As/400 & Ibm Sql Online Study Course

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How to Boost IBM i Database Performance…
Update and Query Data… Build Reports…
All 10x Easier and Lightning Fast


Dear IBM i Professional,


Imagine pushing a button to update a million database records automatically.


You’d never have to painfully edit one record at a time just to change one little field.


Imagine the boss is frustrated because she doesn’t have sales data for an important meeting.


You type in one little statement, push a button, and out pops the report.

This isn’t a dream. It’s real. And easy to do.


All you need is SQL in your tool belt.


I’ve Cracked the SQL Code that
Will Make Your Life 10x Easier


Before SQL, I had to work with the AS/400 and IBM i database the old fashioned way… open up a clunky utility … step through each database record one at a time … change the field … and repeat.


If a user pushed the wrong button, or software bug hosed a bunch of records … it would take hours to clean up the mess.


When it came to writing reports, I had to use awkward Query tools … or spend days writing a custom report in RPG.


But then I discovered how to make all those tasks 10x easier with SQL.


I can’t even imagine how much harder life would be without SQL skills tucked in my toolkit. 


With all the projects that need your attention, updating a few thousand records by hand isn’t one of them. And who wants to spend days writing a program for a single report.


When I finally discovered SQL it changed everything for me:


ü  peek at one or more records in a table.

ü  write reports on the fly, even with data from several tables.

ü  update records. Just a few or an entire table.

ü  precisely delete multiple records at once.

ü  build an index to speed up data access

ü  … all done at the push of a button.

That’s the power and flexibility of SQL.


Here’s just a small taste of what you’ll do when you master this useful tool:


Update one record, a million records, or more at the same time. Don’t waste one minute “paging” through one record after another.


Create reports on the fly … complete with sorting, rankings (great for sales reports) and totals.


Change precise sets of data faster and easier than it takes to write a custom program or utility.


And we’ve barely scratched the surface.


How to Instantly Add Rocket Fuel to
all Your Programs and Reports


When it comes to making your day to day tasks as an IT professional easier, you want every tool available in your toolkit.


But here’s the thing, if you’ve shied away from SQL … I’m here to let you know that the old ways and cryptic file editors are obsolete.


IBM has already made SQL the way to work with data on the AS/400 and IBM i from now on.


You see, IBM has optimized the system for SQL database access. And the modern database engine is specially tuned just for SQL.


This is actually great news. You can speed up your reports and programs by switching them over to SQL. It’s like pouring rocket fuel in the innovative new database engine on the system.


In fact, I’ve seen old Queries ported over to SQL that run lightning fast. I’m talking two or three times faster without any other changes.


And if you’re a programmer, SQL can be dropped right inside your programs. It’s a godsend for writing reports that don’t waste time looping through every single record in a file.


And here’s the thing… It won’t take days of classroom training, or hours combing over books for you to use SQL.


In fact you can get started today.


But before I get to that, let me introduce myself.


My name is John Andersen.


I have over a decade experience on the AS/400, iSeries and IBM i. I’ve been a system administrator, ERP specialist, programmer and department manager.


And I know first-hand that feeling of frustration boil up when a user does something stupid… and YOU have to clean it up.


Now, I can’t stop your users from pushing wrong buttons … and I can’t prevent a program bug from hosing up your data … but when you discover just a few of the SQL basics, it will make your life 10x easier.


Just like SQL has done for me, and thousands of other AS/400 and IBM i professionals.


Better yet, you don’t need to be a techno-genius, or a programmer to use SQL.


In fact, here’s how easy SQL is to master … you simply type in a command like “show fields a, b, c” … and the system obeys your command and pops out the result in a flash.


Have you ever needed to crank out a custom report on the fly…


Of course, the best way to write a one-off report is with expensive software, right? WRONG.


Report writing programs are larded up with screens and “features” that actually slow you down.


SQL is the Swiss army knife of report making.


With SQL you can pump out a nice looking report with sorted data, column totals and more… in just seconds.


Proven Accelerated SQL Training System


Let me prove how much easier all your database tasks will be when you TRY my accelerated AS/400 and IBM i SQL training course.


With the video based modules, this complete system will have you mastering SQL in no time at all.


You get step by step video modules… plus ALL the scripts that you load onto your IBM i.


So you can watch the video, and walk through all the samples with real live data on your own system.


With this one of a kind training, in a few short hours you’ll master:


All told, you’ll get twenty-seven full length step-by-step modules.


To get your hands on ALL 27 modules on a risk free trial, please click the link at the bottom of this letter.


What’s more, with this one of a kind training you’ll absorb each tip and technique.


You’ll duplicate the same EXACT results you see on screen… with your copy of the IBM i SQL Course you get the scripts to load demo data on your system.


This way, you simply start a module and type what you see on the screen. You’ll get the same exact results on your own system.


You Get Four-Times More SQL Skills


And here’s the best part. With my course, all the skills and techniques can easily be used on ANY other database system.


So you get multiple courses in one.


That’s because SQL tools are universal. You’ll be able to use your time-saving shortcuts and skills on Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL or another database … with very few changes or tweaks.


Better yet, this system is far better than attending a class.


With the included scripts, and demo data you’ll deeply absorb every skill because it’s hands on. You’ll be a SQL master by doing the skill building sections.


This way, every tip and technique becomes second nature.

And the whole course is available to you online … day or night… you can access your training any time you want … anywhere you have an Internet connection.


What’s more, you’re tiny investment is a fraction of what you’d pay to travel across country to attend a week long class.


In fact, I checked. And a brief three day IBM class in Rochester Minnesota will set you back $1,200.00 just in enrollment. That doesn’t include airfare, hotel, food, rental car and so on.


But today you can get the complete IBM i SQL training system for a small fraction of that.


And it beats classroom training because you go at your own pace. Take your time. Work on your own schedule.


And anytime you want to review a section, just push a button.


Plus you get everything on RISK FREE TRIAL.


You don’t risk a single penny for two full months.


And if you’re not 100% happy with the course, I INSIST you let me know so I can give you a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked.


You’ve got nothing to lose by taking me up on my risk free trail offer.


Order right now.


I personally guarantee SQL will make your database administration tasks faster, simpler and easier.


The whole training system will be instantly delivered as soon as you order.


In a few short hours from now you can be cranking out useful scripts.


They’ll do all the “heavy lifting” to maintain data and build reports and speed up your database.


And you’ll be able to get back all your lost time that’s been wasted fixing bad data.


My Best,

-John Andersen


P.S. No other tool will turbo charge your AS/400 and IBM I like SQL. When you want to quickly work with data … update records … run reports … SQL is the best tool. Order your IBM i SQL system today to make your life 10x easier.

Click here and go to the official website of the seller to purchase or learn more about this product!!!