6 Week Shred Fat Burning Workout Program

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As I’ve said before of these movements are already pre-programmed in us which means they are essential to survival and everyday life.

AND…they are so powerful that they also help to increase fat lose and muscle tone.

In addition to having these functional movements we have to be sure to vary them when we workout.

Why? Because our bodies are masters at adapting! The reason why most people fail in their workouts is they do the same routine over and over…and the body knows that and adapts.

To fight that…we need to Constantly Vary the workouts. Different movement combinations. Different repetitions, different time domains.

Variance is one of the keys to fat loss.key for Success

Once we are constantly varying our movements it is important that they are performed at a high intensity.

Now that may sound scary but it is relative high intensity. That means that it should be challenging for you.

Now here is the magic of this breakthrough training…over time you will be able to increase your intensity as you get fitter.

You’ll keep getting stronger, leaner and healthier all while you are burning fat.

And what happens when you get better at something?

It takes less time.

That’s right…with this breakthrough proven system, as you continue to burn fat and lose weight, you’ll be spending less time in your workouts.

I call this program my “6 Week Shred” program because in just 42 days you’ll see results that typically take years for other people to achieve using traditional methods taught by the so called “fitness experts.”

But not with this system. You’ll be utilizing this unique training system that will invigorate your body to start burning fat again by using these proven time tested movements that have always been built into our DNA.

Here is some proof that 6 Week Shred Really WORKS…

This Complete Package Should Cost You Over $347…But I Have Some Great News…You will NOT Be Paying Anything Close to That…

…In Fact, You are going to get full access to the 6 Week Shred system, the full HD quality How-to Videos- along with the 7 bonuses all for a Price so crazy low that you might not believe it.

I’m guessing that you are wondering if there is a catch right?

Well there is…kind of.

You see, in order for this program to really work the same way as it has for myself when I lost 25 pounds of the hundreds of other success stories of people I’ve helped using this system, you have to make the decision to make it happen.

It’s up to you! You’ve seen how frustrating losing weight and burning fat can be, but now after reading this you realize that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Getting the best body you can have is up to you.

And that’s why I want you to start your transformation today…

I want you to get the same results that myself personally along with my clients have achieved. I want you to have it so bad I’m going to make it super easy for you to say yes!

That’s why right now, you can get instant access to the complete 6 Week Shred Training Program NOT FOR $347, but for the CRAZY LOW price of $57!

For a small one time investment of $57, you’ll be handed the keys to quickly and permanently transform your body. You will no longer need a personal trainer, a gym membership or even gym equipment…because 6 Week Shred contains everything you need.

The only thing we need from you is your commitment to make a change.


60 Day Risk Free Triple Guarantee

I’m so confident that you are going to see life changing results from using my 6 Week Shred program that I am putting all the risk on me.

Try 6 Week Shred for a full 60 days and if you aren’t satisfied with the results…shoot me an email and I will give you a full refund…and we can still be friends.

I’m so confident in this program that I back it with my Triple Guarantee.

Guarantee #1:  Anyone Can Do This

Men, women, young, old, in shape, out of shape, over-weight or under-motivated — doesn’t matter, it works for all, anyone can do it. With almost a decade of experience in fitness, I know exactly how to make a workout effective no matter your age, level or ability.

Guarantee #2: You Will See Results Fast

You’ll quickly see results like tighter muscles, a leaner tummy, reduced “trouble spots” and healthier skin. But also it’s what you’ll feel — an electrical surge in energy, a mood that’s on cloud 9, and sharp mental focus. And don’t forget the huge benefits of lower inflammation, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, a stronger heart and stronger lungs.

Guarantee #3: You’ll Stay Motivated

Most importantly, because these routines are FUN, FAST and can be done ANYWHERE, you won’t have any problem staying motivated. You’ll stay motivated, not through sheer willpower, but from the overwhelming feeling of satisfaction that,FINALLY, something works for you.

Seriously, if I don’t meet and beat your expectations with 6 Week Shred…just shoot me an email and I will give you a full refund.

Fair enough?

I am very confident that achieve your transformed body that you can try 6 Week Shred risk-free for your first 60 days!



$347 $57 $19

$347 $57 $19

Thank you so much for reading all about 6 week Shred I can’t wait to see you on the other side and hear about your own personal success story.

Committed to Your Success,

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Robby Blanchard, MBA, BS, CPT
Creator of 6 Week Shred

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P.P.S. With my 60 day 100% guarantee…you have nothing to lose!