Attract Your Soulmate Audio Program

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Thank you Sami for this amazing, life-changing program that bring immediate results. When I look at my journey so far I think it’s just incredible the 180° change my love life has taken after finding your work.

Now ladies when you speak of “intense,” these 5 week sessions are not just intense but they are supremely powerful, impact creating and so much more.

Packed with material that brings you immediate clarity and results, this program encouraged me to even start my own 30 day challenge on feminine energy, I am at day 31 and it’s all feeling so effortless now which it did not feel in the beginning.

Talking about results – The same man that cheated on me is now vying for my attention, takes me to the movies after he stopped 2 years ago, takes me on holiday trips, takes me shopping, and all I did was follow Sami’s simple instructions that’s provided in this program. He is now making plans to buy a house for me/us.

Long and short… Sami’s coaching and this PROGRAM not only works, it saved me and my love life by showing me how to be content and value myself. While it’s primarily for single women, even as a woman in a relationship I learnt so much from the tools and information Sami gives.

I am happy not just because my ex is stepping up, and a plethora of QUALITY men are begging for 10 mins of my time. I am happy because I have finally connected with my femininity

This program is worth every penny. Cannot recommend it enough.

Thank you Sami!

~ Jodienne Cathnott, Jamaica

Week 5: Training Call 5

#Online Dating & Dating Scenarios Mastery

Week 5 will give you everything you ever need to know about online dating. I mean it! It’s not just profile building and choosing photographs, this training call will give you my signature step by step process on how to navigate online dating to avoid overwhelm and quickly get the man to meet you in person.

Here I will also take up different dating “scenarios” and situations that can occur with men and offer solutions to them so that you feel “experienced” even before going out and practicing what I am teaching. The amazing question and answers of the women in the program will also give you insights into how to practically apply all the knowledge you have learnt to real life situations with men and move forward like never before.