Body Groove

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As I moved my body to the beat of these drums, I realized that I wasn’t jumping around, I wasn’t kicking and punching, doing pushups, burpees, jumping jacks… or anything that resembles any kind of traditional exercise, or any kind of fitness class that I taught.

I was simply allowing my body to move in a pain free, natural way… And I was feeling awesome doing it.

I then thought… what if instead of blindly following some fitness instructor or set of moves… if I just moved my body according to the way my body actually wanted to move… The way my body was designed to move.

Would that make a difference? Would that allow me to finally lose weight?

I was determined to find out because I felt in my heart, right at that moment, that I had stumbled onto something that was going to work.

Something that completely ignored traditional exercise movements and styles  – and when I say ignored, I mean totally threw them out the window. Instead, I was going to move my body the way it wanted to move, and I convinced this would make all the difference.

But could it really be that simple?

Well, I’m happy to report that my intuition was 100% right… Without hardly any effort – I dropped the 50 extra pounds that I had been carrying for decades.

You see, I’d been exercising the completely wrong way. Buy following someone else’s movements – I wasn’t allowing my body the freedom to move the way it wanted to move.

Now, I know that might sound a little weird… but I’ve seen women all over the world drop weight the moment they embrace this principle… and that brings me back to the picture of Frank Sinatra…

One of his most famous songs is “I did it my way,” and when it comes to exercise – you’ve got to do it your way.


So, let’s recap what we’ve learned so far:

     checkmark The problem holding most women back is that you’ve been lied to. You’ve been lead to believe that if you’re not ‘model-skinny’ then you can’t be healthy or happy. The truth is, ‘model-skinny’ is not realistic. The pictures on magazine covers are fake – they’ve been photoshopped. You don’t have to look a certain way to be beautiful or to be happy.

     checkmark The mistake you absolutely MUST AVOID is to believe the lie that only your body is just like everyone else’s. You are an individual and your body moves and feels things unique to you. You can’t just follow someone else’s workout when trying to get healthy and lose weight – You have to do it your way.

     checkmark The solution is found in my Body Groove™ collection of fitness routines… that countless women all over the world are successfully using to lose weight and feel great. They are set of dance-inspired, routines that combine amazing music with easy to ‘custom’ moves… so that you move your body exactly how it wants to move.

     checkmark The results have been overwhelming. By simply doing my short, easy routines, women everywhere, including myself, are transforming their bodies and their minds. They’re dropping the weight that they’ve struggled with for years… and they’re working out less (In fact, I’d say they’ve stopped working out), they’ve stopped dieting, and for the first time in a long time… they’ve started loving themselves. It’s truly that powerful!