Bearded Dragon Secret Manual

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World Famous Bearded Dragon Expert Says…

Are You One of Them?
Here Are Some Telltale, Warning Signs:

     You may have a serious problem if your bearded dragon is:

     From the desk of Chris Johnson
     Date : Tuesday, December 20, 2016

     RE: An Urgent Message To All Bearded Dragon Enthusiasts!

     Dear Bearded Dragon Lover,

     Did you choose a bearded dragon over a cat or a dog, thinking it would be easier to handle?

     Are you intending to buy a bearded dragon because it seems like an easy pet to take care off?

     Guess what…

You Can’t Be Further From The Truth!

     I’ll be the first to admit that I love these bearded dragons, or beardies as I like to call them. I have kept and bred them for over 10 years, which makes me one of the most recognised authorities when it comes to these little reptiles.

     But sadly, most people don’t have the same level of knowledge as experts. They buy a bearded dragon from their local pet store and expect it to be as easy to handle as a guppy or terrapin. And they end up making all sorts of terrible mistakes that can seriously harm the well-being of their beloved bearded dragons!

     To understand why bearded dragons need such special attention and care, it is important to know where they come from. All of the world’s bearded dragons today originated from the wild, outback regions of Australia… which means…

Bearded Dragons Are Literally
Desert Animals!

     Now imagine plucking a bearded dragon from its natural habitat in a dry desert, where temperatures can sore well over 90 degrees in the day and drop to under 45 degrees at night… and putting them…

In Your Garden!

     Unless you live in the desert, I doubt your garden has the same kind of conditions… which means you need to “artificially create” an environment that is similar to a beardie’s natural habitat.

     It’s just not as simple as throwing them in a cage with some food!

     Here’s where all the problems come in. Most people have no idea how to do so… and have no idea of the costs involved! Because of the equipment you have to set up to “mimic” its natural habitat… rearing a bearded dragon can be an expensive hobby!

     Fortunately, over my 10 years of rearing these bearded dragons, I have worked out a series of shortcuts and tricks you can use in order to save yourself some serious money… but still provide your bearded dragon with a top-rate, comfortable environment!

     You know, you can read countless Internet websites or visit a dozen forums about bearded dragons and still don’t know how best to care for them… because most people writing these websites (or visiting the forums) are just as clueless about what to do!

     It’s like the blind leading the blind!

     Why learn from newbies when you can have the advantage of picking the brain of a seasoned, bearded dragon owner and breeder… someone who actually does it for a living?

     Why worry about doing things right… when you can once-and-for-all, know the proper techniques to care for your bearded dragon?

     Introducing my…


“Bearded Dragon
Secret Manual”

… The Manual Pet Shop Owners & Breeders
Don’t Want YOU To
Know About!

     I’m serious when I say pet shop owners and professional breeders don’t want you to know about my secret manual. That’s because after reading what I have to say about caring for bearded dragons…

     You know, when I first took my draft manuscript of this manual and tried to get pet shop owners to sell them in their stores…

All Of Them Came Up With Some Lousy Excuse
About It Being “Too Much” For Pet Owners To Handle!

     That’s why I decided to get this information straight to you over the Internet… by presenting it in a form that can be instantly downloaded by you. This means if you’re thinking of owning a bearded dragon, or if you already own a bearded dragon… you can quickly check to see if you’re doing the right thing.

     Here are some of the things I cover in my manual just about choosing bearded dragons to help you make the best decision:

     After choosing the right bearded dragon. It is important to know how to communicate with them. Since beardies cannot speak, they rely on a complex set of body language to communicate their feelings and intentions.

     Learning how to understand your bearded dragon’s body language is crucial in ensuring that you are giving them what they want!


     I also talk about how to set up an enclosure to keep your bearded dragon. Remember what we mentioned earlier about creating an “artificial environment” that mimics the natural home of your bearded dragon?


     Besides knowing how to build a proper enclosure, one of the traits that separate an expert from an amateur is how he “handles” his bearded dragons. Expert owners are always at ease when handling their bearded dragons… because they understand what NOT to do when handling them!


     Diet is an essential part of a bearded dragon’s life. A well-fed dragon can grow up to an inch a week. Unfortunately, too many pet owners I have come across are not feeding their beardies the right food for their growth… or are spending too much unnecessary money on pet food.


     If you have read until here, you know just how much useful information I reveal to help you care for your beloved bearded dragon. Heck, your vet may not even know half as much… simply because he is not specialized in taking care of bearded dragons!

     In my secret manual, I also cover some of the more advanced topics when dealing with bearded dragons, such as:

How To Breed Them Like A Professional Breeder Would!

     Of course, breeding your own bearded dragon requires additional knowledge, but it can also be an extremely rewarding process… if you know how to do it right!

     I have personal experience in breeding my own bearded dragons, and teach you everything you need to know about this subject.


     Let me be blunt…

You Can’t Find This Same Collection Of “Tips”
Elsewhere… Unless You Personally Know A Bearded Dragon Expert!

     All the tips, tricks and techniques that I write about in my Bearded Dragon Secret Manual are not just based on theory. They are based on over a decade of experience as a bearded dragon owner and professional breeder.

     This is what I do for a living, so I really know what I’m talking about.

     Would you rather have a handy guide that shows you exactly what to do in each situation… or would you live each day in worry, wondering whether you are doing the right thing for your bearded dragon?

     My secret manual is specially written for the home bearded dragon owner, so it’s 100% practical and doesn’t involved any sophisticated equipment or knowledge.

     To make it even easier for you, I’m going to throw in the following bonuses to make caring for your bearded dragon even more enjoyable:

1. Special Report: Top 50 Questions & Answers Every Bearded Dragon Owner MUST Know… ($27 Value)

Through my work with hundreds of bearded dragon owners over the years, I’ve found that all of them have some very similar questions about how to care for their bearded dragon. If you sat down and consulted with me one to one, these are also the likely questions you might have.

That’s why I compiled all of the toughest and most “challenging” problems beardie owners will ask about their pets… and provide my full answers to them!

Don’t worry, because I’m not your vet (trying to make money from expensive treatments or medicines)… or the pet shop that is trying to sell you a bearded dragon, I can afford to give you the honest answer to these questions…

These are tough questions that stump many bearded dragon owners. But you get all of my first-hand answers in this special report.


2. Bearded Dragon Daily Feeding Guide (Worth $19)

Ever wondered what food to feed your bearded dragon such that it gets a complete diet and stays radiantly healthy?

I created this guide for my own usage, which shows the exact percentage of each type of food you need to feed your adult, baby or hatchling bearded dragon. I also show the differences between the diet composition of an adult and baby beardie.

Print out a copy of this guide (not available anywhere else) and paste it on your kitchen wall… so you can know just the exact portions of food to feed your bearded dragon.

Having this guide solves the problem of overfeeding your bearded dragon with expensive pet food or insects, and ensure that your beardie gets just what it needs… a must-have for any owner!


3. Bearded Dragon Handy Disease Busting Guide (Worth $37)

This is another resource that is worth gold to beardie owners. I compiled this handy guide and still use it myself.

This is a handy chart (that you should keep with you) of the most common problems facing bearded dragons, such as:

… And a list of their possible causes. I also include the cause of action you should take to troubleshoot the problem.

Here’s something to note – Not every problem requires a visit to the vet… So instead of rushing your bearded dragon to the vet the next time, check out his condition against this guide first. It can very well save your bearded dragon’s life… and money!


4. Bearded Dragon Magic Care Checklist (Worth $37)

I call this my “magic care” checklist because it makes caring for your bearded dragon like a piece of cake! Definitely something which you want to print out and paste on the wall beside your beardie’s cage.

If you have ever felt stressed out over caring for your bearded dragon, this checklist gives you handy reminders so you won’t forget the minor details.

It includes:

No more scribbling on pieces of paper or trying to mark out dates on your calendar… Just tick on this checklist as you go along!

How Much Is All This Worth To You?

     Consider this – The average lifespan of a healthy bearded dragon is 10 years. If you already own one or consider owning one… you’ll need to spend the next 10 years of your life with it.

     During those 10 years, you need to provide your beardie with a comfortable home as a responsible pet owner. But we all know that it doesn’t come easy… or cheap. Just buying and equipping a cage alone can potentially cost hundreds of dollars.

     Ask yourself, how much are you going to spend on…

     Needless to say, it will not be cheap. But what if using my methods, you can save a whole lot of money on enclosures, cages, supplies and food by learning where expert breeders like myself source for them?

     How much will having this knowledge alone save you?

     How much will proper handling and care of your bearded dragon save you in vet fees (which can run into hundreds of dollars per visit) or heartache when your beloved bearded dragon dies?

     That’s why I’m on a mission to help as many bearded dragon owners as possible. You can download my entire “Bearded Dragon Secret Manual” for only $19 and read it immediately on a PC or MAC. You can even print it out and refer to it anytime you like.

     That’s right. For less than the cost of one month’s worth of supplies and pet food, you can own a copy of my manual that will save you from trouble, frustration, worry… and that feeling of not knowing what to do.

     Don’t you think it’s worth it?

110% Risk Free, Money Back Guarantee!

     It is my belief that every bearded dragon owner needs to get his hands on this book because this material can greatly improve the quality of life of your bearded dragon.

     In fact, I am so certain you will benefit from the material I share in this guide that I’m willing to give you a full 60 days to test out my methods. Read my Bearded Dragon Secret Manual for a full 60 days and try my “secret” techniques yourself on your own bearded dragon. If you are not completely satisfied that my techniques work and can help you be a better bearded dragon owner… even if you’re not satisfied with the font I used… just let me know and I’ll refund every single cent you paid.

     I’ll even let you keep the manual and all the bonuses (worth over a hundred dollars) for FREE, just as a way of saying “Thank You”.

     If you own a bearded dragon, you need this book.

“Yes Chris! Let Me Download My Copy Of The
Bearded Dragon Secret Manual Right Now For A
Low Price Of $19!”

I understand that if I act now, I will receive an instantly downloadable e-book filled with tips and tricks on how to care for my bearded dragon not taught anywhere else. I will also learn how to save on supplies and food for my bearded dragon, by getting them from the secret sources taught in the guide.

In the unlikely event that I do not like this guide, I’m entitled to return it for a full, unconditional, 100% money back refund and still get to keep the 4 exclusive bonuses worth over $120 just for trying.

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