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An important note to Frustrated Bettors -

If you’ve ever dreamt of consistently cashing in BIG winning tickets on a daily basis, without spending hours poring over charts or throwing money away with tipsters, you definitely need to spend the next few minutes reading every word on this page.

Before you roll your eyes and click out, let me say, “I know.”

I know you’ve seen headlines like the above before. Whether it’s an advert promising you’ll “lose your gut,” or “add inches to your manhood,” or promising “you’ll be rich enough to have a Lamborghini for every day of the week,” no doubt you’ve seen the outlandish promises, and there’s certainly no shortage of outrageous claims when it comes to racing system and tipster adverts.

I know; I’ve bought most of them… bought into their lies and then bought their crappy systems. Have you spent more on systems and tipsters than wagers?? I have.

My Name is Barry “Baz” Monogan (Yes that’s a nice picture of me smiling :0) I was at Exeter Racetrack one windy Tuesday afternoon early last year and I was enjoying none of it. Bet after bet, one ticket after another found its way to the ground instead of the cashier.

My latest combination of “guaranteed” system picks coupled with “sure things” from a costly tipster were losing, badly! Wagers based on horse’s names and family birthdates couldn’t do any worse. No adrenaline “rush” that day. It had been replaced by a sinking, churning feeling in my stomach. Do you know the feeling?

Nursing a pint out of the weather, (I barely had enough money for bets let alone pints,) a pleasant looking, stubby older man caught my eye. Maybe it was the Panama fedora that seemed so out of place on that dreary day.

Race after race he practically “danced” his way past me to the cashier’s window, walking away whistling while adding new bills to a roll so big, he struggled to squeeze it back into his pocket.

“Stupid old man… stupid hat” I thought. His good mood made my foul mood even worse. His bad hat and my bad mood aside…

I called out as he walked by, “It’s good day for you, mate! Swap you a pint for a tip in the next one?”

He paused, looked down at his notes on the program, shrugged and looked back at me. ” I Don’t have a pick for the next race but I’ll drink your pint for my pick in the 4th.”

And that is how I met Terence. As we settled onto a bench with our brew, he held his notes for the 4th race in front of me. “Mr Bennett then?” I leaned forward confirming what he’d circled. “That’s the one. And look at the line!”Terence beamed before he took a sip.

I opened my Racing Post to the 4th race. 16/1 morning line. Based on everything else about the horse, 50/1 wouldn’t have shocked me. There was absolutely no reason to throw money away on that nag.

I had to ask, “Mate, I don’t know about this… what are you seeing there that I’m missing?”

I don’t see anything,” he’d put extra emphasis on the I.” “But my system says that Mr Bennet gets my money.” His smug little face winked at me. “Ah, your system.” Poor old sod got suckered into a system, I thought. But then again, HE was cashing tickets that day, not me.

“And what kind of system picks that one?” I waited for his answer, one I was sure would include star alignment, high tides or the like. Terence leaned towards me and whispered four simple rules for his system.

Scouring the Post while finishing my pint confirmed that, yes, the old man’s system did point to Mr Bennet. Knowing I could do no worse with my own pick, I stood up and said, “What the hell… let’s get a tenner on your horse.”

Minutes later, I was at the railing, screaming at the top of my lungs bet slip clenched between index finger and thumb screaming “Mr Bennett ” “Come on, come on “Mr Bennett ”

That day I walked away from Exeter race course on 8th March 2011 with a total of £325, A grin that would make a chesire cat jealous and some powerful information that would change my life forever.

Up until that day the most I had ever won before is about £40!

Mr Bennett was just the beginning

Every day since then I fused Terrance’s four rules with my own strategy and, this is what happened…

And if you are on this page it means that you are too.

This system makes it so easy to make money that EVERYBODY should have a fair chance to gain access to it…So that’s what I am doing here.


BET Turbo”


Now, I’ve read enough scammy adverts to know that I should have told a “story” about getting Terence pissed, living out of my car or dedicating ten years to swotting over charts or designing computer programs.

No, sorry. My Terence “story” is nowhere near that glamorous…

The funny thing is, I now spend almost no time poring over the stats and I’m making more money than many doctors, solicitors or brokers!

Feel Free To Take A Glimpse At My Bank Account Balance.

Imagine your friends and family wondering, “How is he doing it?”

I want YOU to know what it’s like to finally be the guy on the “inside”

I won’t lie to you – it’s AWESOME, and the lifestyle this system can give you is incredible…


This is my reality, and while you probably feel that it is impossible, the truth is… It’s Not!

Having wasted fortunes and years on online scams, I think it’s important you know what Bet Turbo IS NOT.

The freedom working for yourself is amazing, allowing you to just take off whenever you feel like it.



I love travelling and can take Bet turbo with me wherever I go so I am never short of cash. People that live outside of the UK can use or any other online sportsbook.Take a look at my account I was using whilst I was travelling around America Last Year:


I asked myself those same questions for weeks.

Four simple rules? Really?

I knew the Bet Turbo rules and witnessed the numerous wins. Even still, I had to be convinced. So I buried myself into the data in an attempt to see why Terence’s “little” system performed as well as it did.

The “rules” seemed to ignore so much of what I had taken for “gospel” in racing.

Distance, days since last race, ratings, weight, jockey and trainer ratings, course, class, speed, raw, wins, form and the rest. There are seemingly endless variables that can affect the results of each and every race.

Terence had distilled the mountains of overwhelming statistics, facts and figures down to four simple, specific rules that when followed are extremely profitable for punters like you and I.

Bet Turbo’s winner’s odds are across the board. Sometimes I’ll bet the favorite and sometimes I’m on a longshot.
Do I always win? Of course not, no system does. But I win… and win big.

Have I had losing days? Occasionally, but there have been very few and they’re usually very, very far between. And the best part is that there’s often a longshot that comes through, quickly more than compensating for any previous losses.

Yes, there have been plenty of Mr Bennett’s! And there will be for you as well!

I Can’t Decide What I Like Best About Bet Turbo!

Q: I’ve used other systems and failed. What’s so good about yours?

A: There is no other product out there that comes close to mine. Bet Turbo is the ONLY profitable horse racing system out there. With my 60 day money back guarantee if you think that I am wrong, I will hand you back your money instantly.

These fly-by-night phonys just don’t have a clue when it comes to horse racing. WithBet Turbo everything you need is in the system, there is no extra systems you need, no subscription charges or added fee’s for information.

YOU will make money Instantly. No one on this entire planet can offer you a system half as successful as Bet Turbo back that up with a full 60 day money back guarantee. NO questions asked.

Q: If the profits are so great, why is the price so low?

A:  Yes it is low but, this is the introductory price. The special price does not reflect the quality of this amazing product. After 3 days this price will certainly go back up to the original RRP price.

If you want to wait for the price to go up thats fine by me but, if you get it now, with the money that you save your first successful bets are on me. Plus, there are only Limited Copies Available so if you wait around too long you may just lose out on Weekly ROI Between 180%-850%..

Q: Will I win All of the time?

A: No, it is unrealistic to expect to win 100% of the time. There will be periods with lots of winners and periods with less winners. As long as you stick with the system you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Q: How Many selections does BET Turbo find each Day?

A: BET Turbo provides, between 2 to 10 Value Back selections each day.

Q: Can I place bets anywhere in the world?

A: YES! There are many sportsbooks that allow players from anywhere in the world to bet on horse racing I personally use when I am outside of the uk. The great thing about this is that, because my customers can use different bookmakers, prices never get drowned out Anybody can become a lucky owner of this profitable system and start making winning bets today from all corners of the world!

Q: Can I contact you if I have any questions?

A:  Most other system creators have no longevity that’s because they have nil passion for betting or the horse racing itself. I’m a purist of this industry and you won’t get none of that type of behaviour with me feel free to contact me at any time and i will get back to your right away. Try it if you dont believe me

>>> Only 200 80 Copies Available, Get a Risk-FREE Copy of Bet Turbo Today For Only £37 And Save Over 70% Off The Purchase Price! <<

What’s The Cost? Chances are, like me, you’ve spent 100’s or even 1,000’s of £’s on “incredible, sure thing, retire to St. Lucia next month, moneymaking” systems. And, like me, you received nothing out of them except that dreadful feeling that, once again, you’d been scammed.

It is a very different feeling when I log into my Betfair account these days

I made a small Fortune over the Easter weekend…

24TH – 28TH MARCH 2016

These are the kind of resuts you can expect from Bet Turbo when your wagers get larger.

What about the feeling of an extra £150 or £250 per day in minutes? That’s what Bet Turbo can do for you and… You’ll like it… a lot.

Forgive me if this sounds like some of those “holy grail” adverts, but yes, it is life changing. And yes, you will love it!
With Terence’s blessing, I want you to have Bet Turbo. But he insisted that it be affordable for everyone. He too remembers throwing £1,000’s away on high-priced, under-deliver rubbish. And he doesn’t need your money.

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So, What’s The Catch?


Just as Terence whispered his “little system” in my ear, I want to do the same for you. He knew my frustrations AND my desire to do better. And I know yours. He did it for me, I want to do it for you. That’s all.
100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

And so you won’t think of Terence and I as another one of those racing “holy grail” sales sharks, after you buy Bet Turbo and use it for 60 days, if you’re not convinced, not absolutely thrilled with your results, just email us and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked! That’s a 60 day, 100% No Questions Asked Complete Money Back Guarantee.

You really have nothing to lose (unless you make more bets WITHOUT Bet Turbo)…so order now! Push the Order Now button, right now!

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We’ve come this far together, but this final step belongs to you.

I sincerely hope to see you on the other side.

P.S. There is a dedicated team of horse betting EXPERTS (including myself) on-call 24/7 to help you with ANY problems you have. Anything from how to place a bet, technical advice, to explaining the system … they’re ready to help you make money. And guess what, this is INCLUDED in the price you pay for Bet Turbo

P.P.S-  This fast cash lifestyle, isn’t for everyone. Some people were just built to work hard for a living. That’s why you’re protected with my 2 month guarantee. If you don’t like it, let me know, and I’ll refund every single penny!

P.P.P.S.  ‘Bet Turbo’ will not be available forever. Next time you visit this page the system might cost £997 – It’simportant you take advantage today and GUARANTEE yourself long term profits at a MAMMOTH discount.

Click here and go to the official website of the seller to purchase or learn more about this product!!!