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The 5InchHeightGain blueprint was designed specifically to crush the 3 biggest grow taller myths.

Myth: It is Impossible to Increase Your Height After Puberty

Fact: There is a reason why people grow taller at a young age, and by manipulating the same process we can increase height the same way and get you to your maximum growth potential. If you are passed your natural growth phase and well into your 20s your bones cannot grow any longer. But without knowing it most adults walk around shorter than they really are. By using effective spinal decompression along with our other height increasing methods, you will notice that your height can still increase by up to 1-3 inches.


Myth: Pills & Supplements Claim You Can Grow Overnight

Fact: Unfortunately there are a lot of fake pills, supplements and different recommendations in regards to increasing your height. Thankfully everything that you need to know to grow taller, is contained within the 5InchHeightGain blueprint, and is guaranteed to work for 99.99% of people. But remember, increasing your height and maximizing growth potential is not done overnight, but by closely and correctly following our blueprint, you will be astonished with the results.


Myth: Working Out Can Potentially Stunt My Growth

Fact: Wrong, working out can actually have a small positive effect on height increase as it raises certain natural hormone levels which have been shown to boost growth for those with unfused growth plates. There are also specific stretches and exercises that can lengthen your spinal column when done correctly, spinal decompression along with other necessary steps are all covered within the 5InchHeightGain blueprint.

“Every single woman I had dated mentioned that she was uncomfortable with my height; going out in public was their nightmare. I had one girlfriend who wouldn’t even claim me as her boyfriend, which happens often in this situation.

As I had learned from other men in support groups for short men, I couldn’t blame women; it’s a proven fact that nearly 90% of women, some of who are wonderful people stated that they were simply not attracted to shorter men.
It’s nature, and I know for a fact that it is so agonizing to even try to have a simple conversation once the woman notices you’re five foot six. It’s proven by psychologists, scientific surveys, statistics, and the girl I loved more than anything, which I would have given my life for.

She loved me, but she wasn’t physically attracted to me. She told me the honest truth, which I respected and didn’t begrudge her for. She said that taller men are simply more attractive and have a stronger, more masculine presence. It’s nature, its evolution, its society, call it what you want. When you’re 27 years old, single, and on the bottom of the dating list it hurts all because of a reason that you think is outside of your control. When your heart is truly broken due to countless rejection the pain and fear of growing old alone is unimaginable.

Most short guys don’t go around complaining about discrimination because they realise that society is programmed to desire taller men due to psychological reasons. I had felt like this for a long time and knew that if I did not find a solution to grow taller these thoughts and feelings would plague me for years to come and run my self-esteem further down into the ground.

This all brought me the drive and passion to do whatever it would take to find a solution. I had tried so many different products to try and help me grow taller but all of them failed miserably. It wasn’t until a friend of mine had mentioned to me about 5InchHeightGain and that he had heard good things about it. I decided to come to your website and everything looked fine so I made the choice to purchase the blueprint and follow it strictly.

Your product has absolutely changed my life, the way I feel and the way I think about myself. Most importantly it has allowed me to feel more confident around women and the girl that I had loved is now my partner. Over the 12 week period I increased my height by just over 4 inches, I feel renewed.

I can’t thank you Jason and your team enough for how much you have helped me.”

- Clay Robinson


“You can what I have to say as an endorsement, 5inchheightgain has helped me grow 3 inches taller in 10 weeks and I’m 37 years old, the HGH cocktail has definitely made me grow and been major assistance to my overall growth.