50 Kit Home Owner Builder Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

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Avoid Costly Owner Builder Mistakes

Owner builder mistakes are a major concern when building a kit home.  Construction mistakes are very common, even with a fully supplied and sometimes pre-assembled kit home.

On my first owner build, I didn’t really understand how many opportunities there were to make blunders: some small, others large. Even though building a kit home is a great choice for the amateur builder, they are still complex projects. Fixing mistakes can be a weekly or even daily event.

Avoiding them in the first place, even better.

As an Owner Builder, I have found building kit homes one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.  But I’d like to share what I have learnt over the years, from my experience and from other owner builders, and give you tips and strategies to fix and avoid common mistakes.

When I first started my project there was great motivation and ideas on how to proceed, but I was secretly terrified of making some catastrophic mistake through lack of relevant information or bad advice? Kit home providers are rarely forthcoming with pro-active advice, so you won’t hear from them until you have trouble with the build and ask for help.

Here are 5 common owner builder mistakes

Mistake 1:

Why worry?:

To fix it:

Mistake 2:

Why worry?:

To fix it:

Mistake 3:

Why worry?:

To fix it:

Mistake 4:

Why worry?:

To fix it:

Mistake 5:

Why worry?:

To fix it:

Truly there are no more satisfying phrases that you can utter than…

‘I built my own home’.

It’s something that will never leave you, the feeling of incredible accomplishment that comes from knowing you put together your dwelling and that you were the one who made it what it is.

Can you avoid the pitfalls of an Owner build?

Absolutely you Can !!!!

Just take the time to see what is in this great ebook..

Within these pages you will find tips, strategies, logical steps, and due diligence to achieve a trouble free owner build. Construction mistakes are explained in plain language for the amateur builder to progress with piece of mind and and a solid self built home.

Yes but..what’s really inside??

Inside this book you’ll discover tips on…

So why did I write this book?

I’ve learnt there are many areas a new builder of kit homes can falter, from negotiating with the kit provider to selecting house foundations. So, to help other owner builders avoid and fix construction mistakes before they become costly time killers, I have written this book.

This is an instructive read that provides insights, logical ideas, and practical tips that clear the way to

an enjoyable building experience.

Here’s the intro cut from this essential ebook

“It’s a great choice; building a kit home and taking the challenge to owner build it. There are few greater experiences than creating a home to live in by your own hand. Myths of owner building kit homes abound and
revolve around successful outcomes versus abject failure. The fact is, in
the building industry, mistakes are always made. Some say the
difference between a handyman and a builder is that a builder is skilled
at covering mistakes.
Owner builder success can mean many things. Firstly, that the home is
built on time: that is, in a realistic time frame, secondly, the home is built to budget: a realistic budget, and lastly, the home is built to a reasonable level of quality and passes authority inspection and compliance.
One of the more popular myths is that owner building is easy, that putting together a budget to build a house is relatively simple, or that owner building is the budget option of building a new home. When talking about kit homes it is important to understand that they are not prefabricated homes. Prefab homes are completely pre-built and delivered in quarters or even halves to the site and dropped on the footings. Kit homes are a set of pre-cut and numbered materials that need planning and
Kit homes have the same set of strict guidelines as any other type of
home, however built. They are not necessarily cheaper to build although
they may be more cost effective. One of the greatest myths, however, is
that kit homes all look the same. The truth is, kit home providers have
many and varied designs that can be equal or better than many regularly
built modern homes.
Mistakes can be made, however…big mistakes. Importantly, they can all
be avoided with some good planning, research and advice, but don’t be
fooled into thinking it will be a trouble free experience. The aim should be to reduce the number of mistakes and then reduce the impact of those
remaining mistakes, so they have minimal effect on the outcome.
This book explains how to avoid 50 common kit home owner builder
mistakes in themes of preparation, site selection, kit design, compliance, project management, delegating tasks and a final list of more common building mistakes.
All have corresponding tips to keep the owner builder on task, out of
trouble and well on the way to building a great kit home.”

Kit home groundwork

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Do You Want Kit Home Building Prep – in a nutshell?

This free eBook clearly explains the 5 crucial steps to the preparation of building an owner built kit home.

Presented as a series of steps that will underpin the erection of owner built kits. It provides a chronological approach to the ground work required and takes the guess work out of the sometimes complicated ‘set up’ sequence.   

Contents of this Essential eBook

Here’s the intro from this Crucial Steps ebook

“Let’s build a house,” my wife said.
“I’ve done that,” I groaned, “and dealing with builders is a pain.”
“No, I mean you should build a house,” she beamed.
We were living in a small town, about an hour’s drive from a big city, and life was peaceful on our 10 acres. We had a block home that needed extensions and alterations, both of which were difficult as we needed more slabs and needed block layers to do it properly. It seemed like a lot of heartache back then. That’s when we ventured into ‘stress’ territory, a topic my wife lightly referred to as “building the new house”. I had built a house through a building company, many years before and the whole process was stressful and messy. Arguing with short-cutting tradesmen, needing unforeseen alterations (denied), builders saying ‘that can’t be done’ or ‘that’s as good as it gets’, finding poor workmanship months after completion, endless delays from inadequate facilitation, and being just one of 20 jobs the builder has on the go.
As you can imagine, I was a reluctant participant in my wife’s ‘big idea’ and was hesitant to research it. BUT, whilst surfing the net, kit homes started to grab our attention. There seemed to be endless companies selling kit homes and all had different plans, styles and – of course – prices. Strangely, they all recommended that I be the owner builder, but to get other people to build it! Trying to clarify this, we found kit suppliers ‘value added’ by offering kit carpenters and miscellaneous tradesmen at additional cost. The fact is, I’m pretty handy but I’m no builder, and after asking more questions we found that many handymen and women had built most of the kit themselves and had only subcontracted the plumbing and electrical jobs. That was it – I was sold. I had always wanted to build my own house and now I had the opportunity.
This eBook is presented as a series of steps that will underpin the erection of owner built kits. It provides a chronological approach to the ground work required and takes the guess work out of the sometimes complicated ‘set up’ sequence.”

self-build kit home providers

But Wait, there’s More!!

80 Self Build Suppliers is an exhaustive list of providers who specifically supply and support owner builders with kit and or prefab homes. Don’t be conned by dealers and on-sellers who really only supply to builders. Many don’t have owner builder support so you will be left stranded without help. 

The location and website of each provider is listed as well as their specific ideals and purpose.

This international version lists suppliers from the USA, Australia, Canada and Great Britain.

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