2 X 4: Maximum Strength

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Ever notice that when you’re strongest, your physique looks its best?

How I achieved a 2.5x bodyweight deadlift
How I finally achieved a 2.5x bodyweight deadlift

The stronger you are at a certain body weight, the more muscle you’re going to carry. And more muscle at a given body weight means less fat. Less fat means more definition. You need a program that’ll boost your strength as quickly as possible. Look no further, 2 x 4 is the ultimate program for maximum strength and muscle.

How do I know? For 6 years, I’d been struggling to reach a 600 lb deadlift. I was so close, but I could never close the gap. 2 x 4 enabled me to finally achieve this feat. My colleagues who tested out the program saw the same transformations, noticing rapid strength gains and improvements in body composition, aesthetics, and self-confidence. You deserve to experience the same rewards from your training.

AndrewI’ve tried many different training systems, and 2 x 4 increased my strength far more than any program so far. As an already advanced raw 181 lb lifter with a 475 lb squat, 315 lb bench press, and 455 lb deadlift, I didn’t think that I had much room to gain. Boy was I wrong! On 2 x 4, I put 50 lbs on my squat, 50 lbs on my bench press, and a whopping 110 lbs on my deadlift in just 14-weeks. During this time, my body composition improved dramatically and I put on visible amounts of muscle while losing fat. 2 x 4 has my highest endorsement. It worked for me, and it will work for you. – Andrew Serrano

The vast majority of lifters spin their wheels in the gym. Why do so many lifters stagnate? While nutrition, sleep, and stress are contributors, inferior training is the major culprit.

2 x 4 was designed to optimize your efficiency and maximize your results. It is easy to follow, it can be performed at a basic commercial or garage gym with minimal equipment, it revolves around the big, basic movements, and it will help keep you injury-free. Each and every program variable was scrutinized, and the program was tested for months on end. Every lifter who completed 2 x 4 set personal records in all their lifts in actual powerlifting contests.

Below is a chart that showcases the strength improvements of lifters who completed 2 x 4.


CharlesHaving worked personally with Bret Contreras over the past few years, I can attest to his passion and zest for maximum strength training. He is one of the few coaches who I always make sure to consult with regards to my own programming. 2 x 4 is the conglomeration of years of lifting experience, years of personal training experience, incredible biomechanical knowledge, intense research, and the careful blend of the art and science of strength training program design. – Charles Staley

With 2 x 4, you will keep track of your strength and become intimately familiar with your indicators of progress. The system will stimulate adaptation while keeping you fresh so that you can consistently set personal records day in and day out, and 14-weeks from now, you will be noticeably stronger and leaner.

BC2 x 4 is not simply a training program; it’s an entire resource. In order to ensure that you’ll be receiving the best program possible, in the past year and a half, I have:

NiaBret Contreras is someone I consider a go-to resource for all things strength training. Bret is not only incredibly passionate about being a great coach, but his research, articles, and books are always top-notch and incredibly high quality. Any time Bret releases a new book, I get it immediately. He always manages to exceed my expectations. – Nia Shanks

But the training program is just one component of the resource. 2 x 4 contains the following components:

Silver Package: $330 value for $67

Gold Package: $520 value for $97

Includes the same materials as the silver package along with these additional products:

BradBret Contreras has mastered the art & science of strength training. His knowledge of biomechanics and program design pertaining to maximum strength is second to none. You will be very happy with 2 x 4; it’s an incredible resource that I’m certain you’ll value just as I do. – Brad Schoenfeld

You’ll receive $330 worth of products (the training program, the nutrition manual, and the extensive video tutorial library and manuals), but you won’t pay that much today. If you order right now, you will only pay $67.


But that’s not all!

For just $30 more, you’ll receive $190 worth of bonuses (the special biomechanics manual, the extensive video tutorials and manual covering the squat, bench press, and deadlift, the cutting edge glute training tips manual, and the warm-up manual).

If you take the time to carefully review the bonus material, then you will possess a world-class understanding of squatting and deadlifting biomechanics, which will allow you to improve upon your training. You will also be ahead of the curve with your glute training.

Please keep in mind that I’m not just the creator of 2 x 4, I’m also an avid follower of the system. I test-drove the program to see how it would impact my strength. My squat increased by 38 lbs, my bench by 27 lbs, and my deadlift by 39 lbs. After 22 years of lifting, I’ll take these gains in just 14 weeks any day of the week!

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JordanBret is one of the most passionate, trustworthy, and highly respected coaches in all of strength & conditioning. Beyond his kindness and generosity, Bret’s knowledge and experience is exceeded by none as is made abundantly clear by the extraordinary content in his 2 x 4 program. Immaculate strength programming and countless exercise descriptions aside, Bret includes the single most incredible resource pertaining to the biomechanics of the squat and deadlift that I have ever seen. Plain and simple, Bret’s 2 x 4 program is unlike anything else on the market and is an absolutely tremendous resource for coaches and strength enthusiasts alike. – Jordan Syatt, IPA World Record Powerlifter

RobI’ve been lifting for almost 20 years, so when Bret advised me to try his new program 2 x 4, I was skeptical. With Bret’s help, I put 60 lbs on my squat, 20 lbs on my bench press, and 65 lbs on my deadlift! My joints feel healthier than they have in years, I’m not feeling run down, my abs look great, and I eagerly await each upcoming week of training. 2 x 4 will do the same for you! – Rob Knapp

pdf2 x 4 Maximum Strength is a downloadable product. There are NO PHYSICAL PRODUCTS available. When you purchase this product, you will be sent an electronic copy of all of the products included in the product purchased and you will be ready to get to work. It will take less than 2 minutes to download the product with most connections. The e-book was formatted for viewing in Adobe Acrobat PDF and can be viewed on either PC or MAC.

AlanBret is one of the extremely rare guys in the industry who understands science and combines it with innovative practice to produce excellent results. I’ve seen it first-hand in my own clients, colleagues, friends, and students who have implemented his methods. – Alan Aragon

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is 2 x 4?

2 x 4 is far more than just a program – it’s a resource that will help you reach your maximum potential in the gym.

Q: What does 2 x 4 stand for?

That’s easy! 2 main lifts are performed on 4 separate days during the week, along with additional assistance movements tailored to suit your needs. Simple, yet extremely effective.

Q: What makes this program different than most other popular training methods?

I have sifted through and analyzed every piece of pertinent research and every program that I could get a hold of, and I carefully combined the most effective methods into one super Frankenstein of a strength program.

Q: Can I get a hard copy of 2 x 4?

Unfortunately, 2 x 4 is only an electronic downloadable product. No hard copies were made.

Q: Can I view this on my ipad or tablet?

Yes, but you must have an Adobe reader app. If so, you are able to download the product straight from your Ipad, or transfer from your computer to your tablet.

Q: Can women use 2 x 4?

Absolutely! 2 x 4 is not gender specific. Men and women alike will see excellent results from the program.

Q: What special equipment do I need?

None, and that is the point. I created 2 x 4 with this in mind. You do not need any special equipment to follow the program, but you do have the freedom to incorporate any into the program if you have access.

Q: What if I’m a complete novice to strength training? 

Then you need a plan, and 2 x 4 is perfect for you. It focuses on the big basic lifts, it provides video and written tutorials to ensure that you use proper form, and it provides a basic structure on which you will thrive.

Q: What if I’m an experienced powerlifter – is this some generic program that won’t benefit me?

Absolutely not. This isn’t just some silly system I threw together. This is a world class program that will benefit lifters from all walks of life. I tested the program with experienced powerlifters and each gained tremendous amount of strength. Trust me, you’ll love the system.

Q: What if I compete in gear – is this for raw lifters only?

Don’t worry, I made sure to address this issue. Not only do I teach you how to adapt the program for geared lifting in the manual, I also made sure to provide video and written descriptions of special exercises for geared lifters, and I provide scientific explanations as to the science and biomechanical aspects of geared lifting in the bonus product.

Q: I’m primarily concerned with my physique. Should I care about maximum strength, or is that just for powerlifters? 

Let’s say you’re currently lifting a certain amount of weight for 3 sets of 5 reps. You stick to 2 x 4 for 14-weeks and gain appreciable levels of strength. Now, you’re able to lift the same amount of weight for 3 sets of 12 reps. This will greatly improve your physique. Moreover, 2 x 4 has built-in assistance work that will ensure optimal hypertrophy. Last, I don’t know any lifters who aren’t happy when they gain strength – lifting is more fun when you’re strong!

Please contact info@2x4strength.com with further questions.

SammieWith Bret’s help, I’ve far exceeded my wildest strength expectations. At just over 120 lbs of bodyweight, I’ve deadlifted 315 lbs, squatted 225 lbs, benched 115 lbs, and hip thrusted 405 lbs! Not only that; my form has improved dramatically over the past few months, my legs and glutes look their all-time best, and I’ve leaned out despite an increase in appetite. If you’re looking to increase your strength and better your body, I highly recommend 2 x 4. It’s amazing! – Sammie Cohn

Click here and go to the official website of the seller to purchase or learn more about this product!!!