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Dear Warrior:

Are you struggling to make article marketing or Bum Marketing work?

Thinking about giving up?

After slaving away at articles, do you end up with poor ranking or tiny trickles of traffic?

Maybe you’ve completely forgotten half of your posted articles because they were performing so poorly?

It is time to login to those old article accounts and make some CASH!

You spend countless hours writing articles, doing keyword research, and posting articles. You wait for days for google to come and include the articles in the search engine results.

You hold your breath, hoping that this time will be your chance to make this work.

And then? NOTHING. Hardly any traffic, and when you check your clickbank sales stats… NOTHING.

Scratching your head, you try again, maybe with different keywords this time. A-Ha, this keyword has 100 clicks per day and hardly any competition… You write another article, submit, wait, thinking sure this one will bring in that extra income that month.


One of the big problems with article marketing is…

If you look at the top ten results for keywords with high traffic, low competition, you’ll find a lot of squidoo and ezinearticle marketers are already holding those top spots.

If you try to compete with them, it is difficult to knock them out of their position.


You may ask, “It seems like everyone else is posting on the forums of their bum marketing successes, but why can’t I get my articles to rank in google?

That’s right. The owners of the top ranking web 2.0 articles are adding a powerful technique to their article marketing that separates the winners from the losers in bum marketing.

If you knew what you were looking for, you would look at their pages and it would be incredibly obvious.

It is right under your nose.

And if you could just use this simple technique on your articles as well, you would see your google rank (AND bank account balance) increase dramatically.

And it works incredibly well. I have held first page position in Google for TONS of different keywords in my niches, and brought in a lot of income from this tactic.

This technique works with,,,,,, and and MORE. And these are just a few of the Web 2.0 properties you can use this on.

It is extremely simple once you see it. My videos will explain everything you need to know.

Here is are just a few of the things you will learn:

customer of previous products:

PRICE. $27


I’m absolutely confident that if you had my “Article Steroids” Videos at your disposal right now, you’d readily agree the techniques I teach will make you far more cash than the measly $27 price tag.

And that’s why I’m willing to let you have access to the entire program today for $4.95. This way, you can see for yourself how effective these strategies really are.

Try each and every technique I outline for you for an entire 7 days.

If you’re overjoyed like I know you will be, do nothing and you’ll be automatically billed for the remaining balance of $22.05 with nothing more to pay, ever.

However, if you’re not absolutely in love with this Article Steroids Kit, simply send me an email before the 7 is up and you won’t pay a dime. I’ll even refund you the $4.95.


at 1:00am (July 15) my time – viewed ALL the videos in one sitting.

This is VERY INFORMATIVE and I definitely learned quite few things I did not know – will implement IMMEDIATELY!

I don’t usually comment, but had to give this it’s “Due Diligence”.

If you are on the fence about purchasing (in my humble opinion)- YOU WON’T BE SORRY.

Looking forward to your next

Posted – 07/15/2008

by tjk1058

Posted – 07/16/2008

Hi Chad…
Your method in the video is simple and yet amazingly very profitable. I dont see any reason we got failed with this method. I cant wait to see your next video..

Posted – 07/17/2008