Anabolic Running

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Could It Really Be Possible For Normal Guys To Build Head-Turning Muscle, Demolish Stubborn Fat, And Ramp Up Their Sexual Performance Just From Running 16 Minutes Per Week?

The Answer Is Yes…Breakthrough Research Has Confirmed A 530% Increase In Growth Hormone Following This Brand New Anabolic Running Trick…

Hi. I’m Joe LoGalbo and training for a half marathon almost ruined my marriage. This popular fitness “practice” not only killed my fun in the bedroom, but destroyed my physique and shattered my confidence as a man. It got so bad, my beautiful, newlywed wife accused me of falling out of love with her.

Until one lucky day, I stumbled upon a weird Anabolic Running trick so mind-blowingly simple and powerful, it was like a shot of testosterone straight into my veins. In fact, one study uncovered this same Anabolic Running trick could boost your growth hormone levels by 530%. (1)

It’s that potent.

If You’re A Man Who Wants To Remain A King In The Bedroom, Who Wants More Testosterone, And More Vigor Between The Sheets While Sporting A Ripped, Vascular Body In Only 16 Minutes Per Week… Keep Reading.

Yet, hear me out, lean in and open your mind. I’d just hate for you to be one of the 7.4 million men in this country who are slowly feminizing themselves inside and out. Especially if you want to build the head turning physique you deserve with more testosterone than a UFC fighter about to step in the ring.

But first, I feel the need to let you in on how this 26-year old newlywed almost lost it all. I know what you may be thinking…How the heck did running kill your marriage and ruin your physique? Sounds crazy? Maybe…However, I would hate for you to make the same mistakes I did.

It’s still so fresh in our minds. My wife and I were in the non-stop love-making phase of our marriage. Didn’t matter the time of day, I was ready for action.

Until one day, 2 weeks into my half-marathon training, my exciting sex life hit a brick wall. Why? How? A complete “malfunction” on my end of the bed…

Here I Was, A 26-year Old Newlywed With A Lifetime Of Marriage Down The Road And I Couldn’t Do The Deed.

I was just left there, holding myself in my hand with barely a clue how to fix things. It’s like my body lost the operator’s manual. Then the questions started flying through my head…

To make matters worse, my body went from hard to squishy. Some would even say “doughy”. I noticed this around my pecs and especially my love handles. Which baffled me because my diet was spot on. I remember staring at myself in the mirror after I woke up and pinching the fat hanging off my midsection…

I Spent Weeks Running To “Get In Shape” But I Looked Worse Naked Than When I Started…

I wanted answers… I knew if I was struggling, there had to be a fix. How could my body forget what to do? How can my DNA just forget what being a man is all about?

And then the worst thing that could’ve ever happened did…

It was a Saturday night. We went out to our favorite restaurant, grabbed some dessert and came home ready to get the party started. We slipped into bed, got cozy and I completely failed to launch.

The next day I vowed to myself to fix this biological kink inside my body. It became my mission to find a solution…

And the more I dug into the research, the more studies began popping up on running and your male hormones. Which had me thinking… “aren’t runners supposed to be the fittest athletes on the planet?”

I continued to click through several images of male runners on my computer. I was shocked at the amount of man-boobs and “skinny-fat” physiques flashing across my screen. To be honest, I couldn’t tell the difference between a “runner” and a couch potato.

And Then It Hit Me… Have Cardio Workouts Been Feminizing Men At Epidemic Proportions?

It all started making sense. Running can destroy the number one hormone we need for sex, muscle, and female attraction… It can be the difference between dating a beautiful woman or being trapped in the “friend zone”… Here’s more I found.

Now How Can You Boost Your Testosterone Levels And Vascularity While Still Getting In Insane Shape While Running?

Real simple.

The master chemical for increasing growth hormone and testosterone levels is lactic acid. This anabolic juice floods your bloodstream only after exercise intensity has reached it’s “tipping point”, scientifically known as the lactic threshold.
A recent study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine confirmed, participants who don’t reach the “lactic threshold” during exercise get ZERO access to testosterone and growth hormone(4). In simple terms… it’s a giant waste of your time unless you’re a girl looking to burn a few calories on the elliptical.
However, research shows the longer you’re in the lactic threshold, the better.

A Recent Exercise Test At The University Of North Carolina Confirmed, Participants Exposed To The Lactic Threshold For 30 Seconds Experienced A 530% Increase In Growth Hormone.

You get all the health, sex and muscle building benefits without spending a dime on a single potion, ED pill, or steroid…

Luckily, man’s genetics evolved to a high threshold for lactic acid over time. Allowing our ancestors to chase the world’s most dangerous predators and strike them down…. Then once they caught up, the warriors would “finish-off” their prey and drag pounds of meat back to camp for dinner. It was an extraordinary level of superhuman fitness that fed thousands in their tribe.

Granted, man did have bigger brains and was able to strategize with his fellow hunters. But none the less…
These men became kings of their domain and were seated at the very top of the food chain.
And get this.

Despite hours pursuing wild-animals under a blistering hot sun and dragging these mammoth creatures back home for dinner… Ancient hunters still had enough “charge” to get it on with their female mates.
Their biology wasn’t any different from guys today. They just unknowingly flipped the switch on the ultimate anabolic running trick that releases every essential hormone for becoming lord of the land and spreading their seed.

Without This Evolutionary Adaptation, Mankind Would Have Been Finished Long Ago.

So I Stopped “Logging My Miles” Each Week And I Cut Back On My Workouts At The Gym.

I didn’t need them anymore. Actually, long workouts became more of a time and energy vampire than anything else…
It was like a huge breath of fresh air. No reps or sets schemes. No pyramids or “maxes” on the bench press. Just 8 minutes of Anabolic Running, 2 day per week. It was simple and to the point. I also mixed in a few bodyweight exercises like pushups and pullups just to maintain some upper body strength. However, looking back now, I don’t think I needed them.
Because around day 6 or 7, something happened. I noticed a slight turn-around in my physique and energy under the covers. I don’t know how to explain it, but things started reverting back to normal. I was dropping both fat and the puffiness on my body.

My Libido Rose Up From The Dead…

It was WORKING again.
Now I have to be honest. It wasn’t a knock it out of the park type of feeling. But it was something. Anything that was different from what I was experiencing was great news for me.
Then the second week came and these changes just got stronger and stronger.

Other guys started commenting, asking me for my “secret” to getting ripped and vascular. They’d ask me how many hours I clocked at the gym and how many miles I spent jogging around town each day… They were shocked when I said only 16 minutes.

They were skeptical at first. And to be honest I didn’t know if it would work for them like it did for me. Yet after following my Anabolic Running program they too began experiencing the same results I did. Which gave me the confidence to put this out to the world.

  Available For The First Time and For Men ONLY:  


With Anabolic Running You Now Can Have A Year-Round, Rock Hard Physique And Supercharge Your Anabolic Sex Hormones In Just 16 Minutes Per Week While Getting In The Best Shape Of Your Life…

Just 16-minutes Per Week And You’ll Trigger Better Results Than What Most People Spend Hours Chasing After In The Gym…

Listen… The way you look and function as a guy will not get better if you keep doing the same things you are now. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.
Most men believe they will see faster and better results if their workouts are longer and harder. Unfortunately, these guys are crushing the ONE factor responsible for transforming your body from soft to solid and if you have a problem in this department…your man-part from “gimpy” to hard…
And again, what is the factor?


Without massive quantities of male sex hormones pumping through your body, there is no chance for muscle growth. Fat loss becomes nearly impossible and sex is just a roll-of-the-dice… you might “perform”, you might not. Everything a guy could need relies on hormones. Yet most men are waging war against themselves with each workout… Realize It doesn’t have to be this way…

Listen. My journey was not easy. When my workouts ruined my sex drive and began destroying my marriage, I only had one choice. To find a cure…

I spent hours researching ways to revive my manhood. Days would disappear and I was only getting more “skinny fat” and disgusted with my body…

Yet I Must Warn You This Is Not For Everyone…

But if you’re one of those guys who are obsessed with spending hours of your week running around the block or on a treadmill… Or sneaking away on a saturday morning for an “enlightening” yoga class…that’s fine, but this is probably not for you.

If you’re okay with a boring sex life and content with a few embarrassing “malfunctions” underneath the sheets as you age…You can leave this letter right now.
And if you’re one of those guys who quickly throws in the towel and quits building your dream physique after just one week of workouts… please stop reading this letter now and find yourself another hobby…

Ripped Bodies Are Only For The Dedicated…

Are You One Of Them?

So if you’re finally ready to put away the de-masculinizing cardio workouts, useless, expensive supplements, and sissy, calorie-restricting diets for good…

And you want the only cardio program designed for men to operate like alpha males, then Anabolic Running isn’t just “a” system for you, it’s the ONLY system for you…

Inside the Anabolic Running program, you’ll discover:

Now that was everything you’re going to discover inside Anabolic Running. However, I really wanted to sweeten the pot for you and make this a no-brainer. Virtually guaranteeing your success from here on out. That’s why I’ve decided to include these two never before released value-added-bonuses below…

Strangely enough, popular fitness magazines don’t cater to this kind of muscle. In fact, publications like FLEX and Iron Man Magazine are constantly pushing out recycled weight-lifting routines, designed for meatheads who are content with a “puffy”, slow-moving physique. Which is fine if that’s the look you’re going after…

You, on the other hand, are more interested in building the real deal masculine body. Someone who can walk up to a random light-pole and perform the “Human-Flag” or pump out 40 dips on a nearby bike rack with ease. Real “shock-and-awe” strength that drops jaws in public… It’s the same functional muscle you see on American Ninja Warrior or in one of those “Street Muscle” YouTube videos with millions of views…

Like I said, I wanted this to be a no-brainer for you. A complete done for you system that boosts testosterone, pumps out growth hormone in just 16 minutes per week all the while you’re building muscle, shedding fat and getting in insane shape.

So Again, How Much Do You Feel All Of This Would Be Worth To You?

In the beginning I would have sold this entire system to my clients for $249 ON TOP of what I was already charging for “in-person” training. I’ve had guys offer me upwards of $600/month just to learn these same secrets I’m sharing with you… And eventually I plan on raising the price of Anabolic Running to the original value…
However, because I’m releasing this to the public for the first time, I’m seeking out 200 personal testimonials and transformation pictures for my BIG launch of the program later this year. You’ve proven you’re serious about building a strong and ripped physique and boosting your testosterone so I trust you’ll set aside 16 minutes of your week and follow this plan to the “T”. For that reason, I’m going to practically give away this program for a pre sale release discount of over 80% off at just a one-time investment of $15.

And you know what? I’m so confident you’ll see incredible results that I’ll put ALL the risk on me….

Boost Testosterone, Increase Libido, Build Muscle, And Feel More Confident or Your Money Back

When you tally everything up, this is way less than the cost of your monthly coffee addiction. A greasy meal for 2 at McDonalds. Or a 30 pack of beer…

You’re so close to turning your physique and sex life around for the better and putting your frustrations in the past… So here’s the truth.

You Have 3 Options Of Where To Go From Here

 Option 1:  Click away from this page and go about doing your regular cardio workouts again. Hoping you’ll tone up, maybe lose weight (if that’s your goal) and get “in shape”. Even though deep down, you know the progress you’re making is extremely slow. Plus, you can feel yourself committing testosterone suicide and zapping your strength one minute at a time.

And if you want faster results, you’ll have to increase the amount of time you keep running. Let’s be honest with each other here. Do you want to spend 30, 45, 60 minutes or MORE running everyday or every other day just to keep seeing results?

There’s a reason why most guys who take up training for a marathon rarely lose a lot of weight. It’s because their bodies adapt. Running is easy. It’s great for your health, especially if you’re older, but if you want to get in shape, become ripped, boost your testosterone levels and vascularity, you’re going to want to change things up.

And if not…

You’ll always be fighting an uphill battle.


 Option 2:  You can take everything you’ve learned in this letter and try getting results on your own. And I hope you do. I sincerely mean that. I want to get this information out into the world so every guy who wants an attention-commanding physique can achieve his desired goal.
It’s a great feeling. Especially when you can ditch the heavy weights and marathon jogs.
However, let me be honest with you…
The sad truth is 9 out of 10 men who read this page will attempt to “figure it out” on their own. Only about 10% will get it right. They are the lucky ones who will catch lightning in a bottle. While the other 90% will quit from a lack of results and continue to feel trapped in their “nothing-special”, boring physiques.
Do you want to risk your chances and be in the 90% or the 10% group? I’m sure Las Vegas casinos would take that bet any day.
The last choice you can make…

 Option 3:  For less than a few lotto tickets, or a pint size bottle of whey protein, you can have access to a simple, revolutionary program designed to maximize your anabolic hormones while your body morphs into an in-shape, ripped muscular physique without lifting heavy weights.
Plus, you’ll notice a nice boost in sex drive, testosterone levels and all day energy. I have to be honest, it’s nothing like taking steroids, but who wouldn’t want a heightened increase in everything above?
And to be able to do it all naturally and see a difference starting in just 4 workouts that lasts a total of 16 minutes per week?

Just imagine a few weeks from now when you look in the mirror only to notice the muscles in your chest, arms, and legs popping out. The fat surrounding your belly starts to deflate and the chunkiness around your lower-back gets tighter each day. You’ll finally have the boldness to go shirtless at pool parties, proudly displaying your athletic and ripped frame.
This feeling of confidence is something you cannot put a price on.
To feel like an invincible man again, full of energy, adventurous and fit… To know you have a lean and muscular physique you can be proud of… To ramp up your sex drive that satisfies you and fulfills your partner every time.
And it all begins today. Don’t settle for less any longer.





 Answer:  I’d like to say this program is for everyone, but it’s not. If you are one of those guys who love spending hours of your week running on a treadmill, this is not for you. Anabolic Running is for men who want to spend as little time running as possible, but still get a massive return from their cardio workouts. Running hours each week will only slow your results. For that reason I don’t want you to purchase the program until you are ready to cut back on your cardio.

 Answer:  I discovered Anabolic Running after suffering exercise-induced testosterone damage when preparing for a half-marathon. Within the first few weeks of training, I started feeling weaker and noticed more fat on my physique, especially around my midsection. I was tired all the time, and was never in “the mood” behind closed doors.

 Answer:  It’s hard to say. Like anything, the longer you follow the same routine the more diminishing returns you’ll experience. I’m confident you can follow this program alone for several months before you consider adding in a new workout. That’s why I included the Shock And Awe Strength program as a Free Bonus. These workouts will surge new muscle growth and build jaw-dropping strength. You can add in one or two workouts a week if you notice your results “slowing” down.

Who do you recommend Anabolic Running to?

 Answer:  I strongly recommend this program to guys 30 – 60 years old or guys who are looking to build muscle and burn fat without spending hours running each week or lifting weights at the gym. At age 30, a biological war is waged on natural testosterone levels in all males. You included. Anabolic Running fights this natural testosterone dip, releasing strong amounts of testosterone, growth hormone, and nitric oxide for increased muscle growth, fat loss and an enlarged sex-drive.

 Answer:  Yes. You can securely purchase Anabolic Running using your PayPal account or any major debit or credit card.

Will I be billed more than once?

 Answer:  No. Anabolic Running is a one time secure payment and you’ll be an owner of the program forever.

Scientific References:

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