Betfair Trading Strategy – Lay The Draw – Properly!

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Lay The Draw – Betfair Trading Strategy (My Method)

It’s here, finally!

ebook explaining my method of laying the draw

Well after many years of using this strategy and adapting it for the highest possible strike rate with minimum possible risk, I have finally decided to publish my personal take on this well-known Betfair trading system.

There are literally hundreds of different ways to use the lay the draw strategy in football trading, I have seen many of them myself in use by other traders I have known. In fact I would say there are almost as many interpretations on this method as there are traders using it! I have respect for all of them (when successful obviously!) but my approach is quite different in that I avoid as much risk as possible, but capitalise hard when there is a profitable scenario on the table.


I used to trade between 10 and 20 games per DAY!


I found that I could have similar profits by doing a lot less work, which was what originally motivated me to reducing my trades. In time I found that by being ULTRA selective, only risking my money when literally everything looked as close to perfect as possible, I could reduce my workload by 70% or more, while maintaining or even increasing my level of success.

Less hours at the screen is never a bad thing as far as I am concerned. When you’re new to trading it all feels exciting and the hours fly by. But after a year or two things get more mundane and not so exciting, and this reduced level of emotion is one of the true secrets in my view, the reason why so many traders struggle when they are new to it and excited by it, only becoming profitable when they eventually calm down and treat it more like a job or a business. Mental control is everything in trading.

calm buddhist monk

Successful traders don’t blab about their trades in the pub on a Friday night, losing traders do! This is because by the very nature of being a successful trader, it’s not exciting any more, in fact talking about it in the pub would be a very boring prospect for any full time trader! The work has been done, it paid for that time in the pub to enjoy a chat with friends about anything other than their “day job”!

I spent many hours unpicking my own habits and thought processes in order to document every single click I make during my trading, right down to the very smallest detail which I hardly even noticed I was doing until I began writing it all down to put into this product.

I have lost count of how many people have asked me to write down my LTD approach, especially during the last few years. (One of them sent me a review after he read this eBook, his testimonial is shown below). I never really had the time, and to be totally honest, I was never sure I wanted to share this as it is the product of many years of adjustments, testing and fine-tuning in order to make it as reliable as possible for my own benefit, not for others! However, other people choosing the same trades won’t affect my trades or my profitability due to the amount of money in these football markets, so I have no real reservations about others trading the same games as me, which you will be able to after reading this eBook. As the summer football break made even more bored than usual this year, I decided to use that time to put this product together and finally get it published.


This is not one of those 5 page toilet-paper deals. This is 51 pages of detailed, well-written and well-illustrated content. It was put together with the help of a total novice who barely even knew what Betfair was, so it was written from the ground up for people of all levels to be able to understand.

My aim was to make it possible for someone who has never placed a trade on Betfair in their life, to be able to start using my lay the draw approach immediately after reading this eBook, and start learning how to pick the right games, how to avoid the bad ones, and how to sidestep the many psychological traps which 99% of new traders fall into.


Here are just a few things you will learn in this extensive guide:


I am not going to do that cheesy (and always dishonest) stuff where I claim you will make a fortune, be driving a Ferrari next week, will never have to work again etcetera (yawn). Anyone who knows the first thing about trading knows it isn’t something which makes people rich overnight. It’s a long process of learning about yourself, the markets, your emotional limits, your self-control (or lack of) and many other extremely important but very difficult lessons which every successful trader has learned before you.

Betfair trading method - laying the draw

Can good money be made from football trading? YES – it is not unheard of for pro traders to make £100k – £200k per year trading football just using this method alone. So it is possible, but it is highly unlikely that a beginner will be able to do that. It is never the method that’s to blame for the long learning period which any trading system requires, it is the trader him/herself. Humans are not really built for trading, our emotions and instincts generally oppose everything which a trader must do in order to be successful. Not panicking, not chasing losses, not getting greedy and refusing a small profit in the hope of a bigger one, and so the list goes on. It takes a certain type of person, not a certain type of method, to be a truly great trader.

The method provides the opportunity to profit, but the person behind the mouse is the one who seizes the opportunity effectively, or not. I have seen money lost on superb trades, and money won on rubbish trades. The difference is not the method, it is the person making the decisions.

This product aims to give you the skills required to become a successful trader
with a carefully explained method to bank profits with, if you become one!

(This is a downloadable eBook in PDF format)

Here is an honest real-world testimonial from Shane, one of my regular readers:

Shane“I`ve been involved in betting now for only about 5 years, in that time i have been mainly a matched bettor, taking bonuses from bookies with the occasional trade on Betfair.

With bookies getting tougher on account holders who search for value i knew that i was going to have to have a longer term plan for regular profits. I also knew that my mini gun tactics were never going to be areliable way of building up these long (and short term) profits on Betfair.

Just like anybody else who trades i had heard of laying the draw and i knew that it had been around since the start of betting exchanges. So just like most other traders i `had a go’ only to be blown out of the waterin about three trades.

I thought then that this is probably why not everybody does this as it doesn`t work!

In the background i would get these emails now and again from a guy called Tim who would send his selection through with what seemed to be a great strike rate. I started to take more interest in his emails and actually started to congratulate him on his successes. After a time Tim mentioned that he was thinking about producing a PDF manual detailing how he starts out picking his selections through to staking plans and taking profits.

He asked me (probably because he saw how green i was and that i needed help) whether i would be interested in reading through the PDF when he`d completed it and giving my honest opinion, good or bad.

Once i had read it i realized where i was going wrong.  NO PLAN!  

This manual is years of knowledge rolled into one easy-to-read and straight-talking PDF.
Tim shows you where he finds his team selections and the strict criteria of choosing certain matches, not
just any old match like i used to do that looked good because it had low draw odds!

I`ve learned that to make money you have to use and stick to a proven system, will you lose sometimes,
of course you will but he shows you how to escape the trade with the smallest impact on your bank to
preserve long term profits.

Highly recommended by me and i thank Tim for giving me the opportunity to test this.

Best regards,


I hope this eBook provides you with all the knowledge you need to succeed, as well as a simple but powerful method for finding profitable opportunities. BUT….. I can not and will not promise anything, and I make no guarantees about your future as a trader. If I did make promises about what the future holds for you, I would not be worth listening to anyway as nobody can tell you that without lying to you. What you do or don’t do as a result of studying this eBook is your own responsibility, not mine. But if you can follow some simple rules, keep a cool head at all times, and practice sensible money management, you have every chance of becoming one of the few people who manage to turn Betfair trading into a full time income and never have to wake up to an alarm clock on a wet winter Monday morning again!

I wish you all the luck in the world, but as you will soon see, luck really has very little to do with it!


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