22 % body fat, increased my biceps by 3 inches, gained 2 inches in my thighs and love doing in the gym what I learned from your books. And even bigger surprise came later, when I logged on to the forum. What a wonderful place. I think I have only asked one question in my entire time on the forum and elissalowe answered it. I have to say what an answer. She was so patient, clear and concise. From that point forward, the forum has turned into my gateway into the world of bodybuilding. It is really hard to think of a question to ask, when all I have to read and ‘olla’ there is my question and answer. This forum brings the e-books alive for me. SIMES, elissalowe, erp7e, and WillBrink you all make it work so well. SIMES you pull this site together so well. erp7e you are the MAN. I have learned so much from your wisdom, advice and experience. Elissalowe you have my utmost respect and it is a pleasure to read what you have to say. Will, I just want to say thank you so much for all that you provide in both the publications and the support. It is first rate.
Sinno Has not yet received enough feedback

I have not long finished reading Will Brink’s book, Muscle Building Nutrition and the first word that leaps to my mind is – WOW!

This book is an honest and highly informative narrative for it’s readers to gain a direct insight into gaining Lean Body Mass, Factual Supplements that work, Essential Nutrition, the truth about Steroids and a chapter by Charles Poliquin – renowned Muscle Coach.

Purchasing this book also enables a person into the Muscle Building Nutrition Website, which along with fantastic Moderators, must be one of the most positive, honest and supportive websites in the stratosphere today.

Personally, I have a long road ahead of me in order to reach the goals I have set but with referencing to Will Brink’s book and the support of the BBR Moderator’s and fellow enthusiast’s I know I will get their.

This book is a must



Cormac Has not yet received enough feedback

i’m a 19 year old college student and entrepreneur and demand only the best and highest standards in every area of my life!! ive only started to begin training, but am so thankful that i wont be wasting my time with useless and inncorrect knowledge. the site and the book hold vast amounts of knowledge that are esstential to making progressive gains and share the basic fundamentals to gaining LBM. as warren buffet once said ”the only risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing”, BBR and this site eliminate the risk from training and dieting by providing the best information out there.

excellent work guys,


jktraf1 Has not yet received enough feedback

I’ve been weight training for 20 of my 40 years, and have competed and done well in natural competitions. So, it’s nice to have come across a site with current and useful information. No gimmiks, no hype, just straight up hard work and clean eating. Love the site. Keep it up!!
gtomko Has not yet received enough feedback

What can I say that all the others have not already said?
Huummmm…cant really think of anything.
Oh yeah, this site has been a huge in helping me to improve my quality of life.
Thanks all.
jaym Has not yet received enough feedback

It is truly wonderful to be able to receive such expert personal advice with such promptness and ease. The site is a goldmine of info and more than worth the price. Keep up the great work and a big thank you.
jkd666 Has not yet received enough feedback

I come from England and have been searching for ages for help (which i can understand) with body building and help with nutricion. I came across Will’s E-book and decided to buy it. Well it was the best money I have spent. It explained everything you need to know clearly and in a way that you could understand what he was saying and why. The section on what supplements are good and bad is excellent, and the training routine given at the end is brill. To be honest with the back up from the web-site you dont need any more information, it is all here. All the answers to all the questions. It was lucky I found this book, so thanks to all involved in this excellent package. CHEERS!
Bill Tait Has not yet received enough feedback

When I re-started training a few months ago, I wanted to do it right, unlike the first time I worked out at university. As I am now (much) older and wiser I did a lot of research on the internet, and discovered what a minefield of misinformation, and often disinformation, there is out there. Thankfully I stumbled across BBR, which on the face of it, seemed genuine.
Thank goodness I decided to go with BBR.
The e-book coupled with the forum has been one of my most powerful learning experiences.
I cannot imagine having made the same progress that I have without the use of BBR. The forum moderators, as well as the members themselves, are not just incredibly helpful but have a wealth of wisdom to be shared.
Fantastic and long may it continue.
meadwarren's Avatar
meadwarren Has not yet received enough feedback

Both of these items are fantastic. They are really great value for money. They offer great advice and in particular the forum can answer most if not all of your questions. The answers come within minutes sometimes!

Keep going everyone!


DGord Has not yet received enough feedback


When I first purchased the e-book, I found that it contained all the basic information a person needs to get into shape. The nutritional information isn’t just a fad like so many other books, but actually based on a well balanced diet. Instead of telling you that a specific type of food is the enemy (which isn’t just untrue, but also unhealthy), it goes into *why* you should eat a variety of foods and the role they play in building muscle/losing weight. Ofcourse, we can’t leave out the great section by Charles P on building exercise programs that fit your goals.

While all of this is a great deal in itself for less than 50 dollars (especially when you consider how many books you could purchase for that much money–each–before finding a single one that will actually teach you good nutritional habits), the forums are what blew me away. I’ve purchased about 400 dollars in nutritional books, searched forum after forum, and even gone through the N.A.S.M. personal training course, but nothing has made it quite so easy to find the answers to the questions I have as the BBR forums. It’s not unusual to get responses back from the staff–including Will Brinks himself–within hours of posting. They all do their best to explain things to you, and don’t hesitate to break things down in multiple posts.

All in all, I was expecting a solid book with the basics and maybe a few new tricks to pick up, and that would have been fine. Instead, I got access to a site which, to be honest, contains more practical information than I’ve found in the past few years.

Great site, and I’m proud to say that I’m a part of it!

-Dale G.

aidan's Avatar
aidan Has not yet received enough feedback

I can safely say that BBR ebook/forum has been the best money I have ever spent. Not only has it provided me with a great ebook but it has allowed me to gain knowledge and achive results I would never have achieved on my own. I have been training consistently for 2 years now with the help of the BBR forum. The questions I have asked have always been answered with so much care and precision. The forum is without doubt the greatest souce of nutrition, training and supplement information on the web. No BS, just a honest to God answer and thats all we want.
I must thank Will, Simes, erp7e and Ellisa for their outstanding work. We are eternally grateful!!!
deij Has not yet received enough feedback

Just a quick note to congratulate you all at BBR on such a professional and informative site. I have been going to Gym and using personal trainers for the last 5 years, however this site gave me the extra motivation I needed at times.

Great advice, great articles and realistic responses whenever questions are asked.

Thanks and I’m sure this site will keep getting better and better!

sodsquad Has not yet received enough feedback

This is definately the best site I have used to gain the correct information on both nutrition and training.
vnv_539 Has not yet received enough feedback

Hi there, Happy New Year! This is my first post ever. “Just lost my virginity” – sorry for the lame joke. Anyway this is great learning tool – what to DO and what NOT to DO. Definitely you have to educate yourself using other sources as well. But mostly collect information, “digest it” and listen to your buddy, which is your body. Thank you all and good luck on “gaining” and “losing” this year.
mikeatfcce Has not yet received enough feedback

Hi everyone, I am still new here, but have been working out for about 10 years and I can say with confidence that there are tons of great information here for all serious people and I am sure if I use some of them correctly, I will for sure see great result. Thx all….
dtype Has not yet received enough feedback

I have had the best experience using this forum. It is an exhausting wealth of information. Evrything you want to know or need to know is here. If you can’t find what you’re looking for just ask, and you’ll get the best advice anywhere. Thanks to everyone who had helped me out along the way. I appreciate it.

Dustin, CA

super4ord Has not yet received enough feedback

I’m starting over, so too speak. 53 y/o thats been off workouts for 5+ years with 2 knee surgeries and kidney removal for cancer. (Cool story ’bout that.) I started working out with weights late in life, around 45 y/o I began getting the job done getting into fairly good shape after a year following Poloquin&Phillips text. I was finally seeing the results that I was looking for and now that I know it works, I’m ready to get back to work. This Website has it all-I’m still learning how to navigate this site and I’m very grateful to have this tool to help me in my staying in tune with credible data. A whole lotta work must be going on keeping this site so fine and again ‘credible’. I’m glad I found you and very much appreciate the follow-up e-mails keeping me in touch with the site.
xnuvo Has not yet received enough feedback

Will Brink and his team know their stuff. After wondering the desert of ignorance for so long,
BBR is an oasis of useful and up to date training/nutritional information.
Keep up the good work guys!
Centurion's Avatar
Centurion Has not yet received enough feedback

I believe I’m one of those early veterans of BBR. I don’t post often, because I’m afflicted with a curse placed on many old soldiers – I get started talking and I can’t shut it off. (I also think I have more to say than I really do.)

I’ll try to limit this to three points:

1. From what I have observed, both the staff and members of BBR are knowledgable, honest, courteous, of good humor, and always willing to help. I can vouch for the fact that this is not true of many websites in this field. I expect the staff to be professional and I have not been disappointed. I want to give a big HOOAH! to the members for their part in making this a first rate experience.

2. The site is very well organized and easy to navigate. Finding what you want, when you want it, without having to shed blood, is great.

3. The Diet Planner is worth the price of membership by itself. (Please don’t feel that you must raise rate on the strength of this statement.) The planner combined with the Food Database is a very powerful and easily used tool. It has been a great help.

Keep up the great work.

Warm Regards,

Ronrat7's Avatar
Ronrat7 1 Step from Enlightenment - 100% TrustedRonrat7 1 Step from Enlightenment - 100% TrustedRonrat7 1 Step from Enlightenment - 100% Trusted

Will Brink provides top notch muscle building information in an easy to follow and understand manner. The Charles Poliquin wieght training section is a MUST READ for any serious trainer. The absolue BIGGEST value is not just the book itself, but the muscle building nutrition forum. The continual support of the members and the information and guidance from the moderators makes the process even easier.

Read the book. Talk to the group. Ask any questions you may have (hint…many may have already been answered and are just a quick search away on the forum). Then, apply the information and you will literally save yourself YEARS of trial and error, while building as much muscle as you are capable of putting on naturally.


jim51's Avatar
jim51 Has not yet received enough feedback

Being relatively new to the Health and Fitness lifestyle I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to gain access to Will’s Book and become a member of this forum. If there is one thing I’ve learned it’s that we all need help to reach our goals, that the internet is a jungle of information that can help you or hurt you, depending on what you derive from it. I look at this forum as my safteynet in that jungle. I have the utmost trust and confidence in the moderators and information offered on this forum. A thank-you seems a little inadequate for all the knowledge I’ve already gained, but I sure owe you all that. Ya know,I think each and everyone of us has something to offer, no matter how insignificant it may seem to us, someone else can use it. This Forum offers all that and more, thanks again all.
JP Has not yet received enough feedback

Integrity. That’s what I appreciate most from Will, SIMES, and the moderators. Ask them a question, you will get a no bull answer. Everyone has their own opinions of course, based on personal experience, but here you get the anecdotal PLUS the hard data (or lack thereof) to back it up. Where else could you get unvarnished TRUTH about nutrition and muscle development from someone on the “inside” of the bodybuilding world? The moderators are no less impressive – check their stats and pics, they eat their own cooking (and supplements)! These people quote medical studies, for cryin out loud!
There are so many tools and forums, I’ve never come away without an answer, and without learning something new everytime I log in. That’s why its the best fitness site hands down, it just keeps giving. For example, last night I came across a thread on straight leg deads…it turned my crank so hard I knocked out a KILLER session at lunch today – I had gotten so caught up with “isolation” movements, I forgot my true love are the compound/Olympic lifts. Paired with the EDT tips I read, I’m looking forward to some new growth. I’m a relative “newbie” with alot to learn, so I confess to being a “lurker”, I just get so much knowledge simply reading the threads…I rarely have a question that’s not already answered. I have posted a few questions in the past however, and was answered promptly and with respect. I’d pay $150.00 yr for this site, and consider it a deal. Think about it, how much do you pay for your gym membership? Those supplements you avoided because the BBR site gave you the lowdown, and NONE of the members got results with them…how much did that save you? I don’t know why its still such a steal, but I ain’t complainin’! Good grief, I didn’t even mention the Ebook…. somebody STOP me!!!
Boxer Has already received some good feedback

I have read many bodybuilding nutrition books and Muscle Building Nutrition is the best by far.

I have also been a member of other private internet forums and the Muscle Building Nutrition forum is the only one I still subscribe to.

sstewart81's Avatar
sstewart81 Has not yet received enough feedback

I have been a fairly quiet member on this forum for almost 3 years now. In comparison, I joined this forum around the same time that erp7e joined, but with only 32 posts, I realize that I am not getting the full benefit, nor contributing to the forum, that I could. So before giving testimony, I wanted to spend some time and ask myself what BBR has meant to me.

The information in this e-book is top notch. I have not found a more concise source of information on nutrition and fitness than what I find here. But it’s Will Brink, the moderators, and the members who make this forum an unending wealth of information. Do you need breaking news on new supplements and government regulations? You can bet that Will and Elissalowe will give you an unbiased report on the subject. Need to find information about an exercise program that you found on the internet, in a book, in a magazine, or on television? Erp7e is guaranteed to give you the low-down on the results you should expect to receive from the program. And what good would this forum be without Simes? Not only is he helpful in all the above topics, his moderating ability keeps this forum friendly, ensuring members will be comfortable posting about any topic. But it’s more than just a centralized source of information. They have built a community and a family. Members together have celebrated their achievements as well as help others break through plateaus. You can guarantee there will be someone who will help you break out of a slump you might be in.

Not being very articulate, it has taken me many, many hours just to come up with what I have written here. But I have realized that I am not taking full advantage of the benefits you receive here. So one of my New Year’s resolutions for this year; become more of an active member of BBR. I look forward to contributing more to this community.

FlemmingP Has not yet received enough feedback

There are many good sites out there, but when it comes to information about nutrition, supplements and workouts in general this site is the one I keep coming back to.

Keep up the good work

AndyD Has not yet received enough feedback

This is a must have for those that want to improve their bodies. It provides a platform that all levels of users can use to build upon. The e-book provides everything you need to know regarding nutrition and how to put the theory into practice. In addition, Will gives a critical evaluation of all of the leading supplements, which is great for saving money. The e-book and forum have been a constant source of knowledge for me and has given me the motivation to perpetually strive for a better body. Thanks guys.
realmrmeal Has not yet received enough feedback

I have always been looking for any bodybuilding and diet information I could find and have over the years amassed a nice sized library. I didn’t think much about being able to access the forum at first. After reading through the BBR e-book and logging in all I can say is WOW!

The information here will take years off anyones hit or miss diet and training. Everything I’ve ever had a question on is all in one place, with real people who have tried and know! Imagine having no-bull advice at your fingertips 24/7. That’s what this is and I’m indebted to everyone who contributes to the forum and to Will for his great insight into nutrition.

The e-book offer was well worth the price, the forum makes this an absolute steal! Thanks to all for the experience that you bring to this site, I’ve made gains physically and intellectually that one can’t put a price tag on.

Ikaruz Has not yet received enough feedback

Ever since I got Will’s book it’s been a great nonstop learning ride for me. As most I was probably of average knowledge when it came to nutrition. After reading the book not only did it open up my eyes and made me realize how and why things work, but it also intrigued me to keep on learning the complex world of nutrition.

The information on Will’s book is top notch and well worth it. The forums are also extreamly helpful and filled with tons of information and great people. I’ve made some pretty good gains thanks to what I learned from the book and the forums. In my opinion renewing my subscription was a no-brainer.



When you order the Bodybuilding Revealed system, you’ll get instant access to the Inner Circle where you’ll get UNRESTRICTED access to me and my team of professional advisors in our Inner Circle community zone.

No more confusion over what or how to do something, no frustrating questions you can’t get answered. No more Dumping yet ANOTHER program because you can’t get to grips with exactly what to do.

No more relying on the so called “email support”, lots of products offer, which is usually slow, inconsistent, relies on canned messages and often, not even carried out by the author of the program.



You’ll get indepth and actionable answers to any questions you have, not just those questions related specifically to Bodybuilding Revealed but any questions pertaining to nutrition, training and supplementation, fitness etc.

By the way, my team are not just moderators, like you find on public forums. These are qualified professionals , paid to specifically assist you to ensure you achieve your goals.


In addition, because this is 100% private members only, when you visit the community area, there’s no arguments, and there’s zero tolerance for any abuse.

No question is to simple or to complex, you’ll be treated with respect, we have fun, but not at others expense. You’ll be able to talk to me, the team and thousands of other members who frequent the community zone.


Over 10,000 pages of time and money saving information. All neatly organized and easy to find. Typical example, you want to know about a brand name supplement? No problem, no more wading through thousands of threads, all brand name supplements get one thread each and all the content is stored in there, complete with my comments , user feedback and general notes.

Over the 20 years + I’ve been in this industry , from author, to columnist, to judge, trainer and nutritional protocol designer , I’ve discovered it doesn’t matter how simple or well structured the program is, how well you deliver it, what format you deliver it on, less than 10% of people who begin a diet and exercise program actually stick with it until they get the results they wanted.There are a number of reasons this happens..


One of the most common issues is information overload. People struggle with so much information in one go. We are all pushed for time, we often just want to ask a bunch of quick questions and get quick answers so we can get going. That’s where the Inner Circle Community zone is worth it’s weight in gold.

Got a question that’s stopping you from progressing? No problem, just ask it and get the answer, not sure of a certain exercise or supplement or diet, etc, no problem, that’s what we’re here for.


If you’ve previously quit a program because you felt you were “going it alone” and perhaps family and friends arn’t that supportive, no problem. Make the thousands of members in the community zone be your virtual fitness family and friends, they WILL support you, you won’t be alone.


If you’ve failed because of a lack of accountability, no problem, put your before pics up in the Inner Circle Gallery, and set your goals and dates and the other members will constantly give you daily feedback – You can also set your diet program up with the Inner Circle Diet Planner and send your diet to me and the trained advisors to help you with and keep you motivated.

If you’ve quit because of a lack of results, it’s probably because you didn’t have all the above nailed down. The Bodybuilding Revealed system sidesteps all the typical issues with most book/DVD/E-Manual programs.

The difference between success and failure for most people on a program is down to some form of commitment model coupled with social support.


In fact, in a year-long study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, participants in a managed online support community lost more than TWICE the weight of participants who took part in a more traditional program.

Further, other research published in Obesity Research has shown that over the course of 18 months, those who participated in a managed online support community were much more likely to maintain the improvements in their physque than those who did not.


In the Inner Circle you’ll also find hundreds of pages of useful information, on every concievable topic you can image related to fitness, bodybuilding, weight loss, sports, nutrition, supplements and so forth.



Whether you’re a beginner, or at an intermediate to advanced level, the BBR program has you covered with specific and separate programs for each level you’re at. For those with less than 6 months training under their belt and limited time to go to the gym, the beginner workouts are perfect for developing the essential foundation for priming your body to take to the next levels in minimum time.

For those with at least 6 month of steady training, the intermediate program will introduce you to the proper way of setting body part splits allowing both more volume and more recoup time for each body part trained. The correct body part splits improves efficiency and time spent in the gym while reducing the potential for injuries and over use syndromes so common to programs not properly designed.

Finally, the Advanced programs will cover the real science of resistance training few in the gym ever learn, and why most fail to make continued progress. By Learning and applying correctly concepts such as periodization, volume, loading, time under tension (TUT), rest periods, intensity, de loading, and others are applied to the programming to optimize time spent in the gym, continued progress in strength, muscle mass, and performance can be achieved. Those who do not learn and apply these concepts, are doomed to make limited short lived progress.



Trying to gain mass and strength? You need more calories when trying to gain mass, but what macro nutrient ratios are best? How do you figure out appropriate calories for you? How much protein? What type of carbohydrates? Low fat or high? How does one answer those questions so they can optimize muscle and minimize fat gains? What does the science support vs. gym advice? This section answers those questions fully using the actual science that exists, vs. the “bro science” so commonly given. Follow the guidelines in this section and take all the guess work out of your mass gaining nutrition

When your focus is on improving body composition vs. gaining overall mass quickly, many find a higher protein intake is the most effective method. The high protein/Body Recomp nutrition plan is the best choice for the more

  advanced person now looking to “tweak” their nutrition in favor of improving their body composition by the strategic and intelligent shift to a higher protein diet that favors muscle mass over bodyfat. This requires knowing the appropriate shift in macro nutrient ratios and calorie adjustments to create the proper metabolic environment that will slowly alter body composition in a favorable direction that favors lean tissue over adipose (fat) tissue.

Having the essential nutritional info you need to get the body you want is great to be sure, but hands on guide to exactly what to buy when you’re at the grocery store is even better! This section of BBR gives you an exact list of what you need to purchase while food shopping. No guess work here, just an easy to follow list of foods that will meet your nutritional requirements for gaining muscle and strength while improving your overall health. This guide makes shopping easy and will fit perfectly with your mass gaining diet plan or High protein plan.



This section has the potential to save you years of wasted time and money on worthless products. Over 80 individual ingredients reviewed in depth with hundreds more brand name reviews in the members area. Fully understand what works, and what’s total garbage, without flash, BS, or marketing hype. Based on the science (or lack thereof!) the most popular ingredients broken down into easy to understand sections.

All the “basics” covered, as well as ingredients used in some formulas you may not have heard of. The fact is, a fairly small number of ingredients are used in most supplement formulas, and the supplement section covers them in-depth, so you can

read a label and know what is worth actually using and what’s not, as well as what doses are required. It’s very common for companies to add ingredients that may be worth using, but they don’t add enough of the ingredient to be effective. What we in the industry refer to as “label decoration.”

The supplement section will also show you how to “roll your own” as buying the ingredients used in many formula separately can save money and guarantee you’re getting the effective doses the studies find effective.

Finally, no more guess work, no more conflicting advice given on some forum or marketing material from a company trying to sell you their products, just facts This section alone will pay for itself 10 times over when used to make intelligent choices on which supplements to use and which to ignore.



The Diet Planner allows you to take total control of your diet and supplements with ease. You can use it with the BBR program but also with any other program you may be following.



Are you always 100% sure how to perform an exercise correctly ? It’s important to me that BBR is as easy to follow as possible, so when you open up the BBR e-book or download your pre made workouts charts, I wanted to ensure you knew exactly how to perform each exercise.

That’s why I had the video database created, you can now actually watch the videos from the BBR program being performed right in front of your eyes.

Pick any one of the exercises from the e-book, read how it’s performed and watch the video so you can see exactly how to do each exercise safely and with maximum benefit.

Not to be confused with”exercise simulator” type software, the video database contains dozens of real videos featuring exercise experts performing each exercise listed in the BBR training program.



In the Inner Circle Download Zone, you’ll be able to grab pre-made Diet Plans, which have been meticulously configured to match the Bodybuilding Revealed program. No more guessing what to eat, these diets have also been hardcoded into the Diet Planner software.

You’ll also get printable workout logs for the beginner and intermediate programs, it’s hugely beneficial to and powerful to simply keep a log of your progress. With the included Workout Charts, that just got a lot easier.

You’ll also get some “hang up in the kitchen” measurement and progress charts to keep you on track.


While the BBR system contains training information for the beginner right through to the experienced intermediate trainer, I also wanted to include information for the advanced trainer, those with at least 3-4 solid years of training under their belts. Step in perhaps the world’s most respected strength coach, Charles Poliquin, B.Sc M.Sc

Charles, is the real deal, he has a network of Poliquin training centers around the world, the Poliquin accreditation is highly sought after, and he’s the author of a dozen best selling books on various subjects relating to bodybuilding, strength and conditioning.

Charles’ coaching skills have resulted in hundreds of Olympic medals, wins and personal bests for many of his clients. He’s known worldwide for producing faster, more muscular, stronger athletes.

So I picked up the phone and Charles agreed to do me a great favor and write an entire bonus e-book which focused entirely on his approach to advanced training.



Gain muscle in the privacy of your own home, office or garden, within your own time constraints and without needing any gym equipment.

That’s the beauty of this exclusive bonus e-book. I know that many of my readers can’t always get to the gym, or you’re on the road, or stuck in an office. Coach Ballantyne CSCS, M.Sc, has developed the Buld Muscle at Home System to accommodate this problem.

Craig is a strength & conditioning coach in Toronto, author of Turbulence Training, a contributing author to Men’s Health magazine, and a member of the Training Advisory Board for Maximum Fitness and Oxygen magazines.