Banish Your Belly Bloat

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Start Feeling Better Right Away.
Avoid These Two Belly Bloating Culprits

Belly Bloating Culprit #1: SUGAR

So many of us rely on sugar as a sweet treat, a reward for getting through a difficult day, or being really “good” on our diets. Some of us use sugar as a pick-me-up when they are feeling down or tired. I know how difficult it can be to just say “no” to sugar. To reduce belly bloat and gastric discomfort, minimizing sugar intake is a must. Read on to discover why.

It is fairly common knowledge that sugar is at the root of so many of our health problems today, including belly bloat.

When your system is overloaded with sugars, and/or if you have trouble processing simple sugars, the result is excess bloating and gas.

Bloating occurs when the sugars ingested are poorly absorbed and make their way in to the large intestine feeding the sugar bugs, or bad bacteria, that reside there. The sugar bugs produce further toxic gases causing bloating, discomfort, pain, and irregular bowel movements.

Belly Bloating Culprit #2: CAFFEINE

I know how difficult it can be to give up or even reduce your caffeine intake. When struggling with belly bloat, we are often exhausted and begin drinking coffee simply as a way to cope. Before you moan and groan and say there’s no way I’m giving up caffeine, discover how amazing you can feel by simply avoiding or reducing your caffeine intake.

Caffeine can harm your stomach and intestines by destroying their linings. When you drink coffee your stomach produces large amounts of hydrochloric acid. When you drink coffee on an empty stomach, this production increases.

After age 25, our hydrochloric acid production naturally drops, making it more difficult to digest the foods we eat. Ingesting caffeine, causes an overproduction of HCl, reducing the body’s ability to produce HCl for digestion.

When there is a shortage of HCl, we run into problems breaking down foods. The undigested foods ferment in our systems causing gases, and providing fuel for the sugar bugs, or bad bacteria, further exacerbating belly bloat.

Cut down the amount of sugars and caffeine in your daily diet to reduce your belly bloat and start feeling better now.


You’re probably aware of the importance of this hormone when it comes to bone density and avoidance of osteoporosis.

It also plays a critical role in gut health, and the immune system. You’ll find this hormone in numerous systems throughout the body.

What is this hormone? Vitamin D

Vitamin D is actually a hormone created in the body with sunlight and cholesterol. It goes through a series of changes to become active and available in the body, ultimately moving from the kidneys to where it is needed.

Studies show a connection between Vitamin D deficiencies and gut health. People with Irritable Bowel Disease, Celiac Disease and gluten sensitivities have been shown to be Vitamin D deficient.

When vitamin D is used in conjunction with a combination of inexpensive, unusual, easy to acquire supplements you are sure to get the results you deserve.

Proper vitamin D levels have been shown to reduce inflammation in the body including the gut. Vitamin D plays a vital role in the balance of gut flora. Increasing Vitamin D levels helps to reduce chronic inflammation and improves digestion and immune function.

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